Works with native games and Proton Proton is a compatibility layer included in Steam for running Windows games in Linux. It is based on Wine, DXVK and D9VK open source projects with additional patches and new features added by Valve/Wine developers.

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The licensee reported that the radiographer removed his jacket containing his dosimeter and laid the jacket in the area near where radiographs were being taken. He made approximately 12 exposures with a 56 curie Ir-192 source with the jacket in the area.


The licensee was not able to validate the alarm within 15 minutes. Following containment entry there was not smoke or fire present.

On March 8, 2021 the deal with 1C was finalised and we were given access to the source (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8793) code. After a few weeks of getting to grips with it, our lead coder, as an interim measure, amalgamated all our previous content into a temporary ‘Beta’ patch which would be hosted on Steam. This was released at the end of March 2021.


So, what makes Omnisphere so exciting? Is it the impressive STEAM synth engine Spectrasonics built into it? Could it be the staggering sound-shaping capabilities Omnisphere has to offer, including variable waveshaping, polyphonic modulation, FM synthesis, chaos envelopes, DSP synthesis, and a convenient and powerful Flex-mod routing system? How about its Live mode, which gives you transitionless patch switching and layers, or its powerful performance mapping? What about its absolutely huge built-in library? The answer is that all these great features - and many, many more - make Omnisphere your go-to source for incredible synth sounds!

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He was instructed to survey anything that he would have touched that morning. He continued to survey himself (clothing and skin), the L-block, dose calibrator, dose calibrator dipper, MCA, trash cans, keyboard, and door handles. No contamination was found during his survey. This led me to believe that the leak was captured under the rim of the sealed sources cap where it meets the vial. The enveloped source was then placed in the rad waste closet until a vendor can be found for disposal by the facility.

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This taped pig was then placed inside of several nitrile gloves, which were also generously taped closed, adorned with radioactive material stickers and the source was placed into the facility's radioactive material waste storage closet. The visible label includes the isotope, date of storage, current activity, and signature of the individual who stored it. The same documentation was also entered into the sealed source inventory. The RSO was then promptly notified of the event.

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Dash Faction is an unofficial open source patch for Red Faction. You can view the differences to Unpactched, Pure Faction, and Dash Faction here. Find an in-depth installation guide with screenshots on the Red Faction Wiki If your game version is 1/00 or 1/10, the Dash installer will automatically apply the latest retail patch (1/20). If your edition is not NA or you are using the Steam/GoG version, the Dash installer will prompt you to automatically apply the required patches. Full explanation of how this works is available on the Red Faction Wiki Installation Guide.


The current calculated activity at the time of the leak test measured 147/49 microcuries from the reference date of 9/1/2004. The measured results of the leak test revealed an activity of 0/012 microcuries on 1/4/2021 at 1253 EST.

Notes: The Steam (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7849) version is missing the soundtrack due to license wrangling. One way to get it back is Ultimate Quake Patch, will also introduces an improved engine which may offend your eyes a little less. There are also a whole bunch of new clients (thanks to id open-sourcing (official statement) the engine) if prettiness is your main interest.


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The game was released on the October 19, 2021, through Steam, and is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with support for cross-platform play. Two free-to-play versions (Dubbed First Wave and Second Wave) have been released for iOS and Android devices, which support microtransactions to quickly obtain extra mana. For those on the PC, Trendy Entertainment has released a source development kit for modders to play with, though mods can only be used on open servers. In addition, Trendy provides special events and items as well as regular updates and patches.

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To prepare for this transition, our goal throughout development was to create an ecosystem where the community would have the resources to take the Remastered Collection even further. Within this goal we released the DLLs and source code under the GPL v3/0, embraced community content with the Steam Workshop, and incorporated LAN Play with modding support. Today we want to add one more ingredient to that mix, which is the release of the Map Editor under the GPL v3/0 as well. The Map Editor source (weblink) code is available now on Github at the link below, and will be included in the root game folder once the upcoming patch goes live.


Continued the storyline of the lost father of magic, Garacaius. Believing that magic was a source of conflict, Garacaius fled his kingdom and founded a new empire based on science and engineering, as opposed to magic. This new empire, Creon, quickly dominated the neighboring provinces and absorbed the knowledge of their conquests. Garacaius himself died, but the elected ruler of Creon (in a steam-powered robotic suit) eventually led the kingdom on a crusade against magic and the magical sibling rulers of Darien. The expansion pack added an entirely new faction to the game (the science and engineering kingdom of Creon), as well as hundreds of new maps and entirely new graphics for map tile sets. It included the newest patch for the game, although anyone could freely download this from the official site.

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At 0918 CDT, a manual reactor SCRAM was inserted at approximately 80 [percent] reactor power due to condenser vacuum continuing to lower. After the SCRAM, all systems responded as designed and condenser vacuum was restored by starting a mechanical vacuum pump. The cause of the Steam Jet Air Ejector Suction Valve closure is unknown at this time and being investigated. Currently RBS is stable, and pressure is being maintained using Turbine Bypass Valves. The Main Steam Isolation Valves remained opened throughout the event.

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These Windows PC save files were made using the North American DVD version of the game patched (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7147) to version 1/1. As far as I know, they are compatible with other DVD versions, whether patched or unpatched, and according to my sources they work with the Macintosh version as well. I don't know if they're compatible with the Direct2Drive, Steam or GameTap downloads.