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When Elfie is “at home” you cannot find him. You must wait until it changes back to “missing”.


Step 4. Video: Choose from what time in the video you want your gif to start and end. You can watch your video to see the time at which you might want it to start and end. Don’t worry about the other settings, click the blue “Convert to Gif” button.

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While I’ve known about SWF’s for a long time, I’ve recently found a very old post on Fantage Forum with more Fantage resources. Get HYPED editors and item pack makers.

If you want to get a high score for positions 1,2, or 3 go to a server with not many people on it. It’s important to know that if someone moves into your path, it will force you to take that piece (If there’s a space behind it). Here’s the video of me playing it, I believe if you copy my exact moves, you will get the same score (Not that it’s that great).


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