What about card games like Yu-Gi-Oh Joey the Passion and the whole collection? Damn what I would give to play those again.

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  • These cards have been passed down for hundreds of years and we have yet to tap into their full potential
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I was recently browsing through the games-wishlist, and i was almost shocked to see how many gems from the DOS-era are still waiting for their re-discovery (voted for "The Horde" today). I can understand that tracking down right owners, negotiating deals, putting together bonus materials, and providing patches to ensure functionality on modern machines is very demanding in manpower, while there's not assured pays-off in sales. However, i don't believe it's wasted time for the staff: GOG is a brand which stands for "Good Old Games", and for a brand to maintain its value, it's important to stay aware of its roots so it doesn't lose it's identity. The GOG-team has come a long way, and has done an awesome job; but they have to be careful not to turn into Steam-clone, with the absence of DRM being the only distinction.


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Would Internet Archive's playable arcade have something to do with it? Though I would personally like a standalone version that has soft controls, rather than MAME type, but maybe that is a reason?

I was overjoyed when I first found Gog now it's no different than Steam. To succeed you need to stand out from the crowd, not tow the line.


Numbah One goes to the handy dandy Mirror Force. Mirror Force is the most useful out of all of these cards because it’s a counter. It’s a trap card (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=6293) that counters your opponent’s attack BUT, again through extensive real true research, I have found that if you activate this card (visit here) in life it can literally block and counter anything that happens to you.

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Every now and then I come to GOG to see if there have been some new old games from my childhood released (90s and early 2000s era), but they are releasing only new games almost all the time - you can get that everywhere. I think they should really reconsider what does GOG stand for. Concentrate on getting the sales rights for old games.

I'd like to add an Amen - and while we're at it - please make all the files available. Recent DOS game releases using ScummVM are missing files (so I've had to dig up my older download versions of the game when it was still DOSBOX).

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Indeed, classic games made available and compatible for modern PC:s as well as remakes of classic games are the main reason I'm here. Though I have to underline that I like fact that they are open to Indie game developers as well. While many Indie games have quality issues, there are some gems as well and good ideas can often beat big budgets.


Change of Heart is essential for anyone living their daily lives. The card is used to take control of your opponents monster card, but what I have found out through extensive research is that you can actually use this card on people and even animals. So let’s say you ask for a free figure of your favorite character from a show and the shop owner is like nahhhhhh son 3,000 dollars. You can whip out your Change of Heart card and BLAM free figure or you can at least give them a Change of Heart on the price. Be careful with this card because in the wrong hands it can be dangerous.

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