Finally, let's address your role in this nightmarish blog. Now, I'm not going to try to wax poetic about Hatoful Boyfriend's developer, or the game's legacy. Nor will I lament the glut of visual novels copying Hatoful Boyfriend's premise, but with none of the game's upside. I'm not a wizened local man who can find a deeper meaning in things I don't entirely understand myself. What I can say is the caricature of Hatoful Boyfriend that has permeated on the internet, and even on this site, should stop. And hopefully, you'll join me from this point forward.

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Part 122: Supplementary Lesson #7: The Rich Kid Archetype

Starry Sky ~ In Summer is the second game In the Starry Sky otome series. In this game (visit website), our heroine Tsukiko decides to join the Seigetsu Academy archery club over the summer break. While she prepares for the big competition, she has some boys she needs to help out and romance.


Nonetheless, our characters return to Mr. One, and unfortunately, find the school's file cabinets explode if subjected to force. Mr. One believes he can still open the file, but it will take time.

Walkthrough and Let’s Play: Evaluating Preservation Methods for Digital Games. Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Mindtrek Conference, 55-62.


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Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California, has played host to a herd of bison for nearly a century. The bison were initially introduced to the island by a film crew in the 1920s and were simply left behind when filming wrapped up. Thanks to a lack of major predators the herd ballooned to a population of nearly 600 at its highest. Current numbers sit at around 150-200 while any excess bison are used to help repopulate the Great Plains in the American Midwest.

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Sherman's Lagoon at times features a polar bear. This particular guy seems more interested in lounging around in the tropics, though — he's a tourist.


King Kong (2005) has large theropod dinosaurs that supposedly descended directly from Tyrannosaurus rex. The problem is that T. rex was a native of North America and would have never been anywhere near the pacific island this film takes place on, even taking continental drift into account. The same applies to every other single dinosaur, and most of the wildlife in general, on the island.

Here our protagonist does the unthinkable while attempting to pull the sword out of the stone, he accidentally breaks it in half. This has forced the village to pay his debts by marrying the shrine maiden. Here players will attempt to connect with the maiden while also learning the secrets of the Hoori village.


Brief mentions of the term without any further explanation were discarded as it would have been impossible to distinguish which version of paratextuality they employed. During this step, more than 100 publications were excluded from the corpus. The final count of 235 items consists of 24 books, 51 book chapters, 21 conference papers, and 139 journal articles (the full list is included as Appendix 1) .

One Tex Avery cartoon "Slap Happy Lion", had a once ferocious lion that terrified all the other animals in the jungle with his roars, including a zebra, flamingo, a trio crocodiles, ostrich, snakes, a gorilla, and even a kangaroo. Though one could argue a kangaroo might be more at home in a jungle than the lion is. Once again, lions do not actually live in jungles.


No actual wildlife is seen in The Suckers (which, in itself, is odd for a movie about hunting), but George tells a story about Vandemeer lassoing a orangutan in Rhodesia, and Jeff claims to have hunted snow leopards in the Andes. Unless these animals escaped from zoos, they have no business being on those continents.

In John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, John's first fight scene takes place in a library as an assassin twice as big as he is comes in after him. He has a knife, while John has a book in hand.


Dangerverse: Hermione does this to Pettigrew when he tries to kidnap her Pack-sister Megan. With her Monster Book of Monsters.

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And don't screw up Legumentine's Day. Holy crap, don't screw it up. It's like their Valentine's Day at St. PigeoNation's. Relationships live or die based on Legumentine's Day. But around the fourth, fifth, sixth iteration of Legumentine's Day, or the other numerous events that occur during every single track, it becomes monotonous, down to being just tedious. The repetition of each track directly could be correlated to the sense of dread I felt when I learned I would have to play through three more tracks to see this Bad Boys Love track that was (allegedly) worth my time.


Often, this will be prompted by a character saying, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me," or something of the sort. For additional humor value, the book that's used as a weapon will often have a title that's thematically appropriate to the user, the target, and/or the situation at hand. Bonus points if it's being used by a Badass Bookworm, established or developing.

In fact, you’re not likely to find much of the first group in male dating games. It seems to be more attractive to have girls who have difficulty conversing with others, as it tends to make more opportunities for “cute” embarrassing situations on the part of the girl. Also, as with quiet boys, the reserved girls often go through a transformative time with the main character where they learn the beauty of socialization and making friends, breaking out of their shell and learning to share their interests with the world. This tends to expand into the romantic side of the relationship as well; because these girls are inexperienced and unfamiliar with any sort of intimacy, it plays into this idea of treating girls delicately as you familiarize them with the ways of physical intimacy.


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There seems to be some kind of thing going on where sometimes you can't just steal the activation slot back. Sometimes it'll tell you it's unable to do it, and to sign onto the other ps4 to do so. Also, that would be unlimited phantoms, and nobody cares about phantoms anymore.

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Shaken, Ryouta then turns his attention to Okosan's testimony about a "blood-stained bird" roaming the school's campus. Believing Yuuya might know more about this suspect, Sakuya and Ryouta return to the chemistry lab. Yuuya and the doctor rebuke suggestions of suspicious activity, and Ryouta endeavors to find the "medical center" mentioned in the encyclopedia. After a bit of brainstorming, they discover an abandoned portion of the school.


Cooke, L, & Hubbell, G. S. (2021). Working Out Memory with a Medal of Honor Complex.

More a lampshading than a parody, but in the Rankin and Bass's Christmas special Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, set apparently in northern Germany, Kris Kringle (not yet named Santa Claus) meets a penguin who's trying to find the South Pole. Kris immediately says that the penguin is about lost as he could get.


Lucy The Eternity She Wished For is a visual novel that follows a boy during a futuristic world setting. Hunks of android metal have become the norm in civilization which has helped make the lives of humans a bit easier. While these androids are just barren with no personality, our protagonist happens to stumble upon an android, not like the others at a dumpsite. This android expresses emotions and dreams leaving our protagonist in awe. It’s a relatively short journey of just a few hours so we’ll avoid going any further into the narrative. However, prepare for quite a surprising ending.

In the Californian city of Martinez, there's a local legend about a group of monkeys living in the creek. They even have a restaurant named after them.


Note that this is for books being used to physically attack. For books used offensively by casting spells from it, see Spell Book; although the two can overlap if you physically bonk people with a spellbook. For the paper of books being used as a supernatural weapon, see Paper Master. For books with dangerous words in them, see Brown Note or Deadly Book. For the other meaning of "throw the book at them",note see the courtroom tropes on the Crime and Punishment Tropes page; it's been known to overlap, especially in comedies and especially when a Joker Jury is involved.

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French gamer-speak: New conceptualizations of text production, virtual spaces, and social stratification. Contemporary French Civilization, 44(1), 39-59.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is generally consistent about where on Mira particular species are found. Tyrants, however, can be found on different continents from where their species would normally be found, like a tyrant Simius wandering around the plains of Primordia instead of the jungles of Noctilum.

Troy contains a moment where a llama is seen in the city of Troy, despite the fact that llamas are new-world animals and would never have been found in ancient Greece/Troy. Perhaps they intended it to be a related camel, which would have been plausible (if unlikely) for the time period and place, since presumably one could have wound up there via Arab traders. The same crowd scene has a cage filled with budgerigars (commonly called parakeets in the US). These are small Australian parrots that weren't known elsewhere until the 19th Century.


Huge human-sized squid can sometimes be found in small lakes and rivers. Prior to the "Update Aquatic", they were the only sea creature, besides pufferfish-like "guardians" that appear only in rare underwater structures.

Huniepop is one of the games you’ll see pop up quite a bit in recommendation lists and even on Steam for dating simulation games. This is a title that’s part dating sim and part puzzle game. Players follow a protagonist that fails to pick up a girl named Kyu. However, Kyu turns out to be a magical love fairy who decides to help you out by meeting new women. With that said, this is a mature game where players are attempting to do the deed with characters.


Bringing Up Baby has a leopard from South America. Leopards are old world cats, found in Africa and Asia. South America is the domain of jaguars.

Bach has a string quartet titled "The Moose". Peter Schickele provides a humorously contrived explanation.


Suzuya has had a crush on Tsukiko since childhood, but has kept quiet about it since he knows Kanata also has a crush on her. Tsukiko eventually gets him to confess his feelings, and after they start going out, Suzuya becomes a very jealous lover and very protective of Tsukiko. He freaks out if she talks to another boy, or if either of her other childhood friends makes physical contact with her. He ends up being even more possessive of her than Yoh, to the point of monopolizing her. But his devotion to Tsukiko is an endearing trait, and so they fall in love and everyone is happy.

Unfortunately, the walls of the dome prove impenetrable. Thus, our unassuming duo attempts to find an emergency exit. They quickly locate a hatch at the top of the dome, but it appears to be locked. Hoping to learn more about the dome at the Headmaster's Office, the characters head off there but find it inaccessible. As the two prepare to break down the door, they encounter a SILENT HILL LOOKING MONSTER THAT ATTEMPTS TO MURDER THEM!


One encourages us to explore the headmaster's office to further our investigation. Before we can, Ryouta returns to the school's chemistry lab where the creepy doctor is conducting a thorough examination of Hiyoko's dismembered body. You know, something you'd expect to see in a high school for pigeons. With Doctor Shuu busy re-assembling Hiyoko's body, Ryouta turns to Kazuaki. Kazuaki assures Ryouta he will stay in the lab to prevent Shuu from engaging in foul play. Nonetheless, as we are about to leave, Shuu has a less than harmless aside with Ryouta. He taunts Ryouta about his investigation by sneering he's "missed something" and lets on he knows more about Hiyoko's death. With our business in the lab finished, we transition to the giant cement dome surrounding the school.

Destructoid Review: Hatoful Boyfriend Comments Feed

This first use of Genette’s concept in the context of games already marked a departure from the original meaning towards the expanded definition by including third-party texts - reviews or player-made walkthroughs. Despite being present in Aarseth’s monograph, which has gathered over 5,100 Google Scholar citations by May 2021, paratextuality has not become part of game studies’ analytical inventory until after its appearance in Consalvo’s Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames (2007). Consalvo dedicated more space to the introduction of the concept, including an explicit attribution to Genette, and used paratext throughout her whole book. However, her use of the term much more resembles Aarseth’s earlier interpretation rather than Genette’s original definition. Consalvo even coined her own related term “paratextual industry” (Consalvo, 2007, p. 4) in order to talk about ancillary video game-related business practices, such as the specialized press, game guide publishing, or mod chip manufacturers. The adoption of paratextuality was further solidified by Steven E. Jones’ The Meaning of Video Games: Gaming and Textual Strategies (2008), in which he used this concept to analyze tie-in novels, alternate reality games, and web series. All three aforementioned uses of paratext in game studies followed the expanded definition .


Counterfactual Communities: Strategy Games, Paratexts and the Player’s Experience of History. Open Library of Humanities, 4(1).

These three categories work equally well to describe most of the childhood friends in male dating sims, and really this is probably the most equal archetype in terms of representation. Both genres have these friends who have had crushes on the main character since they met however long ago, but find it difficult to show their feelings due to the fear of being rejected. They’re always really close to the MC in whatever they do, and are usually the easiest characters to connect with and date. These characters also tend to have more intimate scenes, as the characters are already comfortable with each other and interact with each other more than other characters.


Richard Macksey’s (1997) more sizeable foreword to Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation (Genette, 1997b ) essentially summarized the typology of transtextuality as explained in Palimpsests: Literature in the Second Degree, including the difference in authorship between paratextuality and metatextuality. More importantly, it addressed the fact that Genette assumed throughout the book that readers had already been familiar with his typology and therefore did not spend any time re-introducing it. However, in the context of English-speaking academia the two books in question came out in the same year. Their relation could then be perceived as parallel instead of serial . Coincidentally, the relatively newer L'Oeuvre de l’art: Immanence et transcendance (Genette, 1994) was translated to English also in 1997 (Genette, 1997c).

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And just sometimes this works out all right. The fallow deer used to live in most of Europe until an ice age drove it all the way back to Turkey and beyond. Then the Romans came along and they apparently liked the deer so much they introduced the animals in, well, most of Europe.


Indy misidentifies the large bats as vampire bats, which aren't found in India. Granted, he might've been yanking his companions' chains about those. In reality, if you see a bat you can in any way describe as large it's probably a "megabat", which are also known as "fruit bats", because that's what they eat.

The Paratexts of Inanimate Alice: Thresholds, Genre Expectations and Status. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 16(1), 57-74.


Study whatever you want, it doesn't make a difference. Ryouta's route is pretty straight forward.

Near the end of season 31 we see, among other things, that museums display penguins in the Egyptian desert. This demonstrates quite succinctly how reality is falling apart at the seams; at this point, there's little left of the universe but Earth, humanity, and some poorly-remembered stories about things that never existed.


It's actually one of the more normal weapons. Oddly, the books' basic attack, called "Thwap", fires a beam of energy.

Kimba the White Lion has the title character living in a jungle while real lions live in savannas. Justified when Kimba's odd home is made into a plot point involving the heritage of the white lions. Although real African lions typically live in open grassland and low tree density savannah, it's not unknown for them to live in bush and forest habitats. It's even more normal for Asiatic lions where mixed open forest(or jungle)/grassland (high tree density savannah) habitat is more normal.


Consalvo, 2009; Juul, 2021; Sicart, 2021; T. L. Taylor, 2009; cf. Myers, 2021). Arguably, Genette’s concept can be applied both to formal analysis and more culture-oriented research, effectively bridging the two paradigms, but being especially relevant for studies that investigate the context of games. However, the increase does not necessarily mean a proportionately higher use of the concept in the whole body of game studies publications but can be also caused by the general growth of the field, including foundation of new journals and higher publication frequency of the existing ones. Nonetheless, the volume of paratext-related scholarship has relatively stabilized around 2021. Currently, it can be assumed that paratext has already established a strong position in game studies scholarship and will continue to appear in future publications.

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Atsumori was born as a mistake and as a contestant as the family inheritor against his sickly older brother (the one that Aoi was created for) and so his family spends a majority of their time trying to murder him. They send him a bomb package through the mail at school, and they constantly poison his food, or try to strangle him in his sleep. Atsumori admits this to Nazuna and so they make plans to have a nice Christmas away from their families but then Nazuna gets kidnapped by her brother Wabisuke and Aoi lock her up in the underground prison and convince her that Atsumori broke up with her. Aoi says that the Kano family is cursed and that Atsumori shouldn’t be the only happy person in the family. Wabisuke just loves his sister romantically and is willing to do anything to have her feel the same way. Also Wabisuke and Nazuna are not actually blood related so it’s okay they’re just step siblings. After a week Nazuna is able to break free and run to Atsumori (though not before giving Wakisube a nice swift kick in the nads), who has been looking for her this whole time. It turns out that his whole life he’s just wanted to be loved and that Nazuna is now the world to him. Atsumori is declared as the Kano heir, the family finally warms up to him, and everybody lives happily ever after.

I have no idea how I was able to survive that. Next time, I'm just sticking to Final Fantasy.


Much of the action of Shakespeare's As You Like It takes place in the Forest of Arden. There is some debate about whether that refers to the Arden near Stratford, in England, or the Ardennes of the Franco-Belgian border region. However, what is certain is that, in both places, there is little chance of being attacked by a lion. This gets even sillier in some productions, like the Kenneth Branagh film adaptation set in Meiji-era Japan.

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Misaki Shinya is a senior at Suzushiro Academy. He also gets the dubious honor of being both a rich kid and a playboy, so he’s everything terrible in one package. He’s got a group of fangirls who follow him, but he becomes interested in Shiori and decides to start asking her out. She gives him a firm denial, though, and only gets stuck on a date when her friends answer for her during another one of his propositions. However, once the date starts, Shinya’s fangirls get angry at Shiori and try to shoot her, but she retaliates with machine gun fire and all the fangirls leave. Then, sensing a good moment for intimacy, Shinya immediately goes in for the kiss, only to get punched in the stomach. Later, he apologizes, saying that he’s genuinely sorry for his forwardness and that he’d like to try it again. Unfortunately, otome law dictates that this is the point where Shiori starts to fall in love with him. They start to date more often and Shiori learns that Shinya is actually a pretty alright guy, since his family runs a bunch of hospitals, and he shows incredible care for both the doctors and the patients, making sure that their hospitals are the best. Unfortunately, he still tends to use his playboy smooth-talking tactics on her, so she’s not sure if he really loves her or is just playing her.


One of the antagonists, Br'er Bear, is a grizzly bear who lives in the southern United States. Real grizzly bears don't live in the south, but in the northwest, like Alaska.

Ōkami has a variety of wildlife roaming the overworld which can be fed to gain "Praise" for Amaterasu. For the most part, the fauna is quite accurately Japanese (despite the raccoon dogs/tanuki erroneously being translated as "raccoons" in the English release) — however, later on, tigers (which have not lived in Japan since prehistoric times) join the selection of wildlife. Perhaps justified in that tigers featured frequently in historical Japanese art and folktales, which often borrowed a lot from Chinese culture and art.


In An American Werewolf in London, David and Jack start half-jokingly speculating about what's making the howling sounds in the distance. David first suggests a coyote, and Jack retorts that there aren't any coyotes in England.

Pokémon Sun and Moon give us the Yungoos line and the Alolan Rattata line, which are clearly based on mongoose and rats in Hawaii. Yungoos and Gumshoos are alien species to Alola that were introduced to the region in a misguided attempt to control the population of Rattata and Raticate, another line of Com Mons accidentally brought to Alola. This instead resulted in the Rattata and Raticate becoming nocturnal and adapting to night time to avoid the diurnal Yungoos and Gumshoos, resulting in two invasive species.


Part 124: Supplementary Lesson #9: Compare/Contrast Female Dating Games and Male Dating Games

For the same reason — to diversify huntable game — raccoons were introduced in Germany in 1930s. Later several dozen escaped from a fur farm. Today they thrive all over Germany.

Trépanier-Jobin, G. (2021). Differentiating Serious, Persuasive, and Expressive Games. Kinephanos: Revue d’études Des Médias et de Culture Populaire / Journal of Media Studies and Popular Culture, Special Issue(April 2021), 107-128.


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Inspector Gadget: In "The Amazon", Gadget encounters a huge white gorilla in, well, The Amazon. Gorillas are only found in Africa.

Poor old Albert in Mort discovers just how painful this trope can be when his charges drop part of Albert's "biography" (the book in Death's library that contains his life story) on top of his head. And since he's a wizard who's stayed alive for hundreds of years by living in Death's domain, Albert's got a whole shelf to himself full of very long and heavy books.


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To Nageki's horror, scientists from the Hawk Party forced him under duress to kill an endless stream of humans. Contrary to what you may assume, Nageki harbors no ill-will to humanity and instead seeks peace. Hoping to end the senseless killings, Nageki burns down the medical facility. Suspecting agents from the Hawk Party would continue to track him down, Nageki decides to burn with the school. Back in the library, Nageki believes the reason he's a ghost is part of him still lives at the hidden medical facility. Furthermore, he fears the doctor may continue the Hawk Party's research on the Charon Virus. After helping Ryouta locate a map of the school, he bids him farewell. However, he promises to meet Ryouta soon, and next time, with Hiyoko.

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In many episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs, its sequels, and spin-offs, there's at least one species that is unknown from the region that that episode is set. Sometimes this is handwaved, such as a waterhole during the dry season attracting animals from "far and wide" explaining the presence of the pterosaur Peteinosaurus (known only from Italy) in the region that would become Arizona. But other times, there's no explanation given, such as Utahraptor being present in Europe.


Following recent critical reflections of game studies scholarship (Martin, 2021; Quandt et al, 2021), I argue for a more rigorous use of terminology and a thorough examination of research practices. Paratextuality is only one of many concepts used in game studies but its current usage exposes the inter- and multidisciplinary nature of the field and the possible consequences of adopting of terms from other traditions. The goal of this article has not been to declare one correct definition of paratextuality, but to explicate the main differences between the widely used approaches and encourage a more conscious use of the frameworks. Articulating one’s approach to paratextuality can help to leverage the strengths of a chosen definition while acknowledging its weaknesses.

Caterina Sforza is shown handling a Harris hawk. Although wildlife is far from the only thing misplaced in this show.


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Technically these are "introduced" rather than misplaced — they were released as pets or escaped on their own and have become feral versus winding up in the wrong place due to some natural phenomenon. This is unfortunately pretty common, as evidenced by the European Starling being ubiquitous across North America and the also European House Sparrow now being one of the most numerous birds on the continent, despite the latter's declining numbers in countries it is native to according to its article on That Other Wiki. Amazingly, both of these species were only introduced to North America in the last 150 years or so. A story mentioning flocks of House Sparrows in New York City would have qualified for this trope as being wrong not that long ago.

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Any element that forms a figurative threshold of a text and grounds it in a socio-historical context. There are no limitations on authorship or cultural status of a paratextual element.

Furthermore, Leone states he has unlocked the secret files from the headmaster's office. While reading over the records, we discover several surprising facts about the school and its enrollment of Hiyoko. St. Pigeonation's Institute sought out Hiyoko's admission due to her resistance to all forms of the avian flu. The school felt her graduation would help further the Dove Party's agenda, and even hoped her enrollment would result in cross-species romance. Unfortunately, the file reveals that should Hiyoko die, the school would surrender its students to humanity AS A BLOOD SACRIFICE!


These contributions are relevant for all three versions of paratextuality and have also been developed by authors working within the original and reduced frameworks. In fact, new concepts grounded in the original definition can offer tools for analyzing cultural practices that go beyond what Genette saw as the supportive role of paratextuality in ensuring the authorial intent of a text. For example, John Thornton Caldwell’s (2021, 2021) concept of the para-industry (not to be mistaken for Consalvo’s paratextual industries) addresses the fact that paratextual elements do not only refer to cultural artifacts but also represent the industries that create these artifacts (and paratextual elements). In this sense, credits or making-ofs do not only represent the origins of a text but also show how the industry perceives itself and how it wants to be perceived, for example, in terms of which type of labor or craft is highlighted above others.

Bizarrely Zig-Zagged when Juan returns from Spain with gifts from the New World, which include a jaguar for Lucrezia. This is indeed an American animal, but his audience is shocked to see it as if they had never witnessed something like it before, despite jaguars being nearly identical-looking to leopards, which were very familiar to upper class Europeans and commonly kept in menageries at the time.


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The connection between vampires and bats was never very strong in the classic vampire myths. Stoker mostly came up with it after reading about vampire bats somewhere and incorporating them into the story. The problem is that vampire bats are native to Latin America. The only place in Eastern Europe you're likely to find them are zoos.

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Perhaps the most extreme example is penguins and orcas on Plutonote in "The Birdbot Ice-catraz". And just to be clear, neither were an extraterrestrial species, they're ordinary Earth penguins and orcas. Absolutely no explanation is given to it.


Social Constructionism and Ludology: Implications for the Study of Games

To initiate it, start a new game after doing the above. It will ask you if you want to fulfill a promise from long ago or live a normal life.

Brawl has a rare fictional mon example. The Pokémon Rayquaza raises out of a lake like it's some sort of sea monster. It's supposed to live in the earth's ozone layer.


Uncivil Engineering: A Textual Divide in Game Studies

Servant × Service: this is Yamagami's favoured method of attacking Hasebe whenever he gets onto her nerves. In the manga, when Taishi complained about Yamagami attacking people with work documents, she replied there was only waste paper in those folders; which means she specifically prepared those folders to hit people with.

Ryouta identifies the school's infirmary as the next place for their investigation. Sakuya agrees and offers to keep Doctor Shuu and Yuuya distracted so Ryouta can investigate the room unimpeded. As they are about to leave, the janitor provides Ryouta with a stun gun and master key.


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The cane toad, native to South and Central America, was released into numerous islands in Oceania, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Australia where they were intended to reduce or eliminate cane beetles that were eating cane sugar, a valuable crop. The toads succeeded in their mission in most places (though not in Australia), but rather than stop at the beetles, they went on to eat anything else they could fit in their mouths. In addition to that, they have a deadly venom that frequently kills predator species. The lack of predators and an abundance of food sources have caused cane toad populations to explode and become a serious pest species that have destabilized every ecosystem they were introduced to.

Taz-Mania: Dingoes and koalas are only found on the Australian mainland, and kiwis are from New Zealand. Aligators don't live in Australia, and even crocodiles are uncommon in Tasmania. Most of the rest of the animals are fine. Perhaps surprisingly, this includes the Bush Mice (mice and rats are basically found anywhere there are humans) and Buddy Boar (feral pigs have been an issue on the island).


Every few days, an elective day is held which gives you the choice of taking a unique class that can level up one of your three stats: wisdom, charisma, and vitality. These tie into later activities like socializing or taking exams but this isn’t an RPG — there’s no checks against your stats before you can complete a task.

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The popular Disney ride, Splash Mountain, which is based on Song of the South and also takes place in the south, not only features the particularly misplaced Br'er Bear. It also features a porcupine at one point of the ride, even though real porcupines live in the west and the northeast.


Discussed; the characters openly debate what the hell a giant saltwater crocodile is doing in a Maine lake. The crocodile expert thinks that, miraculously, it swam across two separate oceans.

Bohunicky, K. M, & Youngblood, J. (2021). The Pro Strats of Healsluts: Overwatch, Sexuality, and Perverting the Mechanics of Play.


Mio Nishizono is a character from the visual novel Little Busters, which is about a boy, Naoe Riki, who is dissatisfied with how fast life is passing him and his friends by. In order to recapture their youth and hold on to their childhood for as long as possible, they decide to start recruiting new friends and create a baseball team. However, Naoe has a lot to learn about growing up and what it means to truly live.

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One episode of DuckTales (1987) had Scrooge McDuck, the nephews, Webby, and Ms. Beakley go to Antarctica to protect a colony of penguins from a giant carnivorous walrus that was trapped in an ice cube for thousands of years, but was accidentally freed by Webby's tuning fork, causing said ice cube to shatter. In real life, walruses are native to the Arctic, not Antarctica. A leopard seal would be more appropriate however, since they are giant seals that live near Antartica which feed on penguins.


Humorously used in an episode of The Simpsons. Homer is trying to think of a way to get out of jail when Hans Moleman comes by with a book cart. Homer picks up a book on digging tunnels and says that the book gives him an idea. He then knocks out Moleman by hitting him with the book and runs out the open cell door.

Athlete characters are rare as they are, but those that are written to be more than one-dimensional are even rarer. Outside of Tokimeki Memorial and Katawa Shoujo, I couldn’t find a single athletic character in male dating games that weren’t used to push a gym uniform fetish. I can’t really explain this, since the energetic girl archetype isn’t uncommon; it’s just that athletes don’t seem to be particularly popular as the characters that end up with this trait.


Upon closer inspection, Shuu discovers the headmaster most likely died before his emergency announcement. Kazuaki agrees and finds the televised statement mirrors that of a pre-rehearsed video from the year prior. Not wanting to spread panic to the general student population, everyone agrees to keep the principal's death a secret. Hoping to find clues about what is going on, Ryouta and Sakuya search the office. Ryouta discovers a locked file cabinet as well as a command terminal. Ryouta and Sakuya rush to the janitor's office in hopes Mr. One can help them.

Elements that form a figurative threshold of a text and ground it in a socio-historical context. Ideally, they are subordinate to the text. They must be created by the text’s producers or their associates.


Comic Books, Video Games, and Transmedia Storytelling: A Case Study of The Walking Dead

A History of Real-Time Strategy Gameplay from Decryption to Prediction: Introducing the Actional Statement. History of Games International Conference Proceedings, 58-73.

The video for the Katy Perry song "Roar" features several animals that don't even live on the same continent. This may be intentional, since the video appears to be trying to invoke a Jungle Queen-style tone and look.


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Kung Fu Panda has an elderly Galapagos tortoise living in ancient China as one of the film's main characters, while the sequel featured evil gorillas (native to Africa). The tortoise at least is justified, as his backstory has him being born in the Galapagos Islands and eventually traveling to China. In general, Kung Fu Panda greatly averts this trope. Especially in the tv show, where the wildlife is so accurate that you probably won't recognize some of it. In all fairness, the animals are highly anthropomorphized and live like humans. It's not unreasonable to suggest that, like humans, they moved around a lot, especially after acquiring new forms of transportation such as boats and carts.

When he was a child, he was very lonely and wanted to fall in love, but no one paid attention to him. And so, after seeing a shooting star, he wished that he was popular with girls. His wish was fulfilled, and he was granted a special gaze that would make any woman fall for him. While he got what he wished for, any woman who caught his gaze would immediately fall in love with him, causing his group of fangirls to increase. He eventually lost the ability to connect emotionally or grow close to anyone, since all of his fangirls became hopelessly devoted to him, with little personality otherwise. However, Heroine was different, and was the only girl not to fall for his gaze. Because of this, Ikki became interested in her, and they eventually started dating, much to the dismay of his fangirls. They decide to try and break Ikki and Heroine up, so that there will be nothing between them and their ~true love~. They plan to attack Heroine and spread nasty rumors about Ikki’s romantic attitude in order to dissuade Heroine from continuing the relationship. Ikki, becoming aware of the plan, decides to confront his fangirls about his feelings for Heroine.


Dracula adaptations seem to have this problem bad; the furry webcomic version features Jonathan Harker the coyote (originally meant to be a fox, but the guy doing the strip likes coyotes), and a Eastern European ship's crew contained a kangaroo. This is particularly silly since Quincy Morris was from Texas, so making him a coyote would've been appropriate.

As spoiler-free as possible, here's a guide to unlocking every ending + achievement for all characters! Please let me know if I've made an error anywhere, as my original guides are based off of the game before it was updated for Steam.


Ghost Rider once found himself in a fight with a religious fanatic, armed with two swords able to kill him. He won by beating him with a big Bible.

Klaus Rosencrans is a prince from the Republic of Lamor. He is a counterpart for Kyle, a freshman at Sabrina’s school and the star athlete. Now, instead of basketball, he is into dancing and also competitive chariot racing. Klaus is also the childhood friend of the princess. He starts out the game with a dance partner, but approximately halfway through they have a fight and break up, which is Sabrina’s chance to invite him to be her own dancing partner. Gotta be quick on the rebound, y’know. He’s also constantly being harassed and pushed around by his two fangirls, so it can be hard to talk to him. He is considered one of the top dancers in the kingdom, and is happy to teach Sabrina how to dance. He’s kind and considerate and gives Sabrina a number of new dresses to dance in, including a first prize dress from winning a chariot racing competition. He’s incredibly cordial and aware of his status and what it does for his reputation (much to his chagrin with his fangirls), making him different than many of the more traditional athlete characters.


Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid took place in Asia (specifically Borneo) — even though most of the animals in the film are native to South America, particularly the title serpent itself (to say nothing of the tiger that appears briefly, since it's native to neither South America nor Borneo). This may be a case of failing geography rather than biology, as they might've belatedly decided to change the film's location. There's also the deadly golden silk orb-weaver seen several times during the film. Impressively, it's not too out of place (Nephila is a very widespread genus, and there are several Asian species). On the other hand, it's not exactly deadly, as the many, many people who live with these things could easily tell you.

The episode "The Deep South" had an electric eel in the ocean. The same scene also showed a coelacanth (which is found in the Indian ocean), a leafy seadragon (from the Pacific), and a clownfish (Pacific again) despite the episode being set under the Atlantic.


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Lampshaded in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, where doctor speculates that a soldier's leg was bitten off by a tiger. Several characters incredulously ask, "A tiger?

Rabbit Fire has an elephant pop up in a North American forest. Since he walks on his hind legs and talks, this is clearly an example of Rule of Funny.


Bredehoft, T. A. (2021). The visible text: Textual production and reproduction from Beowulf to Maus (First Edition).

In Muppet Treasure Island, the second half takes place on an unidentified North American island. Miss Piggy is brought to the ceremony by an Asian elephant (and not a Muppet one either). What makes it worse is that the story takes place in the 17th Century, long before any zoos were built in North America, let alone the Caribbean islands. Given that it's The Muppets, this might very well have been an intentional Lampshade Hanging.


Ice Age has animals misplaced in time as well as space. At the very least, they used animals that were all around after the dinosaurs died out (with the exception of the second film's hesperornithines, mostly flightless Mesozoic diving birds). Especially confusing the mains haven't aged between the two movies, but they're set at opposite ends of the titular ice age. And then comes Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, when the first movie had humans. The dinosaurs are at least living in a Lost World, but the genera there are as misplaced in location and time as the other animals in the series.

DeWinter, J, & Moeller, R. M. (2021). Playing the Field: Technical Communication for Technical Games.


Partly due to their official authorship, Genette (Genette, 1997b ) argues that paratextual elements are subordinate and that they should not attract too much attention to themselves at the expense of the main text. While this might be true for certain elements, such as credits or prefaces, this notion of subordination explicitly dismisses the cultural importance of paratextual elements as a whole (cf. Brookey & Gray, 2021; Consalvo, 2021; Gray, 2021; S. E. Jones, 2008; Lunenfeld, 1999; Rockenberger, 2021; W. Wolf, 2006). On an empirical level, trailers have become a prime counterexample to this problematic assumption of subordination. Besides informing about a different cultural artifact, trailers to many viewers offer a self-contained aesthetic and entertainment value (Hesford, 2021; Johnston et al, 2021; Å velch, 2017a; Vollans, 2021, 2021).

The film takes place on an island off the coast of South Carolina, while Komodo dragons live in Indonesia. A bunch of Komodo eggs were left on the island by someone back in the 70s, causing the Komodos to show up there.


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Shiratori is the daughter of the rival business group to Kyousuke’s organization. She’s withdrawn and does not interact with others because she is socially awkward. Her father owns the school that all of the characters attend, and she is well aware of Kyousuke’s true identity. She has a strong sense of justice due to her father, and she tries to take Kyousuke down along with his organization. As a result, most of her interactions with Kyousuke are hostile and rude. However, Shiratori’s father is not the saint she thinks he is, as he’s made several under-the-desk deals, which eventually leads to Shiratori being taken hostage, and neither her position or her father can help her escape. Kyousuke leaps to the rescue and saves her, even though he knows about her intentions, and through this incident Shiratori discovers the moral grey. She ditches her cold attitude and begins the path of self-discovery, which eventually leads to her falling in love with Kyousuke (though she acts defensive and refuses to admit it) and trying to discover her own moral beliefs rather than blindly following those of another.

The accents and mammals (Tasmanian devil, echidna) in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole make it pretty clear we're in Australia, but it includes every owl species in the world. And the bats working for the pure ones appear to be vampire bats, which are native to Central and South America.


There's a jungle in the Madonna movie Who's That Girl with all the usual suspects; cockatoos, kangaroos, zebras, Patagonian felixes, etc, but it's artificial (the biggest artificial jungle on the Lower West Side), so they were stocked into it anyway. And it's on top of an apartment building.

The way paratextuality became accessible to different parts of academia can shed light on its reception and interpretation, especially since Genette’s books that deal with the paratextual framework had been originally published in French and only later translated into English. Curiously, the first mention of paratextuality in the original French edition of Introduction à l'architexte (Genette, 1979) had a different meaning and was later renamed to hypertextuality in Palimpsestes: La littérature au second degré (Genette, 1982). Palimpsestes is the only place where Genette himself in detail elaborates on the theoretical foundations of transtextuality and on the interplay between its specific types (Genette, 1997a, pp. 1-9 ). However, most of the monograph is dedicated to hypertextuality (in its amended meaning). The most central publication for paratextuality is Seuils (Genette, 1987), which engages in empirical analysis of various paratextual elements in book publishing . Later, Genette also used the concept of paratext in L’Oeuvre de l’art: Immanence et transcendance (Genette, 1994), which broadened up his area of interest from literature to other works of art.


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Reiji as a child craved for his mother Cordelia’s attention that his brother Shu was always given. He did everything he could to stand out to her, including burning down a local human village. But nothing he did made Cordelia care about him. He even went out of his way to kill his stepmother Beatrix, but she was so happy to be free of Cordelia’s abuse and see that Reiji had grown up and become a strong independent vampire, leaving him unsatisfied, and so he spends much of his time trying to find a way so that he can resurrect her and kill her in a way that will make her despair. Then it turns out that when Cordelia died her husband shoved her heart into Yui’s baby body. Now, because of all of the abuse Reiji had been laying on Yui, Cordelia’s personality comes out. Reiji, being as infatuated with his mother as he is, becomes incredibly submissive to Yui-Cordelia, taking even more abuse from her mother than he ever gave to Yui. Once he feels like he’s gotten all the attention he needs, however, he uses a kiss to force Yui-Cordelia to drink a potion to remove Cordelia’s spirit from her body. In the “best” end, Yui has become completely broken by both Reiji’s abuse and Cordelia’s takeover that she becomes completely submissive to Reiji and so she lives her life as a slave to him.

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Fish also get misplaced—sometimes intentionally and sometimes not—in various rivers and streams around the world. In North America, numerous species of Asian carp have infested lakes and rivers across the United States, and on occasion so have northern snakeheads. Alligator gar, native to the Southeast United States, have been found in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan and Singapore. The South American arapaima has been introduced to lakes and rivers in Thailand and Malaysia. There are varying reasons for this, from fish owned by private collectors escaping or being released into the wild, introduced to remove pest species or as part of conservation efforts.


In one of his short stories a “South American boomslang” is responsible for making the paramedics think the viewpoint character is dead. The only snake called a boomslang is from sub-Saharan Africa (its common name is Dutch/Afrikaans for “tree snake”). King admits he got the idea from Agatha Christie who had a properly placed boomslang kill someone and he just liked the name.

The monkey looks like another Capuchin. At least the monkey was a pet, and not necessarily native.


Shades of Grey: The wildernesses of the main setting, which takes place where England is today, is home to creatures such as elephants, zebras and kudu antelopes. In this case, it's assumed that whatever the Previous and the Something That Happened did to fill the world with hybrid and altered animals, man-eating plants and mechanical organisms was also responsible for these creatures' presence.

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Jess Franco's Count Dracula (aka El Conde Dracula, 1970) lets us hear a Transylvanian kookaburra (No bird is onscreen; Franco apparently just wanted some dramatic sound and took whatever he could get). Lovingly parodied in The Monster Squad, where the same animals appear in the Transylvania prologue.


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There are many ways to do things. You may be able to do the same ending with a different method than I listed below, but I'd really rather not list every single path to the same destination. The point is that this guide will get you there if you need help.

Discursively Constructing the Art of Silent Hill. Games and Culture, 5(3), 314-328.


Over the Garden Wall: Not only does Miss Langtree have to deal with the school's financial problems and her no-good fiancé Jimmy Brown abandoning her, but there's also a wild gorilla chasing people around the Fantasy Americana setting! It turns out to be Jimmy Brown in a Clingy Costume.

Part 121: Supplementary Lesson #6: The Athlete Archetype

President of the school's athletic club. Gimmick: A great athlete that is also dumb as bricks.


Uribe-Jongbloed, E, Espinosa-Medina, H. D, & Biddle, J. (2021). Cultural Transduction and Intertextuality in Video Games: An Analysis of Three International Case Studies.

In a more literal sense, the fact that most of the animals on the cast are in the same shot, centimetres apart from one another, is unusual. The wildlife placements are made far more odd when it is revealed that the series takes place in North America, where the Autobots' Ark crashed. Even allowing for the prehistoric setting, many of the animals scanned in the first episode, as well as the proto-humans, are very out of place. Beast Wars II, the Japan-only anime sequel, has at least one Tasmanian Devil on Gaea, which is Earth in the distant future. Plus, the surface of Gaea is a jungle. Other examples abound, such as the question of how Big Convoy of Beast Wars Neo has a mammoth alt-form when he's apparently never even been to Earth/Gaea.


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Tropic Thunder features a vicious man-eating panda in the jungle along the Vietnam/Laos border. In Real Life, giant pandas are found only in China, and nowhere near the border with Indochina. To say nothing of the fact that real life pandas generally don't hunt large prey.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, despite taking place in a deliberate Fantasy Kitchen Sink, gets special mention for having a giant squid in a lake in "The Show Stoppers". Further, given that the show takes place in a temperate, pastoral fields-and-woodlands type of setting, it's also more than a bit strange to see toucans and sea lions show up as regular components of Fluttershy's coterie of woodland critters.


In the opening sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey the hominids, in a semi-desert African setting, are accompanied by tapirs, when there's no evidence that they ever existed in Africa. In the novel, they were boars, so it was probably just a case of being unable to get a large animal of that sort passive enough to use in filming, especially since one shot involves a hominid angrily shoving a tapir aside. Boars are nasty, and would probably attack the actors if they shoved it like that. Word of God is that one reason they used tapirs is because they were more exotic-looking and had a "prehistoric" appearance.

After a bit of plot summary, Shuu admits defeat and calls an end to his plot. As he does, Mr. Leon returns with the school's entire student-body in tow. Shuu agrees to stand judgment for his crimes, but as he readies himself, Kazuaki PULLS OUT A GUN AND SHOOTS HIM! With his pistol aimed at the doctor's head, Kazuaki demands Shuu locate the remains of Nageki. Remember when Nageki mentioned he survived the "Heartful House Incident" with one other orphan? Well, that other orphan was none other than our sleepy math teacher, Kazuaki!


This is an important piece of empirical evidence about the adoption of Genette’s concept. The departure from the original definition has been occasionally noted (Arsenault, 2021; Backe, 2021; Rockenberger, 2021; Švelch, 2021, 2017b), but until now its extent could have been only hypothesized. The presented data conclusively show that the redefinition, most visibly attributed to Consalvo, has already overtaken the original concept in game studies. While already the first publication (Aarseth, 1997) used the expanded definition, a more significant shift in this direction began in 2009. Until then the two frameworks had been more or less equally represented with five and six publications, respectively. Since 2021, the expanded definition has sustained a clear majority of two-thirds or more (from as much as 82 percent in 2021 to 67 percent in 2021) on an annual basis.

The game returns to Ryouta in the infirmary as he attempts to locate clues. While rifling through the doctor's desk, he finds medical files for himself, Hiyoko, Sakuya, and Nageki. Just as he is about to read the entry on Nageki, something knocks him out from behind, and he finds the files missing when he awakes. However, he discovers Hiyoko's blood-stained ID card. When Ryouta returns to the chemistry lab, he finds Shuu lecturing on how someone could dismember a human corpse. Nonetheless, he assures everyone he could not possibly be the one who dismembered Hiyoko because he's partially paralyzed on his right side.


Hatoful Boyfriend is a port of a 2021 PC/Mac game (website link) which the Japanese categorize as otome, which describes games primarily targeted toward a female audience, usually with one of the goals being to wind up in a romantic relationship with one of the male protagonists. It's at this juncture that I should point out that Hatoful Boyfriend is not your average otome game (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3083). Your player-character is, indeed, female, and yes, you need to romance one of several males in the game. The males, however, are all birds.

Cultural Transduction and Intertextuality in Video Games: An Analysis of Three International Case Studies

One particular thing that I noticed while working on this update is that otome games (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=9436) put a lot less focus on sexual content. There definitely aren’t as many otome games with sexual content as there are with male dating games, and those that do are usually Rejet. I mean, there are a number of other companies who produce those sorts of otome games, but male dating games definitely have a larger focus on adding sexual scenes in order to bring in more sales, even those that are heavily focused on a narrative, such as Fate/Stay Night.


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Chapter five starts unlike any of the previous ones before it. Unlike the prior episodes, it begins with a flashback to Sakuya's childhood where his father attempts to install a sense of elitism into the young pigeon. There are also several dream sequences involving Yuuya which detail his relationship to Sakuya.

In one story of the Facing the Future Series, a brainwashed Jazz hit Danny repeatedly over the head with a scroll. When Danny took it from her, she pulled out a dagger.


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Harviainen, J. T, & Rapp, A. (2021). Multiplayer online role-playing as information retrieval and system use: An ethnographic study. Journal of Documentation, 74(3), 624-640.

Therrien, C, Lefebvre, I, & Ray, J -C. (2021). Toward a Visualization of Video Game Cultural History: Grasping the French Touch. Games (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=451) and Culture, Online First.


The second part of the analysis was based on the manual reading of all 235 publications, searching for the words “paratext”, “paratextual”, and “paratextuality”, and identifying phenomena considered by respective authors of those publications to be “paratexts” or paratextual elements. The goal of this process was to determine which one of the two main frameworks - original or expanded, respectively - was used. I deliberately left out the reduced definition from this part of the analysis as it significantly overlaps with the original definition and has low citation numbers for its two selected publications, as I show in the next section. Overall, I deem this approach based on concrete operationalization of paratextuality more informative and accurate than identifying the chosen definition based on publication’s key references or authors’ own claims. Due to the strict differences between the two definitions, it was relatively easy to identify the chosen framework for each publication.

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Dating someone younger—whether you're two or three years his senior or are talking cougar territory—certainly can work, but being an older woman in a relationship does tend to come with certain perks and downfalls. If you want to make things work, be sure you can handle the following.


Meanwhile, a good portion of the game is based around puzzle solving that’s quite a bit like Candy Crush where players are actively trying to lineup matching up three items together to rack up points. The better you get at these puzzles the easier you’ll have at entertaining the individual which will leave you with some rather risque photos.

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This also applies to the spatial dimension of paratexts, which has become one of the most discussed and criticized features of Genette’s framework (see Dunne, 2021; S. E. Jones, 2008; Lunenfeld, 1999; McCracken, 2021; Stewart, 2021; W. Wolf, 2006). The binary of peritexts (paratextual elements spatially connected to a cultural artifact) and epitexts (spatially removed) is based on the codex book medium and hardly fits other cultural artifacts. However, this distinction is not a central part of the definition, as the sum of these two categories allows for any spatial relation between an artifact and its paratextual element.


Rowsell, J, Pedersen, I, & Trueman, D. (2021). Playing as a mutant in a virtual world: Understanding overlapping story worlds in popular culture video games.

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As the achievement says, you unlock this by doing all the endings as listed above. This means every character's true and normal endings, both of Azami's, as well as the ending for BBL.


Social Constructionism and Ludology: Implications for the Study of Games (sites). Simulation & Gaming, 43(3), 300-320.

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As I was doing research for this lesson, I realized that the playboy/rich kid power duo is a fairly common character group. You can see this with Yuuya and Sakuya, TokiMemo’s Reiji and Tamao, UtaPri’s Masato and Ren and Gekka Ryouran’s Atsumori and Kano. Not only that, but there are quite a number of characters that have traits from both groups, both in this lesson and the Playboys lesson, such as School Wars’ Shinya, both of the Gekka Ryouran boys we’ve looked at and UtaPri’s Ren. I suppose it makes sense, given that the higher status lends itself to looking at those below as lesser people, treating them more like objects and using them for their own pleasure. It’s still interesting to see that these two generally hated archetypes aren’t that divided, and often play into each other, both for the good and the bad. It’s good in the sense that it helps to give more justification for these otherwise awful personality traits and therefore makes it easier to connect to the characters, and it’s bad because it also makes these characters display more negative traits and bring them to the forefront of their character.

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AVP: Alien vs. Predator is set in Mysterious Antarctica and has a Cat Scare involving a penguin. Problem is, the bird shown is an African penguin, only found in, well, Africa.


Alan Dean Foster's Spellsinger series takes place in a fantasy world where all mammals, birds, amphibians and turtles are sentient. Few of the animal species he encounters should be living on the same continent, let alone in the same village. At one point, after having met Australian animals, Jon Tom goes to a place where Australian animals exclusively live. Even there, the habitats within Australia are inextricably mixed together.

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A "normal end" and a "true end" that has a proper conclusion. You will need to do both versions in order to unlock the BBL Epilogue. To get his full ending, you need to study music every day in order to have your charisma stat as high as possible. To get his normal ending, do everything the same but while studying some other subject, like math.


Hatoful (read more) Boyfriend is a unique dating sim that came out and took quite a few people by storm. It’s a dating simulator where you’re a human that’s been accepted to a prestigious school for pigeon. Players attend different classes and meet with unique pigeons. Just like a normal visual novel dating sim game (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=6110) you’re getting to know the different pigeons and interacting with them as you divert your time between school and meeting with these birds. Of course, the narrative is what shines here with different plots both lighthearted and at times dark. While the front of the game (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=2217) seems to be pretty comical, those that want a narrative to keep you progressing forward just to see how it all ends won’t want to pass up on this title.

The game reverts to the present where Kazuaki claims to be able to hear Nageki's voice and asks where the doctor has hidden his remains. When Shuu claims he has transferred Nageki's remains into Ryouta, Kazuaki shoots the doctor twice.


Big Fish and Sideways (deleted scene) replaced turkey vultures with one of the closely related yellow-headed vulture species. Since only turkey vultures that cannot be returned to the wild can be kept in captivity, it is apparently much simpler to just import a foreign lookalike.

Playing (with) the Trace: Localized Culture in Phoenix Wright. Kinephanos: Revue d’études Des Médias et de Culture Populaire / Journal of Media Studies and Popular Culture, 5(1), 111-141.


Hatoful Boyfriend has an almost Evangelion quality to it. It creates this saccharine world and tricks you into thinking it's just silly anime nonsense. Then, when you least expect it, it burns its shiny happy world to the ground all while mocking you. Hatoful (straight from the source) Boyfriend chastizes you for thinking it's merely a dating sim. It reminds you its premise is patently ridiculous, and you were a fool to believe that is all it had to offer. It jabs a knife into your side and whispers you are living a lie and reminds you it is high time you wake up. And then it twists that knife as it descends further into madness.

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One of Doofenshmirtz's traumatic backstories involves him being raised by ocelots, which are explicitly referred to in the movie as "South American wildcats". Yet Druelselstein is presumably in continental Europe.


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On Little House on the Prairie, one can hear the "chi-ca-go" call of the California Quail. Little House is set in Minnesota, and the Quail is only found west of the Rockies. It really can't be helped, since it was filmed in California.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights features the characters sending a message via "12 Century Fox" note to deliver messages, but the fox they use is a gray fox, which is not native to England. The movie is an Anachronism Stew that runs on Rule of Funny, and the fox even makes the sound of the dolphin from Flipper (that is, a sped-up kookaburra) when it runs off. The bird that lands on Marian's hand after her bath is a bluebird, also not native to Britain.


In one of the promotional shorts for DuckTales (2021), Huey knocks out Bigfoot by throwing the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook at him. If you look carefully, Huey consults the book before throwing it, implying that the guidebook instructed him to use it as a weapon.

In an earlier episode of Naruto, this actually becomes relevant. Sasuke spots a white hare in an environment where it most definitely doesn't belong and figures somebody brought it to pull a Cat Scare on them.


Zhang, X, & Smith, A. M. (2021). Retrieving videogame moments with natural language queries. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, 1-7.

Match.com, the leading online dating resource for singles. Searcho you're 41 but know you'll probably get a lot more interest if you post your age as 38.


Booth, 2021; Brookey, 2021; Chircop, 2021; Freeman, 2021; Geraghty, 2021; Gray, 2021; Janes, 2021; B. Jones, 2021; Mittell, 2021; Sullivan & Salter, 2021). These texts generally use the expanded definition and consider most transmedia elements, including games based on other intellectual properties, paratextual elements. Due to their specific focus and background in screen studies, they do not fit the other game studies texts that position games and game-related artifacts as the main phenomena. For this reason, they were excluded them from the quantitative analysis.

Sakamaki Reiji is the second oldest son of the Sakimaki family. He tends to act polite and refined, and is strict when it comes to following rules, both towards himself and others. He takes care of the household, doing the cleaning and cooking, and making sure that his brothers stay in line. Despite his better appearance, he has a massive inferiority complex. He’s arrogant and prideful, and demands perfection in all things. He also enjoys punishing others for not following his rules, and is a large proponent of schadenfreude. He enjoys experimenting and brewing potions, which Yui is often a subject of. He also whips and strangles her in his path, doing everything he can to abuse her.


Silent types really don’t end up that different when it comes down to it. It’s still a story about teaching someone to open up and enjoy the world around them, though male dating games tend to play up the embarrassment factor for these characters in order to create more “cute” situations for these characters to fall into. This sort of innocence is a popular trait in male dating games, often for less-than-reputable reasons.

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Faris is the owner of a maid café called May Queen Nyan-Nyan, where she also works and is the most popular waitress. Working in the heart of Akihabara (aka Japan anime nerd central), she does a lot to play up her cuteness, like ending many of her sentences with “Nya”. She has the ability to read people’s hearts by looking into their eyes, and is more than happy to play along with Rintarou’s chuunibyou delusions. Her playful attitude and pandering to anime cuteness stereotypes has earned her many diehard fans both in and out of work, and she’s held up as an important figure in Akihabara. During one of the timeline divergences, it is discovered that Faris is actually the heir to a large computer company, and after her father’s death, she used the money to make Akihabara the anime haven that it is today. While she puts on an air of disconnectedness and perpetual happiness, she’s depressed about the death of her father. Although she’s surrounded by fans, she finds herself unable to connect to others, fearing they’ll all disappear from her life like her father did, so she’s very lonely. However, Rintarou, being the aloof and equally unconnected dork he is, is able to show Faris that the people who surround her care about her and that she shouldn’t have to be so afraid or alone.


The film had Brachiosaurus interacting with Cretaceous-period dinosaurs, as well as lemurs, which did not evolve until well after dinosaurs went extinct. Meanwhile the Carnotaurus that appeared was found only in South America, with relatives in Africa and southern Europe. Thus, this movie had Misplaced Wildlife and Anachronism Stew simultaneously. The opening scene also featured a Koolasuchus, which was a giant amphibian that only thrived in polar regions (the South Pole, to be precise, on the exact opposite part of the planet). Even taking tectonic shift into account, those didn't belong there.

In The Smurfs cartoon show, skunks which are North American creatures can be found in the medieval Europe period Smurf Forest. The comic books are a little bit more accurate as they feature polecats instead of skunks.


About midway through Up, Mr. Fredriksen and Russell are in Venezuela. Russell complains that he's tired. Mr. Fredriksen tells Russell to hurry up before a tiger eats him, but Russell whines that there aren't tigers in Venezuela, referencing his zoology scout badge in the process.

Demoralized to discover their only hope of escape results in instant death, our party attempts to recollect itself. Hoping to gain access to the school's "restricted files," they return to Mr. One. Fed up with Mr. One's mysterious musings, Sakuya demands to know Mr. One's identify, who happily obliges.


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Peafowl also roam free in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which is notorious for having one of the mildest climates in the country. They were first introduced in 1891 and the park is now home to roughly 40 of them. They're known to wander into the gardens of homes across the street from the park, and during the 2021 mating season animal control officers captured a peacock in heat that had injured a 90-year-old woman outside her apartment building.

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This show also claims that vipers and badgers are the natural predators of platypi. Platypi are exclusive to Australia, which had neither badgers nor vipers until the latter were accidentally introduced in recent times.


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Minecraft Dungeons: Normally, Enchanters avoid direct confrontation and will actually walk away from you if you go near them. However, if you walk up to their face and don't immediately kill them, they will actually start smacking you with their book as a last-ditch attack.

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Kazuma Suzuka is a sophomore on the basketball team. He is always seen with a bandage under his left eye, though the reason why it’s there is never known. He’s incredibly passionate about everything he wants to be, which mostly ends up being basketball. Once the main character joins the basketball team and shows her skills on the court, Kazuma will notice her and comment on her playing. As that particular relationship progress, he pretends like he isn’t interested in her romantically, even though he’s really bad at hiding his feelings.


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One commercial shows African penguins living in the South Pole. As their name suggests, African penguins are only found along the southern African coast and wouldn't be able to survive the extreme environment of the Antarctic. African penguins are a common captive species, so they were most likely the easiest to book for a commercial shoot.

Madison is supposed to be swimming around Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The problem is that she swims past coral reefs, and there are no coral reefs near Cape Cod since the water is too cold. Those scenes were actually filmed in The Bahamas.


The reduced framework, while mostly absent from game studies, could also find its use, particularly in formal analysis of games and close readings. This version of paratextuality is suitable for in-depth explorations, providing a well-defined toolkit for assessing the structural aspects of games and their potential impact on audience reception. Most notably, it deliberately strips away the somewhat contradictory notion of the factual paratext and looks at tangible elements spatially connected to a cultural artifact.

Pocahontas has the quails (once again) and a moose. It is true that some animals ranged farther into the eastern parts of North America in pre-colonial times, but still.


Come on you knew we had to put this game on here since it just came out in 2021 and chances are if you’re just getting into dating simulators you might have missed the game launch. KFC was putting out quite a few unique marketing attempts to get people into their chain restaurant with this dating simulator being quite unusual.

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Aleksandr the Russian Meerkat, and the rest of the population of Meerkovia, in the Compare the Meerkat adverts are very much played for laughs. But eventually we did get an ad explaining that their ancestors travelled to Russia from the Kalahari Desert, which is where you get meerkats.


Gwee, S, Chee, Y. S, & Tan, E. M. (2021). The Role of Gender in Mobile Game-Based Learning. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL), 3(4), 19-37.

In the original childhood friends writeup, I outlined three general types that you’re sure to find in this huge, expansive category. There’s the brotherly character, the flirty and defensive character, and the quiet and brash character.


In Happy Feet Two, Sven the "flying penguin" turns out to be an Atlantic puffin (who can fly, unlike penguins). It's not entirely made clear how a bird that lives in the North Atlantic has ended up that far south.

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Rascal the Raccoon is a 1977 anime series with a main character that is a raccoon. At the time it was very popular, leading to around 1,500 raccoons that were imported as pets each year after the success of the anime series, so it became something of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.


Another ad shows a pair of cartoon turtles get menaced by a white-backed vulture, which is an African species. Due to laws regarding native birds of prey, it's likely that it was simply easier to get than a turkey vulture.

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The Popeye cartoon "Wild Elephinks" has Popeye encountering a moose in the jungle. He's also seen fighting bears and squirrels in the climax.


Niemeyer, D. J, & Gerber, H. R. (2021). Maker culture and Minecraft: Implications for the future of learning. Educational Media International, 52(3), 216-226.

Misato is the history teacher, the older sister of one of Yuuji’s classmates, and is (presumably) in her mid-20’s. Despite her position, she wants to interact with her students on a more personal level, and so she joins them for various activities outside of class in order to be part of the circle of friends that Yuuji makes. However, she’s a very airheaded woman, prone to accidents and considered useless outside of her academic field. She stumbles over perfectly even ground and falls asleep during her own lectures. She’s also known for drinking way too much when out in public. Still, she’s dedicated to her work and aspires to be an inspirational teacher. She feels like she’s becoming too old to be loved, and so when Yuuji confronts her about his feelings, she latches on to him. However, things start to get difficult after Misato gets caught smooching Yuuji on school grounds, breaking the teacher-student relationship code. Trying to keep any sense of professionalism, she takes responsibility and leaves the school, moving many miles away to teach at another school. After Yuuji is done feeling like a sad sack, he decides that love should not be kept down by any sort of boundaries, so he transfers to Misato’s new school and joins her class, where he proceeds to kiss her in front of the entire class, who break out into cheers because apparently this is suddenly okay.


Strangely inverted in one episode of Geronimo Stilton: a shark suddenly attacks a surfing competition. Looking it up, Benjamin sees that it's a copper shark, and since those are usually found around Australia and New Zealand, deduces that it must have been introduced on purpose.

Commented upon in Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. Pym and company are very surprised to discover that Mysterious Antarctica has a thriving population of Galapagos tortoises, and list several reasons why this shouldn't be possible.


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Yet another bird with two endings. Attend gym class every day (I'm not actually sure if this matters, but do it just to be safe). I've listed the two different answers you can give to change between the "normal" end and the "true" end - although swapping other silly questions should also work, just don't blame me if you try it. Again, you need both to unlock BBL Epilogue.

During Kurt Busiek's run on The Avengers, a Snowbird expy called Silverclaw shows up; she can only turn into animals native to South America. The cheetah was retconned into a jaguar next issue (though she changed into that for speed), but they never tried to explain the cockatoo.


Subverted in a Jana of the Jungle episode where a captive elephant breaks loose and is rampaging through the South American rain forest. Here, the elephant is explicitly shown not to be native to the region, forcing Jana to explain to the frightened natives that it is a simply a large animal before she sets out to find it and prevent it from causing irreparable damage or being killed by the natives.

This big dumb RPG reference has a fun, totally different route. Make sure you study math to get your wisdom up for the end sequence!


They are the descendants of pre-war emperor scorpions which were quite popular in pet stores. The normally mildly venomous scorpions have since mutated into highly venomous, bullet-resistant giants. Fallout: New Vegas also manages to throw in mutated versions of the native bark scorpion, as well as what are presumably non-native emperor mutants.

One Robot Chicken short showed a courtroom judge lob a book at the defendant and fall short. He asks the bailiff to retrieve it and throws it again, hitting his mark.


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In Jeanne Faivre d'Arcier's Le Dernier Vampire (The Last Vampire), one character mentions a remedy her grandmother, a healer from Reunion island, made out of snake venom. There are no poisonous snakes in Reunion island.

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DiGRA Nordic ’18: Proceedings of 2021 International DiGRA Nordic Conference. DiGRA Nordic 2021 Conference, Bergen.


When Kazuaki asks for clarification, Shuu states all that remained of Nageki following the fire was his liver. To seed the Charon Virus into Ryouta, Shuu surgically implanted the organ into him. After pointing a gun at Sakuya, Ryouta is forced into a room with just him and Kazuaki. Kazuaki pulls out a knife and motions at Ryouta's stomach. Nageki returns and takes control of Ryouta's body, and tries to reason with Kazuaki.

Another lethal Discworld book: How to Kille Insects, which is about three thousand pages long; presumably if all else fails, one could use the book to squash insects. In Men at Arms, the Librarian whacks Cuddy over the head with this book so hard, his helmet gets stuck.


Beavers, long extinct in the British Isles, have recently been reintroduced into Scotland using stock imported from North America. Some people are getting excited by the idea of re-introducing wolves and bears: the last native British wolf was killed by hunters in Suffolk in the 1500's.

G A M E, the Italian Journal of Game Studies

While I was looking around for examples, I was shocked to find out that there were any dating games that had chuunibyou characters. However, it turns out that almost all of them are based around the anime series Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai, which is pretty disappointing and not worth looking into, since it’s all adaptation rather than building new characters around an archetype.


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Pasadena, California has a large, non-indigenous population of naturalized parrots. According to the "Parrot Project of Los Angeles", the parrots are of at least five species. Some residents have come to enjoy the birds as part of their unique city's culture, while others consider them to be loud pests. Many theories surround the mystery of how the parrots landed in Pasadena and claimed the area as their own. A widely accepted story is that they were part of the stock that were set free for their survival from the large pet emporium at Simpson's Garden Town on East Colorado Boulevard, which burned down in 1959.

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Fallout has Radscorpions, which are enormous mutated versions of emperor scorpions. The problem is that emperors are endemic to the Sahara region of North Africa, not North America. This is justified, however, by the fact that they were popular pets in the United States before the Great War. When the bombs dropped and their homes and pet stores were destroyed, the scorpions survived, mutated, and have thrived in the wasteland.


Maybe it's because I'm not Japanese or familiar with Japanese culture, but these otome games, I'm sure they have a place in Western society, but I don't quite know where to put them. What I do know is that writing something like “getting to know birds on an intimate basis” used to be something akin to a red alert, warning all bystanders that Ryan is quickly losing sanity.

Seiji Shitara is a sophomore at the main character’s school who comes from an incredibly wealthy family. He’s cold and abrasive to others and tends to keep to himself. He is considered a genius pianist, and even keeps his hair messy in order to look more like Beethoven. Seiji is disinterested in school and often fails tests, even when his one friend (and other dateable boy) Tamao Konno tries to help him study. However, as the main character starts to break down his barriers, Seiji just turns out to be a lonely kid who’s unmotivated in life. He feels stuck in his rich lifestyle, with his only escape being music. He has been forced into isolation by his lifestyle and as such has difficulty opening up to others. But as the main character takes him outside into the “normal” world, he becomes fascinated with all the different options and possibilities that he never knew existed. It’s sort of an anime cliché at this point, but it definitely humanizes the character a lot. Ultimately, Seiji decides to take his piano skills and make his living with them, entering contests and enrolling in an art university to further his abilities.


Organization XIII's Master of Illusion, Zexion, has a lexicon as his weapon. He uses it both for magic and good, ol' physical beating.

Their position means everything to them, because it gives them authority and it separates them from the regular people. They are rude and dismissive of anything less than their incredibly high standards. They also tend to be isolated from others, since their high standards extend to other people. Getting their attention usually requires a lot of effort, and often takes nothing short of excelling in school or their extracurricular activity of choice (which is usually something indicative of status, such as chess or classical music). Even then, the player has to figure out how to make the boy speak on the same level of the player.


Reception studies in game localisation: Taking stock

One day, he suddenly decided to barge into the co-author's room uninvited. Thankfully, she was not shy about being violent when in danger and was reading one of the later, and more importantly, thicker Harry Potter books. So, after the guy refused to leave despite her screaming at him, pushing him out, and threatening to hurt him, she socked him one right in the face and proceeded to beat him with the Doorstopper until nearby orderlies heard the commotion, separated them, and put the guy under stricter supervision.

Sparrow, L, Gibbs, M, & Arnold, M. (2021). Apathetic Villagers and the Trolls Who Love Them: Player Amorality in Online Multiplayer Games. Proceedings of the 31st Australian Conference on Human-Computer-Interaction, 447-451.


The 100, set in what was once the United States, has an episode where characters are attacked by a (possibly mutated) Killer Gorilla. Since the gorilla's home seems to be the ruined remains of a zoo, it's probably meant to be descended from zoo gorillas who survived the nuclear war.

Suzuya Tohzuki is a character from Starry Sky~In Spring. He is a Cancer, and has been best friends with Tsukiko and Kanata since childhood. He is the “older brother” of the group, since he tends to be the mediator between Kanata and Yoh when they start to fight, and he often makes lunches for his small group of friends. He is often referred to as “mom” by Tsukiko and Kanata. He tends to be soft-spoken and gentle. When he gets angry, he is known for being very frightening, but he keeps most of his negative traits hidden under his paternal instincts.


In 52, Bruno Mannheim grabs a man by the back of his head and smashes his face on the Crime Bible which is sitting atop a podium. The book itself is made out of stone, presumably to facilitate this.

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury (emphasis on Jungle), which sees the usage of a tiger, jaguar, cheetah, lion, chameleon, elephant, bat, shark, gorilla, penguin, antelope, wolf, and rhino. Power Rangers has done this for a long time, even when Saban ran the series: the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had 7 Dinozords, only three of which were actually legitimate dinosaurs. At least Jungle Fury was originally planned to be named Beast Fist, so it made somewhat of a bit of sense. Power Rangers Wild Force and Gaoranger might better be considered an Anachronism Stew, since it's clear that the animals they chose were all over the place, jungle, desert, woodland, etc, and had no real one location, like a Jungle, Forest, etc.


Dromedary camels are native to the North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, where they are now completely domesticated; it's generally accepted that they've been extinct in the wild for at least 2000 years. The only feral population is in Australia, where they were introduced in the mid-1800s as pack animals.

Pathfinder: Parodied in Cult of Cinders, the second installment of the Age of Ashes adventure path. When staying in the Ekujae elves' Tree Top Town in the depths of the Mwangi jungles, the players find a lioness resting high in the trees at the city's edge. If they ask the elves' lorekeeper what a savannah animal is doing in the middle of the jungle, and why a ground-dwelling creature is in the trees besides, she answers that the lion was brought to them as a cub by an explorer that rescued her from poachers and misguidedly thought that she needed to return her "to the jungle where she belonged". The elves had a good laugh and brought the lion to a pride on the plains, but she returned to their village and took to hanging out in the trees. The elves like to joke that she thinks she's a leopard, and figure that with how fat she's gotten she must be doing pretty well for herself in any case.


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Due to how TokiMemo uses a stat system for how boys treat you, it can be difficult to raise the various flags needed for these characters to start their romantic path. Most of what I discussed about the difficulty of dating athletes comes from this series in particular.

A Wizard Did It. J. K. Rowling has admitted that she didn't realize snowy owls weren't native to Britain when she wrote the first book. This is reflected in later books by Hedwig being the only snowy owl in the series and it's an occasional plot point that she's too distinctive to send secret messages. There's still the problem that only male snowy owls are pure white. Justified in that Hedwig was bought from a magical pet shop, which can presumably import or cosmetically-modify its animals.


In The Jungle Bunch, Maurice is a penguin who lives in a jungle. In the first movie's intro, it's revealed his egg was thrown into the sea by a walrus, and drifted to the jungle where he was then raised by a tiger. There are also koalas and beavers living in the jungle.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy features numerous species of armadillo running around the deserts of Ancient Egypt. The fact that they're magical armadillos doesn't excuse the fact that they're still armadillos.


Paratexts to Non-Linear Texts: Paratextuality in Video Game Culture

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II has a fantasy-based version of this — albeit one that's All There in the Manual. The monsters you have to avoid being killed and eaten by are found on two different planets/moons: Sulon (a habitable moon of Sullust) and Ruusan, which are located in entirely different regions of the galaxy. Of course, it's possible that Jerec and his minions transported them from one location to another; but given that mailocs (gigantic wasps) and drugons (huge, man-eating fish) are both extremely dangerous and/or unwieldy, relocating them must not have been easy. Furthermore, the game also has Kumumgah (more famously known as Tusken Raiders or Sand People) turning up on Sulon, when any casual Star Wars fan could tell you that they are native to and only found on Tatooine. Of course, they are a (somewhat) intelligent species, but they're also nomadic herdsmen and warriors who wouldn't be likely to immigrate to another planet. Later games in the Dark Forces Saga would get better about this; particularly, Tusken Raiders only showed up one more time, on one of two Tatooine-set levels in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

In The Swiss Family Robinson, the characters are shipwrecked on a tropical island which is home to Eurasian buffalo and onagers, African lions, South American ocelots and boa constrictors, Australian kangaroos, and Antarctic penguins. The movie makes quite a spectacular attempt to justify this: the characters theorize that the island is all that's left of a land bridge between continents, and somehow representatives of every single place it reached got stuck there when the rest of the bridge eroded away. In this case it's because Science Marches On: before the theory of plate tectonics gave a plausible mechanism for continental drift, the idea that continents could move was considered fringe science, and land bridges were often invoked to explain similar fossils found oceans apart. The Disney film was a little better about it, but still had an Asian elephant calf (no parents ever seen), a Bengal tiger, African hyenas and zebras and cheetahs, South American spider monkeys, and the older brothers wrestle an anaconda (also a South American native).


If more rich kid characters were done like Sakuya or Seiji or Masato, we could see a change in how the archetype is used, since it focuses more on the humanization of the character and on developing them as characters that can grow and develop personally. Instead, it’s more common to see characters like Atsumori or Shinya who don’t learn from their faults or change their character, instead pulling the main character into their own personality with no repercussions.

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You, as Hiyoko Tosaka, are a human. In fact, you are the only human at St. PigeoNation's. Why would a human choose a high school filled with sapient birds?


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O’Hagan, M, & Mangiron, C. (2021). Game localization: Translating for the global digital entertainment industry. John Benjamins Publishing Company.


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A bird that is played by 3 different species over the course of the episode. By the time she is shown flying (via stock footage of a falcon) and then landing on the man's wrist (suddenly, she's a Golden Eagle), you wonder how the producers thought we wouldn't notice.

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Happens curiously often in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Ponyville gets an awful lot of sea creatures for a landlocked small town.


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The title sequence shows them discovering a dodo bird on a mountaintop. Dodos lived exclusively in the undergrowth of tropical deciduous forests, and would be ill-suited to an alpine environment.

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Quest for Fire has hissing cockroaches (native to Madagascar) and agoutis (native to South America) showing up in Pleistocene Asia. It's an odd mistake from a novel that goes out of its way to list the various properly placed animals that really did exist in the setting. Then there is a troop of gorilla-like apes which were misplaced (if deliberately speculative) at the time of publication but became an example of Accidentally Correct Writing decades later with the discovery of Gigantopithecus.


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The Doraemon movie "Nobita and the Birth of Japan" has a woolly rhinoceros and a crocodile in Quaternary Japan. This gets fixed in the 2021 remake, where they are appropriately replaced by a steppe bison and a giant salamander respectively.

Wolfenstein, M, & Berberich, P. (2021). Prepare to Suffer with Paul & Mo: Let’s Play as Well Played.


Unusual Geography: Discworld Board Games and Paratextual L-Space. Intensities: Journal of Cult Media, 7, 55-73.

Female teachers are definitely more sexualized than their male counterparts, and in fact I cannot think of a single game outside of the Tokimeki Memorial series that treats dateable teachers as anything other than an object of fetishization. I think this comes from the fact that these relationships are often considered taboo and creepy due to the age and status difference, so the only games willing to take on the subject matter are the ones that aren’t considered with any sort of dignity.


Videogames as “Minor Literature”: Reading Videogame Stories through Paratexts. Gramma: Journal of Theory and Criticism, 23(0), 60-75.

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Ostriches on the Black Sea coast. Partial success by 1941, but the project was abandoned because of the war and never revisited.


Process, Paratexts, and Texts: Rhetorical Analysis and Virtual Worlds. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 3(1).

Thanks to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, word got out that oil companies (not just BP) drilling in the Gulf of Mexico merely duplicated their recovery plans for spillages occurring in Alaska. This includes guidelines about how to assist walruses and polar bears endangered by a spill.


The complete opposite happens in the original CSI episode "Unbearable". Like in the above case, the episode opens with a hunter that has been killed by a bear (a Kodiak in this case). The fact the species is foreign is precisely what brings the CSI in since that makes the person who released the bear accountable for manslaughter, and the clues eventually lead to a zoo that has been selling animals for illegal hunts.

Back during the original rich kids writeup I talked about how awful rich boys are in general. They’re stuck up and conceited, with an ego as large as their back accounts. Instead of reforming, the rich boys tend to reform the main character so that they don’t have to change as much of their character.


Unfortunately for all involved, a horrifying sound occurs in the background. Fearing the scarecrow has tracked them down, Ryouta and Sakuya prepare to make a break for it. However, instead of a scarecrow, a small Luzon bleeding-heart dove named "Anghel Higure" stands in front of them. In case you don't know, Anghel is a parody of the "Chuunibyou" trope as well as a dig at Square-Enix. Anyway, Anghel calls Ryouta "the Undertaker," and the game suddenly becomes a JRPG where we fight Anghel in the form of a turn-based battle.

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The beans you choose for each bird don't particularly matter. I listed the one that gives the best reaction, some are more notable than others. But, if you're particular about these things like I am, here's my "preferred bean list".


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What ensues next is another flashback sequence where we learn more about Kazuaki and Nageki's life after the massacre at the orphanage. It is important to note, Kazuaki's real name is "Hitori Uzune," and he was born a different species of quail. No matter, in the years following the massacre, Nageki and Hitori/Kazuaki eeked out a living together. Unfortunately, Nageki's recurring medical issues continually put stress on their ability to enjoy life independently. Worse, any attempts to find out the cause of Nageki's illness failed. When St. Pigeonation's Institute invited Nageki to its state of the art medical facility, Hitori implored Nageki to accept the invitation.

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies features a sequence where the Bennett sisters come across a tide of animals fleeing the "unmentionables". Said tide includes North American animals in the form of chipmunks, raccoons and skunks, which were nowhere to be found in Regency England.


An old Mickey Mouse short, Mickey Down Under, features an ostrich deep in the banana jungles of Australia. Obviously it was meant to be an emu, but the animators simply drew an African ostrich.

In The Twilight Zone episode "The Jungle", various aspects of the African jungle come to haunt some guy with a curse on him. At several points during the episode, we hear a kookaburra laughing in the background. Kookaburras live in Australia, not Africa.


When the subject turns to the command terminal on the headmaster's desk, he directs us to Yuuya. As we attempt to see if Yuuya is in the lab, the scarecrow monster appears and attempts to murder our party. Ryouta is separated from Sakuya but makes his way safely to the library. As he gets his bearings straight, he quickly encounters Nageki. After the two have an awkward introduction, Ryouta asks if Nageki saw Hiyoko yesterday.

The Island of Doctor Moreau is set off the west coast of South America, which doesn't have hyenas and leopards. Justified by Moreau having imported animals from all over the world to transform into beast-men, some of which then degenerated into animals once again.


Now, I'm not going to try to wax poetic about Hatoful Boyfriend's developer, or the game's legacy

Aycock, J, & Finn, P. (2021). Uncivil Engineering: A Textual Divide in Game Studies.

The jungle that the Jumanji world is composed of is not a real-world environment, but a fantastical, magical creation of the game, hence all sorts of misplaced wildlife spring from it. For instance, Pelicans, lions, black rhinos, zebras, and African bush elephants all don't live in the jungle. This carries over to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. You see, kiddies, jaguars, like piranhas, are native to the Americas, not sub-Saharan Africa.


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Bergstrom, K, Jenson, J, Flynn-Jones, E, & Hebert, C. (2021). Videogame Walkthroughs in Educational Settings: Challenges, Successes, and Suggestions for Future Use. Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 1875-1884.

I was unable to obtain a full text version of two academic texts whose excerpts and Google Scholar search results suggested that they discuss paratextuality in the context of games and would most likely be eligible for inclusion in the quantitative analysis (the respective references are included in the supplemented list of all analyzed texts). Considering the size of the sample, two publications cannot significantly influence the results.


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In the Disney feature Saludos Amigos, during the "Gaucho Goofy" segment, we see Goofy wielding the bolas against an Argentine ostrich (actually a rhea). Initially the ostrich appears to be an African ostrich, but the narrator then points out that unlike the African ostrich, the Argentine ostrich doesn't have decorative tail feathers. The tail feathers are then pulled off the ostrich's body.

With the screen completely black, Nageki asks if something horrible has happened at the school. For those who may have forgotten, Nageki was the rock-dove romance option. In the base game, his storyline reveals he's a ghost stuck wandering the school's campus.


The expanded version of paratextuality closely resembles the term “cultural epiphenomena” (Heath, 1976; Klinger, 1989). This negatively defined concept was coined in screen studies to tackle all film- and television-related phenomena that are not film and television per se but are somehow connected to them, such as fan letters, posters, reviews, recaps, or trailers. Coincidentally, screen studies now also often uses the broader definition of paratextuality due to the widely cited book by Jonathan Gray Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts (2021), which re-introduced Genette’s concept to the field.

I said before in the previous writeup that quiet boys had two general subsets: the ones that are too cool and logical to talk to others, or the ones who are too shy to talk to others. The second group is the most popular of the two in otome games, and the same is true for male dating games as well.


I have argued elsewhere (Švelch, 2021, 2017b) that any text that exists in the socio-historical reality can be considered inherently paratextual. In other words, just the material presence of a cultural artifact even in a digital form establishes its paratextual quality if one follows Genette’s original definition. Thus, a text as an object is, in a sense, always paratextual, as it could not be otherwise approached by audiences. This means that applying “paratext” as a label for certain types and forms of texts can be misleading or, on the other hand, redundant.

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Tangled featured a chameleon character living in what appears to be a medieval Northern European kingdom. There are chameleons in southern Europe, but it's unlikely they'd get up that far.