This minecraft modpack is for the technic platform and was just recently created when the youtuber, CaptainSparklez started his new modded survival series. The modpack is based off of his series. The only problem is not all the mods in the pack have a PureBDCraft patch for them, so if anybody is interested in helping me and the community out by making some patches for some modsor by making a patch for the whole modpack then great. I would like to apologize in advance for any mod that doesn't add new items, blocks, entities, etc. Just tell me then I will remove it from the list.

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Alright thank you so much you are a great help. I love people like you on forums. Now I just have to create patches for the rest of the mods (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4463) or get someone to help me create them.

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If you have a crash report or logs (found in Modpack options in launcher > Open Pack Directory and then crash reports folder or logs folder) then please submit them via a service like pastebin.com so that they don't take up so much space. Any crashes/logs submitted in plain text will be ignored.

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Also remember all patches are created by the community. Instead of just posting numerous requests, or +1ing loads of threads maybe considering taking some time to put a few textures together. If everyone chipped in almost all patches would be done in no time.


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Thank you helped a ton I was actually looking for something like that, but couldn't find it I updated the list. There are still a few, there are a few WIP, but I do have some questions. One can a 128x Patch be combined with a 64x Texture Pack? I don't think so, but asking anyways. Second question also along those lines is there anyway I can make a 128x patch into a 64x texture pack or vice versa.

Since Im playing minecraft, figured I should try the minecraft player groups. I made a modpack early this morning, but felt it needed more, so got a server for it. Now realising all my friends are unavailable. I am a 19m, avid gamer, English speaking, and playing from the UK.


I think i will repost this, but as seperate mods. That way if someone wants to make or help make the textures for one mod (see this here) then they can post just on that topic.

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There are several mods (additional info) in error. If this was made by someone else, I would report it to the pack author.



Try removing Jurassicraft, though as pointed out above Nevermine might be causing a problem too. I'd start with Jurassicraft though.

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