We've now got to the point in Symbian's lifecycle that the older variants, in this case S60 5th Edition, are so far from Symbian's cutting edge (and especially so in the light of recent cutbacks) are fair game for us to talk about modifications to the manufacturer-supplied firmwares. I'm still not going to write about 'hacking', as in trying to find ways to install 'cracked' commercial Symbian applications because that's plainly unethical and damaging to the app ecosystem. But complete firmwares that aim to add in features and tweaks that aren't present in the Nokia-supplied versions are right up my street and interesting to all.

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Ako po sir, sad lang na walang mobi at symb kaya. Pero accept the change nalang sir, ito napo ang bago milenyals. Pero never forget po ang mobi at symb.

So, for you to be attacked, a miscreant would have to be very close (within 10 metres or so, probably within eye sight), would have to have significant hacking/tech knowledge and you'd have to be pushing a fair amount of data through the temporary hotspot. Nothing to be too fearful about then, but it would be good to see WPA2 added to JoikuSpot Premium and Symbian at some point, to prevent even this worry. And WEP is still a couple of order of magnitude safer than not using any encryption at all.