Identify the problem notes by playing through a short passage of music (no more that 15 measures). These might be problem notes that are specific to you or they might be due to tendencies with your instrument. For example, on wind instruments there are certain fingerings that will naturally be sharp or flat.

  • To use this instrument tuner, make sure the built in microphone has web access
  • What is a tuner
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Playing with a tuner will help develop your intonation and an understanding of the tendencies of your instrument. To use this instrument tuner, make sure the built in microphone has web access.

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Even if your instrument is in tune, there might still be pitches within a musical passage that just don't sound right. Here is a process to fix any out of tune notes.

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Always default to your ear and the ears of those around you. The most common way to discuss chords in a generic way is through numbers which represent the interval relationship to the root of the chord. As an example, the C Major chord has a root of C (it will always be in the name of the chord). The next member of this chord is a third above it, E, so we call it the third.


Once you have found those problem notes, play the passage of music slowly and then stop and hold the problem note and look at the tuner. Try to adjust the note so that it gets in tune (the strobe will stay steady). This might mean changing fingerings, adjusting your embouchure, or playing around with your air support.