Standard HDMI Cable: Provides sufficient bandwidth for only 720p and 1080i resolution video. The ethernet variant can carry 100Mbps.

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HDMI and DisplayPort handle 192Hz/24-bit audio, but with HDMI, that’s only over a single cable connection. That’s fine for high-resolution audio buffs with an HD audio player and an A/V receiver. But to pass audio from a TV tuner or pass it through from a device attached to the TV to an A/V receiver, HDMI 1/4 and 2/0 use ARC (Audio Return Channel), which is limited to two channels of 44/1Hz/16-bit uncompressed audio.


High Speed HDMI Cable: These are good for up to 2160p (4K or 4K UHD), but only at a 24Hz refresh rate. Again, the ethernet variant carries 100Mbps.

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Here is a chart showing major features and specs for each standard. Click to expand to a readable size.

So far, however, alternate mode is being used almost exclusively for Thunderbolt (which embeds DisplayPort), DisplayPort, and of course USB. Alt-mode HDMI, though available, has yet to show up en masse.


The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) specification was conceived in 2002 by six consumer electronics giants: Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, and Toshiba. Today, HDMI Licensing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Image, controls the spec, but some 80-odd vendors are members of the HDMI Forum. Member or not, manufacturers must pay a royalty for including HDMI in their products. They of course, pass that cost along to you.

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Hence, HDMI signals can also be run over CAT5 or CAT6 cable (with a maximum resolution of 1080p), or over fiber-optic cable, according to HDMI Licensing LLC. Active cables with signal-booster circuitry, meanwhile, can be longer and thinner (up to 130 feet, compared to 65 feet for passive cables). Thinner cables are less likely to fail when forced to make hard bends.

Captains of industry rarely play champion of humanity; however, if the stars align, and they all wake up in a particularly good mood one day, maybe all your consumer electronics and computer vendors will decide on a single cable type. That would be nice for both your pocketbook and the the environment.


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On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a robust multi-monitor setup, you’re talking DisplayPort. That generally requires a discrete graphics card or a higher-priced computer; but with the growing acceptance of USB Type-C ports as a standard, hopefully DisplayPort will become significantly more widespread in all sectors of the market.


DisplayPort debuted in 2006 as part of an effort to replace two older standards used primarily for computer displays: VGA (Video Graphics Array, an analog interface first introduced in 1987) and DVI (Digital Video Interface, introduced in 1999). DisplayPort is a royalty-free product, but that wasn’t enough to overcome HDMI’s four-year momentum. Computers, with their shorter technology cycles and often greater display needs, were another matter.

As for the battle between the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 11, there's no real fight at all. You get so much for that extra $100, that it stops being a difficult choice for all but the most frugal.


It is used to generate stacktraces and other diagnostics for processing and can automatically file bugs

Pin 20 in the DisplayPort spec is used for power over Thunderbolt, and was originally used with DisplayPort. However, it caused issues and was dropped from cables if not the connectors. That’s the reason there are both Thunderbolt and DisplayPort cables, rather than one type. Older non-certified DisplayPort cables might have pin 20 connected. Be careful with them, or sell them to someone with a Thunderbolt setup.

HDMI Licensing LLCThe three types of HDMI connectors you’re most likely to encounter are (from left to right) standard, mini, and micro. A fourth connector type, for automotive applications, is not shown here.


This is the same for the iPhone 12 mini, which also adds support for MagSafe wireless chargers on top

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