To make and obtain Command points in Marvel Avengers Alliance. There are a couple ways that you can do. The best way to gain command points appear to be winning battles against epic bosses.

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This time around, Agents only need two heroes to get to the epic boss. Those two are Kate Bishop and Spider-Gwen. Both heroes cost a combined 180 command points (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7291), so it’s really easy to farm for them if you don’t own them already, and you’ll have enough time to do so before you complete all 25 tasks.


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PVP Season 9 introduces the PVP tasks, which requires players to collect PVP roulette rewards in order to attain an overpowered item blueprint. Said PVP rewards can be bought for a hefty sum of gold and the blueprint can't be achieved outside PVP. Also, the revamped PVP rating reward system may or may not be in your favor.

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Below is a quick list of number of threats in each scene as well as the EXP that goes with the 5 star version of the scene. It should be noted that you can consider combining the Mini bosses together with the boss fight to achieve even higher MAA mastery score and save energy.

Being that this is a free-to-play game, there are a few ways for Marvel Entertainment to make a couple of bucks from you. First of all, Command Points (CP) are very hard to come by and recruiting a new teammate will cost anywhere from 23 to 90 CPs each. To put it into perspective, I had four CPs at the fourth level.


It has first come as a A/B testing update where only some of the players have reported no CP drop via elektra, then the cancel of CP farm is pushed to all players. Many have reported a CP rate drop to all sorts of CP drops during normal PvE. We suspect the setup is put in place to promote gold purchasing with the new wave of heroes introduction in the Xman arc. However, new players get the worst of deals and old players may simply have to pay to “collect” all the heroes in the game. We will have to see whether or not this was a successful strategy on Playdom’s decision.

Use this method for all your CP needs in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Use last 20 energy gifts, refill 40 energy. Fight Elektra 4 more times for 4 more CP (21 total).


Each battle in a mission costs a certain amount of energy points. Players have a maximum amount of energy that regenerates over time. The first few missions include battles that cost 10 points (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3790) while players have a maximum of 60. That means, you can fight in six battles before running out of energy. I’m not sure if that increases at higher levels.

When you select a mission, you and your team will fight against enemy minions in head-to-head turn-based action. Each hero has strengths and weaknesses against enemies.


The time-consuming nature of training one hero at a time. This will quickly turn into a full-time job.

Fight Elektra 6 times for 6 CP. Visit 50 friends for 50 energy. Fight Elektra 5 more times for 5 more CP (11 total).


Chapter 10 in 'Avengers Alliance' is Live

Based on this setup, you have the potential of earning 21 Command Points CP per day given that you have maximum numbers of allies available. You can earn even more CP with this CP farming method if you level up in the middle of the process, or if you purchase additional energy with gold.

As a long-time player of Marvel Avengers Alliance (from this source) (I started playing during the launch and view Tactics as a separate game), I am well acquainted with Playdom's format. You can either spend some time grinding to unlock content and resources (especially command points (visit the website) for hero recruitment, which you can obtain on a roulette after you defeat a boss in a mission) or spend real money to buy gold and exchange those for command points (visit this website) or to buy premium weapons for your agent, skip quests or speed up hero training.


Marvel Avengers Alliance Command Points

When you enter a battle, you will select a weapon or attack option and then select the enemy to hit. Different heroes have different stats and will attack the enemy in a variety of ways. Each hero also has helpful items in their inventory that can be used during a battle. For example, you may have a couple of Frag grenades that will help in the fight against a particularly strong enemy. Some items drop during a battle, while others can be purchased in the game’s store.

Depower, causing offensive actions to no longer apply statuses. In a game where status effects and passives are critical to survive, it's easy to see why this counts.