The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion allows you to play all the original missions with all the new weapons, new equipment and the new hold command functionality. This is on top of the new missions that comes with it.

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Fallout: New Vegas has them in several varieties. From the ordinary break action M79 'Thumper', the pump action China Lake grenade launcher, and automatic grenade machinegun. The grenades do explode on impact, though at least they guarantee to reduce your enemies into Ludicrous Gibs very effectively.


Left 4 Dead 2 has one where the shots explode on impact and can be used with incendiary or explosive ammo. Valve put the weapon in just because the fans wanted to see more stuff explode.

Similar to its previous title, it introduces freedom to customization ability and weaponry systems. It takes place in the modern city environment where the player can freely move to buildings and their floors to complete objectives.


Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Due to a fluke with US a weapons laws, if the bore in the barrel is under a certain curvature, it is legally a Flare Gun and neither a machine gun or grenade launcher. This means any old civilian can own a specially made one where the barrel bore has been reduced, and the company making them even produces a variant for civilian sales. However, its massive price tag doesn't have too many law makers worried.


Sniper Elite 4 is an Action-Adventure, Tactical, Third-person Shooter, Single and Multiplayer video game by Rebellion Developments. It is a sequel to the original game of Sniper Elite III available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. This game is set in Italy in 1943 and offers similar gameplay as Sniper Elite III, with some brand new exciting features and upgrades. It is played from a third-person perspective where the player kills an enemy from the long-distance: the X-Ray kill cam then activates to find where exactly the bullet has hit the target and how much damage it has caused.

Arm A has many under-barrel, two shoulder fired, and two mounted grenade launchers, capable of firing several different kinds of explosives as well as smoke grenades of numerous colors. As in real life, the explosive grenades will fail to detonate if they haven't traveled far enough.


One of the most well known grenade launchers is the M79 "Blooper" used extensively in the Vietnam war. It was a single-shot, break-action 40mm launcher, though the gun plus additional rounds weighed so much the soldier couldn't carry a regular rifle. Although the soldiers with M79s were also supplied with several M576 40mm rounds, which did not fire grenades, but rather fired #4 Buckshot. Despite the M203 below effectively replacing it, it's still in use due to its longer barrel giving it twice the effective range.

All Promethean Knights come equipped with a grenade launcher. Additionally, the "Dying Star" Lightrifle in Halo 5: Guardians Warzone fires sticky energy bombs.

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It's worth noting that some of these grenades do things beyond simply exploding. HK416's Parasitic Grenades apply damage over time and a Damage-Increasing Debuff if the target isn't killed. M4 SOPMOD II's explodes into cluster munitions on impact. Zas M21's also apply a damage increasing debuff if more than three enemies are hit, or buff her own damage if less than that amount are damaged, and so on.


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The series has under-barrel grenade launcher attachments available to Scouts who reach Elite status (or change to an advanced Scout class in the sequels). They fire grenades much further than they can be thrown by hand, though the arc can make aiming a bit tricky.

Smash TV has two types of grenade launchers among the powerups: one with normal-looking grenades that fly level and explode on impact, one with futuristic grenades that fly up into the air and land a fixed distance away. Both with a ridiculously high rate of fire, natch.


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Plagued by Pop up Virus - Inqwire and etc

HijackThis is being run from a temporary folder; this means that any backups it creates as a result of fixes made with it will be lost. Please create a new folder for it and place the program into that new folder.


BlackSite: Area 51 includes core features such as different locations, unlock new weapons, different modes, well-programmed enemies, ride military vehicles and stealth elements, etc. The game offers quite impressive gameplay, a well-written storyline, dynamic background music, and brilliant graphics details.

Originally in 12 gauge, later versions were 26/5mm and 37mm. While sometimes used as a movie prop gun and portrayed as firing explosive grenades, it only fired shotgun shells or tear gas rounds in real life.


The grenades fly in a nearly straight trajectory and explode on contact. The Excidium borders the line between a grenade launcher and cannon; the splash damage from its 40mm shells are enough to smite enemies from a dozen meters away. You even get an achievement for gibbing yourself with the splash.

Warframe features a few grenade launchers that the Tenno can use, such as Grineer-produced Tonkor or Corpus-produced Penta. One must be careful when using them as they are some of the few weapons that can inflict damage on their users.


Armory & Machine: One of the skills you have is called Grenade Launcher. Compared to Frag Grenade, it deals the same amount of damage, but has half the cooldown time and uses twice the ammunition, giving it higher DPS at increased ammo cost.

The first game didn't actually have grenade launchers per se. They were Dummied Out fairly late in development and were intended to be a variation of the Rocket Launcher class of weapons. The only two remaining grenade launcher type weapons are the unique Leviathan and extremely rare Jackal.


GoldenEye (1997) on the N64 has the cylinder type and the shots can bounce off walls. With the All Guns cheat, you can wield two of them! The Wii version makes grenade launchers an attachment. They lose the wall-bounce that the N64 version had, but it's still a One-Hit Kill if the enemy is close enough.

Rifle-wielding heroes and villains in DC Universe Online have a grenade launcher attachment as an unlockable trait. They can also obtain a proper six-chamber grenade launcher as a skin for the rifle, though this has no effect on its primary function.


Elite SWAT (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5989) has very simple controls, such as using a virtual pad located at the left bottom of the screen, the player can move the character. On the right side of the screen, the player finds action buttons letting the player fire, reload, throw grenades, and use knives. The game includes plenty of levels where the player can face hundreds of enemies with advanced weapons.

The Star Trek: Elite Force series features both automatic rifles with underslung launchers and dedicated grenade launchers. The Compound Grenade Launcher in the first game fires both bouncing timed grenades and sticky timed mines over short distances, while the second game features a grenade launcher firing timed grenades at much longer range.


Far Cry 2 has two: the M79 and the MGL-140. The latter is a complete game breaker in both singleplayer and multiplayer, usually banned on servers.

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In Duke Nukem 3D, there's one less than a minute into the first level if you know where to look. It's actually a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher though, so it behaves like a typical FPS rocket launcher.


The 200X games have assault rifles with integrated grenade launchers as starting weapons. Also, 2004 has a Grenade Launcher weapon which is actually a Sticky Bomb launcher: it's remote-detonated projectiles (8 max) magnetically attach themselves onto the target, exploding when their owner triggers them or dies.

In the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Fifth Man", Jack O'Neill uses a Colt M203 grenade launcher to shoot down a death glider. The M203 has also been used in its attached-to-rifle form in both SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.


SWAT (visit your url) 4 Quick Mission Maker Map Pack. Eight game levels created by members of the SWAT 4 QA Team using the quick mission maker. No new maps, just modified missions on existing maps.

Swat 4: gold edition includes both the base game and its expansion, swat 4: the stetchkov syndicate

The Eightball rocket launcher in the Unreal series can function as a grenade launcher of sorts. By using Secondary Fire, rockets are ejected without igniting their motors.


Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: The Zeta had grenade launchers in its forearms. A few other Mobile Suits in the series also carry them.

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Rising Storm has the Type 89 Grenade Launcher for the Japanese, also known as the "knee mortar", a weapon exclusive to their Light Mortar class. As the name implies, it can launch Type 91 high explosive grenades at enemy positions, to devastating effect.


Monday Night Combat's Assault class has a grenade launcher as his secondary weapon, mostly used to shoot around corners because of the frankly ridiculous bounce the grenades possess. Super Monday Night Combat features Karl, who has his own version of the grenade launcher (that's built into his arm, no less), firing "bouncing buddies" that bounce in place once they hit the ground.

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Darkwing Duck: Trust Disney to bring us a grenade launcher, in the form of Darkwing's 'gas gun'. Granted, it also doubles as a Grappling-Hook Pistol, but he's also used some rather special-purpose grenades — smoke's the most common, but various powders (and one actual explosive) have come out of the barrel.

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Some Awesome Personnel Carriers also feature automatic grenade launchers (such as the Mk 19, mentioned above) alongside heavy machine guns as standard armament, to help compensate for their lighter armor protection. One can imagine that this makes a devastating combination against infantry and light vehicles.


Or, it looks like it. It looks and loads identically to one, but the first time she fires it, it doesn't cause any more damage than a pistol. Later on, she fires it and produces a small explosion, but its still not quite at the level you'd expect. Granted, the series is prone to giving the title characters abnormal ammo, including the main character having bullets that function as flash grenades and smoke bombs, so Kanon may be using some form of less explosive Ammo for closer range.

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On the UNSC side, there's Halo: Reach's actual break-action Grenade Launcher, which has some unique features not always found in shooters; it'll detonate on a fuse when shot 'normally', but holding down the trigger allows for remote detonation (and arms an EMP mode which shorts out shields and vehicles). Because you need to literally have it explode in somebody's face (or between their feet) for a One-Hit Kill, fans and the producers have nicknamed the Grenade Launcher the 'Pro Pipe'. There's also Halo 4's Sticky Detonator, which is basically just a miniature Grenade Launcher.


You cannot beat this expansion pack for $30! SWAT 4 has been a great FPS - but Stetchkov (find) greatly improves upon it. The AI is significantly better - no longer do you walk into a room and find a baddie just ambling around. More weapons have been added - I have really enjoyed the FN P-90. The levels (seven new ones) have that lived in/realistic look - no more dozens of pristine rooms with only a few things in them. The new On My Command is great - you can put each team at an entrance and have them bang and clear at the same time. Ok, some downsides: Still not many poly's for the bad-guys - they look a little blocky even on the highest settings. And, speaking of which, even with a $200+ 256-mb graphics card, this game still bogs my system down when there's a lot of action. And, believe me, there will be a lot of action! Oh - the file structure is unchanged so you can get into it right away and modify weapon reticle bloom, etc. And, unlike the original - I've not yet had a crash to desktop during gameplay.

Battlefield 3 has the M320 grenade launcher as a possible first-slot gadget for Assault players (in place of either a Medkit or an M26 MASS shotgun). Unlike other games, the M320 is a "standalone" weapon by default, and one has to equip the Underslung Rail (the starting underbarrel attachment for assault rifles) in order for the grenade launcher to be mounted underbarrel for the "fast" weapon switch time akin to Call of Duty.


Battlefield 2 features grenade launchers attached to some assault rifles. They used to explode right away, but a later patch (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/swat-4-stetchkov-syndicate-patch-11-music.zip) fixed them to arm after traveling a certain distance.

Popular Downloads - SWAT

Half-Life 2 features a similar gun that has the same behavior. Meanwhile the Combine Pulse Rifle has a high-tech equivalent to the Grenade Launcher, but seeing as it's firing what amounts to a bouncy ball of death, it doesn't quite fall under standard guidelines for a grenade.


Girls Frontline features a whole host of grenade-launching assault rifles, but only four of them (CZ 805, Zastava M21, A-91, and K11) are explicitly shown with mounted grenade launchers. HK416 also gains a standalone M320 grenade launcher with her MOD 3 upgrade.

Lances (a fantasy take on the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher that looks like a jousting lance) utilize a cold-launch system for their warheads that consists of a kick charge that boosts the rocket to a Minimum Safe Distance before the motor starts so that the Lancer doesn't have to spontaneously evolve fireproof eyebrows. The Mortar variant skips the rocket for more explosive, creating a grenade launcher the size of a person.


Description of Grenade Launcher

All the game missions are set in various locations around the globe. Each player can customize his character and set of weapons and accessories before every match using earned currency. AK-47, M16 Rifle, M4A1, and other deadly weapons are at the player’s disposal.

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In The Dogs of War, we have "XM-18's" (actually Manville revolver launchers) used for the climatic attack. There's also a Shirtless Scene of Tom Berenger testing the grenade launcher in mid-ocean, in one of the most laugh-out-loud Rated M for Manly spectacles you will ever see.


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When Captain Kanril Eleya of Bait and Switch is selecting her weapons for an away mission, among other things she picks out a G23 grenade launcher and a belt of photon grenades. When she uses it, it's described as using a mass accelerator to fire the round.

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In Dobermann, Nat the Gypsy has a M203 Grenade Launcher mounted under her FN Minimi Paratrooper. She uses it to blast her way into the bank.

I bought SWAT 4 Gold from Direct2Drive and now they have been taken over by Gamefly. Since the take over around January 2021, I cannot play the game because Gamefly still has not provided a new license and activation for the game. Another wonderful story about DRM punishing customers.


Many guns in the Modern Warfare series include a grenade launcher as an optional attachment, known as the Noob-Tube by many players who feel that its ability to deliver unskilled kills makes it a Game-Breaker used only by Noobs. Particularly when combined with the Scavenger or One-Man-Army perks which allow more than 2 grenades each life. They avert the aforementioned unrealistic portrayal as they do have impact detonation and you can Cherry Tap by hitting someone with an unprimed nade if you're close enough. However, the unexploded grenade is actually a one hit kill.

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Grenade launchers in Video Games tend to behave in an unrealistic fashion. A real launcher grenade primes itself after flying a certain distance (so the user won't accidentally blow himself up) and then explodes as soon as it hits something, doing damage to everything near it. In video games, they tend to behave more like thrown grenades, ricocheting off the walls and exploding with a timer. Sometimes, they can inexplicably tell the difference between living targets and scenery, exploding on contact with the former but not the latter. No "Arc" in "Archery" is usually averted with them, as like thrown grenades they are usually meant for arcing over cover. If an accessory, they can be used under Secondary Fire.

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Mod Patch 1.25 from 1.2

Battle Forces – FPS, online game is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by FULL HP. As a shooter, the player’s main role is to get rid of the enemies within the time limit by shooting them. Two teams consisting of five players for each team face off in five-minute battles where the team who has taken down the other team members first will win the quest.

The player must equip himself with powerful weapons for these challenging missions. Additionally, a large assortment of grenades is available that is useful to damage a large group of enemies.


Today I have finally completed the release of the next part of the CMK project. Having ditched a lot of time, I brought to mind the legendary.

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The more common M203 grenade launcher is the ubiquitous underbarrel grenade launcher. Universal fittings allow it to be attached to any weapon that uses a rail system, and it's a breech-loading single-shot weapon that loads the round behind the tube.


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Far Cry 3 has the pump-action GM-94, while Far Cry 4 has the M79 as a secondary weapon and the GM-94 and fully-automatic drum fed QLZ-87 as primary weapons. Needless to say, the latter is a game breaker, only being balanced by the ammunition for it being very expensive.

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Empire Earth's first anti-tank infantry unit is a grenade launcher, but the weapon behaves more like its replacement, the bazooka. The only modern-age arcing weapons are mortars and artillery.


In UFO Afterlight the grenade launcher munitions can also be primed and thrown by hand. They include HE, Incendiaries, EMP and acid.

Haru Okumura from Persona 5 wields grenade launchers as her main firearms. As such, she's the only party member whose gun can deal damage to all present enemies with just one shot.


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Fallout 3 has a unique variant of the missile launcher called the "Miss Launcher", created when a Brotherhood Outcast tried to modify a launcher to increase its accuracy and failed miserably. In a research log on the subject, he insists that it's not broken, "it just does not function properly". It launches armed rockets without igniting their propellant by using a compressed air bottle, which adds to its firepower.

UFO: Alien Invasion features a revolver-style grenade launcher. Which can unload its entire cylinder as a 6-shot burst in a single turn.


In the Jaws ride at Universal Studios, Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours make it so all skippers are equipped with grenade launchers in the event of another shark attack. Of course, the skipper that the guests ride with ends up having to use it.

Men O' War Bombardiers in Warmachine are soldiers wearing steam-driven Powered Armor and wielding grenade launching chainsaws. It can't get much more awesome than that.


For a heavier firepower there's also AGS-40, which is a 40-mm version of the same concept. It's quite a bit heaver than the AGS-30, but still in the general AGS-17 range, so it can still be carried by two solders.

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Many modern military vehicles feature smoke grenade launchers to deploy a quick smoke screen to temporarily hide themselves from enemy view. Some vehicles, such as the French LeClerc main battle tank can swap the smoke grenades for anti-personnel rounds to defend against infantry attacks.


More realistic reactions, from both suspects and civilians. Times have changed from 2004 - the public has a deeper sense of mistrust for police officers.

Fabiola whips out a China Lake grenade launcher during the finale of her shootout in the Yellow Flag

The game contains 70 different levels, and you must complete each one to progress in-game. You can customize your character and weapons as you want with a customization option. The game includes most prominent features such as a variety of Weapons, Challenging Quests, various Modes, Upgrades, Power-ups, etc. With the exciting story, addictive and quite impressive gameplay, superb mechanics, and excellent visuals, Blacklight: Tango Down is the best to play and enjoy.


1.1 patch is available here

Four playable character classes are available, including the Commando, the Siren, the Assassin, and the Gunzerker. Each character class has its unique weapons, powers, skills, abilities, and more. In the game, you must complete all the objectives to earn skill points and kill a considerable amount of enemies. You can upgrade your weapons, items, equipment, with your skill points.