Larry David could have retired quite comfortably as co-creator of Seinfeld, but Curb Your Enthusiasm has arguably equaled the comedy feats of the NBC sitcom with a fictionalized version of David’s own life. The HBO series has pioneered the awkward comedy format and, over 10 seasons and 100 episodes, David has remained steadfastly indignant and hard done by, with humorous effect.

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It definitely is more of like when you’re speaker guy, you are trying to exude in your presentation and even your articulation this expertise. But in the podcasting medium, your expertise gets revealed by your vulnerability, by your authenticity. So less performance, more genuine vulnerability and things like that.


There's always room for improvement, though. Arizona, for example, ranks high in the US when looking at lightning deaths per state population. Holle's theory is that people stay outside longer in the desert as the rain isn't necessarily heavy during storms. That's why casualties can occur, even before the storm arrives, with people dallying their way to shelter while lightning stretches out in front of the dark clouds.

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They had nearly reached the house when it happened, says Alejandro Torres, Jaime's brother-in-law. He paces out the area involved, the landscape dotted with small creosote bushes just behind his acre of property. In the distance, the desert mountains rise, rippled chocolate-brown peaks against the horizon.


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Four months after being promoted to general counsel last year, Dev Stahlkopf announced that Microsoft would require all its vendors to provide contract employees who do “substantial work”—from shuttle drivers to food-service workers to receptionists—with 12 weeks of parental leave at two-thirds of their wages, up to $1,000 per week. Stahlkopf spearheaded and designed the change, which aligns with the terms of Washington State’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program.

For nearly 30 years, he and his wife have run the organization — which now has nearly 2,000 members — from their North Carolina home. They nearly cancelled this year's conference, as Marshburn, who is 72 years old, has been having some health issues. But the members wouldn't allow it, he says, a bit proudly.


Pipedrive is the simplest and easiest CRM to close more deals, deepen your relationships, and increase your business profits. Get your free trial today at EAInterviews.com/Pipedrive.

Last year, Crawford partnered with data-viz guru Vladan Joler to create “Anatomy of an AI System,” a map and research paper demonstrating the real-world consequences of developing and manufacturing the Amazon Echo. The 23-by-16/5-foot black-and-white map illustrates how an Echo is made, from the geological processes that create the rare earth metals in the Echo’s chips to the digital laborers who build the training data sets for AI systems to the submarine cables that carry information between servers on different continents. The paper highlights the radical differences in income distribution between Amazon executives and the workers who enable its vast infrastructure, as well as its devastating environmental impacts. The project has been exhibited at museums around the world, and Crawford has presented it to leaders in France, Germany, Spain, and Argentina.


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Hill: One correction from yesterday's show. Shout out and thank you to Mark in Illinois, who was the first listener to alert me to the fact that the story that Bill Mann and I discussed yesterday regarding the Bombay Sapphire gin essentially having double the amount of alcohol in the bottles, that story was from 2021. The lesson there is, I need to fact check the information that Bill Mann sends me.

This one had looked normal enough at first. But any time that Hassan and his fellow engineers attempted to block a fraudulent site from attracting programmatic ads—or restrict any IP addresses that appeared to generate fake clicks on the site—they saw the same activity pop up somewhere else. And there wasn’t a pattern: One day the botnet would use someone’s computer for malicious activity, but the next, that same PC would act normally. Worse, it all now seemed to be accelerating and growing more powerful.


This course will introduce students to modern approaches in working, managing and sharing geospatial data. The course focuses on exposing students to state-of-the-art practices in retrieving/selecting, aggregating, analyzing and processing geospatial data from multiple heterogeneous sources and technologies, such as relational databases (RDBMS), spatially enabled RDBMS, NoSQL databases, file.

The singed markings also align with several needle-sized holes located just above the thick rubber soles of his size 13 boots. Justin's best guess — based on reports from the nearby couple, along with the wound on his right shoulder — is that the lightning hit his upper body and then exited through his feet.


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With Topline, an artist can capture ideas, layer in files, play with the tune, log it, and file it away. The app had 9,000 downloads in its first six months. Garvey, who is equally invested in the business side of music innovation, started an incubator called Abbey Road Red in 2021. So far, 14 of the emerging companies have raised more than $20 million, including De-mix (a source separation technology) and multiple audio hardware and software makers.

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Jaime had arrived at the Phoenix trauma center with an abnormal heart rhythm, bleeding in the brain, bruising to the lungs and damage to other organs, including his liver, according to Vail. Second- and third-degree burns covered nearly one-fifth of his body. Doctors put him into a chemically induced coma for nearly two weeks to allow his body to recover, a ventilator helping him breathe.


Like I said, much respect to someone that puts their "money where their mouth is" so to speak. If these people are so pissed off they threaten to leave and then don't? That's absolutely fucking pathetic.

Yet, even after decades of research, Cooper and other lightning experts readily admit that there are many unresolved questions, in a field where there's little to no research funding to decipher the answers. It's not clear, for example, why some people appear to suffer seizure-related symptoms after their lightning injury. Also, are lightning survivors more vulnerable to other health problems, such as heart conditions, later in life?


GAO’s fiscal year (FY) 2021 budget requests $744/3 million in appropriated funds and uses $50/0 million in offsets and supplemental appropriations. These resources will support 3,400 full-time equivalents (FTEs). We will continue our hiring focus on boosting our Science and Technology and appropriations law capacity. GAO will also maintain entry-level and intern positions to address succession planning and to fill other skill gaps.

For example:Lack of baseline data. PAMA requires HHS to assess the quality of services provided by CCBHCs compared with non-participating areas or states. The demonstration marked the first time these clinics reported performance on quality measures, so no historical baseline data exist.


An avid fisherman, Justin had initially been elated when the rain started that August afternoon. The storm had kicked up suddenly, as they often do during the summer monsoon season. Fish are more likely to bite when it's raining, he told his wife, Rachel.

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Describing that day, sitting on his sofa at home, Justin draws one hand across his back, tracing the path of his burns, which at one point covered roughly a third of his body. They began near his right shoulder and extended diagonally across his torso, he says, and then continued along the outside of each leg.


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And yet this mysterious botnet—which Hassan and his White Ops programmers had dubbed “3ve” (pronounced Eve), in part because of its three primary attributes of speed, scale, and sophistication—was yielding no answers. In just a few months it had grown increasingly monstrous, creating more than 10,000 counterfeit websites and churning out up to 40,000 new IP addresses per day to generate fake traffic and reap the ad revenue. In addition, 3ve had infected and compromised more than 1/7 million devices owned by everyday users and corporations, the equivalent of enlisting the population of Phoenix in its criminal enterprise.

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Early on the morning of October 22, 2021, after more than 18 months of observing 3ve, documenting its behavior, and helping the FBI build a case by tracking it (all while trying to block it where he could), Hassan got the call: The first arrest had been made. Hassan sent excited, emoji-filled messages to his other partners on an encrypted text channel. Over the next month, the FBI charged three of the eight alleged perpetrators—located in Malaysia, Bulgaria, and Estonia—with crimes including wire fraud, computer intrusion, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering.

The show’s increasingly political perspective has been anything but a hindrance. A surge in interest in NBC’s after-hours slate allowed the network to hike advertising rates by at least 10%, according to a 2021 Variety report.


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How many times did Walter White say the opposite of what he was actually thinking? How about the passive aggressive sister-in-law Marie?

So let's begin with our screenwriting tips for writing better dialogue

As HBO was mining for more gripping, dysfunctional family drama in the midst of The Sorpranos’ success, they found it in American Beauty Oscar winner Alan Ball’s absurdist dramedy series about a family of morticians. They all live in their funeral home, and while dressing bodies in the basement contend with infidelity, sibling rivalry, drugs, a neurotic mother and coming out — all in the wake of the death of their father who dies in the first episode. Each episode began with the sudden death of one of the bodies which brothers David Fisher (Michael C. Hall) and Nate (Peter Krause) worked on, setting that show’s thematic tone.


Typically, Hassan says, tech companies are averse to working in concert with law enforcement, even when contending with obvious potential crimes, because they don’t want to be seen as an agent of the government. In addition, tech companies are usually too competitive to seek help from one another.

Outside of a zoo they had never seen a peacock in Arizona before. They kept the peacock and later found it a mate. Now a family of peacocks fills one of the corral stalls. When Sara looked up what the striking bird symbolizes, the answers scrolled back, catching her breath: renewal, resurrection, immortality.


Core, he is a gifted comedian with a sound moral compass and an intellectual curiosity that frequently leads him to invite fiction writers like Marlon James on his show and actually read their books. But he wasn’t always so assured.

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However, EPA's published plan did not satisfy the statutory requirement that the agency's strategic plan address targeted outreach, education, technical assistance, and risk communication undertaken by EPA, states, and public water systems. For example, the plan does not discuss public education, technical assistance or risk communication. Instead, EPA's plan focused solely on how to notify households when EPA learns of certain exceedances of lead in their drinking water. Moreover, EPA's plan is not consistent with leading practices for strategic planning. For example, EPA's plan does not set a mission statement or define long-term goals. Developing a strategic plan that meets the statutory requirement and fully reflects leading practices for strategic planning would give EPA greater assurance that it has effectively planned for how it will communicate the risks of lead in drinking water to the public. Lead in drinking water comes primarily from corrosion of service lines connecting the water main to a house or building, pipes inside a building, or plumbing fixtures.


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Initially, lightning safety campaigns promoted the 30/30 rule, which relied upon individuals counting off the seconds after lightning flashed. If thunder rumbled before they reached 30, lightning was close enough to pose a threat. But there's been a move away from that advice for various reasons, Holle says. One is practical: it's not always easy to figure out which rumble of thunder corresponds to which lightning flash.

Hill: For as well known as the Winnebago brand is, this is not a big company. It's like $1/25 billion in market cap. But it's nice to see that they're both diversifying their revenue stream and because of that starting to improve their financial picture.


As for clothing, steam will interact with it differently depending upon what it's made of. A leather jacket can trap the steam inside, burning the survivor's skin. Polyester can melt with just a few pieces left behind, primarily the stitching that once held together the seams of a shirt or a jacket that's no longer there, says Cooper, who has seen a decent quantity of post-lightning relics through the years.

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Still, people in high-income countries have it easy, compared to those in regions where people have no choice but to work outside in all conditions and lightning-safe buildings are scarce. In one analysis of agricultural-related lightning deaths outside of the US, Holle learned that more than half of them occurred in India, followed by Bangladesh and the Philippines. The victims were young (early 20s for the men, early 30s for the women) and were working in farms and paddy fields.


I guess I'm in the camp of those that assume that sooner or later, Hasbro will acquire Mattel, just because it's got some great brands. After all the mistakes that it's made, still, it's got a number of enduring brands. If you can just put it in the hands of some good management, which Hasbro certainly has, it might revive this company. But in the meantime, I think Mattel is continuing to give the Heisman to suitors and, as you say, down and to the right is the pattern.

You could even argue that you’d be doing something better than just talking about your surface level stuff. Because most people don’t even get into, “I love swimming, boating, water sports.


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The interior of the church of Waterloo, a small but very neat structure, is nearly covered with monuments to the memory of British officers. All of these are written in such a strain of manly and modest simplicity, and some of them under circumstances of such affecting tenderness, that every English reader, whilst his heart is touched with the deepest sympathy, must feel himself elated in belonging to a country which has produced instances of such unparalleled heroism. In the church- yard, among many other monuments, ap- pears the mausoleum of the Marquis of Anglesea's leg, with an inscription that reflects the highest honour on that distinguished Nobleman. To the wall of La Haye Sainte, next the high road, is affixed a plain mural monument, with a short, but most sublime and touching inscription, to the ho- nour of ihose officers of the German Legion who fell in the arduous task of defending litis farm against an entire division of the French army. It is erected by the surviving officers of that dis- tinguished regiment, to the memory of their de- parted brethren. The celebrated chateau of Hou- goumont remains in the state in which it was left after the battle— a heap of ruins. The marks of the shot remain on the trees and garden wall, where the English Guards fought with such per- severing and unsubdued energy. A splendid mo- nument is now erecting in the open field, on the very spot where the hero fell, to the memory of Sir A. Gordon, of whom such distinguished men- tion was made in the House of Commons, and by the Duke of Wellington. The inscription, which, like all the others, is admirably written, states, that it is dedicated to the memory of the deceased by his seven surviving brothers and sisters. The same inscription appears in the French language on the opposite side of the pedestal.

Collected Papers of Alexander A. Stepanov

And the whole tip of the iceberg thing is, I hear a common theme between all of my VIP guests, and it’s the people who are successful were willing to put in the work, basically. Everyone knows what to do. But I mean, you’re just rattling off, “Oh, yeah, I did -” whether he’s 300 a year or 300 in three years, that’s a lot.


Although survivors frequently talk about entry and exit wounds, it's difficult to figure out in retrospect precisely what path the lightning took, says Mary Ann Cooper, a retired Chicago emergency physician and long-time lightning researcher. The visible evidence of lightning's wrath is more reflective, Cooper says, of the type of clothing a survivor had on, the coins they were carrying in their pockets and the jewelery they were wearing as the lightning flashed over them.

Businessman: “I know, I know, it sounds crazy. Trust me, I've been doing it for nine years.

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Lightning deaths go unreported or are missed entirely. It might appear, for instance, that a fire killed an entire family. But that assumption misses a key piece of the tragedy. Sometimes it's lightning that sets the grass roof ablaze, temporarily paralyzing the family members within, so they're unable to escape the flames.


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When he had finished, he called William, the keeper, to see what he had done; but William made no answer. Having repeatedly called in vain, he began to feel alarmed at his silence, and he determined to go to the upper part of the cell, where, looking through the railing, he saw the lioii and the keeper sleeping, side by side, aud imme- diately he uttered aloud cry. The lion, awaked by the noise, started up, and stared at the carpenter with an eye of fury; and then placing his paw ou tiie breast of his keeper, he lay dtywn to sleep again. The poor carpenter was dreadfully frightened, and not knowing how he could rouse up William, he ran out and related what he saw. Some of the attendants of the house came and opened the door, which the carpenter ha^ l secured with several bars, and contrived to awake the keeper, who, upon opening his eyes, did not appear in the least ap- prehensive on account of the situation in which he found himself. He took the paw of the lion, and shook it gently in token of regard, and the animal quietly returned with him to its former residence. An inquest was held on Friday at the King's Head, Walworlh- road, on the body of Mary, daugh- ter of Mr. Kemble, of Manor- row, Walworth, who was accidentally burnt to death: she was eight years oj" age. A witness stated, that on Tuesday morn- ing she heard the screaming of a child, and saw the deceased enveloped in flames; she tore the burning garments off as fast as she could, but be- before the flames were extinguished her whole body was scorched in a most shocking maimer. Sue told witness that her mother had been gone out of the house about five minutes, to convey a letter to the Post- office, and left an infant in the cradle; but having left the coffee- pot ou the fire, with the poker under it, the deceased, while lifting off the pot, threw down the poker, and it set her clothes on fire. A surgeon stated, that she was so dread- fully burnt that medical aid was useless: her hands and arms were nearly consumed: she survived only till the evening.

The changes in personality and mood that survivors experience, sometimes with severe bouts of depression as well, can strain families and marriages, sometimes to breaking point. Cooper likes to use the analogy that lightning rewires the brain in much the same way that an electrical shock can scramble a computer — the exterior appears unharmed, but the software within that controls its functioning is damaged.


Check out the DRCNNweekly radio segment at to reprint or redistribute any or all of thecontents of The Week Online is hereby granted. We ask thatany use of these materials include proper credit and, whereappropriate, a link to one or more of our web sites. Ifyour publication customarily pays for publication, DRCNetrequests checks payable to the organization. If yourpublication does not pay for materials, you are free to usethe materials gratis. In all cases, we request notificationfor our records, including physical copies where materialhas appeared in print. Contact: Drug Reform CoordinationNetwork, 2000 P St, NW, Suite 615, Washington, DC 20036,(202) 293-8340 (voice), (202) 293-8344 (fax), [email protected]

Giving up, he grabbed a nearby folding canvas chair — the charring on one corner is still visible today — and turned to head for the truck. Rachel was filming the storm from the front seat, planning to catch her husband streaking back as the hail intensified. She pulls up the video on her phone.


Initially all that's visible on the screen is white, a blur of hail hitting the windshield. Then a flash flickers across the screen, the only one that Rachel saw that day, the one that she believes felled her husband.

Holle doesn't even like the word 'struck', saying it implies that lightning strikes hit the body directly. In fact, direct strikes are surprisingly rare.


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Not so long ago people did not understand what the Internet was. Those who did not have an Internet strategy in the late 1990s were probably on the wrong side of the revolution curve.

Which is just basic talk-show math. Meyers’s mentor, Lorne Michaels, once told me a story about the only conversation he ever had with Johnny Carson.


Often the best dialogue occurs when a character avoids the truth. This doesn't mean they have to lie, or deceive, but they can't be on the nose.

Check out the YouTube Channel How to Be a Great Substitute Teacher. There are videos on starting class, discipline in different grades, and more!


The two other riders appeared shaken but unharmed. Alejandro went looking for Jaime, who he found on the other side of his fallen horse. Alejandro brushed against the horse's legs as he walked passed. They felt hard, like metal, he says, punctuating his English with some Spanish.

In the sensitive report, GAO made a total of 145 recommendations to the 23 agencies to fully implement foundational practices in their organization-wide approaches to ICT SCRM. Of the 23 agencies, 17 agreed with all of the recommendations made to them; two agencies agreed with most, but not all of the recommendations; one agency disagreed with all of the recommendations; two agencies neither agreed nor disagreed with the recommendations, but stated they would address them; and one agency had no comments.


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What does it mean to you to have this be your first major project in your new role? I’m a working mom with two boys, so this was personal. Having access to paid parental leave allowed me to progress in my career, and I’m proud to work for a company that not only provides world-class benefits to its employees, but uses its power to create a positive impact outside of its walls.

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As they were rowing up the Thames,' one of the young men, named Sharp, a goldsmith, about twenty- live years of age, sat on the side of the boat; it overset, and he was precipitated into the water. Another young man, named Layton, seeing Sharp drowning, leaped into the water to render him assistance, and being an expert swimmer, kept his head above water ten minutes. The young man who remained 11 the boat was so stupified with liquor that he could not row the boat to their assistance. Sharp took hold of Layton's leg, which induced Layton to strike from him to save himself, and as the boat was getting a considerable distance from him, he found there was not the least chance of saving his companion, and therefore swam after it. Sharp sunk, and was drowned; but the other two got to the bank in safety. During Thursday se'nnight, Mr. Cooper, brewer, of Ryde, had been missing by his family, and after the most diligent search had been made, ho was discovered quite lifeless, about four o'clock in the afternoon, in a large store- cask of beer In his own brewery, where it is conjectured he had remained for several hours. At the High Court of Justiciary, Scotland, last week, Joseph Roe and Robert Reid, chimney- sweepers, were tried for the murder of the appren- tice of the former, a boy eleven years of age. The evidence disclosed circumstances of the most bar- barous description, which excited the utmost horror and indignation iu the Court, and which afforded an additional proof of the absolute duty of the com- munity to put an end to the practice of sweeping chimneys by means of climbing boys. The Jury returned a verdict of— Culpable Homicide, and the prisoners were sentenced to fourteen years trans- portation. At Nottingham Assizes, Charles Rotherham, aged 33, was capitally indicted for the wilful mur- der of Elizabeth Shepherd, at Sutton- in- Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, by striking heron the head with a hedge- stake. The prisoner at first pleaded guilty; but having, on the suggestion of the Judge, withdrawn this plea, the trial proceeded.


When I meet Meyers in his office on a Thursday afternoon in March, he’s dressed casually in a cozy-but-expensive-looking gray sweater and blue New Balance sneakers. After putting the finishing touches on an email, he swings around his L-shaped midcentury-modern desk and settles into a comfortable chair by a window. His office is an airy, unpretentious space that is arranged for actual work.

ML Cases from Russian Leading IT Companies. Digital Certificate of Competence in AI Tech.


The organization is trying to develop a cellphone alert system so that fishermen and others in the Lake Victoria region can report severe weather heading their way. They are starting to educate school teachers about lightning safety and are setting up graduate study programs.

Specifically, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued ICT SCRM-specific guidance in 2021 and OMB has required agencies to implement ICT SCRM since 2021. Until agencies implement all of the foundational ICT SCRM practices, they will be limited in their ability to address supply chain risks across their organizations effectively.


We don't know MGA's financials because they're a private company. I just look at Mattel over the last few years, and that is a stock chart that is just steadily down and to the right. I mean, it is a quarter of the size it was five years ago. I get that this didn't work out. But I don't know how much longer Mattel can keep going like this.

Kids getting antsy with those last awkward ten minutes? Try one of these ideas from Love, Teach.


I didn't look as closely as I should have. Now, that said, it still doesn't take away from the fact that that's one of the more fantastic stories that we've had on the show in the last couple of years.

If true, that would be a dicey strategy that might in fact bring Icahn back again. Among the biggest media and entertainment conglom- erates, only Time Warner and Disney are trne public companies. At the others — 21st Century Fox, Viacom, CBS and Comcast/NBCUniversal — management holds tight voting control. Time Warner, however, is almost a pure product of the demands of Wall Street (this was true, too, in the past of Disney — bnt its size and snccess bnffer it now), growing larger and smaller in its 26-year history, according to Wall Street whims and sieges. In 1990, print publisher Time Inc, with its Ivy League executives, and film and TV studio Warner Communications, with its street-smart guys, merged because they both thought they were takeover targets (Rupert Murdoch made a run at Warner in 1984). Then Turner was added in 1996 during Wall Street’s peak enthnsiasm for media conglomeration (and to stymie Ted Turner’s ambition to buy CBS). Then, in 2000, came the disastrous dot-com-mania merger with AOL, plunging the company into despair and SB leading to Icahn’s bid. Then, in 2021, Murdoch struck with an $80 billion offer, committing 3^ CEO Bewkes to daunting stock price goals in order to stave him off. Now Bewkes, 63, has entered 2021 facing two Wall Street strikes against Time Warner. The first is a conviction among aggressive investors — including many activists and hedge funds that bought into Time Warner during the Murdoch raid — that great volatility in the media industry, coupled with the fact that media is one of the few undervalued sectors.


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For example, an Air Force receiver modernization effort that depends on the new technology will likely breach its schedule and incur additional costs because of the delay. In turn, DOD planned to incorporate that receiver into its F/A-18 fighter aircraft, AV-8B strike aircraft, and the MH-53E helicopter, but it no longer plans to do so because of the delay. DOD has not yet determined the full extent of the development effort to widely integrate and field M-code receivers across the department. The amount of additional development and integration work is expected to vary for each weapon system and could range from a few weeks to several years. DOD is taking steps to enable fielding modernized receivers that use M-code cards by working to identify integration and production challenges. DOD has been developing the capability to use its more jam-resistant military-specific GPS signal for 2 decades.

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There are, in many parts of Europe, smaller roads, and not quite the car culture that we have. But they are a big camping culture. They're more camper-sized things. Yeah, there's a decent part of the market that you can capture there. It is a diversification thing for Thor. It's a good time to diversify, given the issues with the inventory for RVs here.


I may have them grab rules and count by two’s, five’s, measure items in the room, etc. I always leave a note for the teacher letting them know who was a big help, who I had issues with, what I got through on their lesson plans, and what I didn’t understand and improvised. Sometimes teachers know what needs to be taught and how, but it’s hard to explain on paper.

A grand of easy $$$$

Well, I’m glad you made it. Because when you were telling me about it, I was geeked because I had just launched my show. I admittedly had no clue what the heck I was doing short of the video side of things. But I was freaking out because audio podcasting, it was new to me. I knew I’d figure it out. I always do. And I always hit my goals. But what I loved was – and you’re sharing it now – about there’s people that want to drop their book. And yeah, they want to be on 100 shows but it’s not just throughout the year.


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On a series of large screens lining two walls of a room at NLDN's offices in Tucson, Holle can see where cloud-to-ground lightning is flashing in real time, picked up by strategically positioned sensors in the US and elsewhere. Satellite data has shown that certain regions of the world, generally those near the equator, are lightning dense. Venezuela, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pakistan all rank among the top ten lightning hotspots.

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Coast Guard’s Most Daring Sea Rescue,” the feature is unapologetically old- school, and leads Chris Pine and Casey Affleck are fully in sync with that sensibility — even as they’re surrounded by disaster-genre types rather than full-blooded characters. At the helm of this ultra-earnest entertain- ment, with its expository dialogue and meticulous visuals, Craig Gillespie (Million Dollar Arm, Lars and the Real Girl) isn’t able to conjure a stirring cinematic experience; much of the action feels instructive rather than immersive. Screenwriters Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson (The Fighter) set up 96 I THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER | 01/39/16 parallel tales of derring-do, with Pine’s Coast Guard coxswain, Bernie Webber, and Affleck’s tanker engineer, Raymond Sybert, separately thrust into roles of authority amid overwhelm- ing danger. With no backstory, Affleck manages to turn his man of few words into the movie’s most compelling figure. Webber gets more of a setup, one verging on corn, with emphasis on his straight-arrow recti- tude. His fiancee, Miriam (Holliday Grainger), is as feisty as he is rule-bound: On the night of the storm, she has no compunction about confront- ing Webber’s commanding officer (Eric Bana). The nor ’easier that devas- tates the Eastern Seaboard that February night leaves two oil tankers sheared in two. With only his less experienced men available, the Chatham Coast Guard station’s new boss, Daniel Cluff (Bana), orders Webber and a small crew (I^le Gallner, John Magaro and Ben Foster) into the tempest on what sounds like a suicide mission. The film is at its best when the dialogue is stripped away and the man-versus-nature theme plays out in pure action. The combination of location work, studio water tanks and CGI isn’t always seamless, and though Gillespie deliv- ers strong moments, he struggles to find an engaging rhythm for the material.


Each script for “A Closer Look” is drafted by 33-year-old writer Sal Gentile, who previously wrote news-analysis pieces for Chris Hayes’s old weekend show on MSNBC, Up With Chris Hayes, while honing his improv chops at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade. Gentile had arrived at Late Night in 2021 as a segment producer, specializing in political and literary guests.

Sometimes they'll keep the clothing, the strips of shirt or trousers that weren't cut away and discarded by the doctors and nurses. They'll tell and retell their story at family gatherings and online, sharing pictures and news reports of survivals like their own or far bigger tragedies. The video of a tourist hit on a Brazilian beach or the Texan struck dead while out running. The 65 people killed during four stormy days in Bangladesh.


Many survivors have a story that they want to share. In postings online and during annual gatherings of Lightning Strike & Electric Shock Survivors International, they swap tales of their brush with nature's brutal force. The group has convened in the mountains of the southeastern US every spring since its first meeting of 13 survivors in the early 1990s. In those pre-internet days, it was far more difficult to meet other survivors coping with the headaches, memory troubles, insomnia and other effects of a lightning strike, says Steve Marshburn, the group's founder, who has been living with symptoms since he was struck near a bank teller's window in 1969.

Another priority is Ugandan schools, frequently the most substantial structures in a given community. The first lightning protection system was installed in a school in late 2021, as were two more earlier this year. Keeping the focus on protecting children, it's been learned through other lightning safety efforts, gets adults' attention, Cooper says.


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The popular perception is that the chance of being struck by lightning is one in a million. There's some truth here, based on US data, if one only looks at deaths and injuries in a single year. But Holle, who believes that statistic is misleading, set out to crunch some other numbers. If someone lives until 80, their lifetime vulnerability increases to 1 in 13,000. Then consider that every victim knows at least ten people well, such as the friends and family of Jaime and Justin. Thus, any individual's lifetime probability of being personally affected by a lightning strike is even higher, a 1 in 1,300 chance.

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Henry Hill: “If you're part of a crew, nobody ever tells you that they're going to kill you, doesn't happen that way. There weren't any arguments or curses like in the movies. See, your murderers come with smiles, they come as your friends, the people who've cared for you all of your life.


He rolls through the monologue, occasionally presenting multiple writers’ takes on the same news-driven premise. As he reads through Gentile’s script, still on paper (with the crucial punch-line-selling graphics and video clips playing on monitors throughout the room), Shoemaker and the writers pay close attention to the response. Afterward, as the test audience files out, Baze, Hagel, Shoemaker, and Gentile gather around Meyers’s onstage desk. During the read-through earlier that day, Meyers had been unsure about a long, almost parenthetical section involving a fast-food-fueled road trip taken by Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke and Trump-skeptical GOP Rep. Will Hurd in 2021, when they were both Texas congressmen. The live audience, though, seemed to be engaged the whole time, and so it stays. Another section, about Glenn Beck, isn’t quite working. In a Fox News clip, Beck is seen delivering a bizarre, chalkboard-assisted anti-Obama rant that ends with him scrawling the word Oligarhy. The bit didn’t quite land, in part because so much other odd stuff was happening in the video that neither Meyers nor the audience noticed the misspelling.

View Alexander Stepanov’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Alexander has 13 jobs listed on their profile.


For our prospects, if you have a very, very defined niche. I think that’s the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do, is to really niche down. Because you feel like you’re leaving money on the table. But here in San Diego, we have a world famous example of niche which is Comic Con.

But then other people might want you. They prefer like, “You know what?


Having hatched the exquisitely vile Veep and the often overlooked In the Loop and The Death of Stalin films, Armando Iannucci’s profanity drenched UK political satire spun the era of spin around on its self-serving head. With future Doctor Who Peter Capaldi as pugilistic Downing Street communications director Malcolm Tucker, based in no small part on Tony Blair’s lethal henchman Alastair Campbell and Harvey Weinstein, The Thick of It ruthlessly skewered the spoilt meat that lines the halls of power and its flawed occupants. Is it any surprise that The Thick of It is where Succession creator Jesse Armstrong used to work?

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Hill: I knew I had you in here for a reason! You can read more from Bill Barker and his colleagues, go to mfamfunds.com.


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So like you were saying earlier and I wanted to ask you but, again, you were doing so well, I didn’t want to ruin the flow. But the podcast when you made the comment about Mr. Public Speaker, it sounds like you’re saying that podcasting is more conversational. Where public speaking, you kind of got to do the acting show piece kind of deal.

Why did you introduce this policy? We wanted to use our purchasing power to amplify our values. In 2021, we began requiring contractors to provide 15 days of paid time off for their employees.


You're not just learning how to write dialogue, but rather how to create scene with layers that can your dialogue can exploit. The focus of this next scene from Westworld is a great example of "writing between the lines" because Ford wishes he could just say "don't get in my way" but he can't just come out and say it — at least not until the end of the scene.

Ch10.cpp - Copyright(c 2021 Alexander A Stepanov and

So you kind of alluded to it but if I were to directly ask you, who do you help, is it strictly authors, speakers? I mean, who is your ideal prospect?


Once bigger than the NFL, the AMC zombie apocalypse series adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comics has aged well as its heads towards its 11th and final season next year. Lauren Cohan is back, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride are getting their own spinoff, though Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Sonequa Martin-Green and Steven Yeun are long gone. Still, there are a bevy of spinoffs current and to come, and a trio of Rick Grimes movies starring Lincoln are on the slate. The Frank Darabont-developed drama may have premiered on Halloween a decade ago, but TWD sharply reflects the horrors of 2021 in a frightening figurative manner. Snubbed for years by the awards crowd, the now Angela Kang-run ensemble has long asked the question of what would you do if the world ended?

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Specifically: DOD had limited information on the analysis underlying its savings estimates, including (1) economic assumptions, (2) alternative options, and (3) any costs of taking the actions to realize savings, such as opportunity costs. Therefore, GAO was unable to determine the quality of the analysis that led to DOD's savings decisions. Further, some of the cost savings initiatives were not clearly aligned with DOD's definitions of reform, and thus DOD may have overstated savings that came from its reform efforts rather than other sources of savings, like cost avoidance. For example, one initiative was based on the delay of military construction projects. According to DOD officials, this was done to fund higher priorities.


If you're learning how to write a screenplay, you will benefit greatly from understanding how our relationships influence our speech. When I speak to my mother on the phone, I speak one way.

But that’s borderline, like, nowadays unless you’re in a modeling – from my experience in the modeling industry. You’re not just generally searching people out by height, weight, hair color, and stuff like that. That’s kind of – you get in trouble for that now in business with LinkedIn.


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This is the last step in your screenwriting audit. You want to actually read your script aloud so that you can hear the lines of dialogue, the rhythm, the intentions, and the length of each line.

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Alexander Stepanov is well and broadly educated. Follow Stepanov's advice on what a software engineer should read (it is there). Absolutely go and study EoP (really do that).

Full text of The Hollywood Reporter January 29, 2021

So there are about four or five just databases that static directories you can look up. And they’re all free. So I encourage everyone to do that. Or the free Facebook Group as a guest. But the example is like, something as ubiquitous as, say you’re running – we have a member, the guests she’s looking for are female Latina. So women that are Latina and culture heritage but are also entrepreneurs. Now, those three words are not very – those are fairly ubiquitous terms. But how are you going to find that on LinkedIn? If you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily put entrepreneur in your title on LinkedIn.


To making the returns by districts he had strong ob- jections; of voting by districts he approved. He did not know whether gentlemen had attended particu- larly to this point, but he considered it of considerable importance. He begged to exemplify the opinion he bad given by a reference to the county( Hert; ordshire) he represented. If there were four Members to be returned, and they were to be returned by districts, that would throw the whole of the representation into the four principal towns of the county. The free- holders of the towns would uniformly prevail over the freeholders of the county, because they could almost always outnumber tlieni at an election, and conse- quently some inhabitant of the town would be gene- rally returned. This would be to commute the county for the borough election. But if the votes were to be taken by districts, it, would save jDiich expence, and enable those, who at present art deterred by a consideration of the expeace from offering themselves to become candidates. Nothing need prevent the Sheriffs from taking the votes throughout the different districts, without subjecting the candidate to the cx- pence of bringing up the freeholders from the extre- mities of the couuty to the place of election. The votes might also be collected throughout the different parishes in populous towns. Unless some such ar- rangement should be made, it would he impossible to establish triennial Parliaments without producing mis- chiefs of the most dangerous tendency.

Barker: Yeah, they are, unlike Thor, trading reasonably close to their 52-week high. Not right at the 52-week high, but they're not a long ways off. Thor's still basically cut in half from where it was about 18 months ago.


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And he’s going to be sharing with us today how you can get more guests for your show that are awesome. And if you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, a business owner, and author, speaker consultant, if you want more publicity, you need to talk to him. Because whether you have a show or not, he can help you get booked on more shows. I’m excited to bring him p right after we thank our sponsor.

Today, all MPAA-member companies boast tobacco depiction policies on their books. Some companies clearly make an effort to enforce them (box). And yet, in 2021, 43 percent of MPAA-members’ PG-13 movies still featured tobacco. The record was worse for independents. In 2021, 59 percent of their PG-13 movies included tobacco, the biggest share in six years. Independents released one-quarter of kid-rated films in 2021, but accounted for 40 percent of kid-rated films with smoking. After more than a decade — most of a childhood for millions of kids worldwide — Hollywood has proven that half-measures only keep young audiences at risk. The US CDC reports that kid-rated movies with smoking will recruit 3/2 million young US smokers in this genera- tion, resulting in a million entirely preventable deaths. That’s why kids everywhere need an industrywide standard that covers every producer, director, distributor and movie. Our kids deserve the straightforward, powerful protection of the R-rating.


That CPR occurred immediately is "the only reason he's alive," says Vail. The neighbor later told the family that he had performed CPR "hundreds and hundreds of times" in nearly two decades as a volunteer paramedic, says Jaime's sister, Sara, her voice cracking as she talks. Before Jaime, no one had survived.

The soil is a black vegetable mould, of an inflammable nature, and in reality a good kind of turf. It abounds with pine knots and trunks, and was, about thirty years ago, covered with a grove of white pine trees The depth below the surface, where the bones lie, does not exceed six feet. There is reason to believe the whole osseous parts are there, as they can be felt by exploring rods in various directions round the spot. It may be expected, that with due exertion, an entire skeleton will be procured, sur passing every thing of the sort that the world has seen. The parts already raised are of enormous magnitude. The neighbourhood is full of organic relics. The fossils indicate the former dominion of the ocean; and many of them appertained to creatures not now known to be alive. A lady of the name of Clotilda Tambroni died lately at Bologna, whose knowlege of Greek was such, that the Government had placed her upon the establishment of the University there. A monu- ment is to be erected to her memory. The celebrated mineralogist Werner, who died at Dresden, on the 30th of June, aged sixty- seven was buried with extraordinary magnificence, at Freyburg.


Hill: The acquisition that Thor made that you mentioned in Europe, is that a diversification play? Or is there some RV maker in Europe? In large part because of where I live, when I think of RVs, I just think of RVs here in America. I don't necessarily think of Europe as necessarily a big market, but I'm happy to be proven wrong on that.

But the podcasting gold rush is here and it’s here to stay. So the question is, how are you going to take advantage of this medium without having to do your own show? And the reality is if you’re a podcast host, the best way to grow your show is to be on other shows. So it’s basically anyone that wants to shed that best kept secret kind of label. We do have specific tools for – like there’s a recent PR agencies. We have five really large PR agencies that use our tool. They load up their clients because the clients are never going to use it. We’re a do it yourself solution, right? So their clients are never going to use our site. But these are PR agencies that get paid per, like, show placement for each of their clients. So they load up all their clients.


Alejandro doesn't think he was knocked out for long. When he regained consciousness, he was lying face down on the ground, sore all over.

Alexander Stepanov studied mathematics at Moscow State University from 1967 to 1972. He has been programming since 1972: first in the Soviet Union and, after emigrating in 1977, in the United States. He has programmed operating systems, programming tools, compilers, and libraries.


Winnebago also has done what a lot of players in the industry are doing, which is diversifying into the marine segment. They acquired Chris-Craft, which is probably known to many as a designer of beautiful wooden boats that are timeless and elegant. A good thing to do is to have some diversification, because the RV industry ran into a lot of trouble last year when dealers overstocked early in 2021, and a year later, they're still working down the overstocking. Winnebago's numbers on their face are not great, but they are pointing to some brighter days ahead, as everybody in the RV space has been doing for a while.

Hill: Let's move on to Winnebago. Third-quarter report seemed to be a little bit of a mixed bag, although the profit margins appear to be improving for Winnebago. Typically when we talk about the RV industry, more often than not, you and I are talking about Thor Industries, not Winnebago. But Winnebago seems to be doing a pretty nice job of late.


Despite a deep vein of sympathy for survivors, some symptoms still strain Cooper's credulity. Some people maintain that they can detect a storm brewing long before it appears on the horizon. That's possible, Cooper says, given their heightened sensitivity to stormy signs in the wake of their trauma. She's less open to other reports — those who say that their computer freezes when they enter a room, or that the batteries in their garage door opener or other devices drain more quickly.

After 12 years in the Air Force, Hassan decided to combine his coding background with his military experience, and launched White Ops in 2021 with two cofounders. The company has grown to more than 100 people, with headquarters in New York and offices around the world, and it has raised $33 million to date. Its technology operates like a burglar alarm for clients such as the Trade Desk, a company that helps marketers manage and serve programmatic digital advertising. White Ops alerts clients to any new fraud attempts and immediately prevents criminals from collecting on bogus ad views. The company was founded on the thesis that security should be about more than just building a wall to protect clients; it should work to make crime tougher and more expensive to pull off.


The riders had witnessed quite a bit of lightning as they neared Alejandro's house, enough that they had commented on the dramatic zigzags across the sky. But scarcely a drop of rain had fallen as they approached the horse corrals, just several hundred feet from the back of the property.

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The problem is that lightning can also knock out the region of the brain that controls breathing. This doesn't have a built-in reset, meaning a person's oxygen supply can become dangerously depleted.


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He leaves and returns holding his hiking boots, tipping them to show several burn marks on the interior. Those dark roundish spots line up with the singed areas on the socks he was wearing and with the coin-sized burns he had on both feet, which were deep enough that he could put the tip of his finger inside.

Meyers knows that the show, and “A Closer Look” particularly, contribute something to the current discourse. He also might feel just a teensy bit responsible for our national predicament.


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So we got a whole other interview right here. You’re just throwing it all down.

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This report addresses (1) drivers of employee engagement at DHS and (2) the extent that DHS has initiatives to improve employee engagement and ensures effective engagement action planning. To answer these objectives, GAO used regression analyses of 2021 OPM FEVS data to identify the key drivers of engagement at DHS. GAO also reviewed component employee engagement action plans and met with officials from DHS and component human capital offices as well as unions and employee groups. GAO is making three recommendations. DHS OCHCO should, in its anticipated written guidance, establish the elements required in employee engagement action plans and the approval process for these plans. OCHCO should also monitor components' action planning to ensure they review and assess the results of their actions to improve employee engagement.


The most commonly cited factor was the lack of federal SCRM guidance. For example, several agencies reported that they were waiting for federal guidance to be issued from the Federal Acquisition Security Council—a cross-agency group responsible for providing direction and guidance to executive agencies to reduce their supply chain risks—before implementing one or more of the foundational practices.

What surprised you about the rollout of this initiative? We expected suppliers to push back and say, “Gosh, this is imposing a tax on us—it’s going to be more expensive,” but we heard the opposite. They were relieved that they could provide enhanced benefits without worrying about being undercut by a different supplier. We were clear in telling them that we were willing to absorb the cost of this policy.


In this episode of Market Foolery, host Chris Hill and Motley Fool Asset Management contributor Bill Barker riff about some market news. Adobe (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8790)'s (NASDAQ:ADBE) stock saw a nice pop after a decent report, although the market seems to have wised up to the company's too-conservative guidance estimates. Winnebago (NYSE:WGO) seems to be turning its bad luck around, and the stock is responding. Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT) turned down another buyout offer from MGA Entertainment. MGA Entertainment now insists that it didn't really like Mattel anyway. But what does the future hold for the struggling toy maker? Plus, the guys talk about the latest from Disney (NYSE:DIS), a correction regarding yesterday's show, the current state of the RV market, and more.

Writers will hear that conflict is good and then inject every scene in their script with some form of conflict, but this more often than not translates to a bunch of people screaming at one another. This is manufactured conflict instead of natural conflict.