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This forum does not condone illegal copying. On the other hand, merely changing the storage medium is generally considered okay, because the copyright holder has already been compensated for the product. In simpler terms, you already paid for it and are keeping up with technology. This still may be technically illegal, but the FBI is not about to go after someone making DVDs of their legally purchased tapes.


In jjeff's link there is a discussion on Grex. Grex is priced just under $100 including shipping.

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If your TV has video outputs, try running a cable from the TV output to the DVD recorder input and record that way. I've heard that can sometimes bypass macrovision depending on the equipment.

I've thought of this problem and solution a few years ago but never tested the theory. Today I took the output of the VCR and fed it into the Sony TV. Then I took the monitor out jacks of the TV and connected them to the input of the E85. Switched the TV to the VCR input, put the E-85 in record mode, and pressed play on the VCR. Again, the E-85 detected the copy protection. I was hoping the TV would restore the holes in the sync pulses but it just faithfully reproduces the signal, copy protection and all. I was even feeding the TV s-video from the VCR and the only monitor out video is composite. It just wasn't going to make the copy.


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Thank you very much for the replies and suggestions. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to reply. I will check out those links, and would like to get one of thoe high-quality filters that were mentioned, but I was actually hoping that there was something that I could do right now without having to purchase something, especially that may take weeks to get. I was hoping that there was maybe some sort of trick with some electrical tape over an area on the VHS tape (which I had been suggested to try) that might work, or possibly some settings that I may have been able to change on my DVD Recorder or VCR.

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When DVD was introduced, the number one motivation for the studios to sign on board was the prospect of millions of consumers re-buying their entire tape libraries as DVDs. The MacroVision system helped push that along, and over the years consumers have pretty much bought replacement DVDs for most of their VHS. But a lot of us have tapes that will never be released on DVD that we'd like to back up onto DVD-R: that is a legitimate personal-use reason to buy a video filter. These are not cheap to purchase (some cost almost as much as a dvd recorder), and the resale market is hampered because eBay does not accept listings for such things. Unless you have quite a few rare VHS to back up, or can split the expense of a filter with friends who have the same problem, its an expensive solution. Unfortunately it is also the ONLY practical solution.


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It appears that there is no simple solution for the Macrovision/Copyright Protection issue right away, and that I will likely have to order one of these filtering devices. I was just hoping that there was a quick for that I could try right away.

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Way around Copyright-Protected VHS tape

If all he wants to do is watch it, there's your answer. If he really wants his own copy of the movie though, duplicating a rental DVD is definitely illegal.


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Thanks again for the replies, folks. Your help is definiely appreciated.

Actually, the greedy imbeciles who sell thru Amazon are one of the biggest reasons to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, even though technically it violates the letter (if not the spirit) of the law. Worse than these idiot sellers asking $100 for a throwaway movie like "29th Street" are the schmucks who actually buy them at that price. For every moron that gives one of these asses that kind of money, 1000 more are encouraged to try and gouge, and since only one in a million is rich enough and dumb enough to pay $100 the net result is movies sit and rot while non-movie-buff sellers dream of obscene profits. Its just nasty how this keeps good films out of circulation.