Run along the craziest scenarios in the Pet Subway Train City. Drag to jump or slide and to move left or right. Avoid hitting trucks, buses and subway trains.

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Perhaps you’ve seen the videos featuring COD: Mobile or PUBG on the internet. If you love your battle-royale games, you’re going to love Battlelands Royale on PC, a ‘flavor breaker’ of sorts in the genre. Fight to become the last surviving man in a multiplayer battle with epic proportions!

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So, are you ready for a different kind of battle? Download and play the free Battlelands Royale fighting game on your PC today! If you’re in the mood for more action games, check out Guns of Boom – Online Shooter and Boom Beach.

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Battlelands Royale Online - Fun & Free Online Shooter Game

In this skill game, you must have lightning-quick reflexes to stay alive. The floor is lava, and it's rising rapidly. Jump on the furniture to stay alive. One wrong move will end your adventure!


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Floor is Lava Games

Sports fans will love our huge selection of basketball games. You can play quick arcade challenges or in-depth simulation challenges. Choose your favorite court, pick a player, and get ready to shoot some hoops! Our collection puts you in control of star NBA players, street ball athletes, and newbies. You’ll be challenged to make 3-pointers, score huge slam dunks, and beat your opponents in 4 quarters. Exciting sports challenges are waiting for you!

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