Master golf instructor David Heinen, is recommending Whack Patch to his junior golfers. He enjoys being able to use Whack Patch indoor.

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  • Discover the story behind street artist Keith Haring's iconic Crack Is Wack mural in New York City
  • To use Whack Patch, all you need is a golf club and an area where you can do a full golf swing
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A term coined by Whitney Houston in an interview by Barbara Walters. Whitney Houston was denying her drug addiction by citing the simple fact that she can afford to do BETTER drugs.

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For example, would it be safe to log on and transfer money between accounts in an internet cafe? If not, what would be an alternative? I guess just phoning my bank and asking them to transfer?


Cocaine addiction and crack addiction actually have a lot in common. Crack is a more intense, more rapid version of the same set of effects, but those effects are largely the same.

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I'd recommend using your own device; say, an iPod Touch, which can be picked up for a few hundred, and has the advantage of built-in VPN support, which I'd also recommend on public wifi. The advantage there is that then you can also use it from the comfort of hotel rooms, cafes, etc. Of course, the feasibility of that is dependent upon budget, as well as the availability of wifi (but we found lots in Thailand).

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Resting heaving objects on the roof of your car is probably not the best idea. Avoid chugging your luggage on top or parking your car under a tree where a branch could fall anytime. The pressure can also cause stress damage to your windshield. Similarly, air pressure from strong gusts of wind during a storm is also bad for your windshield.


With Whack Patch, a golfer can practice teeing off and practice hitting off grass turf. The golf ball will rotate inside the mat perimeter after being whacked (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=2651) with the golf club. Whack (useful content) Patch size and weight make it portable and can be used indoor or outdoor. Golfers of any age, can now practice their golf swing at their convenience.

  • Whack is a noun and a verb that means a hit and to hit, respectively
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It’s been almost three years since Tierra Whack released her 15-song, 15-minute debut album Whack (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7473) World, but the Philly experimental rapper has maintained a steady flow of singles throughout that period. Her latest is a track called “Link” that flips the “link and build” internet parlance into a catchy bop about Legos.

Have you had experience with crack cocaine addiction in the past, or are you looking for help now? Contact us or leave a comment below and tell us about it.


I have never had a problem with internet banking in Asia. I transfer money from my bank to my credit union's debit card that I prefer to use. I set up bills to pay ahead of time when I can but I also pay bills when I am overseas using the internet.

She's got the cutest wrinkle face and stubby tail, and does the funniest little foot dance when she's happy! She's housebroken, knows her basic commands like sit, lie down, and stay. She likes furfriends and has the cutest nub wag and pounce, as well as the best teefers! She still sometimes gets anxious and overwhelmed with certain stimuli, so we're looking for a home that can spend a little time helping her adjust and continue with any needed training, but she's pretty darned close to perfect. I grew up in Phoenixville, and am hoping to find a loving local home.


Austin Powell is the former managing editor of the Daily Dot. His work focuses on the intersection of entertainment and technology. He previously served as a music columnist for the Austin Chronicle and is the co-author of The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology.

But they’re not the only reason behind it. Windshields can crack for a number of other reasons too—and fortunately, situations that are not as dangerous as being in a car accident. Here are some common culprits that can cause windshield cracks.


Much about firefighting is harsh on a landscape. Apart from the fire's annihilation, bulldozers and other heavy equipment used to combat fire can reshape and scrape soils and clog waterways, often leaving lasting impacts. Post-fire work also can leave a trail of damage.

  • Wack is a homophone of whack, but the similarities end there
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  • Tierra Whack Partners With Lego for Whimsical ‘Link’ Music Video
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Mix the rest of the ingredients (the crack sauce). Pour over the beans and bake for 40 minutes at 350.

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And in late November, the California Coastal Commission sent the company a notice of violation for unpermitted work clearing about six miles of trees in the coastal zone. The agency is working with PG&E so it can obtain the proper permission to construct erosion control measures and stabilize roads damaged by its heavy equipment.


But as Haring and his team began wrapping up, one policeman stopped the crew and arrested Haring after learning he illegally painted on the wall. The artist then found himself with a hefty fine and potentially facing jail time.

Keith Haring popularized this phrase in a billboard in the late 1980s not Whitney HOuston in 2002. But is he the origin of this phrase?


Hot tip: don’t wipe in the same direction as your grout line if at all possible. Doing that removes too much grout (which is what happened in the corner of our shower). Instead go for an angled wipe approach.

As residents called to complain, Santa Cruz County reached out to the state for help. Cal Fire sent letters to PG&E, noting hundreds of violations of the state Forestry Practices Act, which could lead to millions of dollars in fines.


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In addition to the music video, Lego also shared a heartwarming behind-the-scenes video that features the kids’ reaction to the music video. It's all quite wholesome: There's looks of sheer delight and surprise, and, most importantly, they were all very excited to see their artistic vision realized.

A serial number is a handy thing to be able to access. Whether your device needs service of you'd just like to have it for your own records, you want to at least know where it is. On the Apple TV, it's easy to find and in fact, it's just a couple clicks into the Settings app.


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Crack cocaine is the most potent form of cocaine, yet it is also the cheapest. But greater potency doesn’t mean it’s of a higher quality – it means it’s a great deal riskier to take. Smoking crack means inhaling vapors, and those vapors reach and affect the brain almost instantly. It’s a much more intense, and more immediate high than other forms of cocaine, generally lasting about 15 minutes.

Despite those protests, Houston was dogged for years by rumors of crack use. Those rumors intensified after Houston, 48, was found dead last week in her Beverly Hills hotel room shortly before she was expected at a pre-Grammys event hosted by her long-time mentor Clive Davis.


Changes in weather conditions can cause the glass to expand and contract erratically. These rapid changes in the glass are happening differently across the entire surface; the edges expand or shrink faster than the center. This can weaken the structure and cause the glass to crack. If not the weather, temperature changes initiated by your car’s heater can inflict the same damage.

Most of those games include a lot of animation of violent actions to have a lot of fun. You will need only mouse to activate the scenes.


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The new division is trying to hold utilities accountable, but herding large, powerful companies that cling to old practices is daunting. The Wildfire Safety Division approved most of the utilities' plans this summer with some modifications.

This was extremely difficult to photograph (glossy white tile + flash = frustration) so believe me when I say that this photo does not capture the nastiness of the cracked grout line. What happened, so I’ve been told, is that occasionally when you have tiles on a wall, they’ll settle a little bit and cause a grout line or two to crack. Ours sure did crack, right along one entire row. I’m also wondering if it has something to do with the dura rock seam that’s right behind that grout line.


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In an attempt to prevent wildfires, the utility is removing vegetation from around power lines. But it's leaving downed trees on people's property that are "little fire bombs waiting to ignite," one expert says.

When I mentioned this to Lisa, she was All In and up for the challenge! No questions asked, she seemed to mindmelt with my vision! It was refreshing working with someone who was able to be creative and think out of the box.


I've been fostering this sweet girl, Amy, in the city for the past few months and she's now looking for her furever home! Are you or anyone you know looking for a special doggie?

As I have always done with other vegetables, I often cook green beans with bacon and garlic. It was the addition of onions and the cooking method itself that caught my attention. I always stir-fry the bacon and garlic, then add the cooked green beans to the pan and stir to cover. With the method in this recipe, the green beans lose their vibrant color, the bacon becomes soft, and the dish looks “muddy” overall. I stick to my method, where both the beans and the bacon retain their rich color and where the flavor of the bacon enhances, rather than overwhelms, the beans.


Choose an internet shop that has equipment that looks like it is kept up. I don't use places where kids play games, they always pull up stuff that has lots of viruses. Besides the little crappers are noisy too! When you start up you will notice if the computer has current antivirus protection. If you use their computer directly also clear the memory and any data history that you used.

But their plight only got worse after the fires were out. They returned to their property to find that Pacific Gas and Electric crews had felled 20 trees on their two-acre lot, toppling hundred-foot Douglas firs and leaving them where they fell.


Why did it seem as if she were constantly canceling gigs and disappointing fans? Could the problems be caused by drugs?

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On Falcon it switch to ST mono automaticaly if using VGA monitor. Tested with CT60, in MINT, TOS (1/00 - 4/04). Small problem on STE machines with very low sample volume. On STE louder samples are used, but still not as loud as on Falcon, because i couldnt made them louder without clipping. Game is not smooth on LCDs (Hatari or MSTE with LCD monitor. Steem offers vlb wait modem, but music and game slowdown, but its then smooth) but on ST with SM124 its smooth like butter. Also, due to some big mouths testers which then didnt respond, gameplay is as it is, and it can be fixed in public release later. Of course, as ever, there is NO bugs in it ;) In menu there is greetings option with some logos and greetings.


Fortunately, the mural’s unexpected popularity saved him in the end. At the time, crack was a major, national issue and the mural’s message resonated with many, particularly the media who often showed his mural when the topic was discussed. This positive publicity reduced Haring’s fine to $100 and resulted in zero jail time.

PG&E this year managed vegetation along 1,861 line-miles at a cost of almost $500 million, the company says. More than half of PG&E's area is in high fire-threat zones, with 5,500 line-miles of electric transmission and 25,500 line-miles of distribution equipment.