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One question that arises is: Which streaming camera should I use for DJ set livestreaming? In this article, I’ll look at three choices that DJs typically go for, what other considerations you need to have in mind when choosing, and the pros and cons of each.

With NDI – Once you start getting serious about this, NDI is a pro solution that adds your pro cameras to your Ethernet network. It’s extremely powerful, and indeed can even work over WiFi, but it is prohibitively expensive, costing upwards of $500 per “converter” box, per camera.


A step up from using the camera built-in to your phone or tablet is to use a separate webcam. This means you can have the camera somewhere away from where you’ll be controlling the broadcast from (and possibly replying to your viewers from too) making things more convenient and more professional.

Which streaming camera do we use? We have various Sony A6400 and A6500 APS-C mirrorless cameras, that just so happen to also have awesome 4K video recording, and easy HD streaming to our broadcast computer via HDMI. When I say “easy”, I mean they can do it – if you have a reasonably modern photo camera or camcorder already, as long as it has a USB output or can give a “clean” HDMI output, it is probably possible to use it as a livestream camera.

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Until you know some of those things, you can’t be sure of the right solution regarding your camera or cameras, and so are more likely to spend hastily or foolishly. Your first few livestreams are likely to be forgettable for all kinds of reasons anyway, so just get doing it, try different software solutions, and when you’re settled on a way of livestreaming, that’s the time to invest in the right solution for a camera or two to raise you to the next level.

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Digital DJ Tips Which Camera Is Best For DJ Set Livestreaming? Comments Feed

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The Pro license is US$299 US, or a monthly subscription of US$19

Worth pointing out that if you are actually using a Mac or Windows computer to livestream from, it is still possible to use your phone or tablet as a remote camera – by installing a remote camera app on your phone and a client app on your Mac or Windows PC, your broadcast software will be able to “see” the iOS or Android device. Search your app store for such software – there are several choices.

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It is actually possible to do this even if you want to carry on using your phone or tablet as your “main” broadcasting device – at least if that happens to be an iPhone or iPad. Check out Switcher Studio if this sounds appealing – it’s an example of a piece of software that runs on your iPhone or iPad as your broadcast solution, sending its signal to YouTube, Facebook etc, but that also lets you use a “spare” iPhone or iPad or two wirelessly as remote cameras.

Serato DJ Pro users can use the Pitch n Time DJ expansion pack to shift and sync the keys of two tracks

The tricky part about doing this is that you cant just plug an HDMI lead into a computer. It’s very important too that you realise that it won’t work to buy a cheap USB to HDMI adaptor (they type you might use to wire your computer into your TV, for instance), because these don’t work in the “other direction”. You need a more expensive solution.