Midnight Syndicate’s score to Robert Kurtzman’s drive-in/late-night horror show thriller, The Rage. Menacing ambiance and signature Midnight Syndicate soundscape mixed with high-octane, blood-pumping action and chase themes.

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Some trivia about the song and music video. In The Forest Deep was originally written as the opening title/main theme for the The Rage (important source) (2007). Although it was not included in the film, it does appear on the soundtrack. The song that was eventually chosen for the main title can be heard on here. The masked “puppet master” in the music video is known as, Dominion. Dominion first appears on the cover of the 1997 Midnight Syndicate (find more info) album. Dominion also appeared in the first Midnight Syndicate concerts that were performed in March of 1998 at Cleveland’s Cabaret Dada. The multimedia concerts were designed to support that self-titled debut album.


Only with great scores can you let your imagination wonder when only listening to the music. This is what makes Midnight Syndicate (more info here) so much fun to listen to because you can create your own awesome horror flick in your head. So when I found out that they did the soundtrack to Robert Kurtzman’s The Rage (get redirected here) (review here), I was colored excited.

They’ve been around for years and there stuff is top notch and for this haunt season they have released an album that takes us back to the golden age of monster movies. The album is titled Monsters Of Legend and the press release below lays it all out for you.



Composers Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have created another menagerie of music and sound effects that the band has become famous for. The cover art features some of your favorite classic monsters, and there will even be a 12" vinyl edition available.

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Check out the Midnight Syndicate Live! Kickstarter page, and be sure to visit the official Midnight Syndicate (find this) website.

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V’s lab” and “In the Forest Deep” I began imagining a classic western with two plains drifters facing off for one last showdown. Except that one of them is a zombie. A zombie western has always had an appeal to me, so I dug having a soundtrack to go along with the idea.


October is finally upon us, and that means it's time to dig into our favorite Halloween mood music – whether it's horror movie soundtracks, spooky-themed bands or dark soundscapes – to add that extra something to your homemade haunt, costume party, game night, movie night, or whatever keeps your Jack O' Lantern lit. Depending on your taste, just about anything we've covered here in our music reviews would fit the bill – but as a confessed soundtrack junkie, nothing gets me in the spirit better than the vintage vibe of classic horror scores. That includes original soundtrack albums, of course, but there are also some electronic and prog-rock artists out there who harness that same vibe for their own works, offering a new spin on old school.

  • every bit as atmospheric, dark and suspenseful as previous Midnight Syndicate releases .really first rate
  • It never stemmed from wanting to make a movie from a Midnight Syndicate disc
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  • Dominion first appears on the cover of the 1997 Midnight Syndicate album

SG: Can you give us a hint about the plot? From “The Dead Matter – Cemetery Gates” it appears there might be mummies or other undead involved.

On HD, I do not have to work about that cost, its hard drive space only. Stopping and doing a take again and again drags down their momentum.


It’s just as weird for me to write a review a Midnight Syndicate (a fantastic read) album without it being under the “Music to Haunt By” banner as it is for you to read it. But I felt it was the only way to do the album justice. Since most of the album is a mix of spooky and not spooky material, I would be left with a bunch of tracks that are unsuitable for a haunted attraction. I could see “Minnesota 1894” working in a weird west setting (especially if it’s used in a room based around the area before it became haunted), but that’s about it. And since the spooky tracks are all based around Paul Bunyan, all my suggestions would involve rooms involving chases and rooms with a huge monster inside. That just would not make for a good article and I thought it would be better to approach this strictly from a music review standpoint.

For over 18 years, the music of Gothic instrumental composers Midnight Syndicate has been used to set the atmosphere in haunted attractions, amusement parks, stores, and homes worldwide during the Halloween season. Now, with Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering, listeners will find.


Axe Giant: The Legend of Paul Bunyan

Outburn Magazine (Issue #44) – “For over a decade, Midnight Syndicate has been recording some of the finest and most haunting instrumental albums available – you are unlikely to make it through a Halloween without hearing the band’s music somewhere. Their albums have always been a journey through dark places, overflowing with atmosphere, so it makes perfect sense that they would be right at home doing movie soundtracks. Robert Kurtzman’s The Rage is a mix of horror and gore that allows for a surprisingly well-rounded soundtrack, moving from light to shade, bombastic to subtle with fluid ease. Composer Edward Douglas is clearly a genius when it comes to keyboards and synths, yet there is a very classical feel to his style. Lots of brooding piano, stabbing horns, and sweeping strings give the proceedings a very full and larger than life feel, which is perfect for an emotional, edge of your seat movie project such as this. Obviously, the pacing and arrangement have to suit the movie, so listening to The Rage might not be as satisfying as a spin of one of Midnight Syndicate (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=9128)’s independent albums like Realm of Shadows or Born of the Night, but it still makes for a gripping listen and should slot nicely into your collection next to your John Carpenter soundtracks.

RK: Fangoria isn’t really involved with that anymore. The comic is at back at Scream Factory. So everything has been reverted back to the artist and the creators. Over the last two year, the whole independent film scene has changed with financing and the banks not loaning money out. We are still in the process of setting that movie up. We are working real hard and I would love to work with the cast again especially Sean (Patrick Flanery) and Tobin Bell, who I worked with on “Buried Alive”. We are out there hustling it, trying to set it up and make it happen.

Raven's Hollow: Realm of Shadows Reissue by Midnight Syndicate
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Patch At The Gates

That should give you a reasonable idea as to why wed cover something like this. While Midnight Syndicate is a musical collective theyre so in touch with horror cinema and have done so much for the genre it would be criminal to let this news go ignored.


Cleveland-born and raised, Tom joins the growing list of Ohio natives on “The Dead Matter” cast and crew

Medley: The Adventure Begins/Meeks’ Theme/Sgt. Hoke’s Theme” is divided into three distinct parts, the first of which uses drums to create a feel of laid back adventure. This feel gradually builds up and is joined by horns. The next segment has some banjo strummin’, but is more serious than the last track to feature the instrument.

RK: The process for me is always the same, it doesn’t change. What changes was I didn’t have to concentrate so much on the create effects or makeup effects. That burden of concentrating on that was taken off my shoulders. I was able to concentrate on the action, the characters and the pacing. The process is still the same; I approach it the same way. I still break down the script and figure out my shot list, my overheads, lighting and my basic ideas to convey to the DP and everybody. Especially when you are shooting a movie in 24 days, you do not have time to mess around. You have to know what you want and drive your troops forward. There is no time for indecision; you have to focus on just getting the shots.


Unit Production Manager/Assistant Director, Phil Garrett, and Director of Photography, Alex Esper, are among the key crew that have been signed to the project. More information on cast and crew can be found at the “The Dead Matter” IMDB listing.

The Rage: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

Robert Kurtzman: It would have to be “Doctor Hackenstein”. Which you cannot even find anymore, I doubt it is even available. It was this real small movie we did, kind of really bad and cheesy.


Halloween Music Collection image

This music video is an original concept from director, David Lyon, and is unrelated to Robert Kurtzman’s drive-in thriller The Rage (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=1884) (2007). David’s has produced two Midnight Syndicate (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/midnight-syndicate-the-rage-patch.zip) music videos previously (Goons and Greasepaint and Noctem Aeternus) and those can be seen on the Midnight Syndicate (see this website) YouTube Channel.

We put some music CDs we have lying around here out the window Halloween night to set some atmosphere for the neighborhood. We’ll do a decent yard display next year with some of the props we have from The Dead Matter movie. Every year I set aside several nights in October for horror movie marathons – that’s key.


We were running puppets every night, with a 15-20 man crew on set. We were digging trenches and having puppeteers in them for the Deadite skeleton army. It was a rough shoot, we have to get in the groove of going to the hotel sleeping, getting right up and going to work. We tried to squeeze in some drinking time after we got off set which was usually six o clock in the morning.

In the realm of dark musical delights, 2021 has been quite a historic year: legends in their respective genres returned and/or reunited, while others marked the swan songs of their careers; iconic artists turned out some of their finest work, while some innovative up-and-comers set loose fresh and evil earworms on our collective brains. Honestly, it was damn near impossible for me to narrow the list down to just thirteen entries – a mere Top 10 was out of the question – and cutting names felt like chopping off my own extremities (which I'll admit would be an impressive journalistic statement, but could lead to unpleasant side effects I'd rather not deal with). Still, I found a way to make it work.


Available for only 24 hours starting at midnight tonight, Fright Rags presents a Conner family Halloween shirt of epic proportions featuring the "original Becky"! Also in today's Horror Highlights: Stern Pinball Arcade virtual reality AC/DC experience details, Zombies! Board Game Soundtrack release details and cover art, and details on XLrator Media's acquisition of Werner Herzog's Salt and Fire.

More information on cast and crew can be found at the “The Dead Matter” IMDB listing

When listening to this track all I could think of was the T-1000 chasing down Eddie Furlong in a big semi down the streets of Los Angeles. With “Birds of Prey” just try not to imagine space marines retreating from an onslaught of xenomorphs.


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The score is also part of the reason he was inducted into Cleveland’s Independent Filmmakers’ Hall of Fame. If all that doesn’t convince you to pick it up, I don’t know what will!

The Midnight Syndicate consists of composers Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka. Together they have created numerous Halloween soundtracks, while also composing music for films, such as The Dead Matter (2021) and Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2021). Their latest production is a multimedia event, which combines film, music and live performances. Most recently, the Midnight Syndicate (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3935) have started a Kickstarter campaign for this project. Campaign funds will help support a Halloween Horror Concert, titled Midnight Syndicate Live! This one-of-a-kind concert is expected to start in Cleveland, Ohio and more details on the Kickstarter campaign and concert launch are below. Performers: Edward Douglas, Gavin Goszka, Roberth Kurtzman, Gary Jones, David "House" Greathouse, Jason Carter and Jason Blasczak. An interview on the project is located here: The Midnight Syndicate Live! Kickstarter Campaign is here: The Midnight Syndicate Kickstarter Campaign The.