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Makes the cell editor 3D, adds creatureparts and limbs, adds rotation and morph handles, and more. A good mod for making much more complex cells to have fun with.


It adds tons of content from darkspore such as creature parts and creature armor, edits spores UI to look more like darkspore, gives you tool (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=2855) parts like invisible limbs and individual ability parts, disables the complexity meter and so much more! And it even comes with force save bundled. It has a handy installer too, so you can easily choose what you want to add in your game and what you want to leave out.

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The more paints the better i say. Includes cool "shader" like base coats as well.

It replaces the knight archetype in space stage with a "grox one" aka replaces your aliens voice, background and lighting effect with the grox ones. Mix this with the citywall mod to give yourself the grox citywalls and your almost a complete grox. This works in CIV stage as well.


2.Run the “Coral Isle 2 CHEATS” and press “Login” button to connect to game account

This handy mod gives you 4 different fur creature parts so you can finally add some real fuzzy charm to your creations. Comes in 4 types of Thickness and different levels of color, so you can really get more creative opportunities.

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This game won the large group of fans who have written to us asking to do a program adding a free Crowns. Today is the lucky day for is waiting for Wizard101 Hack (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/social-empires-cheat-hack-tool.zip)!

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Does what it says; it skips the opening cutscene when starting spore, thus making you start right there at the galaxy screen. Saves you time as well as sadness over maxis' death.


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This pack adds 130 unique robotic and metallic-themed parts. These 130 parts each have at four paint variations (base, coat, detail, and textureless), and some of the detail parts have additional special paints.

This mod removes spice and adds 40 different kinds of trade goods to find, from fertilizer to titanium, and much more! Some of them are rare to find, so you will need to dust off those binoculars.

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