The skin displays up to 5 torrents, with a tooltip to display the full name when truncated. The interface will adjust properly depending on how many torrents you have in uTorrent.

  • Meningkatkan Seed pada Utorrent
  • Labels of torrents, the ability to upgrade to the pro version and devices
  • A word on safety when using torrents
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  • Aumentar a Quantidade de Seeds no uTorrent
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Essentially, Altruistic Mode is aimed at users who want to absolutely guarantee that they are always maintaining a 2:1 ratio (2GB uploaded for every 1GB downloaded). At first view one might think that the same goal could be achieved by downloading 1GB and letting the client seed 2GB back. However, that relies on others joining the swarm later and as mentioned earlier, Altruistic Mode wants to guarantee a 2:1 ratio, not just aim for one.


With that in mind, good torrent etiquette dictates that one always shares at least as much as one downloads. So, if a file is 1GB in size, it’s accepted that the user should try to share 1GB back.

We were able to search directly within the interface for the torrent

The initially confusing end result here is that people who enable Altruistic Mode could find that due to their client’s insistence on maintaining a 2:1 ratio, the torrent they’re downloading might never complete. It is called Altruistic Mode for a reason and when seen in that light, the importance of a finished download places second to a healthy swarm.


The size of the albums is 28/34 Gb, the list of song names for the albums is compiled below. All songs in high quality, in MP3 format (320 kbps).

For those not familiar with how BitTorrent works (and certainly many casual users), Altruistic Mode is a bit of a head-scratcher, to say the least. And, given the prospect that a download might never complete with it switched on, it seems unlikely that swarms will be inundated with clients using the mode.


Today we are comparing BitLord vs uTorrent, two of the most commonly used and popular torrenting clients available today. In comparing the two, we set out to find the best torrent client for 2021.

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Altruistic Mode is available in uTorrent 3/4.9 and above, and BitTorrent 7/9.9 and above. It is turned off by default but can be unlocked in Preferences/BitTorrent and then activated for individual torrents.

BitLord also provides the chance to hide your identity via VPN software, which you do have to install seperately. Speed tests were also impressive downloading a 307MB file in just 12 seconds.

  • Augmenter le nombre de sources dans uTorrent
  • Die Anzahl der Seeds in uTorrent erhöhen
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  • It’s not the uTorrent is bad but that BL is so damn good and easy to use
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  • Haven’t used uTorrent in a but I remember it not having that option unless you pay for it
  • I’ve even used Guitar Rig live in a DJ set and works well

As the name suggests, file-sharing is all about sharing. In the old days this would be achieved by having folders full of files that anyone could take. These days, with BitTorrent’s distributed nature, it’s more about sharing content and associated bandwidth.

  • Meer seeds krijgen in μTorrent
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One of the biggest issues users reported is ads. Ads pop up around 50% of the time in the app, which can be annoying. Another downside some users have reported is the app being slow to download; torrents only reach around 1kb despite the fact there are countless seeds available.