I am selling MineCraft Gift Codes. It basically gives you the full game. A regular key would cost you 15 euros, which would be $19.

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And it's apparently going to fix the browser issues, hooray. PC Gamer post the full change list, which doesn't specifically seem to mention any changes to weapon balance, although they are promised. Could this be a nerf to the medic's Light Machineguns Of Doom?


First thing I noticed was that I could only change my video settings while in an actual match. I'm rather confused on why DICE would do this, but it probably has something to do with the fact that the game doesn't have a main menu, it only has Battlelog (The web interface for the game) and it probably can't edit encrypted files.

Arica Harbor Conquest mode – US Command launches a break through action directly at the Russian base. Collateral damage is of no consequence. Capture and secure tactical positions in Conquest Mode across the vast Arica Harbor map.


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It’s not surprising that there could have been issues. But EA should have anticipated this (which clearly they did not) with the records for pre orders, projected sales and even how busy the demo was. There was plenty of information to predict what requirement they would need.

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