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The option to read this file is -vcdstim which is an existing option. There is no additional option needed to use this functionality. Vector based evcd file can be generated from Questa using +dumpports+collapse option.

What we want is to stop the testbench when the stop_condition VHDL signal becomes true. We can do that by setting up a callback in Tcl before we run the VHDL testbench.


No additional imports are needed, and it works in all VHDL versions. Just make sure to use severity level failure, as shown in the example below.

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You would think that the status integer becomes the exit code when called from a Linux shell, but that’s not the case, at least not with ModelSim. The problem with using this status code is that what it does depends on the simulator. The wording in the VHDL-2008 standard is “the value of the STATUS parameter may be used in an implementation defined manner by the host simulator“.

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As you have seen, there are many ways to terminate a VHDL simulation. However, the only one that I ever use is the VHDL-2008 finish procedure.

This would occur if the actual argument was locally static and the formal's subtype was locally static. This would allow invalid code to execute. Depending how the function handle invalid argument values the simulation could generate errors or incorrect results.


How do you stop the VHDL simulator when the simulation is complete? There are several ways to do that. In this article, we will examine the most common ways to end a successful testbench run.

Note that the code within the braces won’t run until the callback happens. When the VHDL code changes the stop_condition signal to true, the simulator will pause and execute the two lines. In the example, we stop the simulation and print “Test: OK” to the console. You could also have a Tcl exit command in there, which would quit the simulator, just like the VHDL finish procedure.


Most VHDL professionals start the simulations from a script at some point, for example, as part of a larger regression testing scheme. If the testbench also stops at an assertion failure when there is nothing wrong, we can’t use that as a marker to determine the health of the VHDL module.

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If the design has active SystemC usage, vsim will try to ignore the unsupported constructs and proceed with the simulation, but if there is a usage that cannot be ignored, vsim will throw a fatal run time error. SystemC designs compiled with the 10/6 release will need to be recompiled with the 10/6a release.

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The listing above shows the output printed to the ModelSim console when the Tcl / VHDL testbench completes. If you want to try it on your computer, use the form below to download the ModelSim (sites) project with all the examples from this article!

Mentor Graphics ModelSim specifically supports VHDL and Verilog languages, and users can use standard ASIC and FPGA libraries in their applications when programming. Mentor Graphics ModelSim is a Windows-based software that provides multiple interfaces for programming, simulating, programming, debugging, and analyzing FPGA chips. This software is one of the most powerful software for designing and simulating VHDL and Verilog programs, which is widely used in the industry. The VHDL language was first designed and used by the US Department of Defense to design and describe high-speed integrated circuits, and was developed in 1987 by the IEEE Association. It was made available to the public in standard form.


A design unit based breakup of memory can be seen by specifying -du option. For extra details, summary or details options can be used. Specific design units can be specified using duname suboption. If design units are specified, then design unit based report is generated only for the specified design units.

In 10/7 release, user can suppress this error. But, it is recommended to remove any dependency on -novopt flow from user's design environment. Future releases will remove -novopt flow completely.


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