There are 10 characters that can join your party in the main game of Amayui Castle Meister. In Kamidori Alchemy Meister, you have 16 characters in your party from the main game. Kamidori also has more NG+ characters. Amayui does do an interesting thing where Kitori can change into different forms of herself with different abilities, but that was something that Himegari Dungeon Meister had done before. All in all, more characters to craft different equipment for and to mix and match in order to optimize the party.

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  • Of the 111847 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the h-game Himegari Dungeon Meister
  • Of the 111389 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the h-game Himegari Dungeon Meister
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Orcs are ok protagonists if they look basically like humans (not like pigs or undead things). Basically, humanoids that look pretty much human are ok.


The mud golem was a seriously pleasant surprise. One of the best designed characters, imo.

This is a very solid tactical RPG game that is almost blighted by the presence of hentai. That said, some of the scenes still make me hot under the collar when I think back to them.


Is there any walkthrough for this? I'm stuck cannot find the devil statue, map EV-09 (king slime), cockroach map, sometimes i find some maids in the magic card asking question and I'm completely didn't understand they ask.

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Before compiling Textractor, you should get Qt version 5/13 and Visual Studio with CMake support. You should then be able to just open the source folder in Visual Studio and build.


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RS, SS - Usually male protagonist, because though I don't always put myself in the character's shoes, I do usually want the male to be the aggressor/initiator. Also, male-protag games often don't focus on male graphics (the guy(s) are partly or completely invisible/only parts of their bodies show up).


Himegari Dungeon Meister 姫狩りダンジョンマイスター

I downloaded the MEGA (1,4 g) version. Save / load function did not work. The game has started but the save load function does not work, and i got many got a pop-up error message.

I'd enjoy a game that had rape as a punishment if it was also an actual punishment for the player. Like, if you get raped during a level, then you get access to the rape scene for the first enemy that raped you - but you only get "Game Over" for the rest. But if you beat the whole level without being raped, then you get access to a gallery of all of the rape animations for that level.


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Anybody know where to download the patch (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/himegari-dungeon-meister-english-patch.zip) for just the UI? Want to use a extractor for the story.

Do you have to download the non-iso one too? Cause i downloaded the iso and the instructions say "Install base game = Himegari (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8841) ISO(MDF data)" but the mdf data is not setup excecutable?


But please don't forget that our rules still apply. Summarized, that means no unmarked spoilers, no piracy in any shape or form, give warnings for 18+ stuff, and be nice!

I think that adds something to the conflict of the game, in that it kinda pushes you into not only fighting to win, but also fighting the desire to lose. I hate reward, especially in RPGmaker settings, cuz it often feels like, to me, any shitty rpg game that could have been made with CG's thrown in at the end of stupid fetch quests, just feels lazy.

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Naruto's Assault on Kuroinu: The Order of Chivalry Strikes Back by Raptorcloak

I agree that making sex scenes a reward is often done just as a selling point, because the rest of the game is just lazily made and is poor quality. As I'm making my own game, my focus is on the sex scenes as a fundamental part of the story or completely optional content, rather than a "light at the end of the tunnel" reward for grinding through a ton of monsters or solving a bunch of puzzles that aren't fun. Those Tetris-like games that reveal an image as you get a higher score and stuff annoy me, and "relationship systems" that involve pressing the right buttons or timing clicks or spending in-game money to get "satisfaction points" are even worse.