Maybe that's because the combat system feels more natural and actually works from the 3rd person perspective. No, the combat system in Two Worlds is not perfect and if you play it now, it will feel dated. But it is functional and I had a lot of fun experimenting with diverse skills, abilities and spells made availalbe by the rich leveling and customization systems.

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Despite a huge initial launch, Age of Conan starts shutting down servers as player counts drop. Many gamers cite lack of content after the first few levels as the reason. Funcom go on to furiously back-fill content in an attempt to revive the game.

Bf2 patch 1.5 gamershell full


Developed by Las Vegas-based TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump Studios, Two Worlds is an evolution of the role-playing genre. Combining unlimited character development and fierce, spectacular combat, Two Worlds brings a new kind of gameplay experience where players are encouraged to experiment with the world, test the results of good and evil deeds and find the most satisfying way to face challenges. Never before has an RPG given gamers such an unprecedented level of freedom to change the world and shape the story within it – for the first time, choices made in an RPG game are actually meaningful.

After paying close attention to dedicated fans, the Two Worlds development team at Reality Pump have been hard at work preparing the official 1/4 update for Topware's epic free-roaming RPG. A huge number of suggestions, proposals and requests from Two World's steadily-growing fanbase have been incorporated into the 1/4 file, which marks a significant update from smaller updates released soon after the game's European mainland release. Coming in at 298 MB for users updating from the 1/0 retail version (1/3 > 1/4: 176 MB), the 1/4 update brings a considerable improvement in both gameplay and technical terms and is not to be missed by anyone who's been lured into Two Worlds' rich and incredibly detailed universe. The 1/4 update will also be included in the US and UK retail versions, which SouthPeak Games will be releasing in late summer 2007. The 1/4 update can be downloaded from the support area.


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Court date set for copyright battle between iiNet and Big Media. Other ISPs and Australian Internet users look on with great interest; the case will have serious effects whichever way it goes.

Therefore, we simply spoke of a multiplayer part for Two Worlds for most of the game’s development. But now that we’re coming nearer to the release date, it’s important that the people know we’re not just presenting a small multiplayer function but a whole independent game, with hundreds of possible gamers taking part, namely a MMO. And as long as you do not define that an MMO requires monthly subscription fees, this applies from right at the beginning of the game’s development.


Using magic itself is surprisingly easy. The selected cards are automatically transferred to the Hotkey bar, or they can be placed there by drag-and-drop. The player subsequently activates the various kinds of magic with the assigned number keys. A selected hotkey bar operation can also be carried out by a right-click. This could be an often used spell of course. Each school consists of five magic circles. Increasing knowledge opens up the doors to increasingly effective spells.

Well, the good news is that the official Two Worlds album will soon be available

James: Hopefully, there is no ‘typical’ combat in Two Worlds. After you’ve gone up a few levels, you’ll probably be starting to find out what kind of combat suits you, and you’ve learned some special maneuvers related to that. For example, if melee is your forte, you might stab an enemy in front of you, kick dirt in the eyes of the foe to your right, then perform a deadly pirouette that strikes everyone around you. Or if you’ve specialized in mounted combat, perhaps you charge into battle, strike, then ride off to make another pass (unless someone dismounts you with their polearm).


Battlefield 2 Gameplay Video

Magic is as much a part of RPG's as a gamepad is of a game console and the “Two Worlds” developers have really gone to town on this aspect of the game – they have integrated the effects of magic spells into the card system that we told you about recently. These magic cards can be found and bought everywhere in Antaloor - or given as a reward for quests completed successfully.

Two Worlds Delayed to

Las Vegas, Nevada - March 16, 2007 – Two Worlds has some of the most epic and fluid melee combat to hit the action RPG genre to date, but that’s not the only tool you’ll be using to smite your enemies! The new “Sneak Mode” offers the player a chance to get up close and personal with adversaries before deciding their fate. Surgical accuracy with a blade gives “one hit kills” a whole new meaning. Not feeling bloodthirsty at the moment? How about picking a pocket for some useful wares? Not only will sneaking help you with your interpersonal relationships, but Guards and Watchtowers will have a hard time keeping track of your stealthy moves as you slip through the gates.


April 20 explosion and fire, which killed 11 workers and ruptured a deep-sea oil well

The combat in Two Worlds leaves more than a little to be desired, especially if you choose to focus on melee attacks. You’ll basically spend your whole time mashing the right trigger to swing your weapon of choice. Granted, it’s not like Oblivion’s melee combat was amazing or anything, but it felt much more immersive and looked more realistic. Watching my Two Worlds character magically leap back during combat was very odd. The game’s AI is also atrocious, as they’ll basically stand in one place until you approach, and will stop as if hitting a magic wall if you choose to run past them. Worst of all, they don’t seem to like crossing that wall, so you can hit them with ranged attacks while they just stand there.

If that paragraph made you want to stab me in the face (and frankly, we had to hide all the sharp objects in the room while writing it for fear of facial self-harm), then your path is clear. Close this tab in your browser, leave this review, and never, ever consider playing Two Worlds.


The core AusGamers team takes over management of Telstra's Wireplay gaming service. Australia's online gaming scene is about to change.

Explosion Deep Oil Well

IGN has a preview of the (NA) Two Worlds Collector's Edition. The article is padded with some humour at the beginning and a list of contents at the end, so the main text is a short description of the included tabletop PnP game rules.


Jordin sparks cd battlefield patch

ABC launches Good Game on ABC2, a show dedicated to video games. It goes on to become pretty popular amongst gamers, to everyone's surprise.

The rest of the game is a murderous sequence of trial and error. While most other sandbox RPGs wisely assume that players are not reincarnated wizards and knights by easing them into their killing fields, Two Worlds can quickly kill you for simply wanting to explore.


The main jump-off point for role-playing gamers are the towns – they serve as both meeting places and platforms for starting various quests. In typical MMORPG style, this is where players meet for the first time, hold get-togethers in their favorite bars or simply look around for new challenges. You can also join Clans or found new ones. When a clan has got together, an adventure then begins that is tailored to the strengths of the group, which can be up to eight players in number. The game character develops in a completely free manner (no level limits) and can collect equipment and experience points too. You have traditional, classic adventures available - and also novel challenges, like horse racing!

A two-page hands-on preview of Two Worlds is up at IGN, made up of three separate pieces from different IGN editors. From the article, the combat sounds underwhelming but other aspects sound quite positive.


Nintendo's revolutionary Wii controller is announced. Gamers everywhere are confused, excited, weirded-out, but seemingly confident that Nintendo know what they're doing - a fact borne out in the future by simply mind-blowing sales.

You can shoot a few enemies few here. If no one comes, then rush to the other staircase, and enemies are most likely taking that staircase up to the balcony and running to you. Shoot any enemies you encounter. You don't need to aim much as you're on a narrow balcony and there isn't anywhere to go as far as left or right goes. They can go towards you or away from you.


There we find a bow with arrows but when giving it a go it doesn’t seem to do a lot so I decide to go looking for some more Groms to do some headbashing. Still, this isn’t so interesting so we make our conclusions and go to the nearest village where we enter a house with our lockpicks. There may be some people, but since there are no guards or such I take my chance and open a closet out of which I take the best clothes, money and better weaponry. I feel a lot more powerful already and am able to take on animals. I introduce a couple of wolves to my good friend, Mister Grim Reaper, and take their hearts with which I can cook something that increases my Vitality for some time. I feel a lot more powerful so send some “Bandits” on the same road as the wolves and remarkable is that they have some very strong clothing which is handy to use myself. At their camp there’s also a horse and a chest with lots of gold so I take it all and drive back into town.

Battlefield 2 box art

The last thing likely to put you off playing Two Worlds, once you’ve got past the PS1 graphics, has got to be the dialogue and the delivery of said dialogue. Everything is in mock-medieval, with a hey-nonny-nonny and a verily, forsooth and gadzooks. It is so badly written that it’s no surprise that the voice talent delivers the lines with all the emotion of a house brick. Perhaps they too had to listen to the low-rent Enya music that makes up the soundtrack. Whatever the case, the result is unintentionally funny at best, and outright obscure at worst – even with subtitles.


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Now the Internet really begins to melt down. We distribute over 13,000 copies over the 2/6gb open beta client.

First off, it's got a speech impediment. You can join me in making fun of the ren faire dialog all you want, but the real problem lies in the awful acting.


Two Worlds is an open-world RPG that promises a grand adventure. It contains several key elements that a great fantasy game should have – secret tombs to explore, ancient temples to raid, orcs to combat, and of course humans that’ll stab you in the back if you don’t pay close attention. This could potentially be the next game to steal the souls of gamers. The main quest will contain over 40 hours of gameplay. If that isn’t enough for players, the side quests bump the playing time up to 100 hours of gameplay.

Karlsruhe, 10th November– At last! We can now start counting down the days to the release of "Two Worlds"! This role-playing masterpiece will be in the European stores on the 7th of March 2007 - for PC and Xbox 360! ZUXXEZ VP Business Development Dirk P. Hassinger commented: “We decided to give the developers more time for even more enhancements and fine-tuning – perfecting perfection!


The Australian launch date is confirmed and competition begins to heat up between MS and Sony as they compete for mindshare. Console fanboys wage elaborate forum arguments debating the merits of the two platforms. PC gamers still can't figure out what the point of these things are.

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However, this is only a temporary respite as the next creature is already hunting you – a horned Minion. They fight dirty – kicking dirt into your hero’s face and doing whatever it takes to put you into an early grave. You must decide to, either, stand and fight or to seek refuge in the exotic southern part of the continent where a huge bamboo forest awaits you – choose wisely as the very fate of the world is in your hands!


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The Zuxxez online store offers a new Xmas edition of Two World, which is basically the Collectors Edition plus a few merchandising items, which are also available separately: The Sword of Darkness and a leather organizer. You get these items at once, the game itself once it is done only, of course. The price for the Xmas edition is 109,99EUR.

In addition, this forum post by Phalanx at InsideTwoWorlds reveals the 1/6 update is out of beta testing and will be released by Reality Pump after further quality control. The list of bugfixes is embedded in the post.

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Two Worlds - v1.1 Patch

Like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Gothic 3, Two Worlds will be a massive, do-what-you-want kind of game. And it’s up to you whether to work for good or revel in being a jerk. According to developer Reality Pump Studios, any significant action in Two Worlds will have repercussions. Opening up the town gates to an orc invasion might get you brownie points with a rival guild, but do you really want to share a cul de sac with a bunch of slaughter-happy monsters?


Battlefield 2 - 1.5 patch released

There's a real sense of adventure; you can plod off into the wilderness to explore a landscape-feature viewed from afar, such as the game's Mage Towers. You might find an area ripe for your level and abilities, or you might find a situation in which you're hopelessly outclassed. It's risky, and that's kind of fun.

After around ten years of requests, we finally roll out a really, really good search system for the forums. Almost 10 years of forum posts are indexed and available for near-instant searching thanks to the awesome open source software, Lucene.


Diablo 2 finally lands in Australia. An epidemic of left mouse button failures sweeps the land.

If you relish level grinding and clickalicious combat, you'll find enjoyment in Two Worlds - a couple hundred hours' worth of play for those willing to overlook small but numerous flaws. It's stable, attractive, and engaging enough to keep you coming back. But the game kitchen-sinks itself. Had the developers made it about 30 percent smaller, cut the fat, and tightened its assorted good qualities, they may have realized its true potential and produced something special. As is, nothing's intrinsically bad about Two Worlds - but neither is anything memorably good.


As I stated earlier, players need extensive knowledge about RPG titles before starting Two Worlds. Playing Oblivion was like being on vacation with a tour guide compared to this. Two Worlds drops you in the middle of nowhere, without any instructions, and expects you to survive. This is a hardcore RPG that will turn away beginners within minutes of starting a new game.

I don't think that the inclusion of an MMO element spoils the story mode at all. They have almost no impact on each other whatsoever. In creating Two Worlds we wanted to make an immersive single-player campaign and give players the opportunity to play together online. Our solution to this was to create two separate gameplay modes. The single player game will be just that: a solo experience within the world - meeting NPCs and discovering the true destiny of your character. While the multiplayer offers players a wide range of races to choose from, plus new and different campaigns.


For a game expected to ship in May, there are, in addition to multiplayer, some key areas where information is still rather sparse. A few examples are the class system, how combat will actually function, and the overall breadth of the bestiary. Visibility has been relatively limited during development, perhaps more so here than in Europe, so the global level of anticipation is fairly modest.

Counter-Strike releases start causing Internet bottlenecks as thousands of Australian gamers try to download it all at once. We're already mirroring files, but start thinking about how we can improve the download experience for Aussies.


We wanted the player to feel that they're gaining recognition for their actions, so you'll quickly make powerful friends and enemies as you play Two Worlds. As your reputation with these factions changes, you'll notice a lot of different things opening up for you. Prices at certain vendors will change, there will be different dialogue options, and new quests. There will also be some tough choices that have to be made. Basically, the higher your reputation with one faction, the more opportunity you'll have to decimate that group's enemies. The rewards may be great, but are they worth alienating yourself from a particular group? That's the kind of decision players will have to face.

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Korea nearly shuts down with excitement. Gamers around the world rejoice at the thought of another StarCraft title.

After a long delay, the Google G1 phone finally becomes available in Australia, becoming the first Android device on the market. It doesn't get a lot of attention as the iPhone continues to dominate.


Battlefield 2142 patch 1.01 games

We speak to Reality Pump about Two Worlds - their upcoming action/RPG, which features a huge, open gameworld. Can Two Worlds be the next Oblivion?

Because there was no oil in the second pipe he figured it fell down right after the explosion

While all this may sound like a game that should be avoided, it is quite the contrary. Two Worlds is a robust role-playing game that has a lot of depth, from the crafting elements (alchemy) to the combat and way you can level up your character. With an open-ended quest system, and the choice to take and/or complete quests, players will find a lot to enjoy about this game as well as the opportunity to invest a lot of hours playing it.


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Everyone's mind is blown as they almost forgot this game existed. The new art style is announced and it becomes clear that the old tactical-shooter direction has been abandoned. The new cartoony-style quickly wins hearts and minds.

The mad violinist battlefield patch

The Hot Coffee debacle - hidden, pseudo-pornographic content in GTA: San Andreas - enrages parents, technophobes, and prudes. Gamers sigh and roll their eyes and wishes everyone would just shut up. Thousands of people are exposed to this content because of the Streisand Effect.


Bf2 patch 1.5 gamershell faqs

These brand new screen shots, from the upcoming role play gaming blockbuster, give you a glimpse of the haunting feeling you will experience as you search for your way through the fog and rain. If you survive this challenge then a small reward awaits you - the clouds will break and a stunning starry sky invites you to take a pause.

Karlsruhe, 26th January 2007 – "Two Worlds" fans in Europe must be patient for a few weeks longer than originally planned before starting to explore the enormous world of Antaloor. The release date has been put back to May the 9th 2007. CEO Alexandra Constandache: "It's the atmosphere of a game that really suffers if the balancing isn't quite perfect or if annoying bugs make life difficult - especially in the RPG sector. We're fortunate enough to be in a position where we ourselves can determine when our game will be marketed - and we have taken the decision to postpone its release for a short time. The time gained will be used to further perfect the multiplayer aspect.


AusGamers goes to our first GDC Europe. It's nowhere near as big as the US ones, but it's still really interesting.

Shutting the oil off too quickly could cause another explosion, he said

Two Worlds succeeds at what it sets out to provide – a poor man’s Oblivion and a simple, unrestrictive introduction to role playing games. Freedom really is the nature of the game, and if exploring a new world – and slaughtering hundreds of wild boar - is something you’ll enjoy, Two Worlds isn’t a bad choice. Splashing around in these shallow waters can be a lot of fun, but the depth isn’t there for gamers who want real submersion.


It's easier than the previous one. Have Yuzu and Amane attack Koumoku (the one on the west). Having them attack from afar in the first turn is good, especially if you have Elec Dance and Elec Jump. You can nearly kill Koumoku with one attack of these. With that done, have Hero and Atsuro focus on Zouchou, who is weak against Fire. If Hero is a Magic user, like with Yuzu/Amane, Fire Dance and Fire Jump are a must to defeat him.

GRAPEVINE, TX – February 2, 2007 – SouthPeak. Games, a leading independent videogame publisher, is thrilled to announce that Two Worlds, its massive, open-ended role-playing game to be released this spring for the PC and Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, is having its online component greatly expanded. Whereas formerly Two Worlds was to allow up to eight players to adventure together online, the game will now support thousands of players online at one time.


The PC version is still on track for a May 9th release in the German speaking countries. Several posts by beta testers all over the German branch of teh intarweb hint that the game is in remarkably good condition for an RPG.

The same site also pointed out the first Two Worlds review worldwide, by a print mag named 360 Live. Seems Oblivion is no longer the only perfect RPG on the planet.


TopWare has also included the "Making of" DVD in the package - with an Maxi CD and this isn't just any old soundtrack it's a succession of atmospheric masterpieces from the master himself, Harold Faltermeyer! You also get really comprehensive background info on the game - plus video and photo material on how Two Worlds was created.

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It seems that once this happens the entire town for the rest of the game will attack you on sight and this includes important quest characters as well as guards. There is no way to reverse this.


Fallout 3 leaks to the warez scene pre-release. The Xbox 360 version, which sort of makes claims about PC piracy look a bit foolish.

Amazingly, a free game produced by the US Army turns out to be hugely popular. The 2/6 milestone release boasts many impressive new features and is downloaded over 66,000 times from AusGamers.


Carmack digs on the Xbox 360, saying it will probably become id's primary development platform. PC gamers cringe in fear at the news.

The first step to brewing anything is finding ingredients. The lush world of Antaloor is filled with flora and fauna that will end up in your mixing pot. As you wander, you'll often see a hand symbol appear over plants, which denotes there's an ingredient there to be picked. If harvested, the plant will disappear for the time being, then slowly regenerate itself depending on its growth cycle and the weather. Killing animals and monsters, then searching them for valuable body parts, will also be a favorite pastime of would be alchemists. Even woodland creatures you don't have to fight, such as rabbits and snakes, have useful glands worth harvesting.


Oil — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion

If you're looking for a sub-par RPG with a sub-par storyline, sub-par gameplay, sub-par sounds, and very sub-par multiplayer, then sure, pick up Two Worlds, but I really wouldn't recommend it unless you're a die-hard RPG fan just looking for something new. If you do decide to get Two Worlds for some reason, please do so for the PC because the 360 version just isn't playable at the moment.

The Truth about the Gulf Oil Spill, and FACTS to back it up The Explosion What caused the explosion

Two Worlds is not a bad game, in fact there is an epic adventure underneath this rough exterior that is rewarding to those willing to spend the time uncovering it. While initial impressions have been bleak it is nice to know that gamers willing to dedicate themselves to this game are finding its merits. Fans of old-school PC games such as Diablo will find plenty to entertain them and the amount of items and weapons to discover truly is impressive. As I said at the beginning comparing this game to Oblivion is a mistake, but the amount of fun that can be found within this game is definitely just as epic as Bethesda’s opus.


Battlefield 2142 patch 1.01 firefox

Two Worlds features a vast terrain (about 30 square kilometres) open for free exploration. Several big cities, numerous villages, settlements, ruins, keeps and fortresses are scattered over thematically varying areas. You will visit high, snow-covered mountains in the north, dwarven foothills, green plains, rocky mountains in the south, desolated lands in the east and a big part of the desert. Architecture changes from area to area, and so do your opponents. Moreover, there are about 50 Dungeons.

Two Worlds - Patch 1.6 Beta available

Just drag-and-drop your selected ingredients from the inventory to the cooking pot! All kinds of plants you find, including herbs and mushrooms, are suitable for "Two Worlds" alchemy - and you can use ready-to-drink potions and parts of dead animals and monsters, as well as minerals and bombs. The possibilities are practically endless, but all these ingredients have their own individual properties - so give your mixture some thought beforehand if you want to achieve the right results! If you're happy with the outcome, you can give your formula a special name and save it in the cookbook!

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Expanding the depth of gameplay even further, Two Worlds online multiplayer action allows up to 8 people to adventure together online via Xbox Live® online entertainment network. Gather with your friends and battle cooperatively, exchange equipment, or simply attack them and see who’s left standing.


Valve irritates fans by announcing Left 4 Dead 2. Many gamers were hoping to see a whole stack of free content - similar to what Team Fortress 2 has been getting. Threats of boycotting are thrown around.

It should be available in the next weeks. There is no fixed date known, so asking after it would result in a "When it's done".


Here's a summary: you won't need the main game to play. The single player campaign continues the story of TW's hero and his sister; we'll again try to save her from a curse and stop the Taint, a horrible magical evil, from deforming the whole world.

Two Worlds' multiplayer mode is completely separate from the game's epic solo adventure, with players able to create custom characters around traditional multiplayer RPG classes. A hub-like lobby area will allow participants to form small teams of up to 8 players in order to tackle a wide variety of team matches, as well as engage in familiar online activities such as chatting and trading.


The TF2 beta launches to much acclaim, almost universally loved by all. It has style, accessibility, and fun - and not only that offers a lot of competitive features for the hardcore.

Karlsruhe, 2nd February 2007 – the good things in life are best shared with friends! The “Two Worlds” developers have also taken this to heart - and added a fantastically varied MMORPG mode to their new game! Players can now oppose one another or join forces in Antaloor as Arena or RPG characters!