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Maruti Suzuki CSR activities for rural infrastructure are specially prominent in the villages surrounding the company’s Manesar plant. Interventions include upgrades of parks and recreation grounds, community halls and playgrounds.


This forum fosters dialogue about sustainability in the future and partnerships for that purpose. The Bengaluru Sustainability Forum was established in 2021 in collaboration with the National Center for Biological Sciences. One outcome from last year was the Science Gallery’s first interactive exhibition ‘Submerge’ and nine events in Bengaluru city.

Two crystal forms of GtFliW were observed that diffracted to 1/45- and 1/8-Å resolution (Table 1). During the course of our study, the structure of a contractile protein from Bacillus halodurans (Bh) became available through a structural-genomics consortium (PDB ID code 2AJ7). This protein shared high sequence similarity with FliW and could be successfully used as a search model for molecular replacement. We conclude that PDB ID code 2AJ7 is a FliW homolog. Moreover, both crystal structures of GtFliW and that of BhFliW are almost identical (Fig. S2A, also compare to PDB ID code 2AJ7).


Flagellated species containing FliW and CsrA are shown in green; a full circle marks the general presence of the genes in the respective clades. The flagellin protein serves as a marker for flagella-mediated motility.

For a different strategy to market its new launch ‘Lakmé Pu

CSR of Maruti Suzuki is mapped out on the same value system that drives the company’s business operations. Fundamental to the way of being here is the principle of ‘optimum resource utilisation’. Not only does this enhance the efficiency of operations it also ties in with the corporate social responsibility of Maruti Suzuki. Optimum resource utilisation leads to more energy and resource conservation, thus fulfilling the manufacturer’s contribution to the circular economy.


Wipro Limited consistently features in the Great Place to Work index because of a culture that fosters inclusion and openness. Speaking of inclusiveness, it won the NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion awards (2021) for ‘Gender Inclusion’. It bagged a spot in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 2021. So strong is the reputation for this trait, it scored 90 out of 100 on the 2021 Corporate Equality Index and was listed in the “100 Best Companies for Women in India” list. It was dubbed a “Champion of Inclusion” in the 2021 Working Mother & Avtar Most Inclusive Companies Index (MICI).

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CSR of Maruti Suzuki skilling

The ability of ribosomes to access mRNAs at the ribosome-binding site (RBS) is crucial for productive translation and presents an important element of translational control during bacterial gene expression. The Shine–Dalgarno sequence is part of the RBS and marks the starting point of translation, as it allows base pair interaction of the mRNA with the 3′-end of the 16S ribosomal RNA (1, 2). Translation is inhibited if an RBS is occluded either by base-paring RNAs or by regulatory proteins.

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For in vitro pull-down assays CsrA, FliW, and their variants were coproduced in E. coli BL21(DE3). The bait protein contained a hexa-histidine tag at its N terminus, whereas the prey protein did not. Cells were resuspended in a lysis buffer containing 20 mM Hepes-Na, 200 mM NaCl, 20 mM MgCl2, 20 mM KCl, and 40 mM imidazole, pH 8/0. After cell lysis and removal of cell debris by high-speed centrifugation, the lysate was incubated with Ni-agarose beads for 5 min. After excessive washing of the beads with lysis buffer, bound protein was eluted in a buffer containing 20 mM Hepes-Na, 200 mM NaCl, 20 mM MgCl2, 20 mM KCl, and 500 mM imidazole, pH 8/0. Eluates were analyzed by Coomassie-stained SDS/PAGE.


The effort is to increase the cost effectiveness of our implementation and this is helped by an independent external evaluation. In addition, the company is building a 50-bed hospital in the Mehsana area of Gujarat, which lacks in medical facilities. This would be operational by April 2021. It can later be expanded to a 100-bed hospital if required. Our partner for operating the hospital is Zydus Cadilla.

Maruti Suzuki Foundation implements the programmes either directly or through another trust or foundation and NGO partners, business partners or registered societies. An expert agency or consultancy firm does baseline surveys before the CSR of Maruti Suzuki takes on a project. A Need Assessment Survey (recommended reading) is done to discern where exactly the community needs support. The results of these surveys (clicking here) form the basis of community development programmes.


The Maruti Suzuki corporate social responsibility programme forms Road Safety Clubs that includes teachers and students. They engage in mock road scene investigations and competitions.

CsrA proteins from different bacterial species form highly similar homodimers that are composed of a five-stranded, domain-swapped β-sheet with a barrel-like architecture (6⇓⇓–9). CsrA homodimers contain two RNA binding sites that establish optimal contacts with an A/UCANGGANGU/A sequence motif present in the 5′UTRs (8, 10). When bound by CsrA, the ANGGAN core folds into a loop stabilized by a 3-bp stem of the flanking nucleotides. In this clamp-like structure, the Shine–Dalgarno is sequestered and translation is repressed.


Implementation of CSR Policy

In Bacillus subtilis, CsrA inhibits translation of flagellin by binding to two sites that are present within the 5′UTR of the hag mRNA (10, 18). FliW inhibits binding of CsrA to the 5′UTR of the hag mRNA, allowing the translation of flagellin (19, 20). FliW, which can also bind to flagellin, is sequestered as cytoplasmic levels of flagellin rise, allowing CsrA again to inhibit translation of the hag mRNA. This cycle is thought to enable homeostasis of cytoplasmic flagellin concentrations over a low and narrow threshold (19). A recent study in Campylobacter jejuni has shown that CsrA regulation by FliW might be much more conserved among flagellated eubacteria than anticipated so far (21). Additional experiments demonstrated that the hag mRNA is not the only target of CsrA, but rather the most abundant in a pool of several motility-related mRNAs that fall under CsrA regulation (21).

Azim Premji quit his position as Executive Chairman last year to focus on philanthropy. His son Rishad Premji took over the baton with the same humility and rootedness you see in Premji Sr. The confident Harvard grad believes that business organisations must serve a larger social purpose.


CSR at Maruti Suzuki runs 12 Automated Driving Test Centres (ADTC) in Delhi and one in Dehradun in association with the state transport departments. ADTCs have tracks designed for driving tests, and cutting edge technology like high res cameras for recording the tests, biometrics and analytics tools. These centres have tested 1 lakh candidates till date.

Although the company has set up several driving schools in partnership with dealers, Maruti Suzuki CSR puts road safety at the top of the list of activities since there isn’t much awareness about it in the consciousness of the average Indian. Pedestrians and drivers are known to flout traffic rules in every small town and large metro. Hence the concern with scaling up the tally of driving schools in India.


The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, The Kraft Heinz Company provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants or on the go.

The better the wood preparation, the better the final result. Minwax® preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes.


About Maruti Suzuki India

Notably, in E. coli and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, CsrA has been shown to interact directly with the 5′UTR of the flhDC mRNA and to stabilize the transcript (31⇓–33). FlhDC represent the master regulatory proteins of flagella biosynthesis in these organisms. In Salmonella typhimurium, deletion of the CsrA interacting sRNAs CsrB/C show increased transcription of the mRNA encoding the major flagellin protein FliA (34). This finding is in contrast to B. subtilis and C. jejuni, where the deletion of FliW decreases the production of flagellin (19, 21). Thus, it could be concluded that a major target of CsrA regulation by FliW or sRNAs is the flagella assembly pathway with respect to the homeostatic control of flagellin.

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In B. subtilis, CsrA inhibits translation of flagellin by binding to two adjacent sites present within the 5′UTR of hag (18). Interaction of FliW with CsrA enables translation of flagellin, which itself can also sequester FliW (19, 20). This pattern of interactions permits FliW to antagonize initiation of flagellin translation (via CsrA) in a flagellin-dependent manner. FliW thus appears to participate in the homeostatic maintenance of flagellin concentrations.

Tata Motors is addressing the problem of malnutrition under its health programme ‘Aarogya’. The company under its CSR program has set up malnutrition treatment centres in Jamshedpur where severely malnourished infants and children who are between 0-6 years of age are medically treated so that they achieve normal health as per World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols. The program focusses on maternal and child health, with a holistic and balanced approach towards preventive healthcare and curative healthcare interventions. The Company has tied up with nutrition rehabilitation centres across India to raise awareness on the health of children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. The firm has been providing nutritious breakfast, holding sessions for pregnant and lactating women and organising awareness drives to reduce the rate of malnutrition. The entire programme not only takes care of the children until there is an improvement in their health but also ensures that prerequisite care is taken thereafter too.


We therefore suspect that CsrA-C and FliW are subject to coevolution. Absence of CsrA-C and FliW in only some species suggests their secondary loss during the course of evolution. Taking these data together, we find that both proteins apparently form an ancient regulatory module of flagellated bacteria.

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Along with its implementation partner, it has organized regular health forums and household level beneficiary counselling that emphasized on safe motherhood, child nutrition, newborn care, breastfeeding, immunization, sanitation, etc, thereby increasing awareness among the rural communities. The project has reached out to a total of 113,182 households and 50,245 under-five children and succeeded in bringing a significant reduction in the prevalence of malnutrition (wasting) from 19 to 4 per cent in the targeted communities.


Values driving CSR of Maruti Suzuki

The strands β3 to β5 form one-half, whereas strands β6, β8, and β9 close the β-barrel structure. A short α-helical segment of 1/5 turns and several loops, as well as three short β-strands (β1, β2, β7) extend from the central β-barrel to the outside of the molecule.

This study aims to explore and analyze the values and culture behind CSR decisions and practices in Brazil

Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Cares are at the helm of this scholarship which has gone on to become popular with young women in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. Santoor Women’s Scholarship is meant for girls in these three States who have completed Class 12 and want to pursue higher studies but don’t have the means to. As many as 900 female students from low-income backgrounds get access to this scholarship annually for a degree in science, arts and the humanities.


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Using sustainable products and raw materials means a lower carbon footprint. Less is more, and using less does more good in this regard. Sustainability is not always about adding elements and increasing complexity; more often than not, it’s about consuming less. Maruti Suzuki corporate social responsibility makes visual impact by making such timeless wisdom part of the way it approaches corporate citizenship.

Reliance Foundation has been helping communities set up small kitchen or backyard gardens, known as Reliance Nutrition Gardens (RNGs). These are scientifically-developed, low cost, organic kitchen gardens that use a multi-tier cropping system to accommodate a variety of fruits and vegetables that help improve health and nutritional parameters among farmer families across villages in India. The foundation has collaborated with the Maharashtra Government to improve the nutrition status of more than two lakh children in Anganwadis.


The csrA gene is lacking in only three species, namely all sampled Aquificae. Its monyphyly is unanimously resolved in three phyla, lacks support in nine phyla, and shows HGT evidence in six.

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Our phylogenetic inference (Figs. S5–S9), summarized in Table S1, shows that of 27 phyla (including the 5 Proteobacteria classes in the count), 4—namely the Chlorobi, the Deinococcus-Thermus group, the Fusobacteria, and the Dictyoglomi—apparently secondarily lost the hag gene (as well as the csrA and fliW gene). All other 23 phyla contain the gene, supporting its status as an ancestral trait of the Eubacteria.

Wipro Limited is at the cutting edge of robotics and cognitive computing today and has more than 180,000 employees in offices spread across six continents. However, this tech giant began as a vegetable oil manufacturer 75 years ago in a small town of Maharashtra.


Did you know that wearing a seat belt that decrease the risk of accident-related death by 45-60% according to the World Health Organisation. When a habit so simple can save your life in an emergency, buckling up becomes a relevant topic to tell passengers and drivers about.

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According to the Global Malnutrition Report 2021, India will miss targets for all four nutritional indicators for which there is data available. These indicators include – Stunting among under-5 children, Anaemia among women of reproductive age, Childhood overweight and Exclusive breastfeeding. According to the data available on stunting and wasting among children in the country, 37/9% of children under 5 years are stunted and 20/8% are wasted, compared to the Asia average of 22/7% and 9/4% respectively. Additionally, stunting prevalence is 10/1% higher in rural areas compared to urban areas.

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Thus far, based on our estimates, Zynga’s acquisition of NaturalMotion doesn’t look like it’s paying off from a purely financial standpoint. But if NaturalMotion’s next big title, Dawn of Titans, can perform as well as CSR2 has, then the story can change for the better.


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The company has been working in solidarity in the fight against COVID-19. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has been partnering with the Haryana government, Gurugram administration and the Union government to donate face masks, mobilise production of ventilators and PPE kits, distribute food and dry rations to those in need, open up access of water ATMs to villagers and open its kitchens to feed the hungry.

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Full disclosure is non-negotiable for NGOs looking for CSR funding. The same is true for companies with respect to sustainability reports. They need to disclose directorships and complete details of the committee. No matter how big or small the sum the company has allocated for CSR, it should put forth a set of criteria that implementation partners are required to meet before they are shortlisted. This ranges from general information to financial dealings and employee details of the NGO. Once the NGO is on-boarded, the CSR team should draw up a formal contract with the full terms and conditions, the process of remuneration and billing to avoid any kind of fraud.


Road accidents have taken many a life, most often because of the mistakes of the driver of the two or four wheeler involved. Maruti Suzuki corporate social responsibility strives to make roads safer by bettering people’s driving skills and spreading awareness.

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Another question is whether organisms exist using both FliW and sRNAs to regulate CsrA. Answering this question is hampered by the low sequence conservation of sRNAs that has already been documented even for closely related members of the γ-proteobacteria (5). Nevertheless, a bioinformatic analysis suggested that sRNAs in FliW-containing organisms, such as B. subtilis and Helicobacter pylori, might be present (36), although no experimental validation exists to our knowledge. Therefore, future studies need to address whether organisms exist that use both FliW and sRNAs to coregulate CsrA.


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The majority portion of the CSR budget is directed towards education and skilling initiatives. The belief is that a good education brings about a better society, as has been proven in countless impact studies.

CSR: Preventing Fraud in Corporate Social Responsibility

Approximately 8,000 schools and colleges submit their ideas on challenges related to sustainability. The 20 best entries are awarded. CEP begins after the awards, where Wipro corporate social responsibility works closely with the winners, faculty and students in the area of sustainability education. Youth are exposed to fresh perspectives outside their comfort zone on subjects related to biodiversity, water and waste.


Mehsana in Gujarat is host to the first one set up in 2021. All the students who graduated from here got job placements. JIM Mehsana’s success led to another one in Gurugram. This JIM has students from 14 States.

In this talk we go over weaknesses in common subway fare collection systems. We focus on the Boston T subway, and show how we reverse engineered the data on magstripe card, we present several attacks to completely break the CharlieCard, a MIFARE Classic smartcard used in many subways around the world, and we discuss physical security problems. We will discuss practical brute force attacks using FPGAs and how to use software-radio to read RFID cards. We survey 'human factors' that lead to weaknesses in the system, and we present a novel new method of hacking WiFi: WARCARTING. We will release several open source tools we wrote in the process of researching these attacks. With live demos, we will demonstrate how we broke these systems.


While road safety initiatives span various States, community development by CSR of Maruti Suzuki is active in 26 villages around the plants in Haryana and Gujarat. Health care, education, rural infrastructure, access to water and sanitation are the chief segments of engagement.

The organisation undertakes road safety consciousness and is working with State governments to make a bigger impact. Skill training is top priority, with a number of students coming out of the Maruti Suzuki CSR programmes job-ready and employable. CSR projects are undertaken through the Maruti Suzuki Foundation in close collaboration with various implementation agencies.


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The programme has a multi-pronged approach with a focus on three key areas: health and nutrition as part of the child’s holistic development, encouraging healthy living and encouraging kitchen gardens. Keeping the child’s needs at the centre of the activity, the programme execution teams work with parents, educators and community health workers to provide health and nutrition support in the early years; education, sports/physical and social development in later years and equip young people to make them more employable. The implementing partners for the programme include three NGOs: Save the children, Magic Bus, and AFPRO.

As a top brand in car manufacturing, it’s no surprise that quality driving training is another concern. Getting state governments and the local administration involved in road safety awareness, reducing the number of road accidents and law enforcement.


Moreover, CSR of Maruti Suzuki is commendable for honouring its monetary commitment and utilising more than the prescribed sum every year. The Board has been strictly ensuring that the company spends at least 2% of the average net profit for the previous three years on corporate responsibility. Any surplus arising from the CSR projects is not considered part of business profits.

Crystallization was performed by the sitting-drop method at 20 °C in 600-nL drops consisting of equal parts of protein and precipitation solutions. GtFliW crystallized at 20-mg/mL concentration within 1–5 d in 0/1 M MES pH 6/0, 40% (vol/vol) PEG 400, 5% (wt/vol) PEG 3000 and 0/2 M sodium acetate, 0/1 M sodium cacolydate pH 6/5, and 30% (wt/vol) PEG 8000. GtCsrA–FliW crystallized at 15 mg/mL in a condition containing 0/2 M potassium fluoride, 20% (wt/vol) PEG 3350. Prior data collection, crystals were flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen using a cryo-solution that consisted of mother-liquor supplemented with 20% (vol/vol) glycerol. Data were collected under cryogenic conditions at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble, France) at beamlines ID23-2 and ID30A-1.


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According to the Global Nutrition Report 2021, India is among the 88 countries that are likely to miss global nutrition targets by 2021. The report also identified the country as one with the highest rates of domestic inequalities in malnutrition.

The Aquificae only contain flagellin, but lack FliW and CsrA. Species at the bottom (red, half circle) lack all of the proteins with the exception of Chlamydiae and Cyanobacteria, in which some species possess a CsrA (Table S1).


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POWER of 5 by AMWAY India is a community-based campaign targeted at mothers and caregivers of children under the age of 5 years. It aims to improve the nutritional knowledge and practices inclusive of complementary feeding, hygiene practices, growth monitoring, and dietary diversity. The campaign further aims to identify and manage the malnourished children, and those with infections, by developing synergies among the service providers of associated departments (Integrated Child Development Scheme, Health and Sanitation) for improved services and timely referrals.

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Taking these data together, we have shown that FliW and sRNAs control the activity of CsrA via two fundamentally different mechanisms. Although the sRNA-dependent mechanism seems to be a derived feature of γ-proteobacteria, the FliW-dependent regulation of CsrA might be dominant for all of the other clades of CsrA-containing, flagellated eubacteria.

Half of India’s huge 1/38 billion population comprises young people under 25. This is Generation Z, which will comprise the workforce of the immediate future. Maruti Suzuki corporate social responsibility is harnessing this huge demographic through its expertly designed skill development programmes.


Adopting 43 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) run by the Indian government in 14 states is another CSR intervention by Maruti Suzuki that has led to a higher placement rate for final year students. The company upgraded the infrastructure, and added Japanese manufacturing practices to the mix. This year alone, 10,000 students were trained in the adopted ITIs and 3,500 were given placement support.

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The CSR Committee at this firm comprises Chairman R. C. Bhargava, MD and CEO K. Ayukawa and independent director R. P. Singh. The CSR Committee is entrusted with formulating the CSR Policy and recommending it to the Board. It will monitor the policy at regular intervals and suggest any changes required in keeping with the times.


CsrA forms a symmetric homodimer along the crystallographic twofold axis. The interface of the CsrA homodimer is established by five β-strands, with β1 being part of the opposing monomer. This finding is in perfect agreement with many other structures of CsrA homodimers obtained by X-ray crystallography and NMR (6⇓–8, 15).