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In 1996, a Texas journalist made what is considered one of the earliest sightings. Stopping his car late at night, the reporter was approached by two children who tapped on his window. As soon as he looked at them, he was gripped with terror.

Few things would be scarier than meeting a creature that had the head and legs of a goat but the body of a human. However, the Goatman of Maryland is even more terrifying because he also carries an axe.


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The characters who get their hearts ripped out of their chests are the lucky ones. A mild scene is where a woman gets sexually assaulted by her possessed horse. To this day, the Black Eclipse sequence remains one of the nightmarish things ever depicted in animation.

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The characters hunt down the fragments of the magical Shikon Jewel, which can grant incredible powers to the owner. They have to fight off tons of demons along the way, many of whom have some personal connection to the characters.


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So, should you turn VSync on or off? As you can see, it depends on your use case. In general, if your graphics processor is rendering more frames than the monitor can display, it may cause excess heat and screen tearing. Try enabling VSync either via the software or your graphics processor’s settings to calm things down.

All the trappings of epic fantasy are present here. Great warriors, fantastic battles, incredible magic -the like. Giant pigs roam the countryside with taverns on their back, giants act like lovesick school girls, and swords can zip across countrysides despite being broken off at the hilt.


Many DnD players may relate to Bell's social awkwardness and isolation. Not to say that DnD players are social outcasts -far from it, as DnD is a very social game -but many may relate to that fear of putting yourself out there with a girl.

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One of the coolest parts about DnD is when you and your friends come up with some crazy over-powered characters. Not just crazy, but I mean ridiculously overpowered.


The legend of the Goatman was kept alive by local teens who would use the excuse of “Goatman hunting” to organize drunken parties. Imagine meeting the Goatman when you’re drunk, though.

This is one of the greatest anime ever made. If you have not seen it, you must.


Sources vary, but legend has it that a young girl was kidnapped and murdered in the area. The killers cut up her body and tossed it into the woods. When the girl’s mother went searching for her daughter, all she found was a single leg. Unable to stop searching, she now wanders Nash Road with the decaying leg of her daughter stitched crudely to her body.

In Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut, people have reported sightings and attacks by small humanoids with grotesquely swollen heads. The Melon Heads, as they are known, are often associated with legends of people locked up in asylums.


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This is AMD’s direct answer to Nvidia G-Sync. While the results are great, you’ll require a FreeSync-capable monitor and AMD GPU to take advantage of FreeSync.

The Slayers is that campaign in anime form. Based on a series of light novels, the series follows Lina Inverse -a young, egocentric mage who solves all her problems by blowing them up.


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From the goofy, fun campaign to the darker, more serious one, Record of Lodoss War is the high fantasy anime. Like The Slayers, it is based on a series of light novels. Intriguingly, the writer based the light novels on a series of tabletop campaigns he ran with his friends.

Every DnD campaign sooner or later falls back on a good-ol' fashioned dungeon crawl. The great saga of Magi starts with one such dungeon crawl, and ends up following the great structure of most fun fantasy campaigns.

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The experiment went wrong, and the researcher was transformed into a half-man, half-goat. Apparently a little distressed by this change, he took out his rage on cars with an axe.


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The Skunk Ape is a creature said to stamp through the swamps of several states. Also known as the “swamp ape” or “swamp cabbage man,” this large humanoid beast carries with it a pungent and repulsive odor—as you might if you spent your life in the swamp. As it is supposed to look somewhat like Bigfoot, many people are searching to capture the Skunk Ape to find out just what it is.

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In the Arkansas town of Quitman, many of the houses are supposed to be home to ghosts. Gerald Floyd Bettis was born in one such haunted house in 1954. Apparently, the boy was sufficiently spooky for his home. He developed a mean streak along with unusual habits such as collecting cats and dogs.


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This anime serves as a parody of traditional fantasy. Accompanying Lina are a dopey yet strong barbarian, a feisty princess, and a nonhuman magic user/rogue with a dark and edgy past. Yes, Jeff, it is your DnD crew in animated form. Have fun watching them blow up dragons, fight evil wizards, and find magical artifacts.

The story follows Miaka, a girl from the real world transported to a magical version of ancient China. She becomes the Priestess of an old God, and is tasked with gathering seven powerful warriors together so she may bring this ancient entity to the real world.


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Though the story uses an Arabic aesthetic, the plotline and characters feel straight out of a DnD campaign, with Alibaba as a rogue, Aladdin as a summoner, and the slave girl Morgiana as a barbarian-esque fighter (or maybe a monk, since she's primarily a hand-to-hand combatant). And, like most great campaigns, what starts as a simple dungeon crawl becomes something far greater.

Monsters have always been with us. The oldest stories hint at tales stretching back before the invention of writing. One myth common across Indo-European cultures features a monstrous dragon—and its slaying by a brave hero.


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Arslan as a series feels more like historical fiction than fantasy, but that is partially what makes it feel so much like a DnD campaign. It doesn't necessarily feature crazy fantastic monsters, but it does feature medieval combat in all its glory. In that way, it feels reminiscent of Game of Thrones.


The main heroine of the series, Clare, is a particularly powerful Claymore whose adventures are far grimmer than typical anime fair. Her life is one of tragedy and nightmarish circumstances.

This anime, based on a series of popular light novels, takes place in the nation of Orario. Orario, for whatever reason, is built atop a massive dungeon, full of magical beasts that brave adventurers fight for money and glory.


In the same vein, sometimes a Campaign starts with a lot of potential. Awesome quest, epic enemies, and everyone really loves playing their characters. But then a problem comes: it just doesn't end. The DM keeps adding twists that keeps the game going, and you all feel like you're going through the motions after awhile until the whole thing wraps up rather suddenly.

Berserk follows Guts, a soldier-for-hire who joins the mercenary group The Band of the Hawk. Led by the charismatic, majestic Griffith, the Band helps end a war between two rival nations, and all seems great.


And this, in many ways, is that campaign. That one where everything goes wrong, where your characters, no matter how strong, simply cannot win. Everything is awful, and it is only by you playing at the top of your game that you don't die in the first few seconds.

The two asked for a lift to the cinema and became agitated when he would not let them in. When he broke eye contact with them, the children’s eyes turned pure black. Understandably, the journalist drove off rather quickly.


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The above descriptions refer to the default VSync function that has existed for years on PC. However, more recently, the hardware powerhouses of the games industry have begun coming up with new and improved forms of VSync that negate some of those problems. Here’s what you need to know about them.

In Michigan, the Melon Heads were children suffering from hydrocephalus, a real condition that can cause the head to swell immensely. After being abused, they escaped from the hospital where they were being held and became feral in the wild. Of course, there is no evidence for the Melon Heads’ existence. But there never is any evidence—until there is.


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In Ohio, the Melon Heads are said to be cannibals who stalk rural places. With shriveled bodies but massive heads, these pale creatures surprise the unwary and attack them with their pointed teeth. Local tales describe how the Melon Heads were taken in as children by a demented scientist called Dr. Crow.