The previous section in our Selenium WebDriver tutorial, we used the Firefox WebDriver. In this section, we look at the changes that are required in case you are using the Chrome browser for testing.

  • If you are using Windows, you need to first download the Chrome WebDriver from here
  • There is a lot more to parallel testing, but that may deviate our focus from Selenium WebDriver
  • Disable Add-on in Firefox
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The cause of the mouse pointer disappearance to not visible, flickering or blinking visible frequently issue is caused by Adobe Shockwave Flash plug-in or add-on. The exact reason of the mouse pointer problem is unknown, but most likely due to bug in the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin or addon. The mouse pointer gone or blinks error only happen on web browsers, and have no issue in any other applications.

For user-authentication purposes, the user_name (used for registration on LambdaTest) & app_key (access-token) are appended to the Grid URL. The concatenated string forms the remote_url. Now that you are aware about the Remote WebDriver API and capabilities generator, let’s port our earlier example to suit these requirements.


My Digital Life Mouse Pointer Flickers, Blinks or Disappears In Web Browser Comments Feed

We have made use of ActionChains since it was apt for the example which we showcased above. You can have a look at the different modules under Selenium WebDriver module (for Python) here. Though we have used the Python language for implementation, you can make use of the programming language (C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP) of your choice.

A better solution would be to leverage capabilities of a platform like LambdaTest where you can perform cross-browser testing on the cloud. Using LambdaTest, you can verify your website across 2000+ different browsers, operating systems, and device configurations. To get started, you need to create an account on LambdaTest. Since you would be using Remote WebDriver (using Selenium Grid on LambdaTest) for testing your web application, you should make a note about the username and access key from your LambdaTest profile.


Testing using the local WebDriver can be used in case you are planning to test your website on a limited number of ‘browser + operating system + devices’ combination. However, the approach may falter if the number of combinations is more. You cannot have a local setup for every combination since that is not a scalable approach and might also turn out to be very costly.

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For testing complex scenarios, Selenium Remote Control (RC) can be used. It is based on the client-server model which makes it possible to execute tests on the browser that is controlled by the server. There are client libraries in different programming languages which make it easy for developers to write effective test cases in a programming language in which they are comfortable & have expertise with. Since version 2/25/0, RC has support for Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.

The error message was displayed when we tried to load the WebDriver for Opera browser (without the WebDriver installed on the machine). In order to get rid of the error, you should install the WebDriver for Opera.

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When browsing in Internet in a web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox or Google Chrome, the mouse pointer can disappear or hidden invisible when move or no movement without reason. Other symptom is mouse pointer blinks or flickers continuously when the mouse pointer hovers over, or even when stop statically on the web browser.

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