Candice grew up in a musical family and has been singing for as long as she can remember. Music is therapeutic for Candice, and she believes it transcends from the natural to the spiritual realm and touches people in ways that nothing else can. Candice understands the call on her life and the unique gift she has been blessed with from God. She takes her assignment seriously and counts it all joy to be afforded the opportunity to minister and share her gift with others.

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021: 35 Songs That Tell the Story of Regional Mexican

Fun tune, our friend Nick Mitchell of Endless Blue patched 7/5 minutes of this thing together. Ann put touches on her vocals and the rest is one take bass, guitar, drums.


Surrounded by a family of singers and preacher's, no one thing, can attribute to his influences. Acknowledging his gift, as also his calling, he is both a preacher and a singer. His music and his faith go hand in hand. It is his joy, his refuge, his source of healing and spiritual connection. If you asked, he would tell you, God is my inspiration.

Like so many people, I don’t have time to regularly cook impressive, well-rounded meals. It’s not that I dislike cooking.


Patrick O’Reilly, founder and managing director of Lightbox Brands, said: “Luxco’s whiskeys are steeped in history. Ezra Brooks is based on recipes from the 1950s, while the Limestone Branch Distillery whiskeys are distilled by Steve Beam of the famous Beam lineage and using pre-Prohibition recipes and distilling notes.

Geezer, too, have been together a short amount of time, forming in 2021 in Kingston, New York. But in the span between then and now they have developed an excellent reputation by putting out two incredible albums, the first being the wonderful "Handmade Heavy Blues" and the second one being "Gage", a four track anomaly of brilliance.


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MELVIN DUANE Being raised in the California, Mojave Desert might explain why this artists music is so HOT. Born in the month of February, this quirky Aquarian, believes he is as old as he feels. Which he describes as a mature 19, as he smirks out a chuckle.

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We’ve simplified by consolidating our brands so we can focus more on our customers and their families. If you have a BedandBreakfast.com gift card you can click on the button to find out how to redeem it. If you have previously booked a stay with bedandbreakfast.com you can go to to access your booking.


Da Brother’s band was form in 2021, the band consists of guys that that have played together at church, secular events, banquets, conferences, concerts, and other events. We currently do a show every Tuesday in Greenville Alabama called “Greenville’s Apollo Night” at M&M Studios.

Gina A is from Tacoma Washington and currently resides there with her family. She has been singing and songwriting since she was four years old. Gina A is also a screenwriter and aspiring actor. Gina A first found her voice in the church under the leadership of her late grandfather Bishop Robert Edwards. Gina A Music has revolutionary sounds that the world needs to hear. She has worked with Le’Andria Johnson and is currently working on her second album “The Rebuild”. She released her first album in 2021 “Doxology”. She has also released her single “Abolitionist”. As a Social Science major and believer in the gospel, she believes that God and social justice go hand-in-hand. She believes that her calling is to not only to lead people to Christ but also to lead people to equality.


Daniel Jahmahni Cacho aka "Prince" is a talented energetic and charismatic young man. Growing up in south central Los Angeles, prince developed a passion community service at an early age, which lead him to organize a black student union at his school while he was just in the 9th grade. Daniel moved to Everett, Washington in the middle of a family crisis in 2021 and turned what could have been an incredible tragedy to a powerful triumph for himself and his peers by forming the LTS( Learning to Survive) club at his school to help youths cope with trauma through art. This resilient young hip artist is definitely destined for greatness. He was recently in the graduating class of 2021 and attends Shoreline community college this fall.

Luxco, which owns Lux Row Distillers and Limestone Branch Distillery in Kentucky, US, is making the UK a priority as part of its European expansion plans. The firm said European sales rose by 22% in 2021.


Darrius Willrich is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and educator from Seattle, WA. He is a Cornish College of the Arts graduate with a degree in jazz piano. He is on faculty at Seattle Central College, North Seattle Continuing Education, JazzEd, Off The Wall Music (click here) and Seattle Drum School (Lake City) as a piano and vocal instructor. He is the creator of the Critical Sun Recordings and Critical Sun Publishing. Darrius is currently the keyboard player for Digable Planets.

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Deland "Jazz Digga" Wilson has been singing since the age of 3 years old. He delivers a smooth, soulful style of Urban Gospel with Hip-Hop undertones that is enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners. When asked why he sings, Jazz Digga emphatically replied "I sing because God gave me this gift & because I simply love it! I love the feeling I get when I sing & if it brings joy or peace to someone else by me lifting up Christ's name, then that's a bonus!

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Castañón’s range and deep skill make him truly a musician’s musician. He plays the guitar and sarod and is superb both in his technique and his improvisational skills. He collaborates with dance companies, experimental theater, silent film scoring, art installation sound and videoart. He works on projects involving free improvisation, freejazz and classical music from North India. He lived for a time in Italy, studying at the Universitá della Musica di Roma Italy and participated in numerous diplomatic exchanges, workshops, and course on contemporary music and jazz.


Se aproxima una reunión para los amantes de la música profunda y pantanosa. Todo tipo de criaturas son bienvenidas para reaccionar bajo el influjo de las densas frecuencias del bosque Mexicano.

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We pushed through the curtain and on our right was what looked like a large 1940’s era non-working steam heater, about 6 or 67 feet square. Across from it was the entrance to the Chango Vudú, which indeed had been build inside the carcass of a long-dead shower area for a long gone health club above it. Actually, it looked like a bomb shelter that had done its duty more than once.

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I have no interest in becoming a cyclist. The only bikes I have are rusty cruisers with big, springy seats.


Tending to your garden or yard is hot, tedious, repetitive work. For just one week this summer, can’t the grass.

The four songs on 'Mao' demonstrate a significant progression in rendering and attention to detail from the band's initial Demo of 2021. The songs here are deep and soulful, capturing a magnificently haunting intensity accentuated by the rumbling riffs of the abyss and a melody ripped from haunted recesses of depravity. The shared duties between O'Rourke and Minnick on vocals and guitar provide an intriguing experience of varying execution between songs. The song writing on each of the four tracks demonstrates an amazing and almost lofty aptitude within the professed genre of stoner, psychedelic metal. The opening track provides memorable hooks ensconced well within gargantuan riffs, scorching solos, and mammoth drum runs. Perhaps the flagship song is O'Rourke's "Parallel", unfolding in a lengthy and memorable twelve minutes in which a melancholy and melodramatic overtone permeates throughout the clever construct.


Sixty-two years ago, NASA’s Mercury Project selected the first group of American astronauts. Among that group of seven men were.

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I wondered which of these two expensive looking establishments housed the Chango Vudú when Juan and his friend Miguel who rode in with us shouldered the equipment and opened a small black gate between the wine bar and the restaurant. My first clue was the weather-worn arrow painted about three stories up pointing down to the gate which read in Spanish saunas, showers, steam, baths. We descended stairs through a dark corridor and reached a landing with a table, an old electric typewriter, and a card promoting either sushi or mezcal – it was hard to tell which one. Behind the table was a beaded curtain festooned with Christmas lights.


The last set wrapped up a little before midnight. By the time the band had cooled down, downed some more pizza and beer, and packed up it was past the bewitching hour, but no one was tired. The adrenalin was still running.

Albert Muldrow was born in Augusta Georgia ,July 8, 1956. He is the oldest of sixteen siblings. His mother was a nurse in New York, New Jersey. After high school, Albert went into the military and served in the Vietnam War.


I have been married to my husband, Garry for 35 years. We have 2 daughters, Rachel and Leah. I have worked at Tacoma General Hospital for 25 years in various positions.

Juan Castañón’s band, D/zazter, is a high energy experimental jazz group comprised that night of Castañón on electric guitar, Itzam Cano on standup bass, and Gabriel Lauber – a Swiss living in Mexico – on drums. Before the band played Sara Valenzuela seated them at the end of the now-quite full bar, pulled out a radio mic connected to the cameras and the sound system, positioned herself on the other side of the bar facing them like a bartender and kicked off a 40 min interview in Spanish. The crowd in the now very full bar hung on her every word while the TV crew circled getting shots from all angles and Miquel and I squeezed in edgewise for our photos and videos.


Johmo - Bienvenido 2021 by Johmo

By the new millennium, it was Banda El Recodo making a splash thanks to their chart-topping banda hits along with artists such as Valentin Elizalde, Lupillo Rivera, Jenni Rivera and La Arrolladora Banda El Limón. In 2004, the duranguense movement was introduced with Grupo Montéz de Durango, K-Paz de la Sierra, Alacranes Musical, Horóscos de Durango and Diana Reyes, who were the leaders of the new genre.

After having his own ice cream shops, opening restaurants on both coasts as well as internationally in Edmonton, Canada, Chef Michael will once again be sharing his interpretation of Southern & Caribbean cuisine in Seattle’s Alki Beach area in late Spring 2021. One of those items will be shared with you all here for the (insert name of event). At the end of the day Chef Michael sees himself as just a cook who respects his craft enough to continue learning how to be better.