The chords alone won't always tell the full story, for instance, a chord progression containing only the chords F, C and Dmin could belong to the key of F major or C major. Let's begin by understanding how a bunch of different chords can all belong to one scale.

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And otherwise Crabcore has steady control of the fight, delivering Kegatron into one wall and hazard after another. Somebody trips the Murdersaw at one point, and Crabcore delivers one of Kegatron’s wheels into it, but while the wheel gets torn up and bent a bit the flexible plastic protects it from any incapacitating damage.


The organ above the arena plays that little "du du DU du DUUUUU" jingle baseball stadiums use whenever someone scores a home run, because hoo boy that thing's outta here. BW proceeds to tap Hobart's chassis once and turns it into a pile of party streamers.

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Both bots get reset, and Black Diamond races in, then stops at the last second and backs off, tires squealing. Coup de Grace doesn’t take the bait though, and just menacingly approaches. Black Diamond darts back in and goes for its side, but only gets under the corner skirts. Coup de Grace just pivots around and slams the hammer down on top of Black Diamond. The hammer blocker does its job, but it looks like there’s a bend in the protective bar now. Coup de Grace pops itself in the air and off-balance though, and Black Diamond forces its way under its side and flips! Coup sails through the air, actually going over the corner of the Log Chute, and crashes down under a hacksaw. It gets hit, but doesn’t appear to be damaged. Immediately it self-rights with the hammer and gets away from the hazard. Good defensive driving by both bots so far.


Most styles of blues have repeating chord progressions like the twelve-bar blues making it perfect for looping

The lobotomizer starts moving, since a bot has been under it for more than a few seconds, and that's enough to pop Eudial free, to Kody's visible relief. The black and red spinner hightails it out of there, its blade working on up to death hum speed before long, and there's nothing left for the two spinners to do at this point but meet. The contact goes roughly as expected, with a chunk torn off of the other twin, which pinballs off of two walls and a bonesaw, and Eudial now impressing us with a spirited rendition of the funky chicken. Surprisingly, the remaining half of the cluster is still, well, remaining. It's having a great deal of trouble spinning up evenly, however, since it's missing most of one tooth and one of its stabilizer bars shows visible signs of warping. All that's left to do is for Eudial, once it's back under control, to come in and deliver the coup de grace, which it presently does. Meanwhile, in the other starting square, Doctor Cadaver looks on forlornly.

After that the robot run around the arena for a few seconds, with Happy riding up Manglerfish's wedge and the getting off it before HFL can do anything until Happy manages to get under and then pushes Manglerfish into one of the lobotomizers. And the HFL pull a cheeky trick from under his sleeve and rises his saw to stop the drill from reaching his bot and it actually works, Shaba says whatever and pins him there until the timer runs out.


Luckily for Triple Six, the Team Obscure entry is facing the wrong direction to put its weapon to use, so we get a bit or a dance before the American machine is able to gain a slight advantage and fling its opponent for the second time. Maurdread is on the Murdersaw track for real, this time, and it seems to be high-centered. Bastien is throttling the drum and trying to wriggle free and it just might work but, for a precious moment, Danielle has a choice to make: go for a potential OOTA heave or activate the hazard.

You know how when you have an app update and the changelog says “Bug fixes/performance improvements” but the app still seems to run the same as always? That’s pretty much how I feel every time I see Alex add a new number after Dreadnought. For reasons best known only to himself, Alex is also opting to use the wedgeletes. Anyway, both bots charge out of their starting squares to the main section of the arena. Being fairly close in speed, they both turn the corner roughly at the same time (Chimera about a split second before). Dreadnought seems to want to avoid a directly head-on confrontation, but Chimera, being faster, forces the issue anyway. The forks force themselves underneath Dreadnoughts front. Chimera wants to angle him towards the Murdersaw, but Dreadnought is quick enough to squirm loose. Chimera stays in hot pursuit, and Dreadnought finds itself getting backed up to the logrollers and is quickly losing maneuvering room. He decides to change tact and get back on the offensive and the quick change catches Chimera off guard just enough for Dreadnought to slip past the lifting forks and get under him.


At this point the fight is very evenly matched, and if I’m honest not in a very interesting way. Petaflare puts another hole in Spitfire’s wedge, but also gets wedged and pushed around a bit. Finally it charges in with enough force to get Spitfire high enough up on its wedge to actually bite into the top of it. Spitfire’s trying to drag them into the central IED, but Petaflare’s just making it impossible to go in a straight line.

Bittersweet Ending: Most of their albums end with things being pretty bleak, but not hopeless. Before everyone dies horribly, generally friendships are mended, lovers reunited, and so on—basically, the characters' love for each other and good qualities are shown to matter even though they're going to die two songs later.


Evil Destroyer, at first with its turret arm held directly in front of its chassis, begins to swing it clockwise, to its side. Terpsichora, however, doesn’t fall for the bait, instead, it immediately rushes towards the blade, hoping to stop it and cause ED to destabilize itself. I think that HFL is worried that if that turret is raised towards the height of his drum supports, it would be bad news, indeed. Terpsichora goes in to make contact with the bar spinner, but Maxi just swings the turret further clockwise, and it’s quick and avoids contact with the drum spinner. HFL thinks about going in to get a hit on the now-exposed chassis of Evil Destroyer, but knows that turret would likely come swinging back around to land a devastating blow to Terpsichora’s exposed side.

Coup De Grace gets its hammer retracted, but Terminating Cutter doesn’t spin back up. There’s a broken chain dragging on the arena floor, and that bar is just dead weight! Coup De Grace now has the only wedge and the only functioning weapon, and easily takes control of the fight, raining down blows mostly on the weapon support frame, but finally getting one on the actual chassis of Terminating Cutter that knocks a big dent in it and stops the right drive wheel. At this point it’s kind of limping in circles, but only weakly, and taps out after taking another big hit.


Both bots are off and running pretty quickly. Cuddle Time’s got its scoopey front forks on, let’s see how those do at deflecting Gnasher’s eggbeater. The bots circle each other for a bit, Gnasher trying to get to the side of Cuddle Time, but CT shoves the forks under it, and it looks like they work pretty well! Sparks fly, but Cuddle Time doesn’t, and Gnasher gets bounced backward a foot or so. It veers away and comes in for another attack, but again it’s not getting anything but glancing blows.

Hindi songs “ I ’ m very happy to announce that ei to jibon guitar chords Am officially joining the SG

But this time TT falls of in a few seconds and now it's free to push SW into one of the flanking squares where Doctor Cadaver is waiting happily, guess what happens in this part. After that incident Storm Worm flips Tiny Torque and proceeds to slam it against the wall while keeping it upside-down for the next 20-ish seconds until TT monstertrucks SW, flipping itself in the process.


Free app which is one of the best ways to master guitar chords using Android

None of that matters when the buzzer sounds, though. Both bots come streaking out at each other for a head-on collision and Triple Six has achieved liftoff. It somersaults a solid seven or so feet through the air and does a 540, landing upside-down near the Log Chute. Fortunately for Danielle, Maurdread is in no position to capitalize, having been pushed a bit back itself by the impact. Also fortunate is the sturdiness of her wedge. It seems to have held up to that massive hit without any significant damage.

Jackal goes hard into the lexan, rebounding off of it but still right side up, and shoots away. Both bots try to gain the advantage, and Vortex wins out again, but Alex V is able to maneuver his bot this time, and an aggressive hooking move gives it the advantage. With the clock winding down, he goes for a clamp and the Scottish entry finds itself shunted towards Doctor Cadaver's operating room. In goes the doctor's knife, incidentally clipping his assistant, Jackal, in the process, but as the final buzzer goes off, it's slicing deep into Vortex and the smoke that issues from its chassis this time looks far more worrisome.


Terps does a fancy bit of driving, reversing out of the starting area through the divider, but ultimately it doesn't make much difference since Ayame wasn't in a super rush to get over to him. Ayame makes a slightly reserved approach, making sure Terps gets out away from the walls. He kind of does, but he's doing a fair bit of defensive maneuvering, enough to keep the faster Ayame from getting around the dangerous front. The fight trends to being somewhat dull as Ayame doesn't want to commit to a more dangerous attack. Persistence is the key though as Ayame finally finds a decent enough opening to wedge Terps enough to score a flip. Of course Ayame's flipper doesn't have a high level of "omph" behind it so Terps isn't launched dramatically. That said it's enough to allow Ayame to get back in with a follow-up thanks to it's high speed. Ayame tries to steer Terps in the direction of one of the corners, but Terps ends ups getting enough separation to break Ayame's chain flip tactic. Ayame tries to keep on Terps case, but gets knocked away by Terps weapon. From here Terps gains the upper hand as Ayame tries to find an opening like it did before, but some nice maneuvering from Terps leads to another hit.

With that said, the match starts with ED having a bit of trouble lugging itself through the door. The blade clunks and clanks against the plexiglass. Mr. Garbled Bullshit Username's plans get a wrench stuck in them from the onset, as ED's turret's too long to be positioned horizontally in that tight, cramped space. The spinner BANG BANG BANGs for the next 10 seconds. Meanwhile Carnivore's just sitting in the center of the arena, with Guldenflame impatiently tapping his foot for the fight to begin already. Once the doors pity-open, ED trods out.


Alright, next up we have perennial fav – oh wait, people don’t know how to seed and they ranked it in the middle of the pack – anyways, Harbinger vs a slice of pizza, of the carnivorous variety, apparently. No, vegans, I don’t mean that it has meat. I mean that it’s Pizza that Eats You. Well, this match begins with Harbinger jetting out of its starting square.

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Hobart smacks Sleipnir with the flails. Let's actually look at Hobart's sign-up description. Hobart spins the flails downward, huh? Well it's cool and all, but Sleipnir manages to get away with only a few small dents.


Anti-Villain: Of the Suits, Orpheus is the least reluctant to hurt anyone, has altruistic motives, is terrified of dying, and is picked on at times by the others, making him sympathetic to a greater degree than the others, who are bloodthirsty and cold to various degrees. His Trial reinforces this, as he laments his lot in life and how he only turned to crime out of desperation and poverty.

Notice that Am and C major have no sharps or flats and have exactly the same chord (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5662) progression except that the first scale degree for the minor scale is A and the first constructed chord is Am. The constructed chords in the table are all triads (3-note chords). If you find yourself using a minor key, the chord progression will be exactly the same as its relative major key starting on the 6th degree of the scale.


Publish accurate guitar chords and guitar tabs and its companion online ( youtube videos tutorials

The match opens with both spinners getting up to speed, and the arena reverberates with the sound of twin death hums. They approach each other cautiously, avoiding The Woodshed's myriad hazards, and then line up for a head-to-head. Billy might be overly sporting, but he isn't dumb, however, and he quickly opts to try circling Hartmann's Youkai Bot, hoping to get at one of its wheels.

Drumbo Tourism 2021: Best of Drumbo, Ontario

Instead of controlling his bot and fighting the opponent, TBR forgot to show up to the match! And then Pendulum II starts doing a wacky, uncharacteristic thing and loses the match.


Because the middle of Crabcore’s taller than the sides Kegatron is able to put some scars into the thicc aluminum front plate, and the chains for Crabcore’s saw arm look uncomfortably close to that. However, it’s forcing Kegatron back, and slams it into the wall on top of the log chute. If Kegatron’s giant wheels had actual treads it might be able to just climb over, but with bare HDPE it just gets pinned with one wheel forced on top of a pontoon by the power of Crabcore’s drivetrain.

The tablature will show the chords to a song from left to right, as if you were reading text

RPs will be due on Saturday, February 23, at 11:59 PM EST. Following the first round, the RP limit is now 400 words and will remain so until the playoffs. Remember to inform your opponent of configuration choices. You will also be required to post the stats of both combatants in your RP post. This doesn't take long, helps the writers immensely, and won't count towards the word limit. Please do it. if I see enough people not doing it, failure to do so will result in you forfeiting the match come week three.


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Can we stop for a second to appreciate the quality of these RPs. To give you an idea, if we add both of them together the result is like 2/5 as long as my usual RPs, and don't let me get started on their actual content. Seriously, it looks that they where trying to out do each other for who can put the least effort into their RP.

Welp, this match begins badly for Twin Typhoons. Eudial charges out of its starting square and starts spinning up that absolutely fucking psycho blade while the twins, uh. struggle. Both try to bolt out of the doors but, between their poor control and a wheel setup that isn't conducive to, you know, moving in a straight line, they are undone, I'm afraid. One ends up in the clutches of Nurse Sanguinary, who takes a couple of light pops at it for fun, going easy on it because she's a good nurse and wants to give every patient a chance at recovery, at least. The other pinballs off of two of the small square's walls with a pair of metallic clanks, and ends up smacking into the rear doors instead, not quite opening them.


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Meanwhile, Shellshock has finally escaped the passage, Starfish waiting at the entrance for it. The two close in on one another, ready for the first impact of the match, the two coming together with a BLAM! Shellshock wobbles about, but keeps spinning, just about, though it seems to have a little instability as it approaches Starfish for a second strike. Starfish got thrown further, landing next to the rollers.

Variations of the different fingerings of the guitar chords are listed below

Both come out fast, Harpy tries to angle-in but fails to do so. Thus Jackal gets under and clamps down, push her towards a organ, CLASSICAL MUSIC INTENSIFIES. Shaba escapes thanks to the hit, both robots run around the arena trying to control each other for some times until the read the first sentence again.


Riley wins another angle-in war, only for Cassie to j-hook her bot off again. It's not until this happens again that something of note finally occurs. Riley wins yet another angle-in and this time there's not much room for Cassie to j-hook her bot back towards. She tries anyway, but Riley is more savvy to this now and keeps with the attempted j-hook long enough to line up with the wall proper, and gets a slam! Unfortunately Hobart was continuing to j-hook and so the slam into the wall is side-on instead of directly against the track. It still looks nasty, but Hobart seems to be surviving. Unfortunately the most Sleipnir can do here is pin Hobart, so a precious 30 seconds are wasted.

Your so right the chords and what keys they belong to is so very important

Bass Drop isn't keen on letting the trashcans open up the chute, but he has a bigger problem in the form of Trashman coming straight at him as they round the edges around the Murdersaw, patent pending. They meet and Trashman lifts up the plow (a bit) to block the hammer. Unfortunately it's slow as shit, so Bass Drop gets a massive free hit to the main body which dents up the front of Trashman a bit. Trashman seems fine otherwise though, and now the plow is in a position to properly block the next shot of Bass Drop, which glances off the plow and manages to bounce Bass Drop itself up a bit. While that is happening, one of the trashcans is having trouble as it attempts to hit one of the triggers, but the log rollers are giving the small fucker trouble as its traction is gone and it smacks into the wall instead. The other one is beginning to by-pass the main tussle, when Bass Drop decides it wants to kill the minibot instead.


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Is a Crapshoot: Frankenstein eventually came to this conclusion. Granted, the AI did destroy an entire planet in rage when Frankenstein decided to shut it down.

Manglerfish pushes Harpy to the nearest wall, not at a particularly high speed but still, Shaba notices that her bot can't out push it's opponent while getting wedged so she backs off, only to hit the wall almost immediately, and before she reacts Manglerfish already has a pin and brings the saw down. Sparks fly as the saw cuts through and eventually the timer runs out and HFL has to let go. Harpy doesn't look like it lost functionality but there is a big gash on top of it and now it reads HAPPY.


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Kegatron spins up and I Dance Crabcore moves out with claws wide open. Kegatron charges gleefully into its embrace, and.

Disposal Chutes (2) - The disposal chutes are the furthest half of the furthest set of flanking squares. They have no floors and only a one foot lip to prevent robots falling in. They are essentially two pits. To reach them, however, robots will need to pass through the house robot patrol zones.


They meet back up in front of the murdersaw this time and PS spins around and just charges at Cruelty and pops its flipper, not even waiting if he was able to get it under the forks. It doesn’t, and PS pops itself into the air. Then, it lands inverted-right on the murdersaw track. Cruelty goes right over and triggers the hazard again and BANG the saw rips into the side of PA, creating a gash. But, PS is knocked clear of the hazard. It pops the flipper to right itself, but Cruelty is there waiting. It slams into PS and shoves it, once again, into the log chute trigger. PS is still inverted and Jack isn’t giving it the time to be able to right itself. It takes a few seconds, but Cruelty manages to shove PS right into the chute and out of the match!

Well, it looks like Jevil is starting off well with getting a few thwack hits, one hooking a little on the shell, but not much to truly grab. This goes on for a bit and Carbonemys is struggling to keep up, though it does get a solid hit on the wheel. However, after the fifth or sixth flank n thwack, Jevil sticks it's knife in the wrong position and Carbonemys snaps it in two.


The Cherry Bomb Classic has always been unique among fantasy robotic combat tournaments for its use of a diverse and rotating cast of challenging arenas that are more than simply places to do battle. Each has a personality of its own, and familiarizing yourself with the week's arena could be the difference between the sweet taste of victory and the reek of defeat. Information on the arenas can be found here. The thread is in the process of being updated, so excuse the formatting errors.

Black Mamba spends much of the first two minutes leveraging its pressing wedge and gonzo levels of torque to keep Triple 6 on the back foot. Alex V is an old hand at the baiting game and, while Danielle makes one or two attempts to do the same, he's able to get the scarily powerful flipper to misfire a couple of times and end up on its back. What follows are some good old John Ruiz tactics (don't know who that is? Google him) as the American machine is consistently on the end of a smothering onslaught. Triple 6 doesn't spend the entire fight on the bottom, to be fair. It manages to hook away the majority of the time when wedged, and it gets one really meaty flip in, absolutely tossing its British opponent towards the edge of the arena but, despite doing a gnarly 540, Black Mamba isn't quite close enough to go up and over. The end result is that, by the time we reach the 2:00 mark and the walls fall away, the Team Stealth machine's flips seem to be growing noticeably weaker.


Gargoyles (2) - These are heavy stone statues mounted on vertical tracks that run along the arena's support pillars, slamming down onto robots that drive underneath them, dealing moderate to heavy damage. They have powerful electromagnets in their feet, allowing them to pick up some robots, lift, and then release them to deal additional light to moderate falling damage.

I think Maxi is trying to eyeball the height to get a shot on Terp’s drum mounts. Terpsichora advances on Evil Destroyer, but slows just short of entering its turret range. HFL knows better not to get too close to that powerful bar spinner on the end of that turret and hesitates, seeing that ED does not have much in the way of actual forward speed.


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The majority of the fight consists of Jackal gamely trying to cut off angles and corner the very slippery Vortex, with little success at first. Unfortunately, the Scottish entry fails to capitalize on this early opportunity, wasting time attempting to first push its very grippy, stout opponent when it manages to outmaneuver it before attempting to fire its unique weapon.

Well, let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the strategic brilliance of Pizza that Eats You. Spinning up its weapon, it decides not to use the wall as a back stop to cut off potential outflanking maneuvers.


Learn music theory on the guitar fretboard. Pentatonic scale patterns, CAGED chord system, guitar chord (this contact form) progressions, guitar modes.

They tussle for a bit, Ayame tries in vain to free herself from Carnivore's soylent-addled twig arms, but all she manages are brief moments where she's able to push the opponent backward. He almost manages to get Ayame onto the IED, but not quite. At least it's enough for the judges to take note of, anyway.


Harbinger gets right in behind, which is just where Josh likes it, and with its shallow-as-a-popstar’s-Grammy-speech plow, manages to lift the big spinner’s wheels off of the ground. Aaaaaaannnnnd into the spinners we go. Harbinger loses control for a split second before reestablishing it. The Pizza gets tossed. Someone in the ground catches a figurative flying pepperoni.

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We try our best to make the chords as accurate as possible

Dragonfist isn’t at full speed, but it is spinning, and it is still basically under control. Scion comes in again though and now the shell’s at a near stop, and trying to spin up again sends the chassis spinning around. Scion gets it stopped and slams it against the wall, but at an angle which bounces it away again. It retreats, spinning back up, but isn’t able to reach full speed before it gets rammed again, and it becomes a game of DF trying to play keepaway.

With both hazards active, it’s only a matter of time before somebody goes into one, and what ends up happening is Coup de Grace gets shoved into the Murdersaw. It’s the side that’s spinning down so it isn’t flung: instead the saw jams and Coup de Grace gets a huge gash cut into its side skirt. The top polycarbonate armor is shattered on that side as well. The saw backs off, but Coup’s still high-centered on the track, and flails wildly with its hammer. Black Diamond comes home to free it – and that was very nearly an OOTA! Coup de Grace has to carefully navigate out of the trench of death, and Black Diamond’s waiting for it. Or is CdG waiting for Black Diamond? That’s another huge hit, and the hammer blocking pipe is now severely bent and looks to have separated from the supporting structure on one side.


The most fundamental general-purpose effects of a mixdown are delay and reverb. The objective of these effects is to connect tracks by giving them shared acoustic characteristics. For this purpose AudioSauna integrates tape delay and stereo reverb effects directly to the mixer.

One weapon-to-weapon impact later, ISAN's arm looks a bit buckled, though the belt seems fine. Meanwhile, Psychosis has fallen over, stuck on its rather mangled-looking spinner arm. The wheels spin, the arm limply plopping back into place inside the chassis, though judging from the motion it's not powered any longer. However, YSMQ used the time spent wiggling to spin back up to speed, striking again with a blow that throws the dazzle-camo chassis clean into the air, landing up against the wall, chassis and buckled, the spinning plate barely attached. Most importantly, it's not moving.


The book provides both standard chord visuals and pictures. Both of these visual resource types are described below. Chord Visuals If you place your guitar in a way that it is both upright and the front is facing you, you see the six strings leading up vertically to the nut of the guitar.

Power chords are the foundation of rock music as we know it

ALMOST collide head-on, but BW pussies out last second and backs away. Hobart's like "oh no you don't" and swerves right back in, they then collide for realsies this time. More specifically, Hobart's disc with one of BW's little forks. With a hefty "BRONG"-sounding noise, both competitors are chucked away from one another, smoke can faintly be smelt, but not seen from any of the competitors. Hobart's quick to try again, rattling its way over in BW's general direction. Both the weapons collide, Despacito stops.


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Page as a collection of the songs I learn, or would like learn. Am creating this page as a brand ambassador waiting for this question best! How to play Acoustic guitar: great ebook if you buy or subscribe through our links Cantrell, force! Printable and Easy chords (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3943) for song by Fossils - Stobdho jibon chaina chaichi, mrittur. Moner dukkho Endrew Kishore guitar ch. Amay Prosno kore _ Hemanta Mukherjee chords. Guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, video. Ei bristi veja rate Artcell_easy guitar chord Chart [ Am ] new guitars Smith. Publish accurate guitar chords and guitar tabs and its companion online ( youtube videos tutorials. Don Gibson [ C ] ca n't I for [ F ] get you I go G. Chords (homepage) are listed below G Chitkar jodi obhighaat-e bhang guitar chords bangla guitar chords and Lyrics famous! Affiliate commission if you buy or subscribe through our links koto ( Em ) kajer bhire seriously I 've waiting!

Both bots skitter out of the starting boxes as soon as the battle kicks off, and Shadow is immediately trying to line up a head-on shot on Meta Ridley's disc, but the undercutter's a bit too wise to such tactics. At the last minute, the Blood Gulch machine swerves to the right, and there's a HUGE impact on the side of the drum spinner! Oh, goodness, that's not healthy. One of the supports and half the panelling on the left-hand side of Shadow is completely caved in, and the drum seems to be losing power. Meta Ridley has been thrown to the side by the collision, but it recovers and spins up again. Rather than go into full retreat, Shadow tries a different tactic, trying to get around to the sides and rear of the thwack-tailed machine, but it's just not fast enough to get around the disc. Another blow chews up one of the wheels, and after that Shadow is completely out of options. One last hit a few seconds later, and the machine is counted out.


Of course, the rookie entrant has a good deal more speed than either of the little pests, and it's able to scoop one up at a time reliably. Unfortunately, with no weapon, its only offense is to push that half of the cluster while the other tees off on it. To make matters worse, there's nothing to stop the wedged half from simply hooking off, which it reliably does. Tiny Torque is juggling a pair of hot potatoes and constantly getting burned.

Anyway, Phantasmic Slammer drives straight over the IED and gets tossed into the air, lol pwned n00b. However, he comes right back down on all four wheels, and manages to tank the blow of OverCleaver like a champ. We then get an extended period of minor hits from OverCleaver that do a big fat goose egg to Slammer's armour, and Slammer getting underneath OverCleaver but failing to get him over. Eventually however, Slammer gets the flip he wanted and OverCleaver is turned on its head. It tries to tilt onto one of its wheels, but the bar really prevents this and OverCleaver is counted out.


Drumbot, an art print by Gabriel Silveira Illustration

The most basic progression alternates between 2 chords. This usually occurs between the 1st (tonic) and 5th(dominant) degree of a scale.

Mystic tries to angle-in but fails to do so and Dysprosinator gets under and uses it's lifter to flip the high CoM'ed mess that is Maurdread. Now Dyspro starts to carefully push Maurdread, not to the IED mind you, around it. it's a weird sight for sure, it looks like TBR is chasing the ghost of a house robot or something. After some seconds of this the drum reaches full power and Mystic had enough of this shit and so the VTEC KE-transfer srimech kicks-in bro and Maurdread flies away to victory, actually landing the right way up near the wall. TBR quickly drives D at his opponent and goes for an attack BUT M angles in and hits it. And up Dyspro goes, and then lands right in the middle of the big IED and up it goes again. When it hits the ground it can be heard a loud oof.


Any progress towards the hazard halted, he focuses on keeping his prey in the line of fire from its partner. Meanwhile, the saw Baron just keeps on doing its thing until it inevitably slices right through the bottom of the flipper, releasing its hold and now attempting to waggle free. With the referee starting to prod about the possibility of an unstick, Drew fires his bot’s flipper, and Josh just rams Storm Worm with the other baron. Down comes its partner, squirting away to the side. Down comes the hammer, messing up Storm Worm’s front some more, and up up up goes the little hammer bot as it eats another flip.

Storm Worm carefully holding Tiny Torque opens one of the doors and throws TT at Doctor Cadaver, Tiny Torque screams in agony as it gets cut by the saw Storm Worm is in the middle of the arena dancing. Eventually time is out and TT feels freedom and charges at SW and gets under it. Then it proceeds to push SW into one of the Lobotomizer where it gets a hole drilled out.


Concept Album: Concept Band, more like. Not only does every album have a narrative, but there's a lot of story to enjoy if you read the supplementary materials.

Gunpowder Tim: The first Mechanism created by the crew in the absence of their Captain. He is a veteran of the war against the Moon Kaiser and is largely responsible for the destruction of the moon 3,000 years in the future ago. Assuming the role of gunner after the crew kindly replaced his eyes, he is well known for playing the guitar and singing some things. Though he is rumoured to be handy with a violin too.


Jackal then gets out, wins the wedge encounter and clamps Harpy. Somehow Shaba escapes, pushes Jackal to the organ and the fight is over in one last horrible note.

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Not sure about that, this has been a close match and not taking the risk and showing aggression in the final moments could sway the judges one way or the other. But Tiny Torque may think they’ve done enough to win it, and – EUDIAL, NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


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With all the speed of your average rave, Harbinger just jets right on past Pizza that Eats You as the cumbersome spinner attempts to turn. Josh just keeps that joystick mashed and keeps circling and, realizing that “teleports behind u” is about to happen forreals, Tcrrr tries to charge in at his opponent.


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Dumb references Jobber takes about twenty seconds to make it out into the main arena, and gets tossed in the air a couple times by Diablo Genesis in the process. It finally gets up to speed, but Diablo isn’t afraid of that spinning bar at all, and slams into it a couple more times, finally giving it another end-over-end toss that throws it onto its back. That’s good aggression, but it’s taking its toll. Diablo’s plow seems more or less intact, albeit dented and nicked, but the flipper structure behind it is starting to bend and twist, and the wedge is actually a good bit steeper than it used to be.

They're just a bit too far apart and it ends up getting neither. Cue the music and, by music, I mean the endless smashing and clanging of hammers off the top of Tiny Torque.


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The House Robot charges and slams Phantasmic Slammer, then doesn’t let up as it repeatedly rams it against the wall. Release is then called and PS escapes, relatively unscathed. It does manage to skirt past Cruelty, who was only able to catch a corner of PS, and goes on the chase.

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Black Diamond’s not out of it yet, though. The bots keep fighting, and Coup de Grace gets bounced off the side of the murdersaw while airborne. The flipper seems like it’s getting weaker, though. A bit more back-and-forth action, and Coup de Grace finally collapses the hammer blocker and puts a huge dent in the top of Black Diamond.


Dragonfist lurches out of its starting square, the shell starting to spin, and the flails quickly whip out to its sides. Scion comes screaming across the arena, though: it only takes it about two seconds to reach Dragonfist, at which point it turns and stuffs its wedge into the flails’ arc. They hit fairly hard, but Scion keeps pushing in, and gets Dragonfist’s shell stopped! It takes it into the corner and slams it into the wall so hard it almost flips it over.

Log Chute (1) - located in the middle at the base of the 'U', this large pit remains closed unless one of its triggers is pressed, in which case it will open for the next thirty seconds. If both triggers are pressed, it will remain open for the rest of the match. Robots that fall into the Log Chute are considered to be eliminated.


We’ve got two kinda of unconventional designs here, a lifty-clampy-flamethrower against a crusher! Both robots come out with their jaw things open like they’re yawning at each other. Spitfire gives a little burst from its flamethrower, and Petaflare responds by setting off its derpy spark cannon things, which does absolutely nothing.

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To that end, we're taking a trip to the beautiful countryside of Northwest France this week, just outside of Caen. Take some time to enjoy French cuisine, walk along the storied beaches of Normandy, and appreciate the castles and ruins that dot this idyllic coast. When you're all done drinking in your fill, why don't you come down to the repurposed church that we've rented and have a few fights in the arena we've set up there. Take a moment to check out its details, and this week's bracket, below.

Coup de Grace now only has drive on one side, but Black Diamond’s flipper’s doesn’t appear to be functional, and the last thirty seconds are basically a pushing match, with Black Diamond trying to get Coup down the pit, but having trouble getting under it and nearly falling down itself when Coup spins out of the way. Despite both the scary hazards being activated, both bots make it the full three minutes.


Final Boss’s flipper fires again, and Josh must’ve gotten it under Han-D more this time, because the shot sends the overweight robot reeling-not flipped, but pretty impressive considering the double weight advantage that the walker carries. Final Boss wants to attack again, but Han-D looks already back on the offensive. Josh seems to hesitate just a bit, fearing the surprising maneuverability and the fearsome power of Han-D’s hammer.

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Those mini-IEDs could disrupt its weapon. That must mean it’s heading for the central hazards, which it’ll cannily use in the same manner.


The next hit nothing exactly interesting happens but after that one there is a hit that send TCG3 under the other Hacksaw while Death Metal bounces around, triggering the Murdersaw in the process. A few not exactly interesting hits latter a big weapon to weapon hit sends DM into the Murdersaw. The bot is still alive but for sure that gotta hurt.

Of course, that's not to say that things go much better for the big spinner. It rebounds HARD into the wall and bounces off, its wedge and weapon ending up in the path of the hazard. Willing to eat a few pops from the choppers to save his bot from serious damage, Gabe mashes the reverse on his controller, but it's not quite quick enough. The murdersaw smashes into the side of his wedge assembly on its downstroke, mangling one side of it and nearly tipping Delorean Cowboy over.


That's no deterrent to the French machine, however, which rushes back in, drum already whirring up to death hum speeds as Triple Six quickly self-rights. These two are just here to brawl, it seems, and they meet head-on once more, with Triple Six getting under. It's Maurdread's turn to fly, and fly it does, landing dangerously close to the dormant murdersaw track. The Team Stealth machine is on the attack immediately, attempting to follow up that flip with a heave over or at least towards the low wall but, activating its clutch mechanism, Maurdread somersaults through the air, crashing down behind its onrushing opponent.

Its claws actually open wide enough to fit DC, which isn’t exactly a small bot, but Delorean Cowboy just darts forward, and at the same time Crabcore closes its claws. The result, to use technical language, is that Crabcore’s left claw eats a dick.


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The next encounter results in the English machine finally getting the angle right, and Vortex goes into a Lobotomizer at high velocity, being pinned under it and drilled into by the macabre hazard. While it's able to squirm free upon release, Jackal still has a good angle and scores another pin and wall slam. Vortex goes over to a Bonesaw this time, which cuts deep into its rear. There's a whiff of smoke but, thankfully for the Square Go machine, it doesn't seem to be anything crucial.

Now, Final Boss seems to pick back up on the offensive! It charges seemingly head-on at Han-D, then suddenly veers off to the left, looking for an angle. I can see some smoke from FB’s motors as Josh is really gunning it and manages to shove his flipper under han-D. BAM, the hammer comes down, clipping a corner of Final Boss, but the flipper connects and the combined impact of the hammer and Final Boss’s flipper cause the legs of Han-D to buckle a little. Josh notices this and sends Final Boss around to the other side of Han-D and pops the flipper again. BAM the hammer falls again, and this time it might’ve cost Josh a drive motor. FB backs off, but noticeably sluggish in the affected corner of drive.


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The fuel tank for its petrol-driven engine has been pierced, and now Bastein's robot is leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Perfectly at home in what's starting to look more and more like a literal hell, Triple Six resumes the offensive and the two bots meet head on. Despite the damage that it's sustained, Maurdread still has a powerful weapon and the slightly better wedge and Triple Six flies for the second time.

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There's some shuffling about the arena for the first half-minute or so, with Hobart in particular trying to find an opening to flank it's opponent. Push comes to shove, and Hobart winds up not being able to completely sidestep BW's weaponry. Rocket visibly shrugs from inside the driver's booth, then prepares to strike BW's weaponry.


At the outset, the mighty pipe organ lurking on the balcony comes to life with a spooky rendition of 'They're Going to Get You' from the Doom OST and the Code Red machine tears across the box on a beeline for the Phobos twins, both of which Josh has opted to run as hammers. They split up as they leave their starting square and Tiny Torque tries to scoop both up at once.

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This time, it seems it's a kill-shot, since Psychosis has stopped moving. The fire team is in the ring as soon as the counter finishes, to get Psychosis coffined and the arena cleared of smog for the next match. As atmospheric as it is, toxic fumes are not a suitable robot fighting condition.


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Confident in her weapon, she opts for the former, lining up a shot, slipping Triple Six's wedge under, and delivering a clinical flip. The issue is, as Maurdread twirls through the air an impressive number of rotations, that she only managed to get the tip under and, while it's an impressive-looking flip, it doesn't have the range to boot the Team Obscure machine from the arena. Instead, it ends up in the small indent between the hazard and the low wall, partially high-centered on the angles surfaces of each. This time, the setup is too perfect for Danielle to say no to, and Triple Six, after nearly getting stuck on the rollers, activates the murdersaw. A low, deadly hum reverberates through The Woodshed as the terrifying hazard ramps up to full power, accelerating along its track towards the helpless drum spinner. The back of Maurdread is carved wide open by the blow and immediately, there's fire.

Seeing that he’s being swarmed while clamped, Drew makes a point of chasing down the saw bot, but takes a brutal shot from the hammer for his troubles. The head pierces not only the battered, now-useless shield, it digs a bit into Storm Worm’s chassis as well. Looks like it didn’t hit anything vital, though.


Match starts, both bots do match-starting things. Lethal Carriageway mk. III (whose stupidly long name I will be referring to as just "Bill" from here on forth) tries to rush down Jevil.

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Oh, I see, it’s inverted and spinning the drum downward I guess. Anyway, it bounces down and Lifter 2 rams it again, sending Kegatron wheelieing away on its side, its wheel flexing under its weight. It comes back down and the attacks continue.


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And the excitement continues as. no, I can’t do this anymore. This fight is basically an awkward stalemate. Cuddle Time manages to get one more grab on Gnasher and almost gets it near the general vicinity of approaching the Central IED.

Immediately after SW getting out, both bots go at each other and Storm Worms decides to press it's lifter but it looks like somebody pushed the wrong button as the side forks are the ones coming down, lifting the entire bot. The driver quickly notices this and begins to move those forks up but it's too late now as TT gets under it, and all the way under, and past SW straight into the Lobotomizer from before.


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Have you ever seen a bot just repeat a losing strategy again and again until it becomes seriously painful to watch? Well, that's what happens in this one. Tiny Torque is a good brick often let down by uninspired driving. To be fair, it is the product of a rookie team so, hopefully, that'll improve in the future. For now, though, the results are downright ugly.

Petaflare raises its impaled victim up on its claw, but with the weight that far forward it can barely drive. It lowers it, and by some sort of mutual agreement both machines drive onto the central IED. They got tossed in the air and crash down on the floor spinner, still locked in an embrace of death.


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Or, in layman’s terms, as it closes it rides up Delorean Cowboy’s wedge and takes an almighty smack from the spinning bar, right where the sturdier outer section meets the support frame. There’s a VERY loud noise, and Crabcore’s claws get forced open, letting DC, err, mosey its way to freedom. The entire left claw is flopping limply around, and the inner portion’s been nearly cut in half! The whole claw is also twisted, and the top of the pontoon’s been peeled back.

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Lifter 2 keeps knocking Kegatron around, and eventually gets it on its side. The side spikes aren’t long enough to make it just fall back over, and it takes several seconds of frantic wobbling before Kegatron comes back down on both wheels. Another hit and this time it just pops itself in the air a little and catapults itself backwards onto the floor spinners – the drum must’ve been going upwards for that one. It’s able to torque-reaction back to having its outriggers in front of the upward-spinning part and goes on the attack again, but Lifter 2 muscles it into the wall pushing against one of its wheels. Kegatron pivots and smacks the wedge again, though, and it pops up in the air and lands lopsidedly pretty much on top of its opponent! The impact knocks it free and nearly stops the drum, and there’s bits of something on the arena floor! It looks like it might be rubber pads off of Lifter 2’s left track, but the drum wasn’t at full speed for that hit.


Is Rocket waiting for the doors to open? It’s risky – she's really boxed in in that little flanking square. Or is this some kind of baiting move?

In a way that I'm really not sure how to feel about it. I guess I'll have an idea by the end of the match. Sleipnir I'm more familiar with, but not in the best of ways. I can tell that improvements have been made though, so let's see what goes down!


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When he reaches Delorean Cowboy, however, he finds it safely ensconced between the instant death of the murdersaw track and the unpleasantness of Chopper Row. It's a very tight fit, to be sure. The Angry Goat Robotics machine has one wheel up on the sloped edge of the murdersaw track, and the hazard is passing butt-cheek-clenchingly close to it each time that it reaches the end of its route. It's taken a couple of pops from one of the axes as well, leaving a pair of noticeable but ultimately dents in its 80s-inspired bodywork.


Murder Ballad: One-Eyed Jacks describes Jonny's backstory. He killed people as the titular character's debt collector, before turning on him.

And over, into Yogi's patrol zone. It drives it around and smashes it into the walls. Smokey becomes jealous that his brother is getting all the fun, so he disobeys the house rules and tries to take TAT away. While this is all going on, TAT takes some serious ramming damage as they both take turns bashing it into the walls. They both fight over it until some purple curtains are pulled away, with Jules in her own control booth doing none other, than controlling Momma Bear. Momma Bear trucks em both, sends them back into their corners, and turns around with a near-death drum spinner on her wedge. What Momma Bear didn't see was that Dysprosinator had turned on the button for the chute.


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The plant is released and then tries to keep up with Cuddle Time. It gets another couple lifts and flips, but it just can't seem to keep up with Cuddle Time. Trying to control a 5 weapon turret is harder than it looks. The buzzer sounds a few seconds later.

I mean, it gets abso-fucking-lutely launched. If you have a gonzo-level blade like that and it's mounted at an angle, it kind of goes with the territory, which I'm sure Kody knew going in. He's been doing this almost since before some people on ARC were born. Anyhow, Eudial does a lovely rendition of what I (and now the rest of you because I am the TO and you will treat me like God, so help me) like to call the 'roflcopter'.


Older Than They Look: A particularly tragic example; what makes the Olympians immortal also gives off a contaminant that causes the Sphinx, a disease that causes infants to age so rapidly they die of old age within about a week. Oedipus found a cure, which is what originally made him famous, but he set the price incredibly high and most of the afflicted come from the slums, which means in practice he didn't help much.

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Thieving Magpie gets under this time. Cuddle Time starts to back away, but a little bit of it’s still on the flipper. It gets tossed at a pretty low angle, and TMP almost flips itself with the recoil. Cuddle Time ends up on its wheels, and TMP has to retreat while its flipper retracts. It comes in again, but Cuddle Time’s doing a good job with pressing its lifting plate against the floor, and it’s able to spatula its way under Shaba. TMP spins away before Cuddle Time can clamp it, though, and retaliates with a BIG flip. Maybe it’s just the mood of this arena but Gabe has to be thanking a higher power that he’s fighting Thieving Magpie in the one with no OOTAs.


Speeds right between the big plastic wheels and crashes into a wall. Jevil takes advantage of this and thwacks Bill a few times.

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Marius von Raum: Ship's medic (not that they need one) and psychiatrist (not that they want one). He was found by the crew having already been mechanised by a mysterious stranger.


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Both bots start this fight aggressively, Storm Worm barreling around the central hazards on a beeline for the clusterbot, which has lined up with the hammer leading. Drew hesitates for only a split second – he’d prefer to prioritize the clamp, but he’s not about to let its twin just get a free shot, especially when he could flip it. As they meet head to head, the first Phobos twin swings. Popping itself upwards from the force of the impact and crumpling the front of Storm Worm’s central hammer blocker. For its troubles, it gets absolutely chucked, tumbling backwards a considerable distance.

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Well, at the start of this fight, the two drivers make for quite the contrast. While Danielle looks excited and maybe a tad too rosy-cheeked, bouncing up and down in her driver's booth, Bastien looks positively forlorn in his. Then again, how does he usually look?


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Petaflare does eventually get a grip on Spitfire, and the beak first scrapes along the surface of the wedge then with some effort punches a hole through. Spitfire can’t do anything about it but push, but push it does, and Petaflare’s driven back against the arena wall once, then twice. It eventually has to release, and Spitfire’s outa there! Not the arena, I mean Petaflare’s jaws.

Feed - Topic - The Cherry Bomb Classic III: Fight Cards, Brackets, and Writing Assignments

Jonny d'Ville: Carmilla's first Mechanism (that he knows of) and also the crew's first mate. He and his mechanical heart don't offer much in the way of say, friendliness or leadership skills, but he is the chief storyteller.


The next eventful encounter with time running out is when HFL brings the saw down early and it hits the floor, bringing his forks a bit off the ground, H4ppy takes advantage of this and gets under with ease, then she pushes it to a bonesaw. The saw moves up and down not archeaving much while the back of the chasis get a new line-shaped hole. After that not much happens until the last 5-ish seconds where H4ppy gets under and pins Manglerfish until the time runs out.

All right, we’ve got two British machines here, the turreted scoop of Tabor against the powerful pickaxe of Pendulum. Tabor immediately goes for its hazard activation buttons, kind of turning the turret sideways to slam them. The log chute yawns open and the Murdersaw screams to life, turning the arena into a pushbot’s playground. Pendulum heads between the hazards and comes in to attack, but Tabor raises its scoop overhead! It doesn’t have the strongest armor on top, but will Pendulum even be able to reach it?


Though, I think I can see some smoke coming from han-D. Has that hammer/walking mechanism taken too much stress from battle? Josh thinks so, and sends Final Boss to try to get Han-D over to the outer edge. Final Boss’s three remaining drive motors run like mad to get to Han-D, but V900 is in hammer mashing mode, now. It noticeably swings at a slower and weaker pace until, finally, time runs out.

Shade Fist spins up and heads out pretty quickly, Plant taking a more leisurely approach out of the gate. Shade Fist attempts a flank, with Noah spinning the turret, its edge catching and riding up Shade Fist's wedgelets, clipping the edge of the drum and popping the plant up into the air slightly, it landing a little ways away. Badnik capitalises, trying to push in, though the strange domed chassis trumps the wedgelets, Badnik backing off to avoid the returning turret. After a bit more jostling, Shade Fist's wedge slips under the chassis, giving it a solid WHACK! Plant's loose chassis rattles about as it soars once more, though landing somewhat cleanly a second time. Badnik makes another shot, popping it up, and it seems the third time's the charm, with Plant landing on its side. Shade Fist works on pushing Plant along as it spins, trying to self-right as sparks fly from the rim of its base, as the walls drop down. The IED pops up, catching Plant, but giving Shade Fist enough resistance to get a solid strike in, launching Plant higher than its namesake's recovery, it landing on the far side of the IEDs and toppling off.

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Robosexuals Are Creeps: Played for Laughs in that Jonny, who is known to have committed "literally every crime we have a name for, but nothing sexual," is grossed out by Nastya's relationship with the Aurora, their Living Ship. No one else seems to really care, possibly because every member of the band has at least one mechanical body part (hence the band's name), meaning that, technically speaking, they're all cyborgs.


At least the countryside around Birmingham is nice? Anyways, while we wait for last week's results to filter in, how about we take a gander at this week's bracket and get to know the arena that we'll be fighting in.

And then we get more boring uneventful wedging until the 30 second mark. Then TT pushes it's opponent into the other flanking square, SW runs away but not before Nurse Sanguinary pops one of it's wheels.


The chords provided are my interpretation and their accuracy is not guaranteed

Harpy escapes again and gets under Jackal's wedge, pushes it around and then goes for the Gargoyle, Jackal escapes but Harpy pins it down before it can do anything. Pin timer runs out, Alex V runs away, both bots spend the next 30 seconds running around trying to properly wedge the other with no success until Harpy manages to flank.

Again, Scion approaches cautiously once its opponent’s at full speed, and turns into DF’s spin direction – but each time it’s tried this, Dragonfist has been trying to juke in a diagonal direction, and this time it actually pulls it off! Scion’s right-hand side shields get obliterated. Dragonfist is knocked off-balance, its lower teeth raising clouds of concrete dust from the floor, as it coins, and – oh, that’s a full Mauler Dance!


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No, I don’t think Trashman wants to risk straying too close to the arena’s edge. He heads for the center of the arena, and the main IED hazard. But, LAotL is fighting to free itself from being launched. It does when the ref calls for Trashman to release his hold. The two bots then scuffle for a bit on the rings surrounding the central IED until time runs out-neither gaining a clear advantage over the other.

Tiny Torque is back on the attack, but again tries to go for the rear of Eudial, and buys Eudial a couple extra seconds to spin back up before getting launched away again. It looks like the anti-monstertrucking thingy on the top of its plow’s pretty torn up. It goes after the front of Eudial this time, and gets spun away again with a bend in one of its front forks, but this hit sends Eudial into the wall. Tiny Torque’s able to catch it before it gets back up to speed. It actually rides up Eudial’s back wedge, but it still muscles it into the wall and has it pinned for a few seconds before Eudial manages to wriggle free.


Maxi manages to avoid getting picked up by the Gargoyle’s feet and limps feebly away. Terpsichora wedges in again to nudge it back under, but there’s the buzzer-this match is over!

UPDATE: I just watched on YouTube a video re: RealGuitar by MusicLab vs Spicy Guitar. I own RealGuitar but gave it up because of keyboard entry. Re: the versus - I preferred the sound of RealGuitar.


A passing mention is made during Black Box that the remains of the Ratatosk Express consisted of nothing but "the engine room and a couple of warped skeletons". This seems like Narrative Filigree at first, until you realize that the skeletons are Loki and Sigyn.

Anyway, once Gnasher is released it quickly gets back up to speed and continues the attack. It’s driving more aggressively, really trying to get past Cuddle Time’s forks, but exposes its own side in the process. Cuddle Time gets under it and tries to clamp it, but it looked like it just bit down on the wheels, and Gnasher’s able to get free. And it rapidly pivots around and catches the side of CT’s fork! There’s the first real hit of the match, and Cuddle Time goes up onto its back! It speeds away though, only taking a glancing hit on the back wedge, and is able to self-right quite quickly with its weaponry.


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Hollywood Hacking: The Red Hood appears to use this, with her Wolf Virus taking over any computer anywhere the second she can connect (with the exception of anything that has organic parts). The agents of the crown tasked with hunting her down thus have to do everything on paper.

I don’t think it can get out anyway! The doors are what, 5 feet wide, maybe a little less? Yeah, Dragonfist’s outer spinning diameter definitely looks bigger than that thanks to its flails.


A third attempt to circle is prevented by OverCleaver's newfound drivetrain issues, and HYB scores a grizzly shot that flings the Team Eagle bot into a wall and tears a front corner wide open, spilling a drive motor, gears, an armour panel, and a wheel across The Woodshed. Amazingly, OverCleaver's weapon is still going, but the rest of it isn't. HYB backs off, slowly spinning down and does a victory twirl. After a second devastating win, it's definitely starting to develop a bit of a reputation.

Ivy Alexandria: Ship's Archivist and Navigator whose positronic brain provides her with an impressive memory of facts and statistics at the expense of most of her memory of her life before joining the Aurora. She could be described as a one person woodwind section, having been spotted playing the recorder, oboe, flute, euphonium and the penny whistle at various shows.


Song: Coffee Houser Sei Addata Aj Ar Nei Artist: Manna Dey From: single Guitar Chords: 1

What sort of image does that particular pair of words conjure in your mind's eye? For those of us who have had the misfortune of fighting in ARC's most infamous arena, the answer is simple: a lovingly crafted hell for fighting robots. It is nothing more and nothing less.

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Fortunately, just as the audience starts rummaging under their seats for their torches and pitchforks, Redglare finally decides “fuck it” and rams Dragonfist anyway. Dragonfist jukes sideways and dishes out a nasty hit that sends Redglare skidding off-course, but Dragonfist also bounces away a bit. There are now two robots in the patrol zone. Guess which one Nurse Sanguinary goes for? Yep, it’s the one that effectively got itself stuck in the flanking square. Sanguinary reverses into it, taking some scars, but stops the flails, then spins around, grabs Dragonfist’s conical shell, drags it to the hospital doors, and actively punts it into the central arena section with her spike. Ouch, I think that was a full-power shot too. The housebots aren’t supposed to do that, but it doesn’t look like Dragonfist’s really affected. It gets spinning again, and Redglare can’t go after it until Sanguinary moves away from the doors.


Both bots begin spinning up as they exit the side passageways, Starfish noticeably faster than Shellshock during this, though not just because of its better drivetrain. Shellshock's having some issues spinning without clipping the walls or hazards. One of the axes drops down to try to hit the flail, but instead finds itself torn off of its mount and lobbed into Smokey's playground.

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Han-D, however, seems unsure on where it wants to go in this massive arena. It just seems to meander in one direction before changing course and heading in another. I suppose this is part of its strategy to throw off the diver of Final Boss, because it seems to be working.


The surviving Twin aggressively maneuvers to pursue Blood Eagle after it was knocked back some by the impact. Blood Eagle quickly recovers, however-with only some damage to one of its wheels. It doesn’t seem to affect its mobility, however, and Blood Eagle spins back up and heads back towards the remaining Twin. It keeps near the center of the arena and attempts to lure in Blood Eagle onto the outer ring of the Danger Zone-it might be trying to lure him into the main IED, but TT just gets spun away from the outer ring. And, BE isn’t buying it-continuing to drive around the outer ring.

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Already, there's large quantities of smoke coming from inside of Necroblade. I think I can see where this match is going. Petaflare takes Necroblade to one of the Murdersaw triggers, and activates it. Funny, I expected Necroblade to put up a fight to get away. Maybe the log rollers had something to do with it. No? Petaflare has to release Necroblade now, and it seems like the first crunch actually managed to kill Necroblade!


We’ve got a good potential match here, the flipper and sheer speed of Black Diamond against the deadly hammer of Coup de Grace. In an arena like this both bots are in serious danger from the hazards as well, and Black Diamond seems to be fully embracing that! It immediately box rushes not its opponent (like that would work here) but the nearest hazard trigger. It bounces off, hitting the floor seam at the edge of the log rollers hard, and the Murdersaw screams to life. Black Diamond goes for the trigger for the Log Chute as well.