As we discussed earlier, satisfied employees are more productive, participative, and are more likely to stick longer with the company. Moderate to high levels of dissatisfaction can also be the canary in the coal mine as to whether your company has a large cultural issue. So it’s important to regularly check in and address issues that are raised with job satisfaction questionnaires or attitude surveys. Here’s an example with sample employee survey questions.

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I have the HO+E version of the cuecat and i wanted to tell you that i found the proper pins for shorting out the encryption. I simply shorted J2 (Led +5) with the feed for R29 (Two holes to the left of what is shown for your version of cuecat). I hope that this info can help you/others who have this version as i think this version is harder to find info for.


Of course, if time is of the essence, then Loctite and Super Glue are excellent choices. The other three items will better serve projects that must withstand continued use on this list.

Contrary to the included documentation, the USB CueCat will work with Windows 95 OSR2. You will have to download a driver update first.


How to go vegan

To this end, the company has been constantly expanding and re-wording the License Agreement bundled with the device. Originally a standard software license to prevent unauthorized copying, redistribution and disassembly of the decoder software, the EULA has since been modified several times and now includes a section implying that the free scanner hardware is also covered by this license. The revised license goes on to say that the hardware is not actually "given" to the recipient, but only leased -and that the company can demand the return of the device at any time.

Best Glue for Leather

Most experts recommend using acetone nail polish to remove super glue from leather. It is easier to remove super glue after it has dried. Wet super glue is incredibly sticky and messy. Most super glue products harden in just a few minutes.


Choose the Best Glue for Leather

First, let's start with a little background: The scanners, referred by some in the user community as CluelessCats or, more commonly, "Colon Cats" (due not only to the odd punctuation of the actual product's name, but also to recent actions taken against users by its maker), connect to your PC's between its keyboard and keyboard port. The devices allow the user to swipe in the bar codes on books, product packaging, magazines, catalogs, coupons and ads to be taken to a Web site related to the product (swiping a book ISBN may take you to Amazon.com, for example). Best of all, these devices are currently being given away FOR FREE at selected electronics stores and through the mail.

With so much to buy, things can get expensive! Check out our Back to Uni deals and student discounts directory to save big money.


The combination of data analytics and customer-centered design tools is making it easier than ever to track and develop our companies’ external processes. But don’t forget to reflect inwards as well and check in on your employees and company culture. There are so many ways that to target your questionnaires to get the information on how your company is tracking. The examples above are only the beginning.

It’s their first step in upselling because “frankly, that’s my job. I’m the expert and I don’t want to be just an order taker – I want to make sure that as life happens and situations change, I’m helping ensure my clients have the insurance coverage they need,” Casey adds.


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You can’t follow up with individuals who have great ideas or have particular issues and need to be supported. This means you lose one of the great benefits of engaging your employees directly in improving your company.

Before starting, understand that Gorilla Glue is not flexible. Use it only for stiff leather that you don’t expect to flex or bend.


Super Glue Gel can be used on vertical surfaces without a drip. With better viscosity, this glue is natural for use on leather. Just don’t expect much flexibility in any materials that have been glued together.

Most of the time you tend to glue the flesh sides together, but there’s going to be a time when you fix the smooth side, and so on. What you want to do there is, wherever you’re going to glue, take a piece of sandpaper and roughen that up so that the contact cement has a good purchase. Otherwise, it’s going to pop off.


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The extent to which employees trust their organizations is a great barometer to measure employee engagement and productivity levels. Employees who have high levels of organizational trust are shown to have high engagement levels as well.

Sherman adds that “it doesn’t take long. A quick email survey (useful site) or a few minutes on the phone is often all you need.


Demographic Survey Questions Don’t Have to Be Scary

There are dozens of different brands out there that are explicitly made to glue leather. Now, you can go to the home store and buy other contact cement, but if you’ve ever seen a kitchen where the Formica is delaminated after a while, there’s a reason for that, it ages, it cracks, that kind of stuff.

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If the device has been sent to the user unsolicited, it now belongs to them according to section 3009 of the postal codes. This law, intended to beat scams where a company would send an unsolicited product to someone, then send an outrageous bill for the product later, states that any unsolicited product sent to a consumer becomes the consumer's property (and cannot be charged for).


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Have this in mind if you're sharing a kitchen because below is an exhaustive list of things to take to university. To help we've roughly ordered items by priority!

Samples of Employee Surveys

On Status, you can decide whether individual survey responses are only viewable by the individual team member and their manager or human resources, or if they are team-wide or even company-wide. This will depend on whether or not you want to encourage discussion of individual answers. It also goes to the question of whether or not you want the responses to be anonymous, which we will discuss more below.


Herlong explains: “We find that after 30 free days or storage, they’re more likely to purchase additional time after that. The takeaway is that offering freebies is a great way to upsell because it establishes trust between you and the customer.

This product is remarkably strong as it expands to three to four times its initial volume after it dries. Through this process, a stronger bond is ensured.


Effective Employee Questionnaires: 7 Best Practices

Or, if they’ve chosen the model with a 128GB hard drive, you can upsell them the 256GB version by appealing to their need to store all of their pictures, music, documents, and more, on one device without fear of ever running out of space. Plus, it’s way faster and has better screen resolution.

Perhaps try small, targeted employee surveys (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4542) every two weeks, or conduct a larger quarterly team survey, or mix it up. When you’ve settled on what suits your company, the key becomes implementing them regularly and making them a part of your company’s day-to-day work. On ProsperForms, you can do this by setting up an applet that will automatically and regularly remind your team members to submit their insights on particular questions.


What kind of return would I get? And I really like these guys, so what do I have to lose ,” Sanches explains.

Most glue guns reach temperatures between 250 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat of this intensity will fade, dry, or burn most leather. Leather requires moisture and oil to maintain its smooth, flexible texture. Hot glue may seep through or crimp leather products. This can detract from the quality of a finished product.


Top rated products in Nicotine Patches

Many things recommend E6000 to the crafter or dedicated DIY-er. It dries white, remains flexible, and can be painted or stained. It even provides you with some latitude as far as timing as it won’t start to set up for about five minutes. The strength and durability of this product are second-to-none.

As we’ve seen in the past, cultural issues can cause obstacles for companies, even ones as powerful as Uber. That’s why it’s incredibly important to keep checking in on your employees’ happiness and team satisfaction with employee opinion surveys. More generally, if you’ve been using your employee questionnaires to identify issues and fix hidden problems, build on your strengths, and implement improvements, then you’ve already been listening to your employees and helping them feel valued and respected.


One of the beautiful things about today’s technology is how we can track nearly everything. How many clicks we’re getting on a particular ad. Which products customers are most likely to recommend to their friends, and therefore the ones that have more virality built into them. All this information has made it much easier for companies to make more informed choices on external matters such as design, customer service and marketing.

Best Practices for Staff Questionnaires

We've created a Google Doc checklist that contains all the items (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=2545) on this page. You can download it, edit the list and then print it off to have with you whilst packing your stuff.


Hot melt adhesives do not bond well with leather. As such, most crafters should steer clear of hot glue guns and other heat-based adhesives. If you’re in a pinch, use a more reliable glue, such as contact cement or super glue.

Again, the exact numbering may be different on your :Cat -but 93_46 should show up on the chip somewhere. The blue and green stuff above is not part of the number -the green represent the pins of the chip, and the blue dot represents a small dimple on the top of the chip (this will be explained later).


Survey (this contact form) questions where respondents are free to write whatever they like are also called open-ended questions. A response is known as a verbatim.

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Probably the hardest thing is finding a good piece of wire, one that is narrow enough to fit into these holes but wide enough not to slip out, in addition to being insulated. I've found a piece of wire twist-tie works nicely, just cut to the desired length and slice off the paper/plastic on the ends to expose the wire. Slide these ends thru the holes, and kink them where the come out the other side so that they can't slip back out (& to ensure good electrical contact). Soldering would be ideal here, but since it's a hassle and not everyone has a soldering gun, the wire alone should be adequate.

Employee questionnaires are meant to force us to face inconvenient truths and issues that we haven’t considered. You will need to ensure your employees are trained on how to give feedback with the goal of helping other employees or the company to improve.


On the administrative side, you should also make it clear to employees how they can ask for help if they have any questions, and who they should contact regarding the employee questionnaire. If you’re running an employee survey (continue reading this) designed to produce ideas to improve the company, you can also improve engagement by encouraging individual employees to come up with action plans to ensure the improvements are made and asking them to lead those improvements.

Elmer’s Glue-All is a polyvinyl acetate. Polyvinyl acetate creates a strong bond between porous materials. It is also odorless, non-toxic, and easy to apply. With that said, Elmer’s Glue-All does not hold up well to moisture. Still, it is an excellent option for leather crafts that are intended for indoor settings.


Cracks in concrete have many causes. They may affect appearance only, or they may indicate significant structural distress or a lack of durability. Cracks may represent the total extent of the damage, or they may point to problems of greater magnitude. Their significance depends on the type of structure, as well as the nature of the cracking. For example, cracks that are acceptable for buildings may not be acceptable in water-retaining structures. The proper repair of cracks depends on knowing the causes and selecting the repair procedures that take these causes into account; otherwise, the repair may be only temporary. Successful long-term repair procedures must attack the causes of the cracks as well as the cracks themselves.

The cement is also fully water-resistant, ensuring you are able to wash your stuff with as much water as possible. And if things are beyond the home and rain continues to fall, you don’t have to be concerned.


So, my question simply is: What is the best leather glue to make a leather-to-leather repair

For leather and suede fixes and DIY designs, Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue can become your go-to product. Simple and versatile, this fast-tacking adhesive dries quickly. Also, it will not soak through or stain leathers and suede materials. One of its best features is an almost natural, non-toxic formula.

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But what about internal matters? We know now that company processes, culture and team satisfaction are incredibly important factors in a company’s success. We also know that it’s important to regularly check in with our team members using one on one meetings or daily or weekly reports. How about getting more insights?


Hot glue guns disperse hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive is made from thermoplastic. This material must be melted before it is applied to a surface. After it cools, it hardens into a semi-flexible substance. Hot melt adhesive may peel or crack if it exposed to friction or extreme temperatures.

Which coding style is best for analyzing open-ended survey questions

Additionally, by most popular definitions the hardware is not actually "free" nor given away -the scanner is "paid for" in the form of valuable marketing information (such as name and address) provided in exchange for the device. Finally, the device is entered as a charge ($0/00) and this charge is printed on the customer's receipt. By most accounts, these factors mean that the device has been sold to the customer, meaning the First Sale rule applies.


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Important: You may be able to use the :Cat as a normal (unencrypted) barcode reader without any special software at all! If you don't mind taking your :Cat apart, see this page explaining the "secret" anti-encryption jumper right on the :Cat's board (and/or the quickie instructions above).

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Now, that bond is going to continue to cure for the next 24 hours. And, in 24 hours, that bond will be stronger than the leather itself. If you try and tear it apart, the leather will fail before the bond will. That’s glueing up with contact cement.

Kenzi Wood explains what this looks like in action for Kenzi Writes: “I realized one of my clients wasn’t optimizing their website for SEO. I alerted them to the problem and mentioned that I could address it for $X additional to our retainer.


Original Gorilla Glue is a water-activated polyurethane formula. It creates an incredibly strong bond between most surfaces, including leather and other organic materials. Original Gorilla Glue is waterproof and temperature-resistant. However, it does expand during the curing process.

When speed matters, the perfect choice is Loctite Liquid glue. The tip of the applicator is pinpoint-sized for even the smallest jobs.


Leather is an organic material with several unique properties. Each hide has qualities that set it apart from others. With that said, most leather products are porous, smooth, soft, and flexible. Craters typically need an adhesive that can bond leather to dissimilar materials, such as metal, rubber, or plastic. In many cases, leather adhesive must be strong enough to withstand exposure to water, cold, heat, and other adverse conditions.

The license agreement is printed on the packaging of a software CD that is separate from the actual scanner hardware. It is entirely possible and trivial for an end-user to open the packaging, remove the :Cat hardware, plug it in, and use it (with homebrew software) without ever coming across anything vaguely resembling a license - in fact, to prove this to the point of absurdity, there was even a Web site with photos depicting the process. Not to say that a "By opening this baggie you agree to the license agreement inside it, even though you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet" agreement is legally valid, but the fact that it's not even on the outer packaging makes it even less so.


The software presents an EULA governing the use of the software itself, instructing the user to press the button marked "Agree" to accept the license. However, there is no "Agree" button.

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They look and act like your ordinary CueCat, except plug into your computer's USB port. The only difference is the USB :Cats enter a "sleep mode" after several minutes when not being used -the light in its nose will shut off, blinking quickly every ~ 3/4 seconds.

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Barge All-Purpose Cement is a neoprene-based adhesive that creates a flexible, waterproof, and longlasting connection. It is an excellent option for most leather-base projects. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that maintains its flexibility in a variety of temperatures. Contact cement can also handle continuous exposure to moisture. Therefore, it is an excellent option for all-weather leatherwear, such as boots and jackets.


You receive the scanner either at a participating electronics store (RadioShack, et al) or in the mail, addressed directly to you (your address gotten from subscriptions to certain magazines, including Wired). If received at a store, the clerk scans the code from the package into his/her computer, then demands your name and address. If received in the mail, they obviously don't need to ask your name and address.

This information is for the version that connects to your Keyboard. There is now a USB version of CueCat; and as far as I can determine, the "neutering" instructions are the same (the new :Cat also uses a 93C46-series EEPROM). The USB :Cat is covered in more detail below.


The options for this question may seem less nebulous than questions about racial or sexual identity, but romantic relationships are often deeply complicated. Like race and ethnicity, consider carefully whether someone’s marital status really matters to your final survey goals before including this question.

Leave the toastie maker behind, but you may need passport photos. This is the essential checklist on what to take to university, and what not to take!


Elmer’s Glue-All is an unique glue formula that is suitable for most leather applications. According to the manufacturer, Glue-All is stronger and more versatile than Elmer’s Washable School Glue.

How to Ask Demographic Survey Questions About Race and Ethnicity

The solvent in contact cement evaporates quickly when it is exposed to oxygen. Some leathercrafters may find it difficult to work with neoprene rubber. The dry, thick substance can be challenging to spread.


Top Rated in Nicotine Patches

You can use this rugged adhesive pretty much anywhere. Extreme temperatures don’t bother it, and the glue can be stained or painted once dry.

What type of glue is best for leather

If you drizzle some on there and you see some on there, take a pencil eraser, this is mechanical, we didn’t have a regular, and erase that out. Gently erase and keep going until the pencil eraser actually lifts up that glue, and I won’t do the whole thing, but you can get the idea. You can see there, where it’s removed that, and you’ll minimize a lot of that glue resist line. Sometimes you just can’t save it, sometimes you can. Use a pencil eraser and take care of those little drizzles on the front side. Doesn’t matter on the back side, you’re not concerned about that. But on the show side, take some of that resist off.


The COVID-19 pandemic has upended workforces and workplaces, creating lasting change in trends that directly impact employees’ engagement and productivity. If you’re using an employee engagement survey (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4398) to gauge that impact, make sure to focus on key performance drivers and ask questions that will truly surface whether employees feel motivated to put energy and effort into their work.

Super glue is the name given to an expansive group of cyanoacrylate adhesives. As discussed in the previous answer, cyanoacrylate adhesives are not the best option for leather adhesion. Super Glue and Krazy Glue are the names given to two of the most popular cyanoacrylate adhesives. According to the Super Glue Corporation, Super Glue works best when used on non-porous materials, such as metal, rubber, and ceramics.

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How to Remove Glue From Leather

According to the Gorilla Glue Company, Original Gorilla Glue triples in size during the curing period. As such, the Original Gorilla Glue formula seeps into and fills the pores on the surface of most leathers. For this reason, it is very difficult to remove cured Gorilla Glue from leather. The Gorilla Glue Company suggests using mechanical means to remove unwanted glue.