Geoff Loats has been using Firefox for about six weeks and finds it leaves IE for dead. The only problem he has with it is that a page must completely load before you can activate one of the links on that page. It beats having pop ups galore making surfing a nightmare.

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Editor's note: Racers (both Pro and Sportsman) please note that it's neither too early nor too late to send your FIA Main Event previews. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll post it here.


All was going so well, number sixth qualifier in the oh so tight Pro ET field. Then on Saturday morning on qualifier number five the oil filter decided it was time to part company with the remote housing at 139 mph (and a 9/68 PB). The car filled with smoke, oil lights on and the instruments disappeared. It was getting hot in there and it was time to leave. A big thanks to Angie, Trev and all the rest of the Santa Pod fire crew (can't remember the other names) for what you did for me that day. I can't thank you enough even though you say "It's OK mate, it's our job".

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Wayne Tuttle has been using Mozilla for years and has replaced the suite with FF since I only used the browser. FF safely transferred all of his bookmarks and, more importantly, his banking certificate like a regular upgrade of Mozilla, and after a day, he removed Mozilla.


It was Fred flying overhead in a light aircraft. Ironically he had flown in from the airstrip next to Santa Pod. It rained, they dried the track, then it rained. And so on and so on. Later in the day the truck carrying the track drier did a graceful pirouette and crashed into the guardrail wrecking the cowling.

I need to paste the Title as a preamble when I paste a bitmap clip. I set up a QuickPaste Formatting String under Tools-Options-QuickPaste with a Preamble of #TITLE#{ENTER} with a Paste Keystroke of ^v and an * under Title Trigger. The Title does not paste when I paste the bitmap. It appears no one has every used this feature - does it work?


Construction begins on the addition to Searle Hall. The addition replaces a parking lot to the east of Searle Hall, the former site of the 1941 Health Service building.

I set Options to have program start minimized upon startup. It does not nor does it same the preferences I choose (which included starting minimized)?


Advertising ran rife in specialty catalogs, the magazines of unorthodoxy, and the scantily self-policed press, as well as over the airwaves. Cautious about claims, advertisers relied on getting their curative messages across in First Amendment-protected feature articles, often in the same journals in which the ads appeared .

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There are no changes to the crew, it's the same old gang. The crew tried to sell the driver but no-one was interested so I guess I need to drive for another year. We have a visiting crew member at the Main Event, engine builder and Oddy's owner Billy Leverentz.


Those words came from someone who I looked up to and truly idolised: the Lennart Bergqvist of Autoshop Racing Engines in Orlando Florida saying such things to me! I took his words to heart and started Ellwein Engines.

The biographical drama is based on the life and career of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. It follows Hoover’s journey as he rises through the ranks using ruthless tactics to keep America safe. While he becomes one of the most powerful men in the USA, the movie also reveals his many questionable decisions.


Nick started buying Custom Car magazine (a BDRHOF member) and nagged his dad to take him to the drags at Blackbushe. Nick subsequently became very interested in the history of British drag racing and over the years has built up a large collection of old magazines and programmes. In the mid-1990s Nick got hold of some colour slides and cine film from the 1960s and put it onto video, adding his own narration using the magazines and programmes to identify the cars and bikes.

Browser Switching Reports from the Field

Cancer quackery offers evidence of how both populist and elitist elements of the population have been preyed upon. James Patterson stressed the class nature of the phenomenon . The poor have been vulnerable in both an economic and an educational sense, constituting a counterculture suspicious of expert knowledge, especially skeptical of orthodox medical opinion, trusting instead in folk tradition, home remedies, faith healing, and quackery.


No signs of any fishtailing, and the bike felt so different, it's going to take a while to get used to riding something that's not trying to throw me off. It was good for Ken and Bob to see all their hard work over the winter come together and to see the bike do what it should.

But Job Heezen decided to retire from his early retirement and he wanted to step up to Top Fuel. So when he asked Ton if he could buy the Godfather VI injected bike, the plans changed a bit.


A series of happenstances lofted Laetrile into the national limelight. As the Krebs pair faltered, a Canadian adventurer, Andrew R. L. McNaughton, took control of Laetrile’s destinies. He trumpeted his discontent when he failed to secure an investigational New Drug exemption from the Food and Drug Administration, even though he had not submitted adequate evidence. He expanded his drum-beating, placing in the Hearst American Weekly articles penned by G. D. Kittler, the man who thought Krebs, Jr, should win a Nobel Prize.

Dick Bellin understands the reasons for switching and has no arguments. He has tried Mozilla and FF more than once, and each time after frustrations and failure to get the programs to work as promised, he gave up and went back to IE. He uses Avant Browser, however, Avant uses the IE engine and inherits all of IE’s security problems.


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I managed to get to the finish first by about 0/004 seconds. Although it's a win I can't help but feel that Rick's mind wasn't one hundred per cent focused.

It launched well, but again went off to the left. I tried to correct it, but still felt the need to back off the throttle to correct it. Got it back into the groove, rolled back onto the throttle, and felt the nitrous kick hard. Through the gears and finish line, 8/22/174, not bad at all considering that when we checked the data, I had in fact been off the throttle for two seconds! The bike pulled like a train, and this time had enough speed to get me to the end of the track. I have a lot to learn, and need much more seat time, it scares the living wotsit out of me at the moment, but it's a hell of a lot of fun! And I was number three qualifier.


Nick Davies laid down a smoky long burnout in Havoc, but broke the blower belt in the process, meaning he had to be pushed to the side of the track. Clayton meanwhile had sportingly been holding as long as he could, but then had to go, unfortunately no time was recorded for the run. Next up was Dennis Wratten in the Dirty Harry IV Topolino against Neil Townson in the attractively engineered '32 Ford. Dennis laid down a tremendous eighth-mile burnout, good enough for the Best Burnout points award, whilst Neil was experiencing fluctuations in the oil pressure supply.

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So last week we went to the rolling road at Regal Autosport to try some different timing settings but we couldn't get any more power. This was due to the low compression pistons in the motor needing more boost!


We don't have a date set yet, but you can bet it won't be long before we get back to having some serious front engine fun. It's a really superb class with some lovely teams in the running, and it'll be great to get back amongst the guys and gals soon!

But then we decided to switch to the Shootout format. We know that not all Pro Mod racers will be able to win the FIA Championship, but to earn qualifying points is possible for most, so to get points to stay in the top eight at the end of the season is something that can happen for almost everybody in the class. It will be very exciting to see who takes the €2000 for the win and €500 for runner-up at Santa Pod in September.


Jo Ann Weaver made the switch and use FF as the default browser with Avant as backup. Jo Ann hasn’t used IE in almost a year.

Despite an excellent 10/931/125 from Mark, he couldn't beat James' 10/813/134, which combined with his better reaction time put James a car-length ahead at the finish line. An excellent race that showed perfectly what Euro Sports Compact is all about.


I have the portable version on a USB stick drive. It was plugged into my Surface Pro 2. I inadvertently turned the power off the computer before safely ejecting the USB drive.

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Lisa was told to take it easy on her first runs to get the feel of the speed. Let's make no mistake about Junior Dragsters, they will defeat your average street machine over the eighth mile, or at least this one does.

Cliff Walker removed FF within 15 minutes of installing it because it presupposes that the designers already know how you want the browser configured. They assume that you want all these commercial links on your toolbar, leaving about one-third of it for custom links and no way to get rid of these commercial links that we’ll never use and, actually, would prefer not being reminded they exist. No, there’s no way to free up this space and there’s no way to add to what little space they leave you with.


Giving to Northwestern University Health Service

Another National Health Fraud Conference would meet in Kansas City in September 1990. This time the Food and Drug Administration would not be among the four official sponsors, while the American Medical Association would resume its 1960s role.

Periodically, I find that my sounds an hotkey preferences get reset to their default states. I'm pretty sure it only happens after a reboot and not while the program is running, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be any common thread. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


When the nominees for this year’s Hall of Fame were announced, there was considerable surprise that Gilles Villeneuve was on the list of Formula 1 nominees. Not, of course, because there were questions over his merit, but that he was not already among the elite.

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Windows 10, 64 bit,desktop computer. I have had Clipmate since last summer and it has worked perfectly until now.


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The weather was fine leaving home, but as we neared Shakespeare, the heavens opened. The track wasn't dry and ready until 2:00 pm and ahead of us were a couple of hundred racers all as desperate as us to get a run in. The organisers were frantically attempting to fit a full day's racing into the next four hours and, frankly, it all got a bit frenetic. We need an hour's notice to gas-up and ready the car and the notice didn't come. When we finally got a go-ahead, we gassed up and ended up waiting for an hour in the pairing lane. The car is not designed to sit and wait once it is fuelled.

My Clipmate viewer window is not showing so I can't see the contents of a clip. I've dragged my cursor over various seperator lines to see if one would allow me to open up the window, but nothing responds.


Pandora’s box continues to be stuffed with a variety of brazen health deceptions beyond recounting, perhaps beyond reckoning. Despite increased efforts at education, the perennial proneness seems not to have diminished perceptibly. A national survey conducted by Louis Harris and Associates, which the FDA helped devise, found that more than a quarter of the American public reported using one or more questionable health care treatments .

Signed S Cole Luke from practice squad. Elevated LB Jordan Kunaszyk and T David Steinmetz from practice squad.


My wiring loom had welded itself to the cage. Got a tow back to the pits from Nick's car and before I could even get my fire suit off Mark was in there, found the problem, rewired it and said "Try it now".

Italy has announced her 1949 motor-racing champions. Alberto Ascari is Champion of Italy.

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Placed T Geron Christian Sr. on Reserve/Injured list. Signed RB Javon Leake to practice squad.


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By sixty foot Steve was way out in front as expected but my bike was pulling stronger than ever before and going nice and straight, cool! At that point my front wheel started its climb and was getting some serious air.

Richard was quickly to his feet, and being the gentleman that he is, he was apologisng as soon as I ran over to see how he was. Importantly he was OK and a check over by the paramedics confirmed this.


During the process, the C: boot drive didn't for a while have a D: data drive and, apparently, clipmate lost its connection to my data, short and long term, on the D: data drive. It now opens but has created a new database.

It is looking for it in a folder I don't have the rights to. I would think it would be a simple matter to just start up Clipmate, go into the preferences, and choose different folders for the database and log files, but Clipmate will not start. Starting with the Shift key down just produces the same errors.


Episode 4, Growing Pains: Urs Erbacher needs to evolve to make the grade as a professional drag racer. He starts by raising home support at a huge grass roots racing event in the Swiss Alps. Urs has only one thing on his mind – breaking records. It's also the third round of the European Championships in Sweden and a chance to break away from the pack.

I copied formatted text from Gmail but when I paste it back it's plain text. In Clipboard it shows correctly as HTML formatted and HTML is cheked in the Chrome application profile. How can I get it to paste formatted? I'm trying to compile a set of boilerplate emails.


Swiftly moving on and we were looking forward to the Springspeed Festival at Shakespeare County Raceway at the beginning of May. Hopefully all the teething problems of a new set up were long gone. However the Alien had other ideas. The oil filter head broke during the first warm up spewing out oil all over the floor making Lake Alien. On a closer inspection and removal of the oil filter it was clear that the pressure was so great that the oil filter head had broken completely in half. After a wander around the pits we sourced one from Team Chaos.

Hi, Database originally stored on drive e- had to switch drives so now only drive d for storage. I cannot fiond a way to redirect clipmate to look on drive D for the database files.


Health Service / Evanston

The climate for enforcement, however, was not propitious in the 1980s. Tight budgets and antiregulatory sentiment restrained the bureaucrat’s hand. Decisions of a type the FDA had hitherto made on its own now might be overruled by officials in the Department of Health and Human Services or the Office of Management and Budget . Prosecutions relating to quackery remained few and far between, and critics kept complaining .

We were #2 qualifier so had Steve Woollatt and lane choice (thank god), Steve Carey had a bye, Rene and Rush still had to do licencing runs. The track felt better underfoot so I put a good clutch setting in but I noticed the oil pressure dropping and the rear cylinder getting hot. Oh well, ya gotta be in it to win it as they say. Racing a Puma with a Harley is quite hard, not only do they out-power me by two hundred horsepower but they have a totally different starting routine. Our bikes use a lot of nitro even ticking over so you need to gauge your burn-out and staging time so that you end up in stage together, there are no staging 'duels' allowed in nitro classes as there are in Pro Stock.


I pleaded that they sent the message that I was unhurt and that I hoped that Rick would get on and race. Then the really nice paramedics kidnapped me and insisted upon doing their job properly to check me over accurately, rather than taking my word for it. They took me to the Med Centre and measured my blood pressure, then asked what it was normally. Er, I don't recall having it checked, ever. They asked all the other questions and did all the other checks then decided I seemed alright and let me out.

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The Santa Pod team had done a great job with the venue. A display of a Supertwin Bike and a Junior Dragster outside was capturing the attention of the passing public.


So with the extra help of TJ O'Brien and Steve Venables we all manged quite well until we realised that Gerard was running late due to working on the King Racing Fuel Bike. I didn't want to run until Gerard had run his eye over the bike, but all came good and we got both bikes serviced and ready to run.

Does Clipmate version 7 work on Windows 10? I'm considering upgrading but I won't unless I know it works.


Start your secure access, sharing, and file storage with OneDrive today. You can get OneDrive by itself or with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

These events upset some of Richardson’s fellow members of the John Birch Society. Such dedicated disciples of freedom-from-government doctrine saw in this physician’s case a prime example of bureaucratic oppression. Led by Robert W. Bradford, a nuclear technician at Stanford University, Richardson’s friends formed the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy. By 1977 Bradford claimed five hundred chapters with some 35,000 members throughout the nation.


At the same time Danny also used us to airfreight the rods, pistons, camshaft and bearings for the motor from Canadian Pro Mod racer Carl Speiring. Both consignments arrived at London Heathrow on Sunday morning and Adrian Spencer collected them from our warehouse Sunday afternoon so that the team could start rebuilding the motor for next weekend's first round of the FIA European Pro Modified Championship.

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Editor's note: Racers please be sure to keep those FIA Main Event previews coming. Pro or Sportsman, drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll post it here.


We are very pleased to add still more to the range of products and services which our readers can acquire via Eurodragster.com. If you are looking for the drag racing trip of a lifetime then be sure to check out the great deals on offer from Grandstand Motor Sports.

It wasn't long after we arrived back that the perusal of web sites began and a hunt for a suitable engine or donor car was on. The idea was to find an engine capable of making a serious difference to the performance in order to achieve similar numbers to the Nitro boys in the NFAA. The class has come on leaps and bounds since it began and everyone is really stepping their game up and we certainly didn't want to be caught napping.


Thumbnail 12 - Stampkraft: Six Favorite Stories, United Art Publishing, 1916 1st edition

But it was Pedro Rodríguez who pipped Vic Elford in the voting; his extraordinary record encompassing sports car victories at Le Mans, Daytona, Watkins Glen and Monza. A national motorcycle champion in his teens, the Mexican switched to cars and teamed with younger brother Ricardo for endurance events. Pedro briefly retired from racing following the death of his brother, but returned to make his F1 debut in 1963. Four years later he won his first grand prix in South Africa, then took his second and final victory in Belgium in 1970.

Episode 3, Serious Fun: It's a week of high stress and big laughs at the Fat Attack workshop in the build up to two important drag races. Harley Destroyer Champion and errant mechanic Sascha's attempt to find his own sponsor backfires, while salesman Didi is stuck in hospital with a recurrence of his serious leg injury.


The event features Round 1 of the HKS Drag Series, the first ever Euro Sports Compact race, and lots of other performance road-car oriented attractions which will be a great way to pass the weekend for anyone into serious horsepower. The track is also open for Run What You Brung and all types of car, from Mustangs to Minis, are welcome.

No, the Alien had other ideas, chewing teeth off the ring gear while throwing a flame burp out of the injector hat and then throwing the oil filter clean off this time with Lake Alien growing immensely. So, after another search around the pits we sourced a flexplate (pictured) from Eurodragster.com News sponsor Pete Walters.


As this is a completely new set up, we will have to do some test runs before we can give the Sunoco Express Mustang full throttle. Our goal for the FIA Main Event will therefore be to tune the new set up and take it from there.

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The car was starting to feel good again, and Chris was with us and watching with the crew to see if it needed any more load in the rear. When we got back to the pits Chris decided to put a very small amount in. I couldn't wait for the next run. A nice long rolling burnout this time then I staged, the lights went, I put my foot down about a quarter throttle and carried on putting it down slowly. It was going faster even though I hadn't reached half throttle. I went through the traps and bang! My screen smashed in under pressure and at that point I knew I was going quicker than last time. When the crew came down to tow me back they told me that I had run 9/3/152.


Under the management of the two Krebs, father and son, Laetrile developed modest sales but encountered increasing criticism from cancer scientists and the beginning of legal restraints from both California and federal regulators. Indeed, in time, the would-be Nobelist spent several months in jail .

Hello; I would like to be able to recommend ClipMate to my company. However, they are very concerned about security, so I suspect that they would not like your trash emptying after 7 days or later. Preferably, we would want anything in the InBox to disappear when you shut down and be deleted from trash as well.


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On my next run I was with team mate John Ricketts and in the shutdown area his engine let go big style. Nick again came to the rescue with a tow back to the pits.

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We spent the winter rebuilding the motor from the Pontiac and getting the car ready for Easter. Our first outing was the Saturday Night Special in February. All the well-laid plans about taking it easy on the first few runs went out the window, and the car was in the elevens by its third run.


I managed to persuade the good lady to allow me to purchase a '77 Pontiac which I ran at the Saturday Night Special in October 2006 and the bug bit. I then purchased an altered which I took to Andy Robinson Race Cars for some chassis mods and it was deemed to be beyond repair.

Frank, Hawk, Tank, and Jerry were top Air force test pilots belonging to Team Daedalus. Trained to become America’s first space travelers, they were later replaced by chimpanzees. Years later, when a failing Soviet communications satellite is in danger of crashing down on earth, NASA approaches Frank for help.


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But this weekend I will be concentrating one hundred per cent on the Funny Car, which is rare because usually I am rushing around like a blue-arsed fly. It's a shame that there aren't more Funny Cars here this weekend but Spuff and I will put on a show and maybe there will be more at the Finals.

Team MFR in our new Steel River Hot Rod Saab 93 Funny Car suited up in near freezing conditions and went through the burnout and staging procedure. In the right hand lane I launched to sixty feet as required and all was OK. We came back around for our eighth-mile pass when the rain came down just as we were readying to fire her up. We towed back to the pits as instructed and the day looked like it was over.


About one thousand feet there was an odd flat spot - hey, it happens - and being focused up ahead all I actually saw was a flash. The accompanying noise was instantaneous and gone just as quick. I looked down, and having noticed that both my feet were still there, I shut the motor down.

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In the commentary a big point is made of the fact that Urs has exploded an engine or two in his time (Haven't we all - Ed) and also of the fact that US tuner Glenn Mikres isn't there. Alas Urs has a kaboomer in qualifying and his team look utterly heartbroken.


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The latter part of the day was to start up the Alien after some work was carried out after the Springspeed festival. She's stubborn, I'll give her that - nothing, not even a slight growl from the engine. After a discussion with Paul Marston we discovered that a faulty ignition system was the cause of this weekend's trouble. So here we are and it's just a few days until the Main Event. She's being worked on (probably as I type) in the hope that she can be rewired and explained to in plain English that in no way is she to play up this weekend.

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Pictures at an Exhibition Demos and Rehearsals by Invincible Czars

When two cowboys attack and disfigure a prostitute, Sheriff Little Bill Daggett's decree leaves the rest of the prostitutes angry. They offer $1,000 to anyone who kills the two. This attracts William Munny, a former killer who is now reformed and leads a peaceful life. Along with his old partner-in-crime, Ned Logan, he sets out to re-enter the dangerous world.

I am not able to assign key combination "Shift+Ctrl+Insert" as hotkey. I tried with several other combinations, but it seems that "Insert" is somehow not accepted at all.


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Not enough to cause any real issue so Bob did a good burnout, backed up and went into stage. Feeling the brake pedal Bob brought the revs up on the line but couldn't hold it and the car slipped through the beams and as it was all a bit far gone he nailed it and settled in for the ride.

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The 350 ci V8 cast a spell over me. The car could beat almost any late-model Mustang or Camaro to the eighth mile. But after the eighth the big heavy car would lay down and I would see tail lights. I had to learn how to make this car quicker.


The sticky brown stuff happens at times but the important thing is to fix it and come back to do battle again. We are in the process of repairing the '84 and are at present very hopeful that we will still be at the Main Event in two cars.

And remarkably I shifted through all the gears with ease, I even shifted one or two right on the shift light. Rare for me if you listen to Garry or Luke. An hour later and with a bit more of a tune, soft though it was, we ran an 8/3.


If I exit out of Clipmate and repeat the process Solid Edge does not crash. I have tried this several times including with a clean boot and the problem is repeatable. I am using Clipmate v. 7/5.26 on Windows 10 Enterprise.

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Was this meeting going to the first one without damage? From day one the Firebird had a hunger for main bearings, generally only lasting one run! We knew we were loosing oil pressure on shutdown and maybe running the oil too cold. This time we had a few extra tenths clearance on the bearings, an oil accumulator and extra heaters in the new design of pan.

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I am not sure which class we will choose long-term so we have entered Super Pro ET and Comp Eliminator at the Main Event to get a feel for it all. Super Pro ET will be really difficult as being a small-engined turbo car which is still in development we are nowhere near running consistently. We expect to get our backsides kicked in 2008 but we have to start to learn the ropes and continue to improve the set-up of the car.


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The sight of ten fancy-dressed cavemen battering each other with inflatable clubs on the dodgems was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Sunday's weather was far better than forecast, so all the racing was finished at a decent time and even I got home in time to see John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett at our local music venue to end a great weekend!

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Even though last year's Champion Fast Freddy Fagerström has put his TMFC up for sale and decided to go back to his Pro Mod roots, the rest of the pack headed by Dan Larsen, Ulf Leanders and Leif Andréasson will not surrender without a fight. I think everyone in the TMFC class is eager to put down what ever it takes to win the Championship, which in turn will lead to lots of good racing for fans and spectators.


My whole editor window disappeard. It's not covered in any help file.

Stampkraft Jack and the Beanstalk, United Art Publishing Co

Jan Scully (Lincoln Law School Class of 1978) is serving her fifth term as District Attorney. In 2005, she was the first woman elected to serve as president of the California District Attorneys Association, and in 2006, was president of the Institute for the Advancement of Criminal Justice. She chairs the California Council of Criminal Justice, Sacramento County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, co-chairs the Greater Sacramento Area Task Force on Hate Crimes, and serves on a number of other criminal justice, public safety, and community advisory boards. In July of 2021, she became the first woman to serve as president of the National District Attorneys Association.


When I try to copy symbol characters such as copyright or trademark characters, they appear in the Clipmate clipboard as question marks. This happens whether copying from Word, from the Windows Character Map, or from any other program.

I lined up and felt fairly confident that I could give John a fair and good race, but I must have staged too deep and for the first time in my life I did not know I red lit, which proved to be fatal on this particular run. I normally see the red bulb light up: it takes up the whole of my visual awareness, it shines brighter than the sun, explodes like a supernova, as I cry "Oh, how unfortunate" as I leave the line.


Apologies to Lawrie Gatehouse for stealing the NFAA's thunder, but that kind of glory you can keep! With every direction having been explored so far - up, down, right and left - the only way left to go is straight.

Regulatory control of quackery also receded in the seventies. To make this point starkly was one of Claude Pepper’s main goals in his 1984 subcommittee report and hearing . The Postal Service, aided by a 1983 law increasing penalties on repeat offenders, had continued to perform with skill and diligence, although its enforcement officials could handle only a fraction of fraudulent promotions introduced into the mails.


A healthy attitude could be twisted into unhealthy buying. Taking charge of one’s health could get distorted into handing that health into the custody of an unscrupulous marketer and paying dearly for the deception. Promoters of specious wares plugged into self-help psychology. A firm vending a fake vitamin, brought to court by the Food and Drug Administration, chose to simplify the confrontation in a publicity release by terming it “Self-help v. ‘Doctor knows best,’ ” thus sneaking its specious product, condemned by scientific medicine, under a rubric invested with popular enthusiasm .

Signed TE Marcus Baugh from practice squad. Placed TE Temarrick Hemingway on Reserve/Injured list. Signed RB Michael Warren to practice squad.


Is there a way to force the clipbar to be a single line? On laptops with high resolution screens (2560x1440, etc) the Clipbar seems to assume the taskbar is tall (based on pixel count I assume) and switches to the 2-line format.

Can you restart an append that was interrupted? I append lots of text, then I might accidently copy an image instead of text, this drops you out of Appending. Is there a way to go back to the appending list, and continue to append to the already existing list, right where you left off?


Sid Huff reports a few problems at his office, a New Zealand University, as a few systems don’t work with FF, but work fine with Internet Explorer (IE). He says when he clicks on a link, he gets a ‘save file’ dialog box. I have had this happen before and fix it by closing / re-opening FF. For him, FF takes longer to load. But others report it’s speedier.

True Crime is a mystery thriller film which tells the story of a journalist who is assigned to cover the case of Frank, a convicted murderer. He soon comes to know that Frank might be innocent.


And they are going to get it whether Big Brother wants it or not. We cannot expect that thousands of American cancer sufferers are going to wait for more long years, while the Federal Government fiddle-faddles through animal tests and more redtape.

When the Laetrile molecule reaches the cancer site, Krebs argued, an enzyme especially abundant in cancerous areas splits the molecule, releasing hydrogen cyanide to kill the cancer. Another enzyme protects normal cells, detoxifying any cyanide that strays into them. Thus Laetrile purportedly fulfills a prime objective of cancer chemotherapy: specificity of action. An impressed business manager for a group of doctors opined that Krebs had made a major step toward receiving a Nobel Prize. Soon, however, cancer specialists were to deny Krebs’s premise. The normal cells turn out to contain more of the molecule-cleaving enzyme than do neoplastic tissues. Indeed, Laetrile administered by injection undergoes scarcely any metabolic breakdown and is excreted virtually intact in the urine. Laetrile taken orally, however, can be split by ingredients in food, releasing its poison and placing the person at grave risk. Indeed, both Laetrile and apricot kernels from which it was made killed a number of people .

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The Medical Messiahs: Afterword

While the cultural climate became more hospitable to irrational ventures, both the criticism and the regulation of health quackery declined from the high plateau of intensity reached in the 1960s. The American Medical Association, dominant in the realm of nostrum fighting since early in the century, while not abandoning the role completely, in 1975 abolished its quackery committee and closed down its Department of Investigation . The major joint educational campaign against quackery, sponsored by regulatory and voluntary health associations during the sixties, had no counterpart in the seventies. The interpretation of unorthodoxy in the popular media, print and electronic, shifted away from skepticism, often toward drum-beating support.


Details about Stampkraft: Six Favorite Stories, United Art Publishing, 1916 1st edition

If I delete clips from the clipboard are they still saved on the hard drive? How can I change if and the length of time clips are stored on my hard drive? If I minimize the program I see it in task tray.

Allan Erdman suggests using Deepnet Explorer, but the program shares IE’s engine and therefore, inherits its problems. Here is a quote from the Deepnet Explorer forums, “As Deepnet Explorer shares the HTML rendering engine with IE, it is exposed some security vulnerabilities from IE. However, these are confined to only vulnerabilities in the HTML engine.


Our target is to qualify in the sixteen-car field at every race. It's not easy, but if things go well and we have some luck it's possible. We have some new sponsors and our main sponsor WellNutrition will also be supporting our team in 2008".

I'm an old school, fun loving Gentleman who loves to love women. Cannabis and Cunnilingus Connoisseur.


It felt like it was going to go on its side. I took my foot off the throttle as it was going up, and I think that's what saved the car from going on its side. It told me what it was doing so I just had to ride the storm and thankfully it came back down to Earth.

Consensually Speaking a kinky/sex positive podcast. MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING BE WARNED #podcast #podgenie #kink #bdsm.


I am proud to say that our current sponsors have had increased business because of their association with Dakota Drag Strip; a big thank you to Enginetuner ltd, Copyprint Depot, Devon Car Shows, Eclipse Photos, and Chelston Valeting Centre". For advertising and sponsorship details contact Lee on 01803 554308.

When copying formatted text from Word (2021) to Excel, I can't paste as RTF, only as text. Both app profiles have text and RTF enabled.


On the Saturday morning the girls were despatched ftoor London to collect a new pump gasket as we damaged ours getting it out. As it happens, through the dogged determination of Mick 'the Fish' Smith both Dave Eady and Kev Cerusale came up with the goods, almost at the same time. Dave arrived at the track just as the girls returned from London, and even though I still have my doubts they still insist they weren't shopping.

Signed DT Devaroe Lawrence to practice squad. Signed DB Manny Patterson to practice squad.


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We already been preparing a great deal at our base in Sweden, which will hopefully save us some time servicing the car and help to prevent those failures which can easily occur when working and assembling parts under stress. We have never invested so much in parts and knowledge as we have this winter.

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One of their main goals apart from extreme high performance is to build a reliable and consistent engine as the Zodiac Racing team's motto has always been "consistency wins you races and Championships". The cylinder heads are the same four-valve heads they have been running for many years now, as they believe this will again give greater performance, with less stress on engine components. The primary drive and three-stage centrifugal clutch are finished as well.

It was such a rollercoaster weekend with problems with both cars. We'd finally made progress with the Pro ET Camaro, getting it to run in a straight line and get that all important eleven-second run. It could potentially be the end of this year's racing for Teresa.


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Quackery has always been Pandora’s box, constantly reopened with hope, never releasing a genuine benefit, although sometimes the opener is fooled into believing so. The box has an infinite capacity. Old cheats like before-and-after pictures and the fake diagnostic test come out wrapped in new tinsel .

Users who like Pictures at an Exhibition Demos and Rehearsals

The delete icon is greyed out and when I mark a clip and press Delete key a window pops up saying: Sorry you cannot do this while in Quick Paste. I was trying to cancel the quick paste but cannot find the option anywhere.


The old motor has now been fitted with new cylinders, pistons, bearings and rods, everything checked over and it is for sale at a knock down price. So if anyone wants a 160 ci Overkill motor with spares come and see me, these motors are pretty bulletproof and will give years of fun. This one has run 6/6 in Canada before I got it at 218 mph! I also still have the little 114 ci billet Shumaker motor, the predecessor to the Overkill, at a give-away price.

Quackwatch The Medical Messiahs: Afterword Comments Feed

Speaking to the Pharmaceutical Advertising Council in 1982, FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr, cited Consumer Union’s Health Quackery and admitted that his agency was doing “not much” about the problem . Dr. Hayes—and later Congressman Pepper—might properly have given the FDA more credit for its campaign to restrain Laetrile. Hayes did believe that the agency “acted promptly” against “products that actually do or could harm users” but neglected those that deprived users of legitimate therapy and those posing hazard only to the purse. The overall task was too huge for the FDA alone; its staff power was woefully insufficient.


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A quick short burnout and off the throttle. The motor came to an abrupt stop and we pushed back. Does anybody want a Dart block, Scat crank and a set of BME 396 rods previously enjoyed for approximately thirty five seconds?

Wharton also made fastest time in the acceleration test and the bogey time thus established made it difficult for other drivers to avoid losing marks. L. G. Evans (Dellow) was very fast but struck a marking post and so failed the test.


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When Chris Isaacs saw what had happened, he was straight round to put more pre-load in to the car. We went out with the Outlaw Anglias to make a test run and what a difference it made. My mate Mark video'd all the runs after that so that Chris could look back at the video and then put more pre-load in as it needed. Anyway the after the third run out I was starting to get a fill of what the beast was like to drive, so I made my third run of the day and we had a 10/0/132 out of it. I couldn't believe it when the boys told me, I thought that I may have got into the elevens.

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Ted Marsden says he has cut spam about 60 percent by switching to Mozilla, FF, and Netscape. Leigh Klotz has been using Mozilla for a long time and never uses IE unless a Web site doesn’t work with Mozilla. Izzie has been using FF for several months and has had no problems.


We're also thankful that Kevin, Carla and Simon were OK after their mishaps on Saturday and Monday respectively. Hopefully a better prospect will be encountered for the Open Sport Nationals in August.