My Review: The next amp sim/FX combo comes from the old german workhorses in the audio technology space, Native Instruments. Best known for their Komplete range virtual instruments and samples. Guitar Rig 5 Pro is their flagship product in the amp simulator space with the Guitar Rig Player offering a free alternative with some basic functionality.

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We’ve put instruments in a flat box, replicating the best software versions of physical instruments – but there were trade-offs. Even if you perfectly matched the sound quality, you lose the actual human contact: the vibration of the guitar (link)’s body against your chest, the resonance of a piano’s soundboard, and the weight of the keys in your fingers. These elements change the expressiveness of instruments, and steer your ideas in different directions. Beyond the haptics of the instrument, the workflow also changed. It became easier to save presets and copy existing sounds, without having to patch sounds together with cables, and much easier to play instruments that took years to master.

Guitar Combos (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8058) is a series of three amp emulations consisting of a classic tube amplifier with a speaker box and several integrated effects, giving musicians and producers straightforward access to a wide range of guitar tones in software. Guitar Combos are based on the "Dynamic Tube Response" technology from Guitar Rig.


The Pinnacle of Classic Chorus, Flanging/Doubling, and Tube Tremolo Effects. Taking you deep down the rabbit hole of classic analog modulation, UAFX Astra Modulation Machine serves up the most sonically authentic bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato, studio flanger/doubler, and tube-driven tremolo effects ever placed into a single stompbox.

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Last year I worked with developer 3D Live to create the first ever VR lyric video experience for Oculus DK2. We unveiled it at a party for the GRAMMYs, and brought it to Lollapalooza and SXSW. It was a natural evolution from the MPP3D tour, where we brought a semi truck’s worth of 3D LED screens to over 35 sold out shows nationwide. The “In The Air” Oculus experience showcased DTS Headphone X technology so you felt “inside the song,” able to move around and distinguish individual stems and instruments in the mix, with added sound effects as you traveled through space. The experience was enhanced by a SubPac and a pair of high-end Audeze headphones. The point of the experience was that you weren’t just listening to a stream, watching a music video, or panning around a 360 image – you were inside the experience. It combined elements of movies, gaming, and music videos – but was distinctly different. We built it with a video game engine called Unreal normally used for first person shooters. Both the MPP3D and Oculus experience changed how I approach the music creation process.


Some of the biggest advantages of VR will revolve around collaboration. Rather than face timing and Splicing with collaborators across the globe, you could be next to them in the same virtual studio – hearing the same mixing environment acoustics, with access to the same DAW. Session players could track their parts in real time. The main benefit would be less back and forth communication, and better creative flow. Being in the actual room with real humans is always going to be better, but for remote situations this brings real advantages and better opportunities for learning.

A new range of sound packs captures the musical threads that tie together evolving styles and scenes. Each Pack is a curated selection of instruments (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8551), clips and samples that share a common sonic theme. They’re ready to create with as they are, and are also set up with Macros for shaping into something completely new.

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Create drums and bass, or chords and melody in tandem. Work with multiple MIDI clips across multiple tracks within a single view—in both Session and Arrangement. Now you can edit smarter and take better control of the musical relationships in your song.


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With its improved gain range you can more effectively use Utility for volume automation, keeping the mixer free. The Bass Mono feature in Utility and EQ Eight's extended 10Hz low frequency range give you more precise bass control. Split Stereo in the mixer now allows for flexible placement of individual channels in the stereo space.

When an idea emerges, press Capture after you played it. Live will match your tempo and timing, and start your melody or groove in a perfect loop. You can also use Capture to progress your songs: add new parts or overdub MIDI into existing clips without breaking your flow—just press Capture after you’ve played it right.


The Wave allows you to craft melodies with blocks, and dynamically perform music along with reactive visuals to a real audience in VR that dance and fist pump to their heart’s delight. Soundstage allows you to play virtual drums, trigger samplers, play a floating keyboard, and string together modules with virtual patch cables.

According to Sony, version Acid Pro 7 offers improvement of the midi and tracking sections of the software as well as some welcome additions in terms of plugins such as Garritan Aria, Acid Pro Effects Rack by iZotope, Native Instruments Guitar Combos (check this out) and Submersible Music KitCore. Sony have added an audio and midi mixing console, input busses, real time rendering and midi track freeze, features that a lot of users were hoping to see in version 6. There are also a few features under the hood that enhance the user experience as well and we'll get into these details later.


The most crucial aspect will be getting the social component right. VR with friends is like VR squared – it completely changes the experience from isolated and self-reflective, to shared and integrated. Demos like Oculus Toybox blew my mind, where you play ping pong with another person in VR and toss around objects in one virtual room. The new platform has to create a significantly better experience for all avenues of entertainment, but it typically needs to be built from the ground up for this new medium, not ported from an existing product. You can’t just add cut shots, zooms, and pans because it works in movies. VR is already compelling for great experiences – but what about creating music, and what are the limitations?

Native Instruments Kontakt

Ableton Live 10 Intro - Electronic Download Please note this is available via ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD only, your download code will be sent to you in 3 hours or less during normal business hours. There are NO returns on this product.


Tilt Brush is one of the more satisfying experiences in VR, which allows you to paint in a virtual space. Creating in Tilt brush is a dance performance in itself, so I expect that creating music will also be compelling to watch, especially as Twitch starts integrating VR broadcasts. Right now watching video of someone scrolling around a DAW is pretty boring, but virtually being in the studio, either real or rendered – will be amazing.

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In it’s current state, VR presents a ton of exciting areas for music, and a handful of challenges. It’s expensive to develop content, and expensive to buy the setup (average setup is $2200 w/ headset, controllers, and computer), with limited reach – but the technology is already here, and it’s ready for you – but you really have to experience it for yourself. These video clips don’t do it justice. How will VR integrate into your music making process?


If you don't have a amp simulator in your VST kit - GET THIS. For the low price, you can't go wrong.

Expand your setup and collaborate with others using Link. The technology syncs timing over a network connection, so software like Reason, Serato and an ever-growing number of iOS apps work together in your Live setup.


Mix with greater flexibility—process individual group elements, a subgroup or an entire bus. And manage Sets more easily; even with lots of tracks and a detailed arrangement, you can use multiple levels of groups to quickly fold tracks together for a simple overview.

Automobile Instruments ActiveX 3.1

Live’s interface has been updated to be cleaner and clearer with sharper graphics and refined colors. And a range of optimized themes improves visibility in all environments.


In it’s current state, virtual reality googles are fairly bulky and cumbersome – requiring several sensors for room scale VR and an umbilical-like tether to your computer. Headsets can get greasy or steamed up as your body heats up from physical activity, and the main cable can quickly get tangled around your body. With Samsung Gear VR your battery runs out of juice fairly quickly, and the phone can quickly overheat. With all it’s bulk, do you really want to spend 12 hour marathon studio sessions in VR?


When used with KOMPLETE, the KOMPLETE KONTROL software allows for unified browsing from a single plug-in. It allows you to search sounds across all KOMPLETE and NKS instruments (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3637) by simply pressing the controller's Browse button and turning the push encoder to select your instrument and sound. Sounds can also be searched using musical tags and keywords.


I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, running installer as administrator, etc etc. At this point my Service Center shows an authorized copy of Combos (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3368) but also shows individual entries for the three amps that show as not authorized, and I have no idea why.