Apart from that I think there won't be update for your game man, you might have to download 1/3 version after it comes out once again. The update comes on Steam, not like in Terraria when you open it if you get what I mean.

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  • But, we have some ideas that can help you to fix Terraria lost connection
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Keep in mind you don't need to manually install updates. The updates are installed automatically whenever you play online.



  • Without your journey mode, you’ll continue to get Terraria lost connection error
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  • Why and When You Get Terraria lost connection Error
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There is no glitch or any other issue behind this error; it is just a bug. You get this error only when you try connecting to another game. Most importantly, only the Windows users are affected by this error while other platform users are still enjoying the game smoothly even after the update.

Doesn’t it sound like something that shouldn’t happen, or it is a mistake of developers? As the old game files are still able to interfere with the latest files to cause interruption to play the game. We recommend you to follow both steps carefully as these issues with Terraria aren’t so serious. However, the installation file size of the game is way too so small.


The fact that this is before the final update titled ‘Journey’s End’ that should release some time in 2021 is pretty impressive. Terraria’s development studio Re-Logic actually announced Terraria (visit this web-site) as a completed title shortly after it’s release in 2021, stating that they saw no reason to continue development in early 2021, after almost doubling the amount of content that was found in the title after release.

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Either way, GOG will automatically update your game. If you pirated it, you'll have to download 1/3 oce again.

Terraria 1 3 cracked installation


Added an entirely new title theme, Journey’s End

Under these circumstances, we recommend you to uninstall and reinstall the game again. To re-install the game, follow these below-mentioned steps.

Have you successfully downloaded the game before? The only reason I can think of why this might happen is if your computer already has Terraria and is rejecting your effort to install the game twice.


Added a new ultimate sword, a celebration of your journey, from beginning to end

I had the same problem and tried every suggestion on this thread with no luck until I checked out the other thread as mentioned by Zemecton. I just repeatedly mashed the button to place in the top of the queue, since it won't stay there just pushing it once, and it eventually downloaded.

Yeah I successfully downloaded it once then I tried to download it a second time and this happened. I went over to my brothers and it downloaded correctly. I think this might have been a wifi issue.


Many were unsure of the adorable side-scrolling title on launch that looked like it had none of Minecraft’s charm, and a limited building system that had users chasing their tales while they tried to find where they put their ingots within their sprawling base. The Metroidvania sentiment that could be found turned into a saving grace for the title, and it quickly catapulted into one of the top Steam (going here) games to own in 2021.

If you are still facing the issue, even after following all the steps mentioned above carefully. Then it may be possible that the game files have become corrupted or the server wasn’t able to download the missing files properly.


As per the gaming forums, no connectivity issues have been noticed by the players while playing in single mode on steam (useful link). That means it only the multiplayer platform of the game, which is causing the conflicts.

To flush out the game thoroughly, your PC may take some extra time (depending on configuration). After completing the uninstallation process, you will need to reboot your PC.

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