The Quenya vocabulary words presented here are drawn from a large number of sources, both before and after The Lord of the Rings. Since this does not match Tolkien’s conception of the language at any particular time, this vocabulary list uses the “Neo-Quenya” designation.

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Words in this list marked with a “^” are adopted or adapted from Tolkien’s earliest writings (1910-30) or from words that may have been rejected by Tolkien, and thus are less likely to be generally recognized. Words marked with a “*” are fan-invented words, though they are based in some way on Tolkien’s work. Some of the English translations in quotes may be questionable or fan-invented: these are also marked with a “*”. Editorial additions [generally clarifications] appear in brackets: . Words or translations marked with a “†” are archaic or poetic, and would not used in ordinary speech.


Od Koga Smo Postali Muldasev

The current version of this vocabulary list is a working draft, and is subject to change. New words will be added in the future, and some older or incompatible words may be removed. For now, you should consult original sources and use your own judgement as to which words you should use.

For more information about how this vocabulary list was assembled, see the Full Neo-Quenya Word List and the discussion of the Motivations and Methodology of the Eldamo lexicon. This list reflects my own opinions of the “best” Neo-Quenya words to use, and not every Neo-Quenya writer would agree with me. For a more academic or scholarly approach to Tolkien’s languages, with a more complete list of the words he created including all their contradiction and inconsistencies, see the Quenya Language Page.

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