This time it wouldn't disappoint you since I tested the method and it can finally by-pass 32-bit redirection system. Grab the world first 32-bit patcher that works on x64 OS today!

  • Free Download OS XP 1.02 XP Theme
  • Free Download Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 Build 5096 Final
  • If you don't want to hack the file yourself, download the attached file and REPLACE the file on your CD
  • Uxtheme installation under Windows XP/2003
  • If everything went ok, you should now have a working XP Virtual Machine inside your Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2003 RTM
  • Uxtheme.dll for XP sp2

Download QuickSilver XP Theme

First, I ghosted my current SP1 install. As we shall see, this will be a Good Thingâ„¢ later on. I should also say that I'm using an Open License version of XP. I *do* have a retail license, but haven't used it in a couple of years due to the whole 'activation' thing. Yes, I know what it is and how it works - so don't try to school me on that - it's just a convenience thing.


Free Download QuickSilver XP Theme

Thats the thing, I tried SP2 when it had come out, but I had to re-install XP because it literally had my computer acting like it was a 233mHz processor. So no, I don't have it. I was hoping not to ever have it again.

Free Download CrystalBlue XP Theme

Not sure if this is a FAQ but what happens when you put SP2 on top of one of the infamouse pirate Corporate Keyed versions? Is SP2 smart enough to warn you and (presumably) not install? Or will the user be left with a crippled or dead XP install?


B) If your Windows 8/8/1 or 10 does not include Hyper-V (test that by doing step 4 below - the Home editions for instance don't include Hyper-V), then you won't be able to do this tutorial. You can still create an XP virtual machine using VMWare Player or VirtualBox, by following this tutorial: "How to test Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP for Free, Legally".

Start download QuickSilver XP Theme

There IS another way to go about this that is far more simple: Just find the option that disables XP to take actions of it's own and prevents the user to overwrite systemfiles. However - I havent yet found this option - I only know it to exist somewhere.


NOTE: To clear this up for everyone. If you don't want to hack the file yourself, download the attached file and REPLACE the file on your CD. That's all you have to do to be able to use ANY theme.

Uxtheme.dll patch para windows 7 rc
1 Pes 2020 patch 10.0 final 2020 fedex 13%
2 Pes 2020 patch 10.0 final 2020 election 21%
3 Pes 2020 patch 10.0 final 2020 corvette 74%
4 Pes 2020 patch 10.0 final 2020 bcs 27%
5 Windows xp service pack 3 uxtheme.dll patch 43%
6 Final fantasy type-0 english patch umd 1 10%
7 Final fantasy xiv a realm reborn patch 97%
8 Final fantasy xiv digital europe wow patch 27%
9 Internet manager 6.14 final full patch 76%
10 Uxtheme.dll patch sp 300 36%

At this point, the PC was shut down. All unnecessary hard and optical drives had their power and IDE cables pulled.

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  • Uxtheme patch windows 7 sp1 x64

OS XP 1.02 XP free download

Installing the theme is a matter of a button’s click and once the setup process is finished, you are prompted to choose the theme from a list and apply the changes. The computer does not require a restart for the modifications to take effect.

In SP2, I used trial and error to get the right hex edits to allow unsigned themes. If this just happens to be the same as what you and TGTSoft use, then sorry, but I didn't know they used the same edits.


I'm assuming that sp2 breaks the hacked one from sp1

I installed most every software app I use and restored all my data. It's even stable enough to finish up a torrent I started Friday afternoon. I check my email and chat with folks on AIM. I run a defrag and take care of some server tasks via RDP.

On the other hand, the Unattended Guide is actually creating a REG_DWORD entry which is a different kind of animal altogether (text vs. hex)! And on checking my computer -which only has SP1 right now -it is a REG_DWORD entry.


Patching uxtheme.dll, asking for trouble

RaveRod and nLite are saying almost the same thing except RaveRod's entry adds the NOCLOBBER qualifier to the REG_MULTI_SZ that both he and nLite use. If memory serves, NOCLOBBER means that a new value cannot replace an old (existing) value.

I did a three-finger salute and bring up Task Manager and see that DR WATSON has crashed. I killed the 3 Dr. Watson processes and get an error along the lines of 'The DrWatsonPostmortemDebugger' has made and error and needs to close. When Explorer returns, I clicked on the IE icon to get more information and'¦ the same error happened. After Explorer restarted again I tried using the IE shortcut on the Start Menu.


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The start menu is also enhanced, since it loses its XP-specific appearance. The theme combines light and dark gradients and text shadows in order to please the eye and enhance the overall user experience.

  • For Windows 7 users, installing the XP Mode is easy: download XP mode, run the installer, done
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  • Idm-5.18+patch fully activated final version
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  • Geo patch 2020 v 3.0 final version
  • Pes 2020 patch 10.0 final 2020 world

Run the virtual machine

H) In the next window you can configure networking. If you need to use internet, you must redo the procedure from step a) and don't skip step c). If you don't need internet for your XP VM, press Next.

Free Download TheBat! Skin Pack 1.0

Download 7-zip (Download3k mirror) and install it. It's important to install the 32-bit (also called x86) version of 7-zip for a 32-bit operating system and the 64-bit (also called x64) version for a 64-bit OS, since the x64 version won't work on x86 and the x86 version won't run with context menu on x64 machines. We'll need context menu for 7-zip to make extracting easier.


It's been a long time since I've replaced this DLL. Thanks for the link darkgamorck.

Free Download ForeverBlue XP Theme

SP1 is the only file that I used someone elses file to hack. These SP2 hacks are entirely my work. Not a comparison of someone elses file.


Free Download UXTheme Patch For Windows XP SP2 Final

All the system icons are changed during this process, including those of ‘Recycle Bin’, ‘My Computer’, ‘Internet Explorer’ or ‘My Network Places’. All the windows (read more)’ edges become square-shaped and the standard blue task bar of Windows (useful link) XP disappears to make room for a brand new silver one. The theme changes the active and the inactive title bars, the menus and message boxes, the scrollbars and tooltips.

INSTALLATION NUMBER TWO (clean install using slipstreamed CD) - The install took forever again and I also received several of the '[insert normal Windows executable file here]: There is no disk in Drive A:' errors again at boot-up, but these seem to calm down after a few minutes. The system seemed slow, but I didn't get any Explorer crashes, so I shut the box down to re-install all the hardware. After doing so, I booted back into Windows (internet) and started installing drivers for my hardware'¦ only Windows (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=420) had a hell of a time picking up my chipset and USB controller. After about a half-hour I got the USB controller recognized and started installing software: Office, anti-virus, etc.