Welcome to Escalation Series, the new tournament series for Wargame: European Escalation. Regular community events are one of the factors to keep a game alive and well, while also providing the breeding ground for new competitive strategies.

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Find yourself at the head of all military forces involved, with more than just tanks, as planes make a dramatic entrance in this series, with 100 aircraft of all kinds to complete your arsenal: fighters, bombers, electronic warfare aircraft, etc. Four new nations and their vehicles join the eight nations from Wargame European Escalation (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4803), for a total of over 800 vehicles and combat units! The game experience is enhanced by the brand new version of the IRISZOOM Engine, offering even larger and more detailed game maps with impressive landscapes rendered from satellite imaging.


We're ARMA2 Squad, but W:EE met our expectations as realistic team-based game and that's why we're in. Our goal as a Team is to show us as tactical and challenging opponent. We're closed for recruitment but open for any Tournament or clan war.

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Around the same time I realised I was placing too much emphasis on defence and not enough on manoeuvre, I watched a Youtube replay of a match between top-10 players. The contrast could not have been more stark. These guys made full use of the large map: they spread out their troops, they sent out raiding parties, they tried to flank each other using side roads, they were proactive.


Wargame includes a 22-mission campaign, divided into four smaller sub-campaigns (which you have to play in sequence). So far I’m up to the fifth mission, and I think the best way to describe these would be “challenges”.

Wargame contains four separate single-player campaigns. Each campaign, except for the fourth one, is self-contained and based on a historical event that could have spiraled out of control. The first campaign begins when East German soldier Werner Weinhold kills two of his comrades while escaping to West Germany. The second starts when General Jaruzelski takes control of the Polish Communist Party and declares martial law (in part to forestall Warsaw Pact military intervention in Poland). The third centers on NATO's Able Archer military exercise.


Wargame: European Escalation is the closest you’ll get to a full-fledged military simulation of the Cold War era of modern warfare that is still fun to play. It’s a cold, calculated affair set in the last decades of the 20th century where the tradition of the Clausewitz style of military doctrine for large-scale operations was still relevant; a style rendered almost obsolete by postmodern 21st century asymmetrical warfare. There is no room for personal glory in the age of industrialized warfare depicted in Wargame, where war is won encounter by encounter, battle by battle, and in which the only human elements that remain are the effect of morale on performance and the personal affliction of losing a high-value unit.

One minor problem with all of the campaigns is that while most of them open with video footage of the events that started the campaign, none of them have an ending video. Of course it would be hard to find footage of events that never happened, but surely it would be easy to find footage of Soviet and American leaders meeting to represent a peace treaty being negotiated, or footage of a parade in Red Square to showcase a celebration of a Warsaw Pact victory. Still, this is a minor quibble, and the absence of ending cutscenes doesn't detract from the quality of the campaigns.


In EE they love to spam an unlimited supply of tanks. Your only way to beat them is to send attack heilcopters to theirspam, and destory their command unit.

Clan of like minded gamers established about seven years ago we play anything and everything as long as its fun and we win lol. We are always looking for new members from the youngest to the oldest just visit our forums or jump on our ventrillo you will allways be welcome.


After you've played the first single-player campaign, which doubles as Wargame's tutorial, there are multiplayer and skirmish options available. In these modes you can field decks of unit cards earned with command stars gained through the single- and multiplayer modes. Each deck is limited to 25 units, but when adding a unit to a deck you also receive all of its variants that you've unlocked. So while a Leopard 1A1 would take up only one spot in your deck, the 1A2, 1A3, 1A4, and 1A5 would also be available. You are limited to five units per category (logistic, reconnaissance, tank, infantry, support, vehicle, and helicopter), so you have to pick wisely.

Back in European Escalation, helicopters were the sole reason to bring anti-air defenses with your forces, since there were no jets. Even then, air defenses were absolutely essential. Considering air defenses are even more vital in AirLand Battle, many people see helicopters as having become significantly less essential than they were before. But they’re wrong - helicopters, when managed correctly, are great. They can scoot around the map like aircraft, but they have the staying power of regular forces. They’re the kings of maneuver warfare. They’re also some of the best ATGM carriers in the game (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8344)!


In this game you can play with two giant factions one is Warsaw Pact that includes Soviet Union, Communist Poland, East Germany and Czechoslovakia, while the other faction includes NATO which has USA, United Kingdom, West Germany and France. You may also like to download Wargame Airland Battle.

Therefore, sensible use of reconnaissance units is important. Furthermore, vehicles can get temporarily bogged down in harsh terrain like swamps. Roads are important because they allow for quicker movement and better fuel efficiency, but they can be death traps for your armored column if they run past dense woods packed with enemy antitank infantry. Blitzing through open countryside may seem like a convenient way to avoid certain obstacles, but helicopters more than 2,000 meters away may see your forces and open up on them with rocket pods and antitank guided missiles.


The Legio V Alaudae is a clan for fans of strategy games. It is currently 100% on Wargame-EE. All of our members are mature players and with good experience.

Eugen Systems has released a new content patch for Wargame: European Escalation (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4297) (officially a “free DLC” – the only practical difference is that you’ll have to download it separately), while for the weekend, Amazon and Steam are now selling the game (right here) for US$24, representing a 40% discount. Reader Wolfox wonders whether the game is worth it, for an offline gamer, at that price.


A new trailer for Wargame: European Escalation (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=1147), comprised of in-game (visit homepage) footage, gives you a look at some of the more iconic NATO units from the 1975-1985 Cold War era. I came away impressed when I saw it in action at gamescom las.

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In Wargame, you can zoom out to a bird's-eye view reminiscent of Supreme Commander, at which point all the units turn into their respective standard NATO military symbols. Icons appear over units when they are running low on fuel or ammo or when they are in danger of being routed. If you pull the camera in closer, red text above the unit informs you of various problems and how long these effects will persist.


Download Wargame: European Escalation Trainer

At the end of each mission, win or lose, I tend to walk away feeling as though I’ve learned something about modern military tactics. There is an element of hindsight involved when I replay missions, but so far, I feel as though I could have won the first time through with better tactics.

Defy commanders worldwide in the brand new multiplayer mode: CONQUEST. To be victorious in this mode, in addition to the classic Command Points, you will have to control Victory Sectors (VS) located on the map, until the victory conditions are fully satisfied.


We also aim to participate in online tourneys and competition and be active in clan matches. Teamspeak voicechat is also available for members.

The Beginner’s Guide to Wargame

Unfortunately, the game (straight from the source)’s single-player campaign can’t do justice to its design. I’m not convinced that linear campaigns and scripted missions fit a game built around choice, and while I did get past the introductory campaign (5 missions out of 22), the next mission I tried prompted me to abandon this mode out of frustration*.


We are a danish community, that focus on being fun and open. We do not participate in leagues or cups or anything like that. We appeal to the mature casual gamer. That don’t have time to play every night. We accept players over 18 or very close to that.

All of it runs remarkably well on my low-end rig, too, even on mostly high detail at a resolution of 1920×1200. There might be some minor slowdown at times on older rigs when you zoom in for a detailed look at the action, but since you’ll spend most of your time zoomed out to a bird’s eye view it never becomes detrimental to the gameplay.


This passion for military hardware, especially tanks, is evident on many levels of Wargame. Countless units and unit variations for NATO and Warsaw Pact forces have all been painstakingly recreated in full detail, but the level of dedication doesn’t stop there. Set during an alternate-history period of the 1975-1985 Cold War era with a focus on conventional warfare, it quickly becomes clear just how serious Eugen is about its hardware and tactics.

In your mind’s eye, maps in Wargame soon become segmented into sectors where any forest or hedgerow will arouse suspicion. There is no fog of war in the traditional sense, leaving you to rely on the line of sight from your units to define the level of battlefield intelligence you have on enemy positions. This makes recon units key to survival, and only after a sector is deemed clear enough should you attempt to move in with costly armor.


The database in the game (go here) takes into account about 600 indicators, changing dynamically as a result of more than 1000 actions that can be taken by the player, as well as under the influence of random events. The creators prepared over 20 scripts inspired by the contemporary situation in the world (American Fiscal Cliff, Israel-Iran Escalation (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=615), Organization of Rice Exporting Countries, European (view it) Budgetary Golden Rule, Building South American Pipelines, African Economic Boom, Third World War, Triple A, Famine in Southern Sudan and others). Additionally, you can create your own missions based on the built-in editor.

The AI can be downright brutal at times, making continuous attempts to flank and ambush you. It certainly adds a lot of challenge to the campaign, but for some players this may prove to be too much. To give you an indication, I spent the better part of a day trying to pass a single mission with a dozen restarts to no avail. Especially during wide and open levels, it can be very hard to maintain recon and tactical superiority across the huge stretches of land, using the sparse resources you have. It’s as if Eugen wanted to give you as much control over as large a map as they could get away with, and only later decided they couldn’t give you the amount of units they would’ve liked to populate such a map, without completely overwhelming what a regular person’s brain is capable of handling. As a result, you are continuously fighting against the odds to outwit an ever-mobile AI across the map with the units you have, and often not the units you would’ve loved to have. Still, the game is never unfair to you as every loss only makes you angry at yourself for making the stupid decisions that cost you the mission.

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Erstellen Sie aus einer beeindruckenden Auswahl von Fahrzeugen und Einheiten (über 350 verschiedene Modelle) Ihre Armee und stürzen Sie sich in eine fesselnde Militärkampagne, die sich über das Europa der 80er Jahre erstreckt. In einer Zeit, in der sich der Kalte Krieg in den Dritten Weltkrieg zu verwandeln droht.

Something that RTS titles generally fail at is bridging the gap between creating a game that is fun to play and easy to understand, and the intricate complexities that stem from a mindset of military power in the 20th century. Usually you have your tanks, infantry, and artillery that all do a pre-set level of mitigated damage against different types of units. Once you figure out how it works, you either mass powerful units and attack, or use whatever rock-paper-scissors system there is to counter opposing forces effectively.


Wargame European Escalation PC Game

An Ace is a famous & successful military professional who has accomplished remarkable exploits, such as number of aircraft shot down or a number of successful sniper shots. In terms of gameplay, an Ace is a cosmetic model that replaces an existing unit in the game. It has the exact same characteristics as the unit it replaces so no, it’s not pay-to-win.

With the powerful IRISZOOM ™, Wargame offers breathtaking graphics and battles as spectacular as they are strategic. Prepare to bring hundreds of units of all kinds–tanks, helicopters, squad Infantry, etc –under your command in intense battles on gigantic maps stretching up to 60 square miles!


Steel Division 2 New Divisions

War goes on in Wargame: European Escalation! The impressive real-time strategy game from Eugen Systems today welcomes another free DLC: Fatal Error.

Usually, but not always, they require driving the computer from specified locations; this can be tricky for several reasons. First, the computer is often well dug in. Second, while there is no formal time limit to attack (though winning in X time can be a bonus objective), finite supplies impose a practical limit – turtle too long and you could run low on ammo. Third, you have to keep casualties down: there are only finite troops available in each mini-campaign, and keeping units alive from mission to mission allows them to gain experience (once again, a la Panzer General). Fourth, the computer can counterattack – in one mission I didn’t cover my flanks, leading to the enemy rolling up my supply lines and almost wiping me out! I won that mission in the end, but it was by the skin of my teeth: a crazy drive by a single command jeep to the victory objective*. The net effect is that after the first mission (effectively a tutorial), I’ve really had to work for each victory.


Wargame: European Escalation Patches Link Unknown - If you know it then click here to tell us

The ss117 is a PC clan focused on Strategy Games. We welcome players of all level who would like to play and improve in a nice atmosphere.

Multiplayer is where I’ve spent the most time. Rather annoyingly, the game often crashes while I’m trying to find/start a match, though it’s rock-solid once play begins. However, the quality of the MP gameplay is good enough for me to forgive the developers. The variety of units, the unlock system, the large map sizes, and the emphasis on tactics combine to create a plethora of interesting decisions: if I unlock this and that, could they form the hammer and anvil of an attack force? Do I hold at this juicy objective, or do I look for a more defensible position that brings in fewer deployment points? How do I ensure my deck can counter this common tactic? Hey, that guy rolled over me with an army of this! What should I unlock to counter it? And what do I have to jettison from my deck in order to make room?


The missions are fairly varied with only a few "wipe out every enemy unit" or "hold point X for a certain amount of time" missions (though to be fair, some of those are quite good). For example, in one Soviet mission you have to break through Polish lines to save encircled Polish forces still loyal to the Warsaw Pact. In another Soviet mission, you have to hold off NATO troops while evacuating as many units as you can to escape an attempt to encircle your army. One of the most memorable missions is an American one that starts you behind enemy lines, low on fuel and ammo. You must capture enemy supply trucks and FOBs while trying to escape the combat zone (and, if you are lucky, meet up with other NATO units left behind and destroy pesky Soviet artillery during your jaunt home for some extra command stars).

Just as Panzer General did for the mid-nineties, Wargame: European Escalation does for 2021. Specifically, it’s a beer-and-pretzels wargame, a title that combines real-world principles such as morale, logistics, visibility, and flanking with a sleek, approachable RTS veneer. Terrain matters: driving along a highway is faster, but leaves you vulnerable to anyone lurking nearby, while forests can provide shelter for special forces raids. Think a deeper version of the tactical battles in Total War, one that also allowed you to call on reinforcements in mid-battle.


The skirmish mode (limited to 1v1 matches) is passable, from what little I’ve seen. The skirmish AI plays a lot like an inexperienced human! I’ve seen it drive tanks too close to potential ambush locations, and I recently saw the AI open by spamming helicopters –terrifyingly effective against my initial line-up, but a game-loser once I responded with massed anti-aircraft units. However, these are the sorts of things that newbie players do – I know I’ve made the same mistakes – and as such, I’m not going to cast stones at the AI quite yet. The bigger problem with skirmish, as noted above, is that this mode doesn’t award stars for unlocking units. In other words, you cannot play this as a pure skirmish game. You’ll have to earn stars via the campaign, multiplayer, or both. This has been changed in a patch.

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While you can choose to replay campaign missions in order to keep more units alive, another option is to just unlock a different or a more powerful unit type. It’s a way to encourage the player to try out different units, perhaps, although newer model variations of the same unit are increasingly more expensive and can become a big drain on your resource pool. Another oddity is the lack of a “drag to aim direction” option for groups, as tanks have different levels of armor plating on their front, sides, and rear. They tend to turn the right way on their own without it becoming problematic, but given the amount of micromanagement that permeates the game all the way to ammo and fuel supply, it’s a rather strange omission. There are a few other weird instances of balancing from a realism perspective, such as anti-air vehicles being able to rout a T-80b tank, or infantry shooting down armor-plated choppers using assault rifles. These are also the instances where you remember you are playing something meant to be entertainment, not a simulation.


By contrast, the RTS side of Wargame's heritage is fairly minimal. There are no bases to build, no special powers or superweapons to use, and resourcing is limited to securing zones on the map with a command vehicle. New units may be requisitioned with the points that trickle in from the zones you occupy, provided that you control a deployment zone (the areas on the edges of the map marked with large white arrows).

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4 thoughts on “Wargame: European Escalation – 40% off sale & content patch”

At first glance, Wargame is a daunting prospect. There are a lot of variables to consider, and it does play out in real time, after all. However, a smart interface makes it very approachable. First off, Wargame allows you a better view of the battlefield than most RTS games, which tend to prevent you from zooming too far above your units.


That is not to say that cheap units win the day, as more expensive tanks will easily destroy cheaper tanks in a jousting match of shells. It just means you have to master your weapon systems and the manner you deliver ordnance in the most effective way possible. The complexity at the tactical level also means that multiple attacks across the map can lead to an information overload for a player, enabling distractions to perform stealthy flanking maneuvers.

Wargame european escalation keygen


Within a few missions you are forced to accept the merit in learning about weapon systems, as traditional RTS tactics lead to failure or Pyrrhic victories. For example, placing infantry with anti-tank missiles at the edge of a forest can completely obliterate armor at range, while infantry with RPGs in the middle of a forest has a smaller range to ambush anyone crazy enough to come close without scouting ahead; any infantry caught in the open, however, ends up as minced meat. What seem like paltry armored personnel carriers meant for transporting infantry can end up destroying your tanks with missiles at a huge range. Let them come close to your tanks, though, while keeping your units hidden in cover by manually turning off their individual weapons, and let loose salvos of doom to wipe out the pesky buggers. Add in varying levels of accuracy for ordnance and for units on the move — as well as the ability to suppress, panic, and rout units using overwhelming fire — and the military math starts to translate to the practicality of ambushing incoming forces from a static and hidden defensive position. It also means the enemy can do the same, and it often will.

Multiplayer and skirmish modes are essentially identical, with the main difference being whether or not a computer player is involved. In both modes there are 11 maps, three team options (NATO vs. Warsaw Pact or intra-alliance conflicts), two victory conditions (time limit or destruction), and a choice of how many points' worth of units each player may start with. The skirmish AI is fairly crafty, much like the AI in Eugen's earlier Act of War series. Even the easy AI makes a valiant effort to find and destroy your precious command vehicles.