Matlab R2010a was used for model training and post-processing. Open source alternatives offering similar functionality to Matlab R2010a include Octave as well as the Scipy/Numpy modules in Python," Gao explained in a more detailed paper describing the approach.

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Java: Using/Getting the software. Where can I find Java on the NOVA Web site? The resulting page is the printable version of the original page.

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NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Manual

This is a highly sophisticated scientific parallel computing processor designed to speed up floating point calculations for high end numerical analysis packages (MATLAB and others), computational fluid dynamics codes, etc. No, it will not speed up Windows 7, Crysis, or watch Netflix movies. These people have thrown away more than a grand for nothing. As for what software this thing needs, Mr. dede, that depends on your specific parallel computing application. Certain numerical analysis packages (MATLAB R2010a (click this) and SIMULINK) already have built in support for Cuda. Other programs would require a special plugin.

When you get to the step where it asks you for the license file, just press next without entering a license key. Confirm that you wish to continue without entering a license key.


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NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Computing Processor - 4GB GDDR3 RAM, PCI-Express 2.0, 240 Processing Cores

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NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Brochure

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