That's not to say the universe began as a black hole, however. Such an assumption would raise the question of something existing before the Big Bang, which is pretty speculative. By definition, nothing existed prior to the beginning, but that fact creates more questions than answers. For instance, if nothing existed prior to the Big Bang, what caused the singularity to be created in the first place?

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  • In Big Bang Theory, these theories weren’t enough to redeem their marriage
  • Overall, I think The Big Bang Theory is of great linguistic interest
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How about a British series, for a change? This is a great way to also familiarize your ear with the British accent. Five young adults were sentenced to do community service. On their first day, they are struck by lightning and end up with superpowers! You can probably imagine what happens next.

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Edward John Dent was hired to design the clock. He died soon and his son took over the project.


Rocks and debris. Flying through space after a huge big bang explosion, 3d render royalty free illustration

Most of the foreign partner that K-Pop Idols date are also from entertainment industries. Since they are from the same industry, they meet by coincidence from any project they’re working on or maybe their close friend introduce them to one another. Here are 15 K-Pop Idols who dating foreigners.

Battle Shinhwa”, where he competed to be part of the boy band ‘Battle’, which was initially advertised as the next Shinhwa. This was how YG scouted him to train for Big Bang (why not look here).


English Worksheet: Universe. Flash card

Radinsky is now applying her online premonitory skills to her startup, SalesPredict. The company, which has 20 employees and has raised more than $5 million in funding, promises to help businesses boost revenue by predicting customer behavior. Her competitors include companies such as Lattice Engines and Infer.

English Worksheet: THE BIG BANG THEORY

For those who don’t have the time or flexibility to devote to a story of such length, shorter podcasts can serve a similar purpose. Lear teaches a senior elective on racial depictions in American forms, and assigned a Radiolab story, “Ghosts of Football Past,” for its rich content. One of Godsey’s most memorable classes involved listening to "Pardon the Interruption," an ESPN podcast, which addressed commentator Bill Simmons’ suspension from the sports network for slamming football commissioner Roger Goodell.


Undaunted by criticism - and comforted by the respectability he eventually won, becoming president of the Royal Astronomical Society and knighted Sir Fred - Hoyle went still further. Why, he asked, do diseases appear in many places at once rather than evolve in one place then slowly spread outward? His answer: Because germs are falling on us from space. Hoyle spent much of his last years laboring to show that the emergence of new influenza strains corresponds with the transit of Earth through clouds that contain organic molecules. This work is considered quirky at best by other researchers, though it might be noted that so far there's no disproof, either.

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These are great thoughts, and may stand the test of time. Fred Hoyle, who thought them, was a great man.


Matthew Garber and Karen Dotrice After Mary Poppins, they made two more (minor) Disney films together. Garber died of pancreatitis in 1977; Dotrice abandoned acting and now lives in Hollywood.

How is Big Ben powered

We are talking about the American sitcom, adapted from the British series of the same name. In both cases (British or American), the story is the same: the day-to-day life of office workers at a paper company. Steve Carell, who plays the role of the narcissistic (and a little silly) boss, tends to steal the show. The sitcom is shot as a fake documentary. A film crew comes to film the office life of this company 24 hours a day. All the employees are aware that they are being filmed.


But study of nuclear fusion turned up what appeared to be an alarming barrier. In tests, it seemed the solar foundry process ought to stop with the light element beryllium, never proceeding upward to the vital complex atoms. Years of work -we'll skip the details -convinced Hoyle and three collaborators that stars form a full range of elements because an isotope of carbon can catalyze the jump to atoms more complicated than beryllium. The existence of this carbon isotope was statistically unlikely, in fact quite unlikely. Yet it turned out that exactly the correct isotope is present in "main sequence" stars like our sun.

In Lost, the characters have a wide range of accents, which is great for English (read more) listening comprehension practice. You can hear the differences in the characters’ English, whether they are young, old, American, British, Australian, or Scottish. The vocabulary is varied since each character has his or her unique way of speaking. You can download season 1 on iTunes.


Beyond comedic sitcoms, there are also more dramatic TV shows for learning English. Some shows are major productions with huge budgets, much like movies. But with series, the writers and producers can develop the story on a deeper, more nuanced level since it’s spread out over a longer period.

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We often talk about how important it is to watch movies without subtitles to maximize your listening comprehension and vocabulary. And as we wrote in this article, we have even designed our own method for using TV shows for learning English (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5958). American researchers have concluded that watching movies with subtitles helps comprehension (except for ultra beginners). Read on to find out what TV shows you should watch if you want to improve your English, and how to do it.


Next, let’s change things up again: American Horror Story. Since, unsurprisingly, it is a TV series with elements of horror and fantasy. Also, there is a new theme for each season, which makes AHS different from most other traditional series. For example, Asylum, Freak Show, and Cult. This American TV show is well crafted, with high-quality cinematography.

There are loads of different sitcoms for every taste. If you don’t like the ones on our list (though we’ve given you a lot to choose from), take a look at this list. And share the TV shows for learning English that you’ve fallen in love with in the comments section below!


British actor Jim Sturgess and Korean actress Bae Doona were confirmed to be dating in 2021 after they starring in ‘Cloud Atlas’. Their relationship was one of the loveliest couples among the others. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in March 2021.

Alternatives to the Big Bang Theory


Misfits TV shows for learning English

That's a question scientists and philosophers have pondered throughout history as they looked at the starry sky above. It's the job of astronomy and astrophysics to provide an answer. However, it's not an easy one to tackle.

Stefanie is a German model who has starred on Big Bang’s G-dragon and Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ music videos

She thought it had to be a glitch. Still, in 2021, Cuba experienced a severe cholera outbreak, the first of its kind in 130 years. And while it surprised nearly everyone, a petite 27-year-old Israeli named Kira Radinsky says she saw the signs — thanks to software she built. She says it can foresee events months into the future.


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Yet there is no reason in principle why alien involvement in the origin of terrestrial life should not be considered. If the universe is at least 13 billion years old, as studies now suggest, there should have been ample time for other forms of intelligence to evolve, and who knows what sort of grand project they might undertake? Perhaps, the deliberate dispersal of life. Alternatively, if God is running the show, who knows how many life-forms the divine might create to populate an enormous cosmos, or what responsibilities for spreading new life other ancient beings might have been given?

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Teachers were similarly inspired, if occasionally overwhelmed by the out-of-class preparation required for such pioneering work. Godsey and Schlechter both were hooked on "Serial" when it dawned on them to share the learning experience with their classes, and their personal enthusiasm for the story drove their teaching. The energy and originality of the podcast inspired them as much as it did the students.


English Worksheet: THE UNIVERSE

Game Summary: In year 200X, a black hole that would later be called “hellhole” appeared in the center of Japan. Shortly thereafter all contact between Japanese archipelago and the rest of the world got lost.

She soon became a campaigner herself, first against road building on the site of a prehistoric burial chamber on the northern line of the Callanish standing stones in Lewis, and then against the Newbury bypass. You can't escape the irony: the woman who once sang in that thirsty, spluttering car did 'as much sabotage as possible'. Her children joined in: 'They were out cutting fences at night and generally making as much of a nuisance of themselves as they could.


Singer Kim Jung-min and Korean Japanese Singer Rumiko Tani were married in October 2006. Both of them were introduced to each other by singer Park Hye-kyung, who was a regular guest on CBS’ radio show which was hosted by Kim Jung-min.

Honestly, the dialogues are not always accessible. The series is for science fiction fans who already have some basic skills in English. If the subject does not interest you, don’t try to stick with it for too long, because it likely won’t get more interesting.


Oracles have guided human behavior for thousands of years. Now there’s some science behind it.

The Fringe section of the FBI deals with a mysterious science: rare diseases, teleportation, parallel universes. For fans of science fiction, Fringe is ideal for people who want to learn English (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=9503) with TV and have fun at the same time.


Radinsky’s innovation was to develop the algorithm to tap into data never before available and then create useful applications. The algorithms need to spot correlations and then compare them with similar instances in different contexts, all of which requires using colossal volumes of text — from the New York Times’ archives to Wikipedia’s data — while teaching the computer how to identify cause and effect.

The Big Bang is the name given to the birth event of the universe

What started the birth of the universe? According to physics, the universe sprang into existence from a singularity — a term physicists use to describe regions of space that defy the laws of physics. They know very little about singularities, but it's known that such regions exist in the cores of black holes. It's a region where all the mass gobbled up by a black hole gets squeezed into a tiny point, infinitely massive, but also very, very small. Imagine cramming Earth into something the size of a pinpoint.


However, Michael Scofield thinks his brother Lincoln is a scapegoat and being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. He devises a plan, to not only get locked up in the same jail as his brother, but to also escape together. The young protagonist’s knack for architecture helps him craft a brilliant plan, which is one of the most fascinating things about the show. The political angle and major suspense also make it a good watch.

The vocabulary used in the series is very accessible, the speech is clear and the subjects are interesting. Even though they use quite a bit of scientific jargon, they don’t expect even “normal” viewers to understand most of it, so you won’t feel left out. Just be sure you don’t try to learn any highly technical vocabulary that won’t be of any use to you. Overall, I think The Big Bang Theory is of great linguistic interest. Plus, the episodes are short and easy to binge-watch.


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This show takes place in 1960s New York and revolves around one prominent advertising firm. This series in English is known for its visual style and for its fairly authentic and realistic portrayal of the social changes that occurred in the United States in the 1960s and 70s. Experience these social changes through the professional and personal lives of the main character, Don Draper, and several other agency employees. On top of that, there’s a good dose of mystery and (often illicit) romance! You can stream it on Netflix in many countries.

Big Ben Facts for Kids Video

Funny shows known as “sitcoms” (situational comedies, like Friends) are easiest for beginners. If you’re not sure where you stand (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), take our free English (read this post here) level quiz to find out!


Below is a list of series in English (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/big-bang-age-english-patch.zip) that I particularly enjoy. They are all educational in certain respects, too.

  • English Worksheet: The Earth and the Universe
  • English Worksheet: Are we alone in the universe
  • Big bang. Illustration, explosion with human Silhouette vector illustration
  • English Worksheet: Conditional Sentences with The Big Bang Theory
  • List of the Best TV Shows for Learning English

Radinsky believes she’s only scratched the surface. More data is the key, from governments, academic institutions and companies. Meanwhile, she’s trying to improve the explanations so the mere human brain can grasp the results.

Where is Big Ben located

Susan, Lynette, Bree, and Gabrielle live on Wisteria Lane. They are stereotypical, suburban-chic American women who live with their families. They live very quiet, tidy lives, until one day they discover that their friend, Mary Alice, has committed suicide for unclear reasons. Their lives are turned upside down. The genre of comedy is quite appropriate for the series since the women are full of humor in their own way, yet the underlying theme of the series is very dark.


If you have difficulty keeping up with these TV shows for learning English (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7146), don’t get discouraged. You may lack vocabulary and/or listening comprehension skills. The quickest way to learn vocabulary is with the spaced repetition method.

Chinese actor Gao Xingqi and Korean actress Chae Rim confirmed their relationship in April 2021 and happily married in October 2021. They met on a Chinese drama set where they played a married couple. They are one of noona-dongsaeng couples, like the popular couple Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young.


Up until a few years ago, I had a bad impression of sitcoms. I never really had watched one regularly. The canned laughter and poor quality of some can be a turnoff. But then I forced myself to watch the first 5 episodes of Friends. Since then, I’ve really learned to appreciate sitcoms, to the point of not being able to turn them off sometimes! And I can tell you that my English has considerably improved because of them. Now, I truly believe in the power of TV shows for learning English or any other language.

There are so many great options! For more, check out this list of the all-time best TV shows.


What is Big Ben

She was an only child in a fairly affluent family. Her father and grandfather ran an ophthalmic opticians' business in Dundee, and they spent summers in France and winters skiing.

English Worksheet: Steven Universe test

Before Beenzino went to the military, he sent gifts to his girlfriend. The gift were a black Republic Korean Army t-shirt and a military serial number necklace which has a carving of Stefanie’s first name along with heart sign. Meanwhile, Beenzino will finish his military service in 2021.


Jenny Agutter, Sally Thomsett and Gary Warren Of the three Railway Children, only Agutter still acts regularly, although Thomsett won fame in TV's Man About the House. Warren was last heard of working as a furrier in Canada.

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This heartless description is perhaps how we would like to find her, for it suggests a feral life, as if the child had turned savage. Once, perhaps, this wasn't so far from the truth. Ripley is 41 now, and speaks with a strong Scottish accent but timid voice. She lives near where she grew up in Broughty Ferry, on the outskirts of Dundee, in a terraced house overlooking the Tay. In the front room there are many dramatic examples of what she calls drift art, assemblages of wood and other debris that came ashore that she and a friend made into mirrors and picture frames. This is one of her many interests, along with peace campaigning, website design and getting back to acting. After three hours in her charming company - a chat at her house as her labradors played at her feet, and a lavish Indian meal during which she sought out the most expensive item on the menu - I sent her an email asking what she hoped for her children and herself in the next 10 years.


There are usually not a lot of characters, but the ones who are in the show have a lot of dialogue. You get the chance to get used to their voices, accents, and any slang they might use a lot.

The very early universe (at a time a few fractions of a second after the Big Bang began) was not bound by the laws of physics as we know them today. So, no one can predict with great accuracy what the universe looked like at that time. Yet, scientists have been able to construct an approximate representation of how the universe evolved.


Korean actress, Choo Ja-hyun, who has been actively working in China for many years and is in a relationship with a Chinese actor, Yoo Ho-kwang. She once said, “Thank you China for giving me the opportunity to make my dream come true and meet the man of my life. I sincerely ask for your blessing.

Ex-member of Wonder Girls, Sun Ye, decided to leave the entertainment industry after she confirmed her marriage with James Park in January 2021. James Park is a Canadian missionary who lives overseas. From their marriage, they have already had 2 children, Eun-Yoo and Ha-Jin (Elisha).


The play Roar Like a Dove was one week from its opening when the young girl in the cast fell ill, and Heather took her place. The thing she remembers best was a scene in which she was given a glass of Coke, not something she was allowed at home. A talent scout saw one performance and sent a note to casting agents with the news that she was a confident performer who might be suitable for other things, one of which turned out to be a film currently auditioning in London.

Importance of Big Ben

On 14 August, 2021, it was announced that the Clock will fall silent for repairs from August 21, 2021 till 2021. An estimate of more than $42 million has been made for the costs of the repairs.


Establishment unhappiness did not stop Hoyle. He tormented Darwinian biologists at Cambridge University by asking, if life began on Earth, why don't we see any evidence of the beginning? Why can't we figure out what the conditions were? Why does it seem as though life suddenly appeared here fully functional?

International Korean Actor, Steven Yeun, was dating a American-Korean professional photographer, Joana Pak and they decided to married on 2021. They had a baby boy named, Jude Malcolm Yeun.


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And then my entire family was hassled. My father had had an affair while we were away.

In layman’s terms, the software predicted Cuba’s cholera troubles by ferreting out an obscure pattern: Elsewhere and in the past, severe droughts that came two years after a hurricane had led to outbreaks. Other eerily accurate predictions include student protests in Egypt and riots in Sudan. She found patterns from countries with rising gross domestic product, growing poverty and loss of subsidized products.


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Dark matter, which researchers believe make up about 80% of the universe's mass, is one of the most elusive mysteries in modern physics. What exactly it is and how it came to be is a mystery, but a new Johns Hopkins University study now suggests that dark matter may have existed before the Big Bang.

First, the infant universe was initially so hot and dense that even elementary particles such as protons and neutrons could not exist. Instead, different types of matter (called matter and anti-matter) collided together, creating pure energy. As the universe began to cool during the first few minutes, protons and neutrons began to form. Slowly, protons, neutrons, and electrons came together to form hydrogen and small amounts of helium. During the billions of years that followed, stars, planets, and galaxies formed to create the current universe.


Annalise Keating is a famous, and formidable, lawyer and law professor. Each year, Annalise hires some of her best students to help with her practice. But this year, her students become involved in a murder. This is a particularly addictive American TV show, with a lot of suspense. Very well done, and very interesting, especially due to the use of frequent flashbacks.

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Godsey is one of a growing number of educators who are using podcasts like "Serial" to motivate their classrooms and address education requirements set by the Common Core state standards. Improving students’ listening skills is one of the essential components of the new education mandates, and using audio in the classroom can be an effective way to promote listening.