Firefox, like all other browsers, lets you find specific words or phrases using the Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac). While the feature in itself is pretty useful, Firefox has a nifty addition to the feature which can be enabled using the hidden settings in the browser. Aside from highlighting the matching term, you can also dim the rest of the webpage so that what you’re looking for does not evade your eyes.

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  • It’s like a big privacy shutoff switch built into Firefox
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The numeric value will be ‘0’ by default and you can set it to ‘1’ to use the backspace key as Page Up (and Shift+Backspace for Page Down). You can set to any other numeral to unmap the backspace key.


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If you are using Google Chrome, you cannot modify the browser interface at all. With modify, I mean move elements from one location to another, or add elements to the browser that are not there by default.

The restoration of full add-ons support in Firefox (my blog) for Android is a major request by users of the browser. While it is unclear how many Firefox users on Android used add-ons prior to being upgraded to the new Firefox (read the article), it is clear that most add-on users lost access to extensions when the upgrade happened.


Chrome vs. Firefox: where Firefox beats the Google browser

Mozilla has been working on a new mobile browser for Google's Android operating system for some time now. The idea was to create a browser from scratch that uses modern frameworks and technologies to compete with the likes of Chrome on Android.

But generally speaking it does not invade your privacy, and it’s also a pretty normal thing to include in browsers. They’re not collecting PII or siphoning off your history etc. It’s all open, you can see the code, on what it collects, and the data is put into buckets, etc. There is not meant to be any PII in there – by design.


Taser — yep, that’s the company’s name as well as the product’s name — is now selling a personal-use version of their product. It’s called the Taser C2, and it has an interesting embedded identification technology. Whenever the weapon is fired, it also sprays some serial-number bar-coded confetti, so a firing can be traced to a weapon and — presumably — the owner.

Let's get a playmaker, and I don't see a better one available than Micah Parsons

It does not mean anonymity – that is when no-one knows WHO you are. If SB updates it’s local lists, like the other 100 million other FF users, and reveals zero PII, how does that break privacy? FF is now on SBv4, but earlier versions used google cookies (the new version does not). How does that cookie being in a separate jar all on it’s lonesome, with no PII, just like 100 million other FF users, violate your privacy? There’s are more parts to it, and the bits that could potentially (or did last time I looked) leak PII are disabled.

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Menu > Help > About Firefox

Direct downloads are available as well. Note that these may not be available at the time of publication of the guide.

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This tip is especially useful for Firefox users who have installed the browser on a Solid State Drive as space is usually scarce. So, if your space is running low this may be one of the locations to check out.


Dream pick: QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State. Lance would be the perfect pick for the Lions at No. 7. He has the potential to be the quarterback of the future, but you don't have to rush him to the field this season. His style - mobile, athletic QB with a big arm - fits the direction the NFL is going in.

Best Google Search Alternatives

These builds are development snapshots that may contain bugs and other issues. They are often less stable than the beta, RC and final releases.


Chrome extension crypto miner

Reality pick: LB Micah Parsons, Penn State. Trade down five to eight spots with a quarterback-hungry team and end up with a solid receiver or Parsons and then an extra pick or two. An extra pick, plus Parsons, would be an A in my book.

Firefox Hidden Settings animation

The experiment is not the first attempt to push additional content on the browser's New Tab Page. Google introduced support for displaying promotional messages on the page in recent time, clearly designed to advertise other company services or products to users.


Companies and organizations all over the world are mirroring part of all of the Mozilla ftp server. These ftp server network is used to distribute the web browser more efficiently to the worldwide user base.

Dream pick: OT Penei Sewell, Oregon. For the Lions, there will be a few guys who make sense at No. 7. I'm taking a trade off the table for the purposes of this exercise. Moving forward with Taylor Decker, Frank Ragnow and Sewell would put them in great shape on the offensive line.


This graph measures various start-up metrics. The scatter of datapoints on the left show the “control” build, and they tighten up on the right with the “test” build.

You can install these just like any of the officially supported add-ons

With the draft over Mayock is already looking forward to the next step. With rookie minicamps around the corner, he is gearing his sights on making sure his draft selections are in Las Vegas ready to compete.


Perhaps tellingly, Apple's Safari browser doesn't seem as security-obsessed. That may be because Apple users have proven hard to track, crack, and hack, which may make for a case of Apple envy among the Cupertino company's Windows-based competitors.

Can’t confirm the RAM leak here, could be related to an extension malfunctioning or a different tab count. Which processes do you even mean?


I just needed to qualify “my statement”, because something *may* have changed And I only mentioned it to qualify the previous bit about SB (because SB has quite a few parts). I also did not say that I was unsure if Telemetry was bad for privacy.

Firefox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=2943) is not superior in all regards though. All Chrome extensions do not require a restart of the browser upon installation for example, while only Jetpack Firefox extensions don't as well.


Identification Technology in Personal-Use Tasers

For a long time, Firefox was the browser that seemed to have an insatiable hunger for RAM. This was not only caused by the browser itself, but also by extensions that you ran in it.

GHacks Technology News Firefox might get a Super Private Browsing mode in the future Comments Feed

What alternative protocol architectures and route selection protocols would offer acceptable gains in Tor performance? And would they preserve Tor properties?


Load about:support in Firefox

It is weird if simple sites like MakeUseOf are doing this, however. Might be something phishy going on.

The scammer got so lazy to not even block his number in caller ID

Firefox users have two main options when it comes to changing the default theme of the browser. Starting with Firefox 57 Stable and Firefox (check it out) 60 ESR, the options are to install themes from the official Mozilla extensions website or to apply custom styles to the browser.

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However, companies can make code mistakes, companies/individuals can make bad decisions. Experiments such as Cliqz and Mr Robot. As long as they learn from them. Crash reports contain info such as the exact site visited, which is understandable – how can they reproduce without that info. I could go on. The *potential* for privacy to be violated is there, albeit fairly small.


Why Mike Mayock believes the Raiders got exponentially better with this year's draft

Some websites auto refresh web pages whenever they are updated or just to get more ad impressions. However, this is a really annoying from the user perspective, as the refresh takes 2-3 seconds. Additionally, refreshing web pages also eat up your precious bandwidth, definitely a concern if you have a limited data package. Thankfully, Firefox makes it easier to halt auto refresh.

Now you need to either make DuckDuckGo your default browser or make DuckDuckGo your default search engine in your preferred browser. Similar number of steps in either case, but we’ll do the former since it is much better for privacy.


Mega consent download large-files

Reality pick: OT Rashawn Slater. The Lions aren't one wide receiver away from competing right now, so they'll take the best lineman available. Slater can fill the void at right tackle or right guard, and solidify the offensive line for the next five years with Taylor Decker, Frank Ragnow and Jonah Jackson.

Again, Firefox’s presence changed nothing for the better in the past, Mozilla kissed Google’s feet whenever possible. They are just a Google-funded sock puppet supposed to give people like you an illusion of competition. I’ll use a Chromium-based browser (apart from Chrome itself) any day, over Google-funded Firefox.


While installing Firefox add-ons, you may have noticed that after downloading the extension, Firefox waits for a second saying “Verifying” and then allows you to click on “Install” button. Well, that 1 second wait is completely unnecessary and it is only there so that you can double-check what you are installing. Thankfully, you can disable this wait time and save yourself a second while installing new extensions.

Firefox ui elements are big and bloated, so i really want to hide them when using apps like tweetdeck

At this point, we all got pretty excited. The next step was to confirm Doug’s findings, so I took his control and test builds, and tested them independently on the reference hardware using frame recording. There was a smaller1, but still detectable improvement in the test build. At this point, we decided it was worth pursuing.


You can create your own Collection but need a Firefox (try here) account for that. The main entry point is this page: Don't confuse Add-on Collections with Firefox's newer Collections feature.

Why do all my URLs start with https:// in Internet Explorer and how can I stop that

Firefox 67/0 is the new stable version of the web browser. First offered on May 21, 2021, it introduces new features such as private browsing mode extension controls and marks the beginning of the WebRender rollout.


Reality pick: LB Micah Parsons, Penn State. I believe many teams will have many teams interested in pick No. 7. When the dust settles, the Lions will take Parsons. Parsons is a linebacker who can not only rush and cover sideline to sideline, but he can also add to the pass rush.

What websites are you trying to visit? Sometimes some particular website use HTTPS by default for secure connection or in some cases, some websites like facebook has an option to use Secure Browsing which will always force you to use HTTPS (info: hence when you enable it you will always be redirected to HTTPS connection.


Yeah, HTTPS is secure but not every website has an SSL certificate and if you try to visit a site over SSL that doesn't have a certificate you'll either get a 404 or a big fat warning. The OP is asking why IE is changing links that were hardcoded as http-only into the https versions as it's causing problems. That's a big problem and causes lots of errors as you browse the web.

Best Tech for Seniors

Now that we’ve elaborated some of the best hidden settings in Mozilla Firefox browser, you can try them out and see which one makes your browsing experience more enjoyable. But while trying that out, make sure you choose the correct option, and fiddle with the others only if you’re a developer and understand the risks behind changing these options. For most users, these 12 hidden settings in Firefox should sufficiently improve their interaction with the browser and also inspire them to seek some more options to tweak settings further.


Tl;dr: If you want to increase privacy (in this case anti-fingerprinting), then you’re going to have to adapt a little. If a little thing such as window sizes upsets you, then you don’t have a chance.

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Scaling is one issue, and Mozilla would like to know if new protocols would improve Tor performance to address the potential bottleneck. Ultimately, it would come down to finding efficient options to run Tor at a very large scale without compromising anonymity or privacy.

Now You: What is your take on the experiment? Would you like to see something like that on your New Tab Page?


All Chrome Canary users can enable, or disable, the feature in the browser, but it seems that the group of actual testers is quite limited at the time. While you can enable the shopping feature on the New Tab Page, you can only get it to display fake data at the time of writing.

GHacks Technology News Fix Firefox needs your consent to download large files on Mega message Comments Feed

Mozilla published the organization's Research Grants for the first half of 2021 yesterday. The 2019H1 funding series seeks answers to 12 research questions in the categories "Growing the Web", "New Interaction Modes", and "Privacy & Security".


GHacks Technology News Firefox not remembering the last window size? This may fix it! Comments Feed

Amazon is reportedly working on a game streaming platform. Dubbed "Project Tempo", there's currently no scheduled release date for the service.

That said, RFP doesn’t stop you resizing a window, it ONLY controls NEW windows (so it has issues when you change the chrome: manual resizing, going full screen, maximizing, toggle menubar, toolbar, sidebar, changing density, even changing themes (if they affect paddings and margins of some chrome elements). So RFP applies a sizing on NEW windows.


Redfoo - Let's Get Ridiculous

Firefox comes with animations to make transitions look cooler. However, these smooth transitions can also result in a little lag. Well, you can disable Firefox animations to make things snappier. Of course, it will remove all the cool animations but it will make navigation much faster. It’s a tweak worth making if your Firefox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=581) browser seems slower.

Kiosk mode is a specialized mode that works well for presentations, demos and for customer facing devices. I tried the -printing parameter but it did not work at the time of writing.


Before we get into our list, it would be prudent to first see the steps that we will use to access hidden Firefox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=152) settings. The below steps will show you how you can access Firefox hidden settings to unlock all the features that we are going to show you.

The name of the game continues to be start-up performance. We made some really solid in-roads last quarter, and this year we want to continue to apply pressure. Specifically, we want to focus on reducing IO (specifically, main-thread IO) during browser start-up.


Reality pick: OT Penei Sewell, Oregon. GMs love him, and coaches love building in the trenches.

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I’ll keep an eye on this, if it gets updated regularly in line with Firefox I’ll give it a try

With Mira, we made it possible to control and mirror a Max patch on an iPad, giving multitouch control from any iPad on your local network. This is pretty magical, but one problem nagged at us from the start: What if you don’t have an iPad? A few tireless elves in a shadowy corner of Cycling '74 have been working steadily to seek another way.

A tap on Add-ons in the interface lists all extensions of the selected Collection. You can install these just like any of the officially supported add-ons. I did not run into any installation issues, and it is possible that extensions, even those that are not compatible, will install just fine. If you notice issues, uninstall the add-on again and things should be resolved.


Miraweb is available in the Max 7 Package Manager (Max 7 > File > Show Package Manager) and will require installing the latest Mira package update from the Package Manager. The latest version of Max is recommended for best results.

Google is amongst the big tech giants seemingly living in a false universe that we have no other choice but to use their products. Google permeates into as many areas of our digital lives as it can in order to harvest more and more personal data from our lives to make selling access to you more valuable to advertisers. Google collects data about your every click, search, tap and location from its broad big tech dominate position. You may be surprised what Google knows about you and that you can stop feeding the big tech beast.


Drops are quickly becoming routine, an alarming development for a team that owned the best record in football until Monday night. But so is Pittsburgh's struggle to move the ball consistently, or to gain even a single yard when needed, as evidenced by the Steelers' crucial turnover on downs on fourth-and-1 late in Monday's game.

Out of all the picks the Raiders acquired through the draft, Mayock may be the most pleasantly surprised with his very last one. Mayock has been impressed with No. 230 pick Jimmy Morrissey since he saw him play at the Senior Bowl.


One of the best ways to determine what search results work best is to open each of these alternative search sites and put them to the test looking up the same thing on Google and the alternative search engine. It may be a small dent in big tech’s grip, but frankly you may be surprised how well these alternatives perform compared to Google.

The browser wars have attracted much attention of late, with version after version of various Web browsers hitting the market amidst varying levels of fanfare. All the new features are designed to keep up with the Joneses - and the Googles.


I’ve just about had it with Firefox, I can’t keep playing with about:config just to get it how I want

Mozilla argues that a single wrong value in some configuration entries can break the entire browser. It is certainly a regression for users who use about:config and for some, it may be a showstopper.

Note that you need to use Firefox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4204) 71 at the very least for kiosk mode functionality. Select Menu > Help > About Firefox (my site) to display the version of the web browser. The instructions are for Windows.


The first anti-mining browser extension was released recently. No Coin is designed to block known mining domains, but it may not work properly if the mining comes from an extension and not from a website.

This is NOT a browser bug, and letting a site use IndexedDB for *downloads* is just a big fat no-no

Dream pick: TE Kyle Pitts, Florida. Every time I see a workout, or any video from his time with the Gators, I get that same feeling that I had when I saw Calvin Johnson in college. Here's a guy, who - with the right coaching - can be a dominant offensive player for years. He's potentially the playmaker that the Lions haven't had since Johnson retired.


GHacks Technology News First Chrome extension with JavaScript Crypto Miner detected Comments Feed

The referring page is always the URL and title of the active tab. You may change that manually as well as the address. A click on link or media displays all links and all media files found on the active page to download these directly.

The Mozilla FTP server has more to offer than just downloads of the latest Firefox versions. You can download nightly, beta and release candidates of the Internet browser as well.


Not sure how the bozo got my number

Mozilla Firefox is a fairly reputed web browser and enjoys a position on the current most popular browsers list. A lot of users prefer it for the sense of familiarity and a legacy older than Chrome’s. And a lot of them also look up to it for being open source and not being controlled by a single corporation. Run by Mozilla Foundation, Firefox received an overhaul late in 2021, and is now fondly known as Firefox Quantum for the re-engineering and fine-tuning that went into improving its speed and reliability.

Users who reposted Redfoo - Let's Get Ridiculous

Again, Mozilla followed Google’s lead here when they introduced WebExtensions. Continued compatibility with Chrome’s extension frameworks, including their APIs, is an explicit goal of Mozilla.


Almost every service is bad for privacy. But you have to actively sign up for Pocket. Do I agree with having Pocket shoved down my throat and crap in a default home page – fuck no. But again, unless you sign up, it’s not violating privacy – it’s all local, no-one else knows what you are doing. If you click a pocket tile in AS (and you don’t have an account), then Pocket would probably know you clicked from a tile. But other than that, you’re visiting the web page etc, and they already know you’re on FF (headers, etc) – there’s nothing lost here either, privacy wise.

Clicks on the items open searches using the product's title. You find general search items listed below the products, and these lead to Google Search results as well.


All you need to do is open about:addons, select Extensions from the menu, and click on any of the extensions to open its profile page. There you may need to scroll down a bit to the bottom section to allow or disallow that extension from running in private windows.

From the GitHub for Librefox, download the ‘master’ repository 2

Reality pick: OT Penei Sewell, Oregon. While Pitts and LSU's Ja'Marr Chase would fit the Lions' needs the best, I don't expect either to be on the board when the Lions pick at #7. That gives them a chance to improve the offensive line with Sewell.


The most recent update of the browser extension includes a crypto miner that runs in the browser automatically. It uses the computer's processing power - CPU - to mine cryptocurrency.

Dream pick: OT Penei Sewell, Oregon. Protect the quarterback and run the football. The Lions ranked 30th in running the ball last season. For Jared Goff to be successful, he absolutely has to have a reliable run game.


Firefox android no about config

When it comes to cloud-based gaming, Amazon will have to compete with Microsoft and Google. Both of them already have their feet firmly planted in the space, Microsoft with Project xCloud and Google with Stadia.

CyberGuy Best Alternatives to Big Tech Beast Google Comments Feed

So, in regards to Firefox downloads; where to start? All roads point to the Mozilla website, and I usually favor that website over third party download portals. Then again, you may want to try download portals if the Mozilla website does not load correctly. It also happens that download portals offer downloads of soon to be released versions of the browser before they are officially announced and linked on the Mozilla website.


Big Promos & Bonuses

Firefox, just like Chrome, also lets (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3103) you tweak some hidden settings to fiddle with the experimental features that are available in the browser. By tweaking these settings, you can enjoy a better browsing experience. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of experimental settings in Firefox and not all are meant to be played by anyone other than the developers. This is why we’ve listed out 12 Cool Firefox Hidden Settings for users to try out.

Pocket is already disabled for example (including in Activity Stream for those who want the default home screen dials). Holy cow, telemetry is disabled as well. As for ads themselves, I loathe them. And in general, they can be a malware mechanism – everything is an attack vector. But that’s not what I’m talking about.


Dream pick: QB Justin Fields, Ohio State. Can't look past a potential elite franchise QB.