Harry Potter IBM Windows PC Games 1-8 and Harry Potter QWC: The No-CD Cracks for Software Preservation & Long-Term Archival Repository. Includes North American and International versions.

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This project is open to a healthy discussion regarding data preservation while also respecting the rights holders and can have individual items removed from Archive.org in a prompt way vs a muddled attempt at shutting down one side of the copyright argument without being productive for society, human culture, as a whole. This project believes in working with - not against - individuals, independent entities, and intellectual property holders so that together, an informed citizenry, the epitome of any flourishing society, can take hold for a better tomorrow.

This preservation and archiving project does not condone nefarious or illegal activity regarding the distribution of copyrighted materials. Nor does this project receive any profits from providing these invaluable resources for game preservationists and archivists to the archival community and professionals at large. The data provided here is 'as is'.


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It is unfortunate that the creators of these games, their companies, studios, and their respective initiatives, never took into account the real-world problem of data degradation, software (and hardware) obsolescence. Which necessitated - and continues to do so - contemplating the issue of data migration and running the fine line, the grey area, between what is considered correct concerning copyright and intellectual property laws, contrasted against the preservation of cultural contributions in human history, creative works of art *** Ideas.

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As of 2021, the game will not load unless the crack is used. Also, it is necessary to change your Windows System Date (the year your computer is set to) to 2007, or any year before 2021, and then run the Autorun, then change the System Date back to the present time, and continue the installation process. The no-cd crack must still be used after the installation process is complete.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / HP 2 CoS IBM PC game has not seen an updated crack as of this post. The no-cd crack for that game is the original scene crack.

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