SPlayer is a lightweight media player with simple design that supports a great variety of formats and also support for lyrics of a song. It is free and opensource media player under the GPL licence. SPlayer also includes some interesting extra characteristics, like support for subtitles, audio and video equalizer, a screenshot tool to capture individual frames and three types of interface – minimal, compact and standard.

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Hello Everyone, This is my second scratch built track for Assetto Corsa. I wanted this one to be as accurate as I possibly could make it, but also by using some artistic licence to recreate the feeling of the place (and hopefully some of the magic i was hoping to capture). I spent hours researching all the information I could find from the internet, videos (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=6715), pics, magazine articles etc, a lot of people here helped by sending me these so many thanks.


Build a Live-Streaming Broadcast App for Android

In this video (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8875), Justin shows how to build a playback app using the GoCoder SDK for Android. This free tool simplifies mobile app development by offering a common, cross-platform API to capture, encode, and stream live video.

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Now we can enable Android’s immersive, sticky, fully screen mode by copying the code in the documentation, then heading over to the main activity class, and pasting it in before the last curly brace. You may see a few sections turn red. Use Option>Return to connect them to their dependencies. Next, we’ll define app properties. To make them global, copy the code in the documentation and then paste them over the main activity. Again, we’ll need to use Option>Return to build them in properly. Back in the documentation, we’ll continue by registering and initializing the SDK.


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Copy the code, which will need to be amended with the correct license key. Now, you should have received your license key via email. Be sure to save this somewhere safe. The license key is specific to your application ID. Back in Android Studio, paste this into the end of the OnCreate method, implementing the correct license key as you do so. You’ll also need to use Option>Return to connect to their dependencies. Returning back to the documentation, we’ll check for app permissions. Once again, copy the code and we’ll paste this in before the last curly brace to grant permissions to access the camera and microphone. This code will have quite a number of areas where you’ll need to use Option>Return. When you’re finished, we’ll go back to the documentation to start the camera preview. We’ll copy the first part of the code, pasting it into the on create method just below the SDK initialization to associate the view defined in the activities layout.

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For more information on developing a broadcast app using Wowza GoCoder SDK, be sure to check out our additional documentation. Thanks for watching and happy streaming.

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Now, to start building, we’ll be using the Wowza documentation, build a live streaming app with GoCoder SDK for Android. Open Android Studio and start a new project. The project will use an empty activity. Name your project, then add your application ID as your package name. Make sure you know the location your project will be saved in, set the language to Java, and the API level to at least 21. Once you’re finished, your project will load in Android Studio. Now we’ll need to configure the project to use Wowza GoCoder SDK. Locate the unzipped Wowza GoCoder SDK directory.


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