Once opened, they start downloading and installing ransomware or other high-risk malware. Trojans are malicious programs that, once installed, cause download and installation of Limbo ransomware. In summary, trojans cause chain infections. Furthermore, cyber criminals use untrustworthy software download sources to proliferate computer infections. Some examples are freeware download websites, free file hosting websites, third party software downloaders, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks such as torrent clients, eMule, and so on. People who use them risk infecting their computers by downloading and installing malware that is presented as legitimate software (executable files). Fake software updaters infect computers when they download and install malicious software rather than the updates or fixes, or when they exploit bugs/flaws of outdated software that is already installed on the operating system. Software 'cracking' tools are used to activate installed software free of charge (illegally), however, they often infect systems with malware (these tools commonly download and install malicious programs such as ransomware).

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Crippling Overspecialization: Despite having sophisticated technology for teleporting between alternative realities, this technology only seems to be found in the Citadel and some other small locations across the globe. Furthermore, it doesn't seem to be that efficient for transporting large groups of units at once (as seen during the climax of Half-Life 2 with how long it takes to just teleport Dr. Breen to the Combine Overworld), with it being all but stated that the Combine's regular access to Earth after the Portal Storms abated became very fragile. And their technology for achieving teleportation within the same reality is downright laughable, with Black Mesa, Aperture Science, and even the Resistance having the kind of tech the Combine could only dream of.


Subverted when he reaches the missile launch site and tries to climb a ridged pipe out of the facility, only to realize that he is in the middle of the desert in a metal suit with no supplies. He promptly returns to the dungeon.

Another one at the end of Episode 67, as Freeman screams upon seeing the Nihilanth for the first time. Again, the next episode finishes the scream.


Evil vs. Evil: Their presence is quite a help to the Resistance, as it gives the already overstretched Overwatch occupation force something else to shoot at. Though to be fair, they're not evil so much as animalistic. Once Gordon gets the pheromones, they're actually pretty helpful allies.

Japan's Railway Technical Research Institute is developing a wheel designed with a microscopic rib towards the outside of the tread. This follows research which suggested that use of a rib on the tread could help reduce lateral forces when a wheelset is passing through a curve. This step increases the margin against derailment and also helps to cut vehicle maintenance costs.


Gordon himself provides the answers for Black Mesa's unstable structure when he realizes the monsters might be teleporting into the walls. He has some more when he realizes that the "Box Smashing Room" was probably built to pad out the facility's costs so they could get the same amount of grant money on the following year.

OmegaFounded in 1848 by the 23-year-old Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Omega began its existence as "Louis Brandt et Freres" and would eventually become a watch trusted by Olympic officials, favored by the latest incarnations of James Bond, and worn by the first men to step foot on the moon. The company's first self-produced calibres, including the Labrador and Gurzelen, ensured the celebrity of the brand by the 1880s and inspired its renaming after the development of the 1894 Omega calibre. In 1904, the company passed to four young people, including Paul-Emile Brandt, who forged the merger of Omega and Tissot into the Societe Suisse pour L'Industrie Horlogere in 1930. Over the next several decades, the SSIH either absorbed or created around 50 companies and became Switzerland's number one watch producer. Weakened by the influx of quartz watches and economic downturn in the 1970s, the company went through several upsets and acquisitions to emerge as the Swatch Group in 1998.


The African nation of Tanzania recently sent samples to the WHO for coronavirus testing. Among those items that tested positive for the coronavirus were samples from a goat, a papaya and a pheasant, all at once exposing the total science fraud behind coronavirus testing. When the president of Tanzania heard the news, he reportedly confronted the WHO, then kicked the organization out of the country.

Indeed, with each passing update, the CDC data itself becomes an ever more dispositive indictment of the madness the Donald’s doctors have imposed on the nation. It is now strikingly clear, in fact, that when it comes to Covid-19 there are three nations in America, and that the attempt to shoe-horn them into a one-size fits all regime of state control is tantamount to insane.


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Kill It with Fire: The first ever Tentacle encountered happened to have burrowed itself beneath a space rocket. Naturally, it meets its end when Gordon fires up the rocket thrusters to utterly incinerate it.

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I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you to all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and s own authority¸ut whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. IHHe will tell you things to come.


Dr. Mikovits discovered that 67% of women affected with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) carried a mouse virus–called XMRV– Xenotropic Murine Leukemia related Virus–that appeared in healthy women only 4% of the time. XMRV is also associated with cancers like prostate, breast, ovarian, leukemia, and multiple myeloma. Many women with XMRV go on to have children with autism.

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Three elements of innovation success will be identified: compet- ence, conuaitoent and leeway. Organizational items such as import- ance and avoidance of the so-called KIH-effect, the "organiza- tional slack", an effective interface management between depart- ments within an organization and effective networking strategies with the environment will be discussed. The final section of the paper deals with the formulation of a management support model of the innovation process which consists of two sectors: an allocation sector and a scheduling sector. Methods of investment evaluation and selection, project funding, network techniques and others can be integrated in this model. The Problem It is a privilege and a great pleasure for me to address this fine audience today on the occasion of the opening of the 1990 International Conference on Operations Kesearch. We are looking forward to what promises to be an outstanding Conference. I remember another outstanding conference many years ago. After the first day with impressive lectures we had a formal dinner party, and Raymond Betrand was the dinner speaker. He was scheduled to speak after the first dish, the soup. He gave us the now well-known hermit problem; A caravan comes to a crossroads in the desert, one road leads further into the desert and to certain death, the other leads to the oasis, the goal of 3 the caravan.


What surprises me is that Intel has been able to keep so many loyal customers, and even companies like Dell, onboard for so long as they flounder with CPU and socket upgrades that are driving everyone crazy. Their BTX motherboard design is so bad no one wants to use it, including Intel, who found out how dumb it was to move the memory sockets so far from the CPU.

Moral Sociopathy: As noted under Pet the Dog, Gordon will avoid killing people and aliens when he has no need. However, he seems to be motivated more by a desire to preserve his reputation and avoid legal trouble rather than any actual empathy.


But by June, as major peer-reviewed studies confirmed hydroxychloroquine’s usefulness, Fauci remained silent. He was doing the best he could for his class.

Intel is really starting to take flak recently, after stumbling repeatedly and turning from innovator to AMD wanna-be. Wil Harris has an article at The Inquirer which blasts Intel's knee-jerk reactions to AMD, and how they are playing catch-up to AMD on numerous fronts.


Not So Omniscient After All: All of the player characters are at his mercy throughout the Half-Life games. It's only Episode One where the Vortigaunts demonstrate the ability to somehow suppress the G-Man's influence, something that surprises him.

No OSHA Compliance: One of Gordon's many sources of ramblings. Even on Xen, the alien world, he remarks on the lack of guardrails.


Book:Hospital Management Amp Information System Hmis

While there are few people left in Ravenholm for him to help, he gives Gordon a shotgun, some supplies, and has built several traps that Gordon uses on the zombies. It is implied that Grigori has done the same for other rebels.

Erickson continues, “If this is a typical extrapolation, 328 million people times 19/6 is 64 million and that’s a significant amount of people with Covid. It’s similar to the flu if you study the numbers from 2021-2021, we had 50-60 million sick with the flu and a similar death rate. The death rate was 43,545 and we have a death rate of 30 to 60,000 every year from flu in the United States.


Mikovits and Ruscetti published their explosive findings in the journal Science. But the question remained: how was XMRV getting into people?

Gordon: What do you think I'm doing! Hey, I could just sit here and not do a damn thing.


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Knowing about the Lord is like the children of Israel, afraid to go up on or even touch the mountain, afraid they would be consumed by the fiery presence of God. Knowing the Lord is Moses, going up on the mountain and being in the very presence of the sovereign, living God of the universe.

As we amplify below, these single-digit rates are rounding errors on the scheme of things, even as all deaths are both regrettable and inevitable. But by what rational calculation does Governor Inslee insist on keeping the state in Lockdown and its economy heading into the the drink?


It’s not a hoax, there is a real infection and it can kill the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, but it seems to be no more lethal than the common flu and is being spread more widely by those who show no symptoms. They have only tested people with symptoms and not even all of them, so their figures vary widely from factual infection and death. This proves the information from Drs.

Suspicious Video-Game Generosity: Gordon is deeply suspicious, and slightly unnerved, at the discovery of random ammo packs that happen to be strewn across his path. Especially since the packs are always the right calibre for his gun. May double as a Call-Back to when he mused on the possibility of being a cosmic pawn in the first series. He eventually concludes that the cops are so trigger-happy that they just walk around carrying these big boxes of ammo everywhere and sometimes drop them accidentally.


Freeman wishes he could do this, and constantly fantasizes about what he'd do if he ruled it. He also has always wanted to build a robot army, and live in a giant metal spider fortress. He has no way of actually following through on it, though, so it's pretty harmless.

That said, in the interests of disclosure I should state that I've been playing the game since the first round of Beta invitations in March of this year. I've seen the good and the bad as the game's final form took shape, and I've rode all of them out with a high degree of satisfaction. Before I was snagged to be an editor here, I wrote for a site dedicated to Massively Multiplayer games. I've played over a dozen of them, and I follow Massive gaming news with an intense personal interest. As you read my review, keep my level of commitment to the game and the genre in mind.


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Gordon: I'm on your side, you fucking idiots! How many of you do I have to kill before you understand that!

Tradeskills are often the red headed stepchildren of a Massive game because of poor documentation and a high barrier to entry. WoW's approach to tradeskilling allows even the most casual player to get involved, and ensures that every crafter knows where they stand as regards possible crafted items. Each character is allowed to train in two tradeskills, which are called professions. Some options, such as Tailoring and Enchanting are viable thanks to specialized equipment or scavenged goods. Others, such as Herbalism and Blacksmithing, have a counterpart "gathering" Profession that allows materials to be collected from the environment. Mining allows a character to obtain ore, which can be melted down via Blacksmithing for use in Arms and Armor. Training in a Profession is as simple as finding a trainer and saying "sign me up". You are then presented with a list of recipes that you currently have access to. Each recipe has a materials requirement for completion. To create an item, you have to have the required materials present in your inventory, and then hit the "create" button while a recipe is selected. There is no margin for error here.


Combat, questing, graphics, backstory, and game design are what bring a player to a Massive game. What keeps him there is the community. While the actual community you find yourself in is highly variable (there's a reason the ESRB sticker says "Game Experience May Change During Online Play") the tools Blizzard has provided for getting into the community around you are very robust. The game has a very versatile "/who" command, allowing you to see the level, name, class, and group status of everyone around you. Finding folks who might be interested in grouping is a snap, and contact ing them is as well. There is a flexible chat system that allows players to congregate as they desire based on their interests. Guilds, always an important aspect of an online game, get a great deal of respect from the Blizzard developers. A charter is required to begin a Guild, ensuring that one person Guilds don't clutter up the Guild namespace. Once the Guild has been formed, a permanent chat channel is formed that connects every member of the group. Guild members that want to show their pride can purchase a tabard, which go into an equipment slot that isn't used for anything else.

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Ironically, Big Pharma and their government spokespersons criticize the above successful remedies for COVID-19 because they have not been through comprehensive double-blind tests, at the same time they are pushing unproven vaccines into production that have not even had animal trials! They claim the legitimacy of science as they discredit all other scientific voices. See the Youtube video “Successful Doctor Silenced by Federal Trade Commission” as an example. In the mean time, President Trump has promised that we would have COVID-19 vaccines before the end of 2021, and that our military will roll them out immediately, in a project called “Warp Speed”.


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Of course, the Virus Patrol insists that the school closures are an unfortunate necessity because otherwise the Kids Nation would take the virus home to the Parents/Workers Nation. That is the 215 million citizens between 15 and 64, who account for the overwhelming share of commerce, jobholders and GDP.

Next Generation reports on comments by Epic Games VP Mark Rein, a man who doesn't like the phenomenon of episodic content. At the Develop Conference in Brighton, England he railed against the trend in game design during a keynote speech. He also covered topics such as the costs of next-gen game design, and the ways in which Intel has done disservice to the game development community.


G-Man: I admit I have a fascination with those who adapt and survive against all odds. They rather remind me of myself.

The CDC is demanding that doctors classify every death as covid-19 even if the person was in a hospice and was expected to die within a week. Even if they only think the coronavirus was present. In the video below one man read from CDC and NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) classifying deaths known to be lab verified deaths of coronavirus as U07/1. Problem is that lab tests give many false positives. U07/2 is death from any cause where there was no lab test but it might have contributed even though patient death was expected. U07/2 deaths outnumber U07/1 deaths by 2 to 1.


I will not give a mathematical formulation because this would certainly raise criticism of the experts of operations research methods which would be highly counter- productive. Rather, I will sketch the model, giving you enough leeway for creative thinking and hopefully motivating you to work on the subject. In formulating the innovation process in the firm, I follow a suggestion by Michel Boiteux. Many years ago Boiteux developed a model for the selection of investment projects that he called a combination of global and marginal models^. Our global model is an allocation model, and our marginal model is a scheduling model. ZI. The AllecatiOB Model The Allocation Model allocates projects to business areas. It also allocates funds and manpower to projects and to the major phases of their innovation process. The allocation of projects to business areas is generally considered to be the task of strategic planning, in the technology push-models business areas have to be identified for given projects. In the demand pull-models development projects have to be defined for given business areas or market segments. We suggest that a matching model dominates either approach.

In 1846, a 23-year-old watchmaker named Ulysse Nardin settled in Le Locle with the knowledge imparted on him by his father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin, and master watchmaker Frederic-William Dubois to create marine chronometers. For decades, the Ulysse Nardin company created chronometers for navies that set a high standard and were used by more than 50 armadas around the world.


None of the tests are able to accurately detect the SARS COV-2 virus. They only detect an infinity of small harmless viruses or cell debris which are naturally already part of our microbiota. Having the virus does not necessarily mean you are sick; you are healthy and fine. But almost everyone will appear positive on the tests. They want to make everybody believe they are sick. Once vaccinated, we will all be severely sick, weakened, and we will certainly be led towards death.

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Freeman: Welcome to Grenadier Gordon's Grenade Emporium! Our prices are so low we're giving them away!


When they call their relaxation of air pollution standards the "Clean Skies Act", you know they mean "Dirty Skies Act". When their school program is called the "No Child Left Behind Act", you can be sure poor kids will be left behind.

Almighty Janitor: Freeman suspects that the janitors have the highest rate of survival out of all of the Black Mesa employees. They start out with a melee weapon, know the building inside and out, and have the keys to every door.


I knew for sure that Anthony Fauci is a fraud after listening to him for about 10 seconds—as anyone who listens carefully would have known as well. President Trump had been charging the Chinese government with obscurancy and deception in its handling of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Fauci had dealt intimately with the Chinese on that matter.

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You decide—or wait for a jury’s decision. A thorough investigation may discover Fauci guilty of all charges, or guilty of some charges, or totally innocent of criminal accusations. Whatever reason, Tony should be terminated at least for some of the following.


Semper Fi: The unit is first referred in the original game only as "the military". In Opposing Force they are given the name of Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and stated to be part of the US Marine Corps. Although as noted in Artistic License – Military and Retcon, a lot of individual details don't make sense for a Marine unit. The most likely reason is that the HECU became a Marines unit to emphasize their Badass Army status.

Hilariously, Gordon misses Breen's speech about him becoming a Messianic archetype for the resistance. Gordon keeps thinking Barney and G-man are psychos who are using Gordon as bait to fulfil some other goal instead of having absolute trust in Gordon's ability to succeed no matter the odds. He also complains about women showing interest in him only to instantly turn cold towards him when they talk to him. This despite it being very obvious that Alyx has minor hero worship for him.


And God help those who came out to protest the lockdowns, because bitter, power-hungry tyrants such as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and the hate-filled media that empower her, waved the Holy Writ of Fauci to justify smearing these Americans as racists and punishing them with lockdown extensions.

In Episode 8, Gordon refers to one of the Headcrabs as "Billy" and starts lecturing it about failing an exam. This references Episode 9 of the first Freeman's Mind, where Gordon pretends to be a teacher and, while pretending that the Headcrabs are his students, names one particularly misbehaving Headcrab "Billy".


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Gordon: [walks up to soldiers] Guys, quiet! I can't even hear myself think- wait what am I doing?

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That means we're just loading up these crates so we can drop them into this pit! That means there's NO DAMN POINT TO THIS WHOLE ROOM!


Bizarre Alien Biology: They sport 3 legs and a "face" comprised of a cluster of eyes under a single giant eyelid. Their mouths are found on its belly, beneath the eyes.

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In the same episode, Gordon is presented with a fallen power line electrifying an empty container blocking the way, in which he would need to make it through without touching the walls even once to survive. Gordon decides to simply back up a bit, follow the fallen line and shoot its respective transformer until it goes off, leaving a safe, non-electrified passage (again, something that is impossible to perform in the game).


And anything that comes near his head. At one point he comments that he hasn't been shot enough times to scrape the paint off his suit, which suggests that there's a kinetic threshold below which the thing is completely impenetrable.

Gordon: [hiding for his life from a giant alien walking tank] Dammit, this happens every time I get cocky! Someone like this comes along and I wish I hadn't said a lot of things that I did.


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Fauci’s nightmare scenario come to vivid life: crowd after massive gathering after mob after parade. Protesters and rioters shouting, shoulder to shoulder — and Fauci said nothing. And when he did finally speak out, it was to squeak on some local radio station.

Starfish Aliens: They resemble rhino-sized brain-sucking grubs with no eyes, arms, legs or face. The developers deliberately wanted to invoke the image of a species that passed its Singularity a very long time ago. They rely on mechanical arms and eyes for manipulation and anti-gravity packs for movement. Well, those and their near-unstoppable telekinetic and telepathic abilities.


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Road Runner PC: One of the few game mechanics not lampshaded or defied in this series is Gordon's ability to breeze along at 15 mph without getting out of breath (and swim with equal acumen). He expresses a need in the first episode to practice for the company decathlon, suggesting he has some experience at running and shooting, while episodes often end with with him taking a breather.

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The normal total mortality rate for the 15-64 years old population is 335 per 100,000. So we are talking about shutting down the entire economy owing to a death rate to date which amounts to 1/1% of normal mortality in the Parents/Workers nation.


Misanthrope Supreme: His motivations are a wee bit unclear. He did convince The Combine to enslave rather than outright exterminate humanity (and was afterwards named Administrator of Earth), but whether he did so for personal power, or because he really cared about humanity is left unclear.

Eldritch Abomination: The Gene Worm is a gigantic monstrosity which has the power to convert any natural resource and by extension an entire planet in order to suit Race X's needs. It also houses an exit portal for reinforcements in its abdomen.


Organizational Chart - Social Media Proposal Template Download

Screw Destiny: His employers (and perhaps, by extension, he himself) seem to believe this, judging by what he says about them in Alyx. Of course, this being the G-Man, just what kind of fate they want to fight is unclear.

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Took a Level in Badass: In the first game, they were disposable mooks, slaughtered in droves by Freeman and the soldiers. By Half-Life 2, they're much more powerful combatants (individually about on par with the original's Hard mode Vortigaunts) and have gained new mystical abilities including, at one point, resurrecting someone from the dead. In Episode One they also demonstrate the ability to suppress the powers of the reality warping, time traveling G-Man himself.


Fauci said on February 29 that malls, gyms, and movie theaters were acceptable activities, and March 9, one could even attend large rallies and go on cruises. However, in a CNN interview, he said otherwise. The interviewer said, “You and other top officials wanted to recommend social and physical distancing guidelines to President Trump as far back as the third week of February, but the administration didn’t announce such guidelines to the American public until March 16th almost a month later.

Undeathly Pallor: In some points of the the series, you can see what an unarmored Overwatch soldier looks like. In Half-Life 2, they're deathly pale white with cybernetic insertions on their body, presumably they're in the process of being given their armor.


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After all, we find it easy to believe that spending $20,000 per nursing home resident might have saved or extended a lot more lives than the WHO/CDC/DR. Fauci blunderbuss assault on the entire US economy.

Aus diesem Grunde werden in diesen Proceedings erstmals keine Kurzfassungen publiziert und damit auf eine vollstandige Dokumentation der Tagung verzichtet. Es soil aber hier auf zwei weitere Publikationen hin- gcwiesen werden, in denen Vortrage der Tagung Operations Research 90 enthalten sind. So erscheinen parallel Proceedings der GMOOR im Rahmen der Reihe "Operations Research Verfahren" und ein Sonderband "Nonlinear Methods in Economic Dynamics and Optimal Control" in der Reihe Annals of Operations Research. Die fiber 600 Vortrage wurden in 27 Sektionen eingeteilt. Dies fuhrte in der Spitze bis zu 30 Parallelsitzungen. So war allein die Sektion "Nichtlineare Optimierung" so stark belegt, daB sie in 4 Parallelsitzungen aufgeteilt werden muBte. Die Vielzahl der Parallelsitzungen zeigte aber auch Grenzen auf, die bei einer Tagung nicht mehr fiberschritten werden soUten. Die Tagung \vurde vom osterreichischen Wissenschaftsminister, Erhard Busek, eroffnet. Darauf folgten die wissenschaftlichen Eroffhungs-Plenarvortrage "Zur Strukturierung schlecht strukturierter Probleme" von Horst Albach (BRD) und "Statistical Tests for Nonlinearity and Potential Short Term Predictability in Vectors of Time Series" von William A. Brock (USA). Das wissenschaftliche Programm schloB mit dem auch optisch beeindruckenden PicnarN’ortrag "Fraktale; Computerexperimente (ent)zaubem komplexe Struk-turen" mit einer Videoprasentation von Hans-Otto Peitgen (BRD und USA).


Life in the Spirit Comments Feed

Accelerating the Technical Pillar of the EU's Fourth Railway Package is central to delivering whole-industry cost savings and putting the rail sector on to a path to meet the objectives of the 2021 Transport White Paper. Interviews Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER) Executive Director Libor Lochman. Topics covered include: CER priorities and membership; the timescale for the Fourth Railway Package; international rail services; the restructuring of the railway sector in France; and how to make rail more attractive to the next generation of travellers.

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Tanks, but No Tanks: Freeman refers to two Bradleys as tanks, even though they're not. Justified in that Gordon, by his own admission, knows next to nothing about this stuff, and would likely make a mistake like this.


Chase Scene: Gordon spends the entirety of Episode 13 being chased by a Hunter-Chopper. He gets a little nervous about it.

Comedic Sociopath: Gordon keeps fantasizing about killing his coworkers. As well as scamming the company in various ways and it's implied at one point that he's already been stealing from them.


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Let me preempt the obvious probable “answer” that a VA study showed the treatment was ineffective; however, that is somewhat distracting and disingenuous if not dishonest since the hugely successful drug was given in the VA study only when the patient was at the point of death! Furthermore, the HCQ was administered without azithromycin and zinc, which form a very effective combination. The proper protocol requires it to be administered at the beginning of the illness, not the end when the death angel shows up at the patient’s door.

The Lord says: ” Listen unto Me, let Me tell you about the mark of beast. Time has come for the mark of beast to be released in the form of forced vaccination. The antichrist will appear on the screen and will make an announcement for the implementation of the beast system and application of the mark of the beast. My children be warned and be prepared.


Memetic Badass: In-Universe and out! Many characters from the second game easily associate him with his "expertise" in crowbars.

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Inner Monologue: The whole point. However, an Inner Monologue isn't usually garbled when underwater, implying that he's been talking out loud the whole time. Or possibly just since he started losing his mind.

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Short-Range Shotgun: Averted in that Freeman uses the shotgun at a much longer range than it is effective at in-game. Ross didn't modify it's accuracy or anything, he's just raised the damage to disguise the fact that only a few pellets are actually hitting the target in-game, making it look like it's taking several long range shots to down the target (usually a soldier). A similar thing is done with the MP5.


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In Episode 50, Gordon speculates that ghosts might be trying to communicate with him for some reason. In Episode 58, he thinks the scientist calling him over the intercom is the ghost in question.

Lightning Bruiser: These guys are incredibly fast and sneaky. Combine those qualities with super tough armor and deadly explosive flechettes, and you got a deadly living weapon that also comes in packs.


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Strukton Rail is to acquire Balfour Beatty Rail Scandinavia and its rail, infrastructure maintenance, renewals and construction activities in Sweden and Denmark, which will operate under the Strukton Rail brand. Balfour Beatty said that the sale would be worth around £4M in cash, subject to adjustments based on completion accounts and pension liabilities. Sweden's competition authority has approved the transaction, while the limited size of the Danish element means that it does not require regulatory approval in that country.

Title card features Gordon's pirate version, complete with an eyepatch and a scar on his cheek. Episode 28 starts with Gordon deciding that the pirate accent is too hard to keep up.


Planet Looters: It's very clear that the Combine have no long-term plans for Earth. They're visibly just taking every resource they can use, including the oceans, atmosphere, and some population, and shipping it off-world.

The actual character classes presented in the game cover all of the fantasy basics, with each class actually having a useful role to play in a group. There are only nine available, but the lack of extreme diversification means that each class can really live into the role they have to play within the game. The standards are all available: The combat machine is the Warrior, the long distance spellcaster is the Mage, the stealthy high damage character is the Rogue, and the healer is the Priest. There are a few multipurpose classes you'll likely recognize from other games. The Paladin (an Alliance-only class) combines combat abilities with healing and backup resurrection duties. The Warlock is a dark caster that has spells but primarily relies on summoned entities to fight and interact with his enemies. Because it's Blizzard, there are also a few classes that may have titles you're familiar with, but have a very different flavour to them. The Druid is the "nature" version of the Paladin, with spellcasting and combat abilities, but their primary role is to become group glue. Druids have the ability to take on various animal forms, enabling them to take on the roles of combat-intensive classes if needed. Their bear form is a nice fill-in for a Warrior, while the jungle cat slashes and claws like a rogue.


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Once you're on a server, you have a number of choices to make. There are currently eight races available to choose from, and each race has between three and five character classes open to them. On one side you have the members of the Alliance. Brought together by the Humans, the Alliance represents the forces of the Human nation of Stormwind, the Dwarven nation of Ironforge, the Night Elf nation of Darnassus, and the remains of the Gnomish civilization. Primarily based on the continent of Azeroth, the forces of "good" face down their enemy among the Horde across a vast sea. The races of the Horde, primarily based on the continent of Kalimdor, represent the tenuous group brought together under the leadership of the Orcs. The Horde represents the Orcs of Orgrimmar, the Tauren of Thunder Bluff, the Undead followers of Sylvanas Windrunner located in the Undercity below Lordaeron, and the jungle Trolls who have allied themselves with the Orcish chieftain Thrall. Character classes are broken down to fit with established racial history (Night Elves can't be mages because their history is littered with magical disasters) and fantasy tropes (Dwarves can't be mages because they can't).

Narcissist: He's got propaganda posters of himself in City 17 and even busts of himself in some locations — including his own office. Then there's the fact he's got jumbo screens of himself talking plastered all over the place.


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Let’s begin with a very personal question. I want to know if Dr. Fauci supports the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation that 4-year-old children should be taught about masturbation? A simple yes or no will be sufficient. Moreover, I assume Fauci believes, as most sane, sensible people do, that not only is the subject not part of the health field but is the responsibility of parents and preachers, maybe psychologists and philosophers.

What will give HL2 a big boost is the vastly improved physics engine, and deformable environments

Body Horror: In addition to his general creepy anatomy, he also has what appears to be amputation scars on his chest, slave bracelets, and mutilated legs that have been burned to vestigial stubs. But Marc Laidlaw denies that this is the result of being captured by the Combine, which is a common fan theory.


In a straighter example, Gordon considers bloodstains and dead bodies to be signs of danger, to be avoided, rather than considering them "clues" like a video game player would. This means he often misses supplies and ignores areas most gamers would explore. Notably, he skirted the room where the first shotgun is located, and so did not find one until two full chapters later. He also avoided picking up the Tau Cannon, an extremely powerful weapon, in part because it was covered in blood and body parts at the scene of a recent explosion.

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Shock and Awe: The Nihilanth chiefly attacks with lightning ball attacks. The projectiles don't even have to touch Gordon directly to damage him; if they're close enough, they fire beams of electricity at their targets.


Both have imposed severe stay-at-home and business shutdown orders almost from the day the Donald issued his unfortunate March 16 guidelines. Yet here are the results 45 days later with respect to their mortality rates, which is ostensibly the reason officialdom issued these draconian “cease and desist” orders in the first place.

Shared Universe: In addition to the Shepard's Mind shout-out in Episode 61 of season 1, Episode 5 of season 2 reveals that Freeman's Mind takes place in the same continuity as Ross Scott's other series, Civil Protection. The jury's still out on his Source shorts Galaxy Gulp and A Stranger in Need.


That begin said, US Marines don't wear berets. A Maroon beret, used by one of the models, would indicate they are from the Army's airbone troops.

Establishing Character Moment: Like in the main game, the "rescue team" has one when the first soldier Gordon sees guns down a scientist. But in Freeman's Mind specifically, they have another one involving the second group of soldiers Gordon sees: One of which accidentally blows his teammate up with a grenade.


The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control select (and define) the tests to use to identify “COVID cases” and how to define “COVID deaths”. So articles about COVID-19 that do not start with an examination of these underlying definitions and tests and their limitations should be questioned.

Yes, New York is more dense than California on average, but that doesn’t even remotely explain the difference. That’s because by now there is overwhelming evidence that the severity of the quarantine regime has essentially zero impact on the mortality metrics.


Artifact Mook: In Half-Life 2, they (and, occasionally, their victims) are often found in abandoned areas, even when there are no headcrab shells around. This is mostly seen in "Highway 17". In fact, the very last headcrab you can encounter in the main Half-Life 2 is right outside of the Citadel at the start of "Our Benefactors".

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Game Mod: Ross is playing a custom mod that allows for moments where Freeman does something completely different than what was expected. At first, it was just mapping changes, but the bit with using the crowbar as a hammer had to be custom code.


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Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Gordon starts to suspect this is the real reason the G-Man thawed him out and released him in City 17, to be human prey for him and his "employers". He even wonders if the G-Man is the pilot of the attack helicopter that pursues him through the canals.

Gordon himself lampshades this, deciding that he shouldn't keep pressing buttons after one launches a missile. Then lampshades it again when he does so anyway.


A scientist partly responsible for the Black Mesa incident and the military storming the facility, he attempts to flee the facility unlike his colleagues Gina and Colette. While hatching a escape plan, he gets captured by soldiers and is rescued by Barney Calhoun, who helps him and the other scientists escape from the facility.

Ross Scott has pointed out during his video chats that none of the historical or pop culture references in the series go beyond the year 2000. This is because Half-Life 1 is set in 200X, and Ross doesn't want to step on the timeline's toes.


Rant-Inducing Slight: When Barney sarcastically comments that Gordon's MIT degree "really pays for itself" as he does some basic tasks for Kleiner, Gordon snaps at him to fuck off, reminding Barney that he's (seemingly) a High School dropout and that Gordon helped build the teleportation tech in the first place. He spends the next minute in a foul mood before Lamarr accidentally screws up the teleportation process.

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Meaningful Name: Judith's name sounds a lot like Judas. Consider that Gordon Freeman is hailed as a Messianic Archetype by the Vortigaunts, and it becomes clear that she cannot be trusted.


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Here’s how it works: let’s you and me play a game, but I make the rules. Who do you think is going to win?

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Enemies List: Freeman puts a scientist on his list for annoying him during the experiment in the test chamber. One can only presume that the aliens and the "rescue team" are on it too if he hasn't completely forgotten about it.


Episode 11 begins at the same spot as this one, with Gordon having a strange feeling of déjà vu, which he suspects comes from eating bad Doritos. The title card features X marks in Gordon's glasses.

Colette Green is one half of the protagonist team in Half-Life: Decay and a Black Mesa scientist. What happened to her after the events of Decay is unknown.


Covid-19 is only one aspect of our health sector, but what has social isolation caused? Dr. Erickson has collected data from ERs across the country and talked to fellow physicians. Child molestation is increasing at a severe rate. Unemployed family members are home with no paychecks, they’re angry and intoxicated and doing damage that will last a lifetime.

For unknown reasons, headcrabs mutilate a persons body, possibly because as a parasite they are draining its "resources". Standard Zombies have their ribcages open like teeth and their organs are on display. The bloodied faces of the victims aren't much better. In the original Half-Life, it appeared some of the mutations happened as a result of the headcrab fusing with the victim, becoming a warped mass of flesh overtop the skull.


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Inventional Wisdom: When Gordon runs the training course, he is immediately critical of the tutorial which instructs the participant to press the button before telling them that it resets the tutorial. He also thoroughly lampshades the He Knows About Timed Hits parts.

You Remind Me of X: G-Man uses variant 1 towards Shephard, and mentions his ability to survive against all odds as the main reason. G-Man also mentions why he saved Shephard's life and argued against his employers' wishes to kill him.


The Ghost: Their existence isn't known by anyone on Earth outside of the Combine's highest ranks and the oldest Vortigaunts; not even the folks of Black Mesa knew what they were. By Episode Two, it's revealed that Breen was little more than a puppet for their interests.

He continues to think of the Ichthyosaurs as regular sharks, rather than alien monsters. Similarly, after his amnesia he mistakes the headcrabs for some sort of weird South American predator, though he quickly comes to his senses.


So let’s take a glimpse into the near future of our nation and the world. I don’t believe COVID-19 is a hoax, and I am not an anti-vaxxer (some vaccines are based on solid science), but the gap between what the mainstream media/government says and multiple reports from alternative authoritative sources is huge, it directly impacts our lives, and it merits our investigation. One question comes to mind – why do Facebook and other media outlets actively squelch any views other than the official story if they have nothing to hide?

Despite his PhD, Gordon's role in Black Mesa appears to consist mainly of pushing trolleys because he couldn't be trusted with anything else, because all the other scientists are too frail to lift a box, and because he is the new hire. Freeman would've just returned from Innsbruck and graduated relatively recently. New hires and recent graduates are given menial labour and minor calculation work and are only trusted with vital information and responsibilities when they have proven themselves.


Butt-Monkey: In a way they are this, even if they are pretty damn creepy. They are usually getting obliterated by both Combine and rebels, and even the game actively encourages you to kill them in "creative" ways such as throwing saws, using traps, or setting them on fire. Of the four factions competing for control by the end of Half-Life 2, they are probably the weakest, with their only saving grace being their sheer numbers.

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In STEAM, you click on Half Life 2, and it will download the encrypted install file to your hard drive. STEAM then offers cryptic choices such as. "play games", and you click on the HL2 choice to see what's there. It tells you that Half Life 2 has been downloaded to your computer in locked form, and that it is "coming soon".


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Bizarre Taste in Food: In Half-Life 2, the "All-Knowing Vortigaunt" is roasting a Fast Headcrab on a spit. This is reinforced in Alyx, where the Vortigaunt that helps the titular character can be seen cooking and eating headcrabs in his hideout. He offers one to Alyx, though she doesn't follow suit.

The Breitling name is almost synonymous with quality chronograph watches, for good reason. Breitling develops and finishes its own chronograph modules for its automatic watches to obtain the highest accuracy and all quartz watches feature a thermo compensated movement.


Neck Snap: How they instantly kill non-player characters in the second game. Freeman is immune, possibly due to his HEV Suit.

Most non-vaccinated people will cease to exist for society. You will not be able to travel without a vaccine. You will not be able to go to the cinema, and in the future, you won’t even be able to leave your own house. This is already happening in some Chinese cities.


Tastes Like Purple: After getting teleported to Uplink, Gordon increasingly experiences flashes of green light until they take him back to the main game. The first time this happens, he thinks he just heard "someone green" and then wonders if he's suffering temporary synesthesia due to head trauma.

The pages are turning quickly now. But many do not see the changes, afoot. In fact, they think it is all still the same movement of life slowly returning to normal. Getting accustomed to wearing a mask, social distancing, self-isolation, obsessive sanitization.


It follows the rambling, eccentric, paranoid and narcissistic thoughts of Silent Protagonist Gordon Freeman as he tries to survive the events of the series, showing us that perhaps it was for the better he kept his mouth shut. Imagine a one-man MST3K speaking as he goes through Half-Life and Half-Life 2. The first season was filmed in Half-Life: Source, the initial Source Engine upgrade of Half-Lifenote.

How many people have unnecessarily died/suffered as these were resisted? First: high fives all around for fans of quality science! Our months’ long position that both hydroxycholorquine + azithromycin + zinc and ivermectin showed strong promise as cheap, effective treatments vs covid-19 now appears to be proven correct.


Hope Bringer: In Half-Life 2, Gordon's incredible feats have inspired both humanity and the Vortigaunts to form La Résistance against the Combine. In fact, the Resistance members fight alongside with Gordon late in the main game and its following Episodes.

Gordon: I guess I don't have anyone to blame but myself. You go around pushing enough buttons and heavy machinery, and you end up in trouble. At least there were no witnesses this time. I mean, this is nothing compared to woodshop back in high school. I almost got expelled over that.


Artificial Stupidity: Gordon is unimpressed with the AI of the Manhacks, which he deduces are programmed to fly straight toward any humanoid shape that appears on infrared. Since their only weapon is a spinning saw blade, this means they can be reliably defeated with something as simple as a baseball bat.

In Dr. Mikovits’ explosive YouTube that has been removed, she claims that Fauci and other top officials at the HHS, CDC, NIH, and NIAID all destroyed her life because of her scientific paper (which conflicted with the scientifically accepted but not scientifically proven AIDS’ message). She alleges Fauci demanded to see the as yet unpublished article. When she refused, Fauci had a hissy fit (my characterization for a screaming fit) right there in the office.


Fauci’s message was clear, militant, terrifying, and relentless: If you don’t do these things, if you don’t sacrifice these things, if you don’t give up your liberty and prosperity, you are no better than a serial killer. The coronavirus is a unique and deadly killer, a particularly infectious and fatal disease unlike anything we’ve seen in more than a century.

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Fauci is also guilty of abusing his post for financial gain in the form of obtaining lucrative vaccine patents. Doctors and researchers underneath him who developed breakthrough technologies have been fired so that Fauci could assume ownership of their work in order to enrich himself.


When Gordon gets his hazard suit, he mutes the suit's computer as it narrates activating all the various systems. In the first April Fools episode, when Gordon falls to his death, the impact unmutes the suit computer.

Was all his talk about concern for public health, his duty to tell it like it is no matter the personal or political fallout, just a big lie? Is he a fraud who still believes these mass gatherings are a nightmare scenario, but is unwilling to use his massive public platform to say so out loud because shaming protesters who hold the “approved” views among America’s hideous elite would risk Fauci feeling the disapproval of those elites?


NCIS Intelligence Brief on RCOS/Keyhole

Heel–Race Turn: Since the original Half-Life. They weren't actually evil in the first place, as they're enslaved by the Nihilanth. After Gordon frees them, the Vortigaunts aid the La Résistance against the Combine.

Nightmare Retardant: Gordon turns manhacks, a prime source of Nightmare Fuel in the original game, into this through judicious application of Fridge Logic. He points out that their AI is extremely primitive, only being able to fly towards moving targets, and as such, they will always be defeated by a chain-link fence or a guy with a baseball bat.


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Newsweek reported of Ferguson’s fall from power when he “resigned from his position advising the British government after he broke social distancing rules with his married lover” during some illegal visits with her. Note that the disgrace was not having an illicit affair with a married woman but breaking social distancing law that he had recommended. Ferguson had recommended to London officials that people must stay home except for getting food, exercise, and other essentials. I suppose spending “quality” time with his lover could qualify as exercise.

Expectations for this game, as for many of the games released late this year, ran very high during the years leading up to game's launch. No group of fanbois can obsess like Massively Multiplayer Gamers, and every aspect of the game was poked, prodded, and analyzed by the legions of would-be players. Once the Beta began, a line was thrown up between the lucky gamers who had the opportunity to participate and those who didn't. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Battle.net forums, and expectations ran even higher for those on the outside looking in. The game has been released and in many ways it's a lot like other Massively Multiplayer games. Characters have levels, you gain experience to gain levels, and your equipment is an integral part of your character's stats. Despite all the similarities to previous games, Blizzard did this one right. If you have been eagerly anticipating this game you have a lot to be happy about. Blizzard has released a remarkable game, and unless you expect World of Warcraft to solve your problems with the opposite sex you're not likely to be disappointed.


Cyborg: Synths are part mechanical, part biological aliens that Combine enslaved at some point and turned into military machines by forcibly augmenting them with advanced cybernetics. Transhuman Overwatch and Stalkers are the latest examples in this trend, showcasing Combine's true intentions for what they are going to do with humanity.

Cyborg: Keeping in theme with the Combine military, Striders are some kind of alien crustaceans that were forcibly repurposed into serving the Combine. It's unknown how far the cybernetics go, with only their naturally armored exoskeleton and their cannons being visible.


But the media is hyping the inflated figures as if they were real. They shut down the economy which is destroying jobs and forcing the Federal Reserve to print Helicopter Money. In a year or less our health will be severely impacted by hyperinflation which will cut wages and pensions in half. This will cause massive government layoffs in a second round of contraction. Never forget that million Americans starved to death in the 1930s. That at a time when there were only 123 million people in America when the stock market crashed in 1929.

Mentions something that happened in Panama to an acquaintance named Eddie in Episode 48 which seemed to pay off big time. Whatever it was, it was probably illegal given Gordon's descriptions of Eddie.


Distressed Dude: He seems fully capable of taking care of himself considering his equipment and expertise in navigating the quarantine zone while avoiding Jeff, but he made one mistake and got his leg caught by a Barnacle, forcing him to hold on to a railing for dear life. Alyx happened to be nearby to save him when they first meet.

This can be justified as the lucky few with those plates being the ones he shoots in the head, blows up, etc. Ross also noted in an interview that some of the soldiers Freeman shot are probably still alive thanks to their armour, a fact Gordon echoes later on. However, he doesn't think he's at the point of checking his kills.


In Episode 29 Gordon gets ambushed by two soldiers who were hiding in a box. In Episode 33 he gets stuck in a box and attacked by Vortigaunts, and realizes the aliens have taken a leaf from the military's book. Later on, when he makes it to the factory on Xen, he finds Alien Grunts in barrels, and calls back to the soldiers in the box, saying that it was the military who copied the aliens and not the other way around.

Later, Gordon surmises that the scientists sending "volunteers" to Xen don't know the location of the area they're aiming for, and are just punching in random coordinates. This would explain why there are ammo cases deep in enemy territory and why most of the hazmat-suited corpses he finds look like they fell to their deaths.


Chopard was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in a workshop in Sonvilier, Switzerland, where the then 24-year-old watchmaker initially focused on developing precision pocket watches and chronometers. The company expanded and moved to Geneva in 1937 after Louis-Ulysse made a tour of eastern Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia, garnering new clientele - including Tsar Nicolas II of Russia and his court.

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Band of Brothers: Subverted and played straight. Many soldiers throughout Opposing Force are shown to care for their squad mates, but the same can not be said for many other members of the unit, particularly the commanders, who abandon several dozen soldiers in their attempt to escape from Black Mesa in blatant violation of the "Never Leave a Man Behind" policy. In fact, two of the soldiers refuse to turn Gordon over to their bosses because they don't want to see him alive after he'd killed so many of their compatriots.


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Why Isn't It Attacking: In Episode 65, Gordon encounters a couple of Vortigaunts who don't attack him. He decides to let them live, because he doesn't want to discourage that mentality.

With This Herring: In Episode 3, Barney gives Gordon a crowbar. Even though it's his trademark weapon, Gordon is not pleased, as he considers guns more useful.


Laser-Guided Karma: Gordon is ecstatic when he finds a Vortigaunt being forced to sweep the floors. Short of mounting their heads on spikes, he couldn't have asked for a better outcome. He's also delighted to see trash littered everywhere, thinking people are doing it on purpose just to make the aliens clean it up.

Made of Iron: Bullets just bounce harmlessly off their skin. It takes a TON of explosive or electrical damage to actually put them down, more than the actual M1 Abrams tanks in the game. Even more so in the mod Black Mesa (a recreation of Half-Life 1 in HL2's engine), where there is absolutely no conventional way to kill them, even with all the explosives the player can carry; they can only be taken down with scripted sequences.


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Reports that Cytec Industrial Materials is adding two new products to its rail portfolio to meet the fire requirements of EN45545-2;2021. The first product, MTM348FR, is a versatile curing epoxy resin prepreg matrix offering fire protection to category HL2. In combination with either glass or carbon fibres, it gives excellent mechanical performance and is ideal for the manufacture of lightweight composite components for both interior and exterior structural and non-structural applications. The second, XMTM 30, is a development product produced from a biorenewable sustainable source that meets the requirements of category HL3. It is particularly suitable for the production of non-structural interior components.

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The NForce4 series of chipsets will be ready before year end. There will be low-end and high end versions. At the high end, there will be a chipset with dual PCI-Express video cards and dual processors. That's one way to boost sales, tempt everyone who can afford it to buy 2 processors and 2 video cards for each system.


Bare Your Midriff: If you can call what could be at most couple of centimeters of skin at most a “midriff”, then yes. Played straight for most of her skins in the infamous Cinematic Mod.

Premium rail manufacturer, Voestalpine Schienen GmbH, has established a specialist rail welding institute to undertake research into the effects of welding on high-performance rails, including heat-treated and other specialist steel grades. Building on the company's existing accredited laboratory for weld testing and defect analysis, the Competence Centre Welding will be based at a new facility now under construction at Leoben, close to the company's high-tech rail mill at Donawitz. The CCW is intended to undertake research into all welding processes, such as flash-butt, stick, wire, aluminothermic, and shielded arc. The company hopes that this will 'shape the future development of welding procedures for new and existing products'. As well as hosting customer demonstrations and workshops, the CCW will provide training courses in rail welding for infrastructure managers and other track workers.


Hospital Management Amp Information System Hmis-PDF Free Download

Brick Joke: Remember the microwave casserole you had the option to blow up in the beginning of the first game? According to canon, that just so happened to be Arne's casserole, and Gordon did in fact blow it up, something Arne still hasn't forgiven.

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Violation of Common Sense: He occasionally does this in order to progress, as in the game. Usually lampshaded, like when he speculates that the surprisingly-flimsy concrete barriers are actually just Styrofoam.


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Beyond the ways that you interact directly with the world, Azeroth does it's own thing quite well without you. Guardsman patrol the streets of the major cities, keeping the populace safe (and answering any questions that wayward adventurers might have). Children are at play in houses or gardens, and hilarious conversations play out between the folks wandering through the avenues of the racial strongholds. Far from a static world on which you leave your mark, the World of Warcraft is a place littered with it's own history and peopled by individuals with motivations and stories.

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In 2009, China's Ministry of Railways signed a contract for 20 eight-car and 60 16-car CRHI-350 trainsets with Bombardier Sifang Transportation. These were the first series produced trains to be developed from the outset for a speed of 380km/h in commercial service. In 2021 the Ministry issued a variation order with the requirement being for 70 eight-car trainsets designated CRH380D, known in the Bombardier product range as Zefiro380. The bodyshell consists of extruded aluminium profiles welded to form a shape that takes maximum advantage of the construction gauge. All traction equipment is located under the floor or on the roof to leave the interior space free for passenger accommodation. Bombardier believes that with the Zefiro380 it has completely redefined ultra high speed rail travel by reconciling the often contradictory demands of economics and ecology. It has developed, manufactured and tested a pioneering low-noise, high-speed train with low energy consumption.


That means this is legit; this might actually go somewhere! I mean, it probably leads to a room filled with poison gas and a bunch of dead people that look just like me, but I don't know that, so there's room for hope, I guess.

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A few minutes earlier, and it could have been different. So that old saying about the 'early bird' may just be true.


And the entire military trying to kill him. He promptly heads back underground.

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Donald Trump’s decision to accredit Dr. Anthony Fauci as the COVID-19 pandemic’s guru is largely responsible for the extent of the panic that gripped America in the spring and now summer. Fauci is a bona fide graduate of medical school. Many attest to his earlier epidemiological brilliance. But none of the words by which he has helped inflict chaos on America have reflected either medical or epidemiological facts.


Asshole Victim: All of the ones that feel no remorse or hesitation in killing the staff. When they themselves end up being betrayed and marked for assassination, it's very satisfying.

Time Master: He seems to be able to stop time for his "employees" at the very least. And as shown in Alyx, he can even rewrite entire timelines, such as him allowing Alyx Vance to save her father from a Combine Advisor at the end of Episode 2.


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In Episode 60, Gordon is teleported out of a fight with a Gargantua and reflexively shoots a scientist in the face. He assumes the man's colleagues were trying to summon a demon and used him as practice.

Sadly, what was presented to our president by Fauci and Birx at the onset of this pandemic was outrageously wrong, and now we have 26 million people out of work, a totally destroyed economy, humongous additional debt, and inflation on the near horizon. They told him to either sacrifice his economy or two million lives, what choice did the man have? But here’s the thing, who the hell vetted these two before putting them in power over America and our president’s decisions?


This section should also have a timeline of next steps that will occur once the client signs. For example, you may list content creation deadlines and contest dates.

Aliens Are Bastards: Gordon is quick to take this view, which isn't that unjustified, considering the circumstances. He even references this trope by name in Episode 6.


Shut Up, Hannibal: In one episode, Freeman overhears two soldiers talking about how mad they are that Freeman killed all their friends (in self-defense). Gordon responds with machine gun fire.

In Episode 28, he correctly deduces that there are probably some soldiers guarding the tram controls, and that it'd save him a lot of trouble to just ignore the tram and walk. He later confirms this when he sees two soldiers standing next to the controls on another floor, and sneaks by them.


The NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra cards (retail $550+) have begun to make it to distributors in retail format. The first we have been able to get a hold of are the somewhat error-plagued MSI NX6800 Ultra cards. The box is monstrous, and the card is very bulky indeed. I had to move hard drives around in my full tower ATX case to accommodate the 6800 Ultra. It also requires two power connectors.

Survivor Guilt: He holds himself the most responsible for the incident and the military storming the facility. He attempts to redeem himself by saving other Black Mesa staff.


That appears to be exactly what happened at Rabbi Mertz’ funeral. If you can spot an octogenarian in this crowd, or even a grandfather, your eyesight is better than Clark Kent’s.

I need to know what the trend is. Are we moving in the right direction? I think most executives who aren’t wearing their geek hats at the moment are interested in trend data.


Ambiguously Evil: What they want is unknown, but while they oppose the Combine, they do not want them removed from Earth. Through the G-Man, they caused the Resonance Cascade that brought the Xen aliens and Combine to Earth, but the Combine was implicitly aware of Earth beforehand. The "Employers" also help the human resistance by preserving Gordon Freeman, but destroying the Citadel’s reactor was considered good enough for their purposes. Whether they're helping humanity or using the conflict on Earth as part of a larger plan is unclear. Whatever the case, they initiated the games' conflicts and remained in the background as humanity was conquered.

Ross Scott did enough research to ensure that any time Freeman spouts physics technobabble, it's accurate physics technobabble. He explained in a fan chat that this is a combination of remembering things from high school and doing just enough research to sound knowledgeable. Freeman's rant about scientists having trouble with Newton's formula for gravity is an example of the former, his lecture on fermions is the latter.


New York State cases of Covid as of April 22, are 256,272. According to public data on line, a total of 649,325 tests and 39 percent of New Yorkers tested positive for Covid. Even with social distancing, the “experts” totals were far out of range. The extrapolated-out figures are far closer to reality than the predictive models that have been nowhere in the ballpark. The deaths in New York are 19,010 out of 19 million people which is a 0/1 percent chance of dying of Covid in the state of New York and they have a 92 percent recovery rate if indeed you are diagnosed with Covid. Again, millions of cases, and a small number of deaths.

Norway, which is next door to Sweden, shut down their entire economy. They had 7,991 cases, total tested 149,279. They came up with 4/9 percent of all Covid tests were positive in Norway.


It gets worse with elite zombies. Fast Zombies look like all of the flesh save the bare muscle is gone. The Poison Zombies are being eaten away: they have a smashed in looking "face", an exposed skull, and an exposed spinal column. Gonomes from Opposing Force have even the headcrab undergoing some substantial effects, with its front limbs withering away after having effectively become the host's new face.

Gordon: Like, why is there a dead guy inside these cages? I don't know what department this is, but this isn't how we kept our lab. If someone turned up dead in one of our experiments, it got cleaned up immediately.


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Insignificant Little Blue Planet: It's clear that they don't care at all about Earth or humanity, considering the token force they've left to occupy it (with the majority of even the transhuman forces being used elsewhere) and the state of the planet after they're done draining it for resources. They've conquered millions of species, the humans are just one more to them.

It gets worse, but remember her charge is not a conviction. Also, one’s gender alone is not a guarantee of honesty.


BreguetThe storied history of the Breguet watch begins in 1775 at 51 Qaui de l'Horloge in the center of Paris. From his shop on the Ile de la Cite, Abraham-Louis Breguet catered to a long list of famous names - including several French kings and noblemen, Queen Marie Antoinette, and Napoleon Bonaparte - and introduced the tact watch, the first carriage clock, and invented the tourbillon. The Breguet line is also to thank for the design of the first wristwatch, created in 1810 for Caroline Murat, the queen of Naples. Today, watches produced by Breguet maintain a tradition of classic design and elegant features, but are complemented with water resistance and advancements of the innovations made by the company's founder.

When you enter combat the only sounds you'll experience are the harsh clash of weaponry and armor. Musical scores are cued based on location, with each city and wilderness area having their own themes. The music isn't constantly on at a consistent volume. Swelling music announces your arrival at a new area, and then fades back into the background to allow you to enjoy the music without overwhelming you with it. In the spare manner in which it's used, the musical score completes the atmosphere that World of Warcraft attempts to create.


Field evaluation of improved rail welding methods

In Alyx, he shows actual maliciousness for the first time in the ending. Not only cruelly leaving Alyx in confusion and fear as he leaves her in stasis, but tosses Gordon to the wayside once freed from his imprisonment.

Ludicrous Gibs: Happens a few times, as this IS Half-Life. Freeman also references this trope a few times in hypotheticals, like when he says that getting hit by a particularly powerful blast of electricity would cause his "head to blow up like a baked potato wrapped in tin foil", or when he thinks that the Bradley that's pinning him down will "turn [him] into red paste" if he tries to leave cover.


Sanity Slippage: He's obviously insane, although it's implied that he was driven insane by the whole headcrab infestation in Ravenholm. That being said his insanity doesn't make him dangerous to others, in fact he's actually an extremely brave and decent fellow.

A 30-year vision for GB railways envisages intelligent self-monitoring systems, which will enable targeted, risk-based maintenance and repair of rail infrastructure assets, delivering improved reliability, fewer delays, increased capacity, resilience, safety and all-round improvements in the performance of the rail business. With a mission to accelerate the uptake of innovation by the rail industry, the Enabling Innovation Team is planning a number of targeted funding calls in the coming months, in line with this vision and in response to the challenges facing the rail industry. The current competition, on remote condition monitoring, offers 90% funding and has a budget of up to £3M. It is seeking innovative proposals for how the railway industry can exploit technology, use data and develop processes to remotely monitor the condition of the rail infrastructure. Innovators and developers across all sectors are invited to apply their ideas to address this question across ten challenge areas.


A race of peaceful aliens linked to something called the Vortessence. They were enslaved by the Nihilanth as factory workers and militia, and were one of the most common enemies in the original Half-Life; after the fall of the Nihilanth, they were free to converse with humanity and, come the arrival of the Combine, join the Resistance.

What differentiates and delivers value over saying “you’ve got more leads and you’ve got more traffic” is actually explaining why. Tell the story and provide insight.


Girard-PerregauxOne of the few genuine Swiss 'manufactures', Girard Perregaux has supplied leading Swiss brands such as Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget and Ebel with its thin calibers 3000 and 3100. When making their own watches the company often uses their own calibers though they will also use a painstakingly reworked A. Schild or ETA movement. Girard-Perregaux has proven themselves to be a master of technically demanding pieces. The company holds multiple Tourbillion calibers, including the famed Three Gold Bridges originally created by Constant Girard-Perregaux in 1889. The longstanding relationship between Ferrari and Girard-Perregaux recently came to an end, but the company has channeled its love of racing chronographs to the new Laureato EVO3 and its passion for the race to the America's Cup and the BMW Oracle Team. Sea Hawks featuring the BMW Oracle logo as well as extremely rare Tourbillion models of the Sea Hawk have been produced in celebration of the union.

Full-Frontal Assault: When he discovers that there's a tracking device in his suit, Gordon considers stripping naked so the military can't track him. He ultimately decides against it since it wouldn't guarantee his ability to avoid the military, and he wouldn't be Immune to Bullets in the buff.


Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Whenever he appears he just goes about his business even if there's a huge battle raging around him. Possibly justified as he seems to be invincible.

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How much effort has Big Pharma put into subverting this treatment regimen? In addition to denouncing its effectiveness from Dr. Fauci and company, constant mainstream media hit pieces, the censoring of medical doctor’s articles and videos from the internet, there has also been a number of “studies” done that were literally sabotaged from the onset.


Episode 8 has Gordon shoot a headcrab while in a vent, causing an ear-piercing ringing to echo throughout the vent and temporarily makes Gordon deaf. He notes how shooting inside a vent wasn't exactly a bright idea.

Assimilation Plot: Every race the Combine conquers is either forcibly or willingly assimilated into their unified ranks. After Breen convinced the Advisors to not annihilate humanity, this has become their main goal.


Badass in Distress: At some point prior to Half-Life: Alyx, the Combine actually managed to capture and imprison him. How they managed to do so is never explained. Though one should consider the possibility that he allowed himself to be captured, in order to trick Alyx into making the deal which effectively replaces Gordon with her.

Gordon finds a set of ridged pipes he can climb out of the facility with. Then remembers he is in New Mexico, surrounded by barren desert wastelands that he wouldn't survive.


Attack Animal: They can be commanded and used as expendable assault teams by anyone who has the Antlions' pheropods in their possession. Gordon Freeman uses the pheropods to his advantage during Half-Life 2, essentially gaining his own private army to let him and Alyx Vance effectively storm Nova Prospekt all on their own. The main issue, of course, is that one needs to first kill an Antlion Guard in order to get these pheropods.

What you can be certain of is that these arrests don't even dent the surface. The Internet has become the modern version of the Wild West, and we don't even have Judge L Roy Bean, West of the Pecos, to protect us.


He does this again with the entire Resistance in Episode 9, since their operation appears so grossly incompetent he can't tell if their incompetence is genuine and they are unwittingly sending hundreds of people to their deaths, or if the whole thing is actually an Orwellian plot by the government to weed out and slaughter dissidents. Or "a little of Column A, a little of Column B".

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This ironic flip flop on who stole who's code will be fun to watch in court. Both sides will be claiming the exact same thing, and there's no way to tell how the court will rule on the counter-claims. But if I were going to bet on who had the better argument, I'd have to go with IBM.


In the same episode, he inverts the trope by pondering what would happen if he could manage to stuff a zombie into his suit and march it out into hostile fire. He's pretty sure the military would assume him dead.

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Fake Ultimate Mook: The Combine Overwatch may look big and scary, but the untrained ragtag rebels are actually better shots (strangely this only applies to SMG's, Rebels and Combine soldiers are on par in accuracy with the other weapons). Still, the Overwatch soldiers are actually more effective in combat though because of their ability to throw grenades and their slightly larger amount of health. Justified in that, despite their augmentations, they're less Super Soldiers and more mass-produced disposable Mooks.


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Appease the Volcano God: Referenced when Gordon is dealing with the giant tentacle creature. Gordon notes that some cultures used to sacrifice people to volcanoes, and says he'd gladly do the same to the monster if it would keep it quiet.

Living Legend: In the second game, as he was put into a statis by the G-Man. Most of the resistance knew him through passed stories, until he was placed in City 17 after years passed.


The International Watch Company was established in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American engineer and watchmaker, in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, with the assistance of manufacturer and industrialist Johann Heinrich Moser. Its location in Schaffhausen makes the IWC the only major Swiss watchmaker to set up shop in eastern Switzerland.

Gordon: You may think you're hard because you plugged a scared old man but try that number on me and watch what happens. I didn't come all this way to get shot in the back of the head by some rent-a-cop. If the ninja took me out there would have been at least some dignity to that, with you there is nothing, absolutely nothing.


Intel's recommendation on their ill-fated motherboards? Use the cheap on-board integrated graphics. That will go over well with PC enthusiasts.

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Stalkers are a mix of Logistical and Engineers. They act as the Combine's support units, handling the menial work in the Citadel and are responsible for repairing and maintaining the Combine's vehicles.


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Lean and Mean: Even the male Black Ops are noticeably leaner than the bulky HECU Marines. They also tend to stand straight instead of hunching over in combat like the Marines do.

Franck MullerWhile the Franck Muller manufacture has only been in existence since 1991, the man behind the name himself has been working on watches his entire life. The end product of a collaboration between Muller and watchcase designer Vartan Sirmakes, the company now produces around 40,000 exquisite timepieces a year from their "Watchland" headquarters in Genthod, Switzerland, not too far from Geneva.


Please pray on this brothers and sisters. Jesus said to watch for the signs in the sky. Luke 21:25-33, Acts 2:19 BROTHERS AND SISTERS there will be A BLUE MOON October 31st and this hasn’t happened in 19 years. How many more labor pains do you need to see? If you haven’t already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repent and turn from your sins. Only the Father knows when He is coming. Would you want him to find you celebrating Halloween?

Erickson and Massihi ask if this necessitates sheltering in place, does that necessitate shutting down the medical systems, does that necessitate people being out of work? We certainly didn’t react the same way with the flu!


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ZenithOriginally established in 1865 by watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith has been crafting fine timepieces of all kinds in the small Swiss city of Neuchâtel for over 150 years. Since their inception, Zenith produces its works entirely in-house, from design and creation to finalized and tested products. In more recent years, Zenith become known for its incredibly precise in-house movement, the El Primero. This caliber is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated and accurate mechanical chronograph movements in the industry and is seen in many different models of Zenith chronographs. It was the El Primero caliber that helped Zenith come out of the quartz movement crisis at full speed, ready once again to produce fine mechanical watches. Today, Zenith watches are appreciated both for their functionality as well as their fine craftsmanship and elegant designs.

On March 30, he stated that deaths could reach the infamous 2/2 million mark without mitigation! He had taken flawed information from the now-disgraced London epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College.


Gordon: [in Portal] I don't understand. There's no known physics model for this.

The powertrain will use roof-mounted hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and energy storage systems to replace the under floor diesel power pack, giving equivalent performance to an electric multiple-unit. While the fuel cells will feature 'proven technology' already deployed in the automotive sector, Alstom will provide the software, control and energy storage equipment. Citing commercial confidentiality, the company would not be drawn on the type of battery and energy storage tools to be adopted.


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At first it looked like ATI might have been bending the rules to get better performance, but after careful analysis, Scott concludes that ATI's drivers simply have a bug that should be fixed soon. You can read all about it here.

Deus ex Machina: Early in the game, Shephard is trapped in a room which is increasingly filling up with toxic waste. The only reason he doesn't die is that the G-Man opens the door for him so he can escape.


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Established in London in 1905 by 24-year-old Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex has become one of most recognized brands in fine wristwatches. Among the company's most important achievements: the first watertight watch design, the 1926 Oyster; the world's first self-winding mechanism, the perpetual rotor, in 1931; the 1945 Datejust was the first watch to automatically change its date; and Rolex carries the distinction of having the first chronometer certification for a wristwatch.

After he gets "exiled" from Earth, he decides to take over Xen instead. He says that his first step should be to kill their leader, thinking that the aliens will abandon their invasion and follow him.


Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Haven't been seen since Opposing Force, and Marc Laidlaw has said that they were purely a Gearbox creation and don't figure into his thinking about the universe. He also wanted to leave them alone to allow Gearbox to freely use and develop them in any potential future Half-Life titles they might make.

Messy Hair: She has a rather rough haircut. Being a member of an underground Resistance movement likely doesn't leave her much time for personal hygiene.


TAG Heuer continues to move this brand upmarket, introducing Chronometer certified movements in many models including the Link Calibre 6 and the recently announced Calibre 8 movement for the Grand Carrera GMT as well as an upgraded Calibre 17 RS movement for the Grand Carrera Chronograph. A Zenith designed Calibre 36 Chronograph movement, also Chronometer certified, is available in both the Link and Monza model line.

Once you've gotten your race, class, and name picked out, you're introduced to your race's struggle within the World of Warcraft through a brief panning shot inside the game engine. The camera pans over most of the starting area you'll be exploring and a voiceover intones a brief backstory of the problems facing your race.


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As always, don’t take my word for it, but check these things out for yourself, compare these things against the Word of God, look at multiple sources, and take these things to the Lord. Question everything (including this document) with an open but critical mind, for the truth shall set us free.

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Arc Villain: Of Chapter 7 in Alyx, which is aptly named after him. He's the primary threat Alyx must avoid as she navigates the vodka distillery.


Two locations- in Doncaster and Birmingham - are to become the home of the new National High Speed Rail College. The college will train thousands of new engineers, who are needed to deliver billions of pounds worth of rail contracts over the coming decades, including the new HS2 high-speed rail line. The successful Centre for Rail Engineering and Technical Expertise (CREATE) bid, coordinated by Doncaster Council, involved a range of private sector businesses and was supported by the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership. The College will be built on a 'ready to go' 5/1 acre site at Doncaster's Lakeside. It will be within walking distance of household names in the rail industry, such as DB Schenker, Volker Rail and Hitachi, and offers easy access for employers and students from across the UK.

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Though on the opposite side, in Shephard's Mind (which is confirmed by Episode 61 of the first season of Freeman's Mind to be in-continuity) Episode 17, Shephard wishes that he was sent to Afghanistan instead of Black Mesa and explicitly blames Barack Obama. Along with the references to video games like BioShock and Team Fortress 2, this would suggest that the series takes place in 2009.


Broad Strokes: Back in episode 61 of season 1, Shephard's Mind was implied to be in the same continuity as Freeman's Mind (and by extension Civil Protection) based on Robin Darnell's Shephard shouting at Ross Scott's Freeman while the latter jumps through the portal, an event that occurs in both series. Season 2 of Freeman's Mind leaves it ambiguous if Barney's Mind is in the same continuity (not only does Barney sound different, but Gordon also doesn't recognize Barney when Barney's Mind claims that Barney was Gordon's best friend and college roommate), despite a whole episode being devoted to Ian's Barney conversing with Robin's Shephard. This suggests that while Shephard's Mind happened, some of the details were different; funnily enough, this matches the canon position of Opposing Force itself pretty well.

LYING BASTARDS: WHO data confirms all influenza is being called “Covid”. Stats report essentially ZERO influenza anywhere since April.


In Episode 42, he sees an alien shark in the water. Not wanting to have another close call, he decides to simply kill it from far away with his machine gun. After firing about thirty rounds into the water, he fires his grenade launcher just to be sure.

Sweden did not lockdown, and they have 15,325 cases of Covid and they did 74,600 tests and 21 percent of all those tested came up positive for Covid. Sweden’s population is about 10/4 million. Extrapolating out the data, there are about two million cases of Covid in Sweden. They did a bit of social distancing and mask wearing, but schools and stores were open, businesses openly functioned, their daily lives continued with a small amount of social distancing. The death rate was 1,765 and California had 1,220 with isolation. There are more people in California, but it’s still millions of cases and very small death rate.


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It triggered a huge change in climate, causing a mass extinction event that killed roughly 90 percent of life on earth. Now Helen Thompson writes in the Smithsonian that a team at MIT has focused its efforts on this major extinction event, which marks the end of the Permian period and the beginning of the Triassic period. Their results suggest that the die-out happened a lot faster than previously thought — perhaps over a span of only 60,000 years. The shorter time scale means that organisms would have had less time to react and adapt to changes in climate, atmospheric CO2 and ocean acidity. Without the ability to adapt, they died. Other mass extinction events have also been narrowed down to short timeframes. The asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period only took about 32,000 years. A similar study of another mass extinction triggered by volcanic eruptions at the end of the Triassic period suggests it lasted less than 5,000 years.

Here’s how it works: Mom tells little Johnny to wash his hands, which he does. Then Mom pulls out her microscope and magnifies little Johnny’s hands BY A TRILLION, and lo and behold, she finds a spec of dirt. Little Johnny has just “testified positive” for dirty hands. By the way, if you blew up a postage stamp a trillion times, it would cover 333 square miles!


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Always a Bigger Fish: Invoked by Nihilanth. He's undoubtedly talking about the Combine, or more specifically the Combine Advisors — or, quite possibly, who they're advisors to.

Played straight the rest of the time, though. He doesn't have any sort of ear protection, yet doesn't complain about the noise outside of the aforementioned scene in Episode 8, and one other instance where a barrel explodes right next to him.


After more than a decade as a private company, Network Rail is to become part of central government with effect from September 1st as a result of its rising mountain of debt. Challenged last year by the EU statistical office Eurostat about NR's compliance with new rules in the 2021 European System of Accounts, the Office of National Statistics announced last December that NR would in future be considered a public body. ESA 2021 introduced five new indicators of governmental control over non-profit institutions and ONS found that the government's exposure to risk was 'highly relevant'. NR's debt is explicitly guaranteed by the Department for Transport through a Financial Indemnity Mechanism, and there is a statutory obligation for the government to protect the interest of rail users should NR fail. While government funding has formed less than 65% of NR's total income since 2004-05, the company does not qualify to be treated as a public corporation, as its income from track access charges is less than 50% of production costs including debt interest payments.

The Ghost: Eddie plays this part. He is Gordon's go to guy for shady and illegal deals and is quite possibly his only "friend". He is mentioned by Mike to survive and still up to his old antics in Civil Protection, assuming it's the same guy.


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In Episode 48, he blows away a guard who spooked him by running through a Door to Before. In fairness to Gordon, this guard had done this once before, and Gordon specifically warned him not to do it again precisely for this reason.

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Apparently, combining Intel's excessively hot CPUs with the quirky design of socket 775 motherboards have made designing high-capacity coolers difficult. So for now, you haven't got any really good choices. On the other hand, AMD's new 939-pin Athlon 64 CPUs have many excellent, compatible coolers already on the market.


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Two-Keyed Lock: Gordon comments on the unusual lack of this (among other security measures) at the launch site. Granted, it's not for a missile like he thought it was, but still.

But, here’s the kicker: If the treatment is used at the first symptoms, it has been 100% successful in treating about 500 coronavirus patients, according to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in March. Zelenko said, “We have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations.


Teeters on the edge of total breakdown when he first enters Xen, as he's utterly furious at (what he perceives as) being tricked and abandoned by the scientists, and completely terrified at the prospect of navigating a world that makes no physical sense. Once again, screaming at himself for a few minutes seems to help.

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In Episode 28, he complains about a soldier setting an ambush next to a rocket that could easily be set off by their gunfire, believing the grunt should know better. He also criticizes the soldier who fires missiles at him from a mounted launcher in a tunnel, which could collapse.


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Ambiguous Situation: Everything known about them, which is very little, is based on what the G-Man says, which is unreliable information at best. Perhaps he's their Mouth of Sauron and Dragon, or maybe they don't even exist and he's lying to the player characters.

Friend in the Black Market: Eddie, who seems to be Gordon's go-to guy for anything illegal, be it increasing Gordon's collection of human skulls, to pawning off an army's worth of stolen arms. Sadly, due to the nature of the series, we never actually get to see him.


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After the Resonance Cascade event accidentally opens a portal between the Earth and the alien world of Xen, this alerts the Combine (who had enslaved the species inhabiting Xen) of Earth's existence. After an extremely brief "war", the Combine conquer Earth and add it to their collection of enslaved worlds. Twenty years later, a similar problem threatens to happen: the Combine have mostly turned their attentions away from Earth to allow their local puppet (Dr. Breen) to rule, but Breen warns that the insurrection started by Gordon Freeman might make the Combine start paying direct attention to the Earth, which would not go well for anyone. Even after Breen is defeated, portal storms start occurring over Earth, only making it more likely that a huge Combine force will arrive to put down any further sedition.

Mundane Solution: When Gordon has trouble with the boat ramp in the canals, he backtracks a bit to take some boards off a post and nail them to the empty section of the ramp, extending it so he doesn't have to jump as far. Again, not something you can do in the game.


Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: In Episode 44, Freeman misses the attack helicopter with his rocket launcher, giving it a chance to blaze away at him with its machine gun. It somehow manages to miss every shot, letting Freeman live long enough to get back to cover and reload.

The death counts from Covid-19 have been hugely amplified to include people who were not even tested and died from other ailments. I believe this entire virus was planned and executed by Fauci and Birx who are hardcore leftists tied to WHO, the UN the Clinton’s, and Obama. This eight-minute video is unverified and may be false, but it tells a lot of truth, albeit I do not believe anything negative will happen to Fauci.


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Cyborg: They're another crustaceous alien creature that likely swam in the waters of its own world before being captured and repurposed as flying gunners. At this point, it looks like only its exoskeleton and eyes remain (which are found on its sides) past all the machinery and guns.

Conspiracy Theorist: Opening his locker in Blue Shift reveals that he's currently reading two books. One is actually titled Conspiracy Theories, while the other is about aliens.


They are similar in prevalence and death rate. It’s time to open society and get back to work! Bill Gates funded globalist NIH Doctor, Anthony Fauci, says Covid-19 is ten times more lethal than the flu.

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Percussive Maintenance: When something doesn't work, Gordon's first instinct is to hit it with his crowbar. It usually doesn't help, though.


Anti-Villain: The more noble ones are this. They are trying to thwart an alien invasion, and they are willing to stay behind and die just to kill as many of them as they can. Many of them strongly disagree with killing the staff and only do so because they are afraid of being executed themselves. It's not hard to sympathize with some of them.

Everything Dr. Erickson has said verifies the Stanford and University of Southern Cal study that talks about how widespread this virus really is and how this data needs to be shared with all of America. This virus is not as deadly as Fauci, Birx and Bill Gates have made it out to be. Once again, massive fear was sold to us by the “experts” and the mainstream media. The prevalence with this virus goes up and up, but the death rate gets smaller and smaller, millions of cases, but a small amount of death. The response to this virus was completely and totally misguided. The unnecessary lockdown will end up being more destructive than Covid-19.


Freeman: This is redneck technology. This was invented by some guy duct-taping a circular saw to a remote-control helicopter to keep people off his property.

1 7 2%
2 8 75%
3 9 100%
4 10 97%
5 11 4%

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Fauci and Birx were brought in by Coronavirus Task Force leader, VP Mike Pence. Had he brought in MIT’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai; we would undoubtedly not be in this economic nightmare.

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In Episode 57 he spends most of the time on morphine. Besides being a bit less frustrated with the world, and maybe a little more loopy, he really doesn't seem that different from his normal self.


Follow the Plotted Line: Parodied. Gordon desperately wishes he didn't have to follow the game's plot (and in fact never listens to people trying to tell him about it), but inevitably, the only directions that work are the ones that lead him into more danger.

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Awesome, but Impractical: Gordon's opinion on the Gluon Gun. He deems its ammo supply too small for the weight of the backpack he has to wear to use it. He discards it in favour of his more reliable weapons. He does love its awesomeness, though, to the point of thinking that it would probably be adopted by the military as-is regardless of its flaws.


In Episode 0, Gordon finds most of the Hazard Course training to be rather patronizing. Outside the context of teaching the player how to play the game, telling someone how to jump or climb a ladder is basically insulting their intelligence. Later on, Gordon is asked to jump from a great height to teach the player about Falling Damage. Naturally, he doesn't out of fear of injuring himself and refuses to complete the rest of his training.

Elite Mooks: The Combine Elites. They have better aim, take more damage before dying, are always equipped with assault rifles, and utilize their assault rifle's undermounted energy ball launcher. Plus they show up much later in the game.


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Freeman notes that the government would have a hard time convincing people that he's a One-Man Army with dozens of kills to his name because he doesn't fit the profile of a typical spree killer and lacks connections to extremist organizations. In the course of his musings he brings up Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Charles Whitman, and notes that each of them had military training, contrasting them with himself, a theoretical physicist who's never fired a gun before.

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ChronoswissThe relatively young Chronoswiss was founded in 1983 by Gerd-Rudiger Lang, a master watchmaker who had previously produced movements for other major brands. Lang attached the name in 1982 to the world's first chronograph with a moon phase display and a mineral crystal back, beginning his brand with a first and continuing that standard of innovation in later years. The year 1987 saw the company find its signature design - a screwed and channeled bezel, an onion-shaped crown, and screwed strap lugs - as well as launch the Regulateur model, the first continuously produced regulator-style wristwatch. The more recent Timesmaster series pays tribute to racing and classic cars, while the 1993 Orea model indicated a rebirth in horological art with its hand-crafted white enamel dial. In 2021, the family-owned Chronoswiss was bought by a Swiss family of entrepreneurs who have continued the company's traditional production of precise mechanical watches.


Super Intelligence: As some of the oldest beings in existence, they've got the intellect, accumulated knowledge, and the administrative skills to control, or at least aid in running, an empire that stretches across multiple dimensions. It's even implied that they mastered universal space travel at the same time as humanity was still in its Prehistoric era.

We call attention to Washington state, Maine and Massachusetts especially because even though they all have severe statewide lockdown regimes and their overall mortality rates very widely, from 3/8 per 100,000 in Maine to 45/7 per 100,000 in Massachusetts, they do share one thing in common. To wit, 40-60% of their Covid-fatalities have been in nursing homes.


At one point Gordon considers taking one of the Xen aliens to a taxidermist, thinking he would tell them that he doesn't know what it is and that he'll just say he got it while out hunting. Then he realizes that what he's doing is sort of like hunting, and that he really doesn't know what the aliens are.

Faux Affably Evil: Breen's pretty well spoken and (mostly) calm for being a smug backstabber. But he's also cold, dismissive, patronizing, arrogant, smarmy and passive-aggressive. Though he often covers it with a veneer of concern, friendliness, and approachability — especially in his Breencasts — the underlying disdain and indifference, even towards his allies, is unmistakeable.


Took a Level in Badass: Discussed. Gordon theorizes that the zombies are getting smarter after two of them seem to set an ambush for him.

We note that innovation management in Japan dominates German Innovation management on all accounts. Innovations based on internal research results take longer and are more costly in Germany than they are in Japan. The firms In the United States are character rized by greater cost elasticity with respect to Innovation time than are their German and Japanese counterparts. From Figure IB we infer that the Japanese firms are particularly competitive with innovations that use "external technology". This is equivalent to "creative imitation". If these results are representative of the innovation processes in the different countries, then obviously Germany and the United States do not gain much if and when Japanese firms take the lead in technological progress and German and American firms c^'ild toWew a strategy of Imitation. Turthermore, German firms would not improve their competitive position by time management for shorter innovation periods. They would only become uncompetitive on the cost side. Therefore, in order to remain internationally competitive, German firms will have to manage for shifting the innovation curves to the origin. This requires not only optimal innovation scheduling but also restructuring the whole organization.


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In Episode 46, he draws attention to the very poor job that the soldiers are doing at killing him. He suggests that they should just use nerve gas on him since he isn't wearing the HEV's helmet.

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Gordon usually doesn't take any real damage, because Ross is playing the game with godmode on, presumably. This is handwaved by the damage Freeman takes being written off as minor. Electricity hurts, but doesn't injure. Most bullets bounce off the suit or miss altogether. Pistol rounds and buckshot do so without hurting. Rifle rounds hurt like paintball, but are otherwise harmless. Large calibre rounds and explosives can kill him right through his suit, but he dodges them.


This Ain't Rocket Surgery: In one of his Grappling-Hook Pistol rants, Gordon notes that a grappling hook would allow him to ascend a shaft with a couple swings, then notes that you don't need a physics degree to grasp the concept. The fact that he has one just adds insult to injury.

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The reports coming out so far look fairly good for Windows XP Service Pack 2. There are those seemingly mandatory problems, like dropping firewire speeds by 8 times, and problems with DivX and standalone firewalls, like Zonealarm. But overall, the problems aren't as numerous as many had anticipated.


COVID means the “Certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence” and 19 is the year it was created (2021). COVID-19 is not the name of the virus. Rather, it is the name of the international plan for the control and reduction of populations, which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2021. What they intend to inject into us going to be the most terrible vaccine of all. It is literally a descent into hell, with the aim of a massive depopulation of over 80% of the population.

With growing concern over the shortage of engineers in the UK, TRB Lightweight Structures managing director Julie Quirke gives an insight into the effect on the rail industry and how the Huntingdon-based manufacturer is helping tackle the issue. The company has recently opened new and state-of-the-art facilities as part of an ongoing investment programme, and has already enrolled two employees in a mechanical manufacturing and engineering apprenticeship aimed at developing the company's talent. The apprenticeship scheme, which is facilitated by Peterborough Regional College, has been running for two years and TRB is set to produce its first two junior engineers by September. Once this stage has been passed they will progress to take the Higher National Certificate in Engineering. Working with experienced engineers, the apprentices have already taken on roles in key projects ranging from detrainment doors for London Underground's sub-surface fleet through to bespoke structural work for high-profile projects such as the energy efficient London Blackfriars Station.


The person at the top should be the future client’s primary contact – the account manager. Below, include the analyst, copywriter, community manager and anyone else who will contribute to the aforementioned activities.

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Squishy Wizard: Only when in relation to the powers of the Vortessence, given their One-Man Army feats and Super Strength. Episode One and Episode Two demonstrate that the Vortigaunts possess immense psychic powers that rival the abilities of the G-Man, but the Combine's many Vortigaunt victims (one of whom can be found in Nova Prospekt) and Gordon's own body count during the Black Mesa Incident also shows that they're just as vulnerable to physical danger as humans are.



It's implied that, with the state that the combine has left his flock in, he sees his role as the one responsible for their "salvation" as having morphed into a duty to give every last one of them a Mercy Kill. For what it's worth, he can still be heard giving conventional sermons to the zombies even while he blasts them to pieces.

Interface Spoiler: The credits of Episode 68 cite footage from the "G-Invasion" mod, which is nowhere to be seen in the episode itself (or, for that matter, any other episode in the series). This tips off attentive viewers that there's a post-credits sequence.


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Gordon's main goal since the resonance cascade has just been to escape from the facility. But its labyrinthine design and the lethality of the firefight on the surface repeatedly force him to stay on the path.

All Up to You: Lampshaded frequently. Freeman constantly complains that he has to do everyone else's job on his way through the facility.


Paranoid (even before it all went down), violently anti-social, completely lacking in empathy, narcissistic, borderline psychopathic, and suffers occasional hallucinations. Some of this can probably be put down to his drug use. Ross Scott describes him as suffering from "paranoia, egomania, mild schizophrenia", and the video descriptions for each episode call him "a neurotic individual".

In the very first episode, Gordon recalls how once a squirrel died in the electric transformer of his college. Fast forward to Episode 46, and Freeman has to deal with falling debris falling from above, which could potentially trigger some mines. He wonders if there is a squirrel up there.


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In the article they discussed bat coronaviruses that showed potential for human emergence. The article was published in 2021.

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They're actually capable of soaking up more damage than the aliens thanks to their PCVs and are more than capable of taking them in a fight. On the other hand, Gordon slaughters them by the score and their AI leaves a lot to be desired in Opposing Force, where they can often be easily killed by Black Ops troops.


I think most executives who aren’t wearing their geek hats at the moment are interested in trend data

Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.

Heroic Mime: Like all Half-Life playable characters save Alyx, he never speaks a word under your control. That doesn't mean he's not communicating, however, as the scientists he meets during the search for Dr. Rosenberg react to him as if he's asking for him.


They got in hot water with the Pentagon for making guided missiles that constantly flew out of range of their authentication servers. Why a missile even needs an authentication server in the first place is never answered.

That noise is exactly what I'll be thinking about when I try to get to sleep tonight! And I'll be dreaming about you sucking out my eyes with your tentacled face while I'm nestled up against a stack of rotting corpses; then my intestines will burst with insects crawling out of them; then the screaming — jeez, that's a long drop.


A minor annoyance, and you're back into the thick of things. Leveling up is anything but a chore with the combination of enjoyable combat and risk free death. In fact combining the experience you get from combat with the XP received from questing, and you'll regularly find yourself honestly surprised when you gain a level. And leveling up is definitely enjoyable. In addition to improving your basic attributes, at even levels you're given access to new abilities or spells. These are trained up by speaking to a class trainer. At the trainer you will be given a list of the abilities available for you to learn, with two or three new abilities opening up every other level. Every ability has a monetary cost associated with it, but once you have a new ability or spell in your hands it's incredibly satisfying to try them out. Once you reach level ten you'll begin working on your Talents, as well. Talents are how you take your character and really make him your own.

The visual quality of the world and the introductory voiceover at your character's creation begins the process of drawing you into the game world, a task which World of Warcraft does more meticulously than any other Massive game I've had the opportunity to play. Each race faces specific challenges, bourn out by the quests you receive immediately upon entering the game world. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with quests for you appear with a yellow exclamation point above their heads, and speaking with them prompts a short vocal interaction and the possibility to add a quest to your log. Each quest is a miniature story unto itself, just waiting for you to carry it through to completion. Quest goals are clearly marked, as are the rewards you will receive from completing the quest. All quests have an experience reward (making questing an integral part of level advancement), but the rewards displayed include the amount of coin you'll receive and any items. Many quests give you the option of choosing your reward from among a few different items, allowing you to customize your character's loot set from NPC quests. Beyond simply providing you an impetus for getting out into the world, these quests are the hook that allows you to stop being just some person wandering around killing monsters and allows you to actually become a hero. From the start, you're participating in events that are keeping your fellow countrymen safe and secure. Beyond just simple "go here and kill the thingie" quests, there are endless opportunities to become involved in the lives of your people.


Every item has a level requirement, which a character has to meet or exceed in order to equip or use the item. Items which are not useable by your race or class have portraits tinged with red. This intuitive interface extends to quests and tradeskills as well. The quest log displays all the information given out by the originating NPC and color codes quests based on the difficulty of the quest in relation to your character's level.

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Personally, I rebel against government orders that take my God given freedoms from me. So, do we really have those God-given freedoms or are they only on loan from the feds? I fear the latter because most Americans no longer know the Almighty, nor do they know or cherish our Constitution.


E = MC Hammer: When Freeman sees Newton's formula for gravity written on a whiteboard, it throws him into a rant. As he rightfully points out, any self-respecting scientist, especially one with a PhD, should be able to recite that, as well as dozens of far more advanced formulae, in their sleep.

Morality Pet: Gordon seems to truly respect Kleiner, despite his usual caustic, misanthropic attitude towards everyone else. Although some of this "respect" seems to stem from fear, as he remembers a very different Kleiner from the one we get to see.


This time, Vernon Blake of the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) was fired for documenting that his boss spent 70% of his office time playing solitaire, and another 20% checking the stock market. When Vernon, the sysadmin for ALDOT, documented and reported the abuses (and the complete lack work by his boss), he was immediately fired. His boss still has his job, but apparently can't play solitaire anymore, because ALDOT removed all Windows games from ALDOT computers after firing Vernon.

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Back to Article - Epic's Mark Rein Not an Episodic Fan

The heroine of Half-Life 2, Alyx Vance helped Gordon Freeman time and again in his work with the Resistance. She also follows Gordon the whole way throughout Episodes One and Two.

Putting on the Reich: The Civil Protection and Overwatch uniforms were based on both Soviet and Nazi designs. This was more blatant in the original concept art.


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Alexander Hamilton said, “Every act of a delegated authority, contrary to the tenor of the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid.

Emergency rooms in California are empty, hospital floors are shut down, and basically hospital ICUs are empty. They are furloughing patients and doctors. In New York, the health system is working at maximum capacity, although we’re seeing the rates of infection drop exponentially, whereas California is at a minimal capacity.


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The HHS in 2021 sent a letter to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where they announced they were going to defund the program. Dr. Ralph S. Baric was identified in the letter.

Deaths per the CDC are 24,000 to 60,000 each year. We had about 45 million cases of flu in 2021, with 62,000 deaths or a 0/13 chance of death from flu in America. Our other numbers were 0/02 for Covid, so the lethality of Covid-19 is much less.


The government has raised the possibility of selling the property assets owned by London & Continental Railways and its stake in Eurostar International, as part of the National Infrastructure Plan 2021 which was published by the Treasury ahead of the Chancellor's autumn financial statement. Currently wholly-owned by the Department for Transport, LCR is included among the assets which the government has identified as offering the potential for sale in 2021-20, subject to 'value for money assessments and key policy objectives'. LCR has a 40% holding in Eurostar, whereas SNCF hold France's 55% stake and its Belgian counterpart SNCB the remaining 5%.

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In the Rocket Test Lab, Gordon is flabbergasted upon seeing a reel-to-reel memory storage device from the 70's. He's even more confused when he sees what looks like a punch card slot.


Officine Panerai Firenze started suppling the Italian Navy with precision instruments such as calculators, fuses for torpedos, depth meters, and compasses in the 19th century. The demand for an extremely water proof time piece with luminous hands for legibility, led them into the world of horology. Over the past 145 years, the company has evolved from basic blunt instruments into one of the most sought after brands.

A powerful trans-dimensional alien empire, they conquered the Earth and are the main antagonists of Half-Life 2 and its Episodes, as well as Half-Life: Alyx. Their occupation force on Earth, the Overwatch, consists of a portion of their transhuman forces (modified humans using human vehicles and weapons) and "Synths", aliens who have been modified and outfitted with cyborg attachments and pulse weaponry. Think The Imperium of Man, but more cyberpunk and with less ambiguity of their evilness.


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OrisFounded in 1904, Oris has become a favorite of watch collectors through the years for their strict standards of quality and moderate prices. Among watch enthusiasts Oris has long been considered to be a high-value brand. For decades Oris made their watches only in steel, only recently introducing titanium and PVD into their lines. You won't find a single quartz movement in the Oris line, only high-mech automatic watches. You also won't find many price tags over $2,000, unlike other precision brands. Many variations are available for retails under $1,000.

Artificial Stupidity: Downplayed, but when compared to the Overwatch troops AKA an actual military force, Civil Protection tactics are about as basic as standing a healthy distance away and firing their guns without many other tactical maneuvers. Justified, in that they're essentially police officers and not trained military.


Achilles' Heel: They have high damage resistance to most weapons (they take 60% damage from bullets and 50% damage from shotguns), but are vulnerable to physics damage and being hit with their own flechettes. They also don't resist magnum rounds or explosives, and can be killed instantly by the pulse rifle's energy orb alt-fire.

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Give $3/7 million of taxpayers’ money to the Wuhan lab in China? Such grants were prohibited in 2021. Did President Obama grant an exception? We know the money was given to a corrupt rogue organization, but did Obama authorize it?


Action Survivor: His character arc in Blue Shift is simply surviving the incident and escaping the facility with some of the scientific staff. He faces less opposition than Freeman or Shephard (mostly fighting only Xen wildlife, Vortigaunts, and Marines, with only 4 Alien Grunts and 4 Controllers ever crossing his path), and there's not even a Final Boss for him to fight. He does manage to take out a tank at one point, though.

Rail Engineer - Issue 174 - May

The other scientist at Black Mesa East, and is somewhat distrustful of Alyx. Was last seen with Resistance members tracking down the Borealis, and got ambushed from the Combine before she could finish her message. She is still alive, whereabouts unknown. Her message was found by Gordon and Alyx, who were pursued by the Combine while delivering it to the scientists in White Forest Base.


Baume MercierThe two Baume brothers setup their first watchmaking house in the Swiss Jura mountains in 1830. In 1918, William and Paul Mercier entered into a partnership. Years later, in 1999, Baume et Mercier joined the prestigious Richemont group, along with such notable brands as Cartier, Piaget, and Jaeger-LeCoultre. With such good company, it is no wonder Baume & Mercier is well established as a contemporary brand that is not afraid to take risks. They have been one of the fastest growing high-end brands in the United States in the past decade.

For example, running X ads over a set period of time will lead to Y landing page visits. In turn, this should generate Z conversions through the page’s opt-in form.


Subverted with the alien Bee Bee Gun used by the Alien Grunts. Freeman is not impressed by the ineffectiveness of alien bees.

Harsher in Hindsight: In-universe example. In Episode 32, Freeman theorizes that his boss may be trying to take over the world. In Half-Life 2, his boss actually does take over the world, and it's implied that Freeman's boss used the whole incident to do this.


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Keyhole is a real-time conversation tracker that provides keyword and hashtag analytics for Twitter and Instagram. Get started for free and search your brand now.

When Gordon first encounters a bullsquid, he comments that it looks like a Cthulhu dog, and tells it to say hello to the elder gods on his behalf. Cue the final episode when he finally encounters the Nihilanth, and he quickly concludes that he is an elder god and that Lovecraft was right about everything.


Sociopathic Soldier: Surprisingly, not the Overwatch. They're just brainwashed slaves who tend to kill their targets while being mostly stoic. No, the real sociopaths here are in Civil Protection, mentioned above in Police Brutality; the corps consists of humans who joined the Combine's forces willingly, for perks like extra rations and sexual privileges. They appear to be somewhere between SWAT police and low-ranking soldiers. Their tasks are basically to instill fear in every citizen, and to brutally crack (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3970) down on small resistance pockets. Their technology is notably a bit more primitive, as well. Where the Overwatch and Airwatch use Striders, Gunships and energy weapons, CP units make do with APCs, patrol helicopters, and submachine guns.

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Then there's his "memory" of "last night" when he comes to in the trash compactor. Was it his dream, a false memory induced by the temporary memory loss, or something that really happened the night before the experiment?


In Episode 50, a guard following Freeman says "Sorry sir, but I can't much more of this". Freeman berates him for being lazy, as they'd only been walking for two minutes and completely ignores that the guard just took a blast from the Vortigaunt that would ordinarily be lethal.

Head alloyed thermit welds with HAZ overlay were compared with those without HAZ overlay. Test welds accumulated 108 million gross tons (mgt) and those in service, 51-54 mgt, with one untreated weld failure. Combined HAZ overlaying and head alloying was found to be the most effective at reducing running surface degradation.


The lead cars incorporate a carbon fibre reinforced plastic bodyshell, and have dimmable window glass rather than blinds. The train also has lightweight high-voltage electrical components. JR Kyushu is planning to use gauge-changing trainsets on Shinkansen services between Hakata and Nagasaki, where an isolated section of high-speed line is expected to open in 2021.

A – Life in the Spirit e-Newsletter

Living MacGuffin: Partway into Half-Life: Alyx, Eli and Alyx come to believe Gordon is the one being held in the Vault and set out to release him. Gordon is not the one in there, though.


After many years of stagnation and decline, the railway market is growing rapidly, and this growth is forecast to continue, despite the prevailing harsh economic conditions. At the same time, reform and restructuring of the rail sector in many countries has been opening up state-owned operators to competition, outsourcing the supply of equipment and services, and removing trade barriers to facilitate international tendering. Furthermore, mergers between established companies to create multinational players, spin-offs and the emergence of niche specialists have radically altered the competitive landscape. In terms of technology, the largest and most competitive sector is rolling stock, which accounts for more than 25% of the total market value. Urges caution about radical upheaval in the sector, but says that globalisation will undoubtedly continue. Concludes that the rail market is open for the next breed of mid-sized, multi-disciplinary companies, able to harness their competitive skills and adapt their product ranges.

Two new studies have proven the experts wrong again. The truth about the actual number of Americans infected with coronavirus via a Stanford University study, tells a totally different story. There were 3,300 people tested for antibodies and the results showed that 50 – 80 times more people are infected than the actual numbers officially reported as infected by Fauci, Birx and Gates.


Breen is the earlier head of the Black Mesa Research Facility, and was unnamed and unseen in the first game, where he is merely referred to as "The Administrator". In Half-Life 2, he is the main antagonist and the Combine's puppet ruler of Earth, a position he got after selling out mankind to them.

The pretense that COVID-19 is something like, and hence is to be treated like, the plague is the essence of the scam that the deep state and the Democratic Party are perpetrating on America. Anthony Fauci’s pseudo-medical, pseudo-scientific pretense is the foremost pillar of that lie.


Yesterday a friend went to Best Buy mid-morning, and there was a rack of Doom3 on display. As he got there are tried to grab one, the manager came walking over and said that they were not allow to sell them yet.