This is the best sounding budget piano VST option that is currently available. The Addictive Keys Steinway is sampled after the Steinway D Grand piano and this is a heavily sought after piano.

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  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys Complete Bundle - Genuine License - Digital Delivery
  • New Synthogy Ivory II Italian Grand Piano Mac/PC AU VST RTAS BOX eDelivery
  • Most beginer/low priced digital pianos usually benefit of the better work on the grand piano sound
  • Vintage Japanese Wooden Grand Piano Trinket Box With Painted Top
  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys TRIO Bundle - Genuine License - Digital Delivery
  • Toontrack EZkeys Grand Piano - Genuine License Serial - Digital Delivery
  • Mini Grand is a virtual piano instrument with seven different acoustic piano sounds
  • Listen to the Studio Grand Piano library here

I highly advise you to experiment with each one, as you may prefer different ones for different songs. This also makes it so you don’t have to rely on your reverb plugins.


The tone controls include levels for pedals, damper, string, and hammer sounds. And you can even control if the lid is open or closed.

The Electric Grand – Piano Library for Addictive Keys by XLN Audio

This VST really aims towards the songwriter and producer. They have taken the “songwriting made easy” approach and I believe it actually works pretty well. If you’re someone who has a musical ear but doesn’t really understand music theory yet, you could excel with EZKeys.


Xln audio took a very straight ahead with designing Addictive Keys. The interface is very simple, nicely laid out, and is very intuitive. If you've had any experience with computer based music creation, you most likely won't even need to crack the user manual. Addictive works as a stand alone application or within your DAW host of choice. Addictive Keys Studio Collection includes three separate instruments: Studio Grand, Modern Upright, Mark One Electric Piano. Each instrument includes several preset patches, nearly all of with are very nice sounding, and are usable right out of the box without any tweaking. If I counted correctly, there are over 80 presets total.

There is also an arpeggiator, as well as an entire FX rack. However, I personally most often use Emotional Piano straight out of the box using the main preset to get that lush, radiant piano tone that is perfect for soft, emotional piano performances.


Using a piano VST is not the same as using a digital piano. This is because you are using a sampled or modeled sound.

Additionally, there are several piano (check this) packs that you canadd-on that let you use an array of pianos in your production. For example,Modern Upright, Electric Grand (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4671), or Studio Grand packs, each one having its ownfocus. In the plugin itself, there are many settings available that allow youto fine-tune your sound. For instance, there are many pedal adjustments thatcan be made along with tweaks to pitch, filter, microphone kinds andpositioning, and volume envelopes. Addictive Keys also contains a small suiteof audio effects that comprises a tremolo, phaser, basic filters, and anequalizer.


Spectrasonics did an amazing job with this plugin. Not only do you get a great acoustic piano sound.

The one thing that I do not like with the East-West pianos is that they are quite demanding. You also will need an iLok account in order to use this. This can get a little bit annoying as you will have to make sure your license doesn’t expire for iLok.


Seller Managed Local Delivery Local curbside delivery is offered and managed by the seller, within a limited geography. Following purchase, a confirmation email is sent to the confirmation email address associated with the order, and includes: Pickup Verification Code & Seller’s contact informationPlease contact the seller within 5 days to coordinate delivery.

If you don’t have a sample player, fear not, this comes with the UVI Workstation 3. In order to use it, you will need V3/0 or later. This is provided with every library purchased through VI Labs.


Ravenscroft 275 Piano VST

Requirements: This VST requires Mac OS X 10/9 or later or Windows 7, 8, or 10 with at least 2GB of RAM. One thing to note is it doesn’t require a sampler such a Kontakt as it can be used as a standalone.

  • Virtual Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano
  • Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos – World’s three most famous grand pianos in one VST
  • This is truly a Grand Piano
  • Click this link to access XLN Audio Addictive Keys Studio Grand - Genuine License Serial Digital Delivery
  • Steinway Model D Grand Piano
  • 49 of the 88 keys
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  • Online 88 key piano simulator s

Now, this might sound confusing if you’re new so let’s dive in a little bit more. We learned above that VSTS are used by loading up your DAW and going into VSTS.

The end result is a super heavy low-end, rich overtones, and very cinematic sustains. This piano adds a lot of punch, so you really need to be careful with it in the mix to not overwhelm other instruments.


The EZKeys Grand piano is an option that works well for both beginners and advanced players. They used sampling for this VST and overall the sounds are pretty great.

I find this the perfect piano for magical overtones, otherworldly harmonics, and sustains full of soul and life. It does not get used in every track due to its specific sound, but when I need it I am grateful to have it in my composer toolbox.


MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface. This is the language that allows instruments, computers, and other hardware to communicate. For example, if I am trying to record a piano piece into my DAW, the MIDI note values will be captured to a grid.

Producer Spot The Electric Grand – Piano Library for Addictive Keys by XLN Audio Comments Feed

As mentioned above, some samplers are standalone, meaning, they don’t need a DAW. However, if you’re trying to record or edit, you will need a DAW.


Pianoteq requires Mac OS X 10/7 or later and Windows 7 or later. It also doesn’t require iLok or a USB dongle.

Remember, preference is everything with piano plugins. If you end up loving an option that is only $25, the more power to you. Don’t let anyone convince you that certain sounds that you really dig are actually bad. Please yourself when it comes to your sounds, after all, they are yours.


The final size of the library will mainly come down to the format and audio compression. When you read about the sampling process for each piano VST, you will want to look for lossless audio compression. This is most common amongst the higher-end sample libraries. What this does is preserves the exact copy of the original audio.

This is a huge reason why so many bands sound perfect on all of their recordings. You can quantize MIDI with a couple clicks of your mouse, resulting in perfect sounding music.


This is honestly something I wouldn’t even pay attention to at first. Decide which sounds you like more because of your ears, not because of what you have been told. Maybe you love some sampled piano VSTS and also love some physically modeled options as well.

Another thing that I really like is the ability to edit the mic placements for different parts of songs. For example, if you’re doing a solo you can use the closer mics and if you’re looking for texture, you can use the ambient mics. It all depends on the song and style.


I recently put together an article on my favorite free DAWS and you can view that here. Aside from the free DAWS, here are some of the most popular DAWS available.

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For the first few years of playing in a band, I had no idea what VSTS were. I used the synthesized sounds on my keyboards and my stock pianos.

Sampling vs physical modeling has been at the forefront of so many forum discussions. The fact of the matter is, one isn’t better than the other. In my opinion, this is a personal preference. I personally prefer samples myself, however, some people prefer physical modeling.


Best Piano VST Plugins – From A Professional Pianist

We approached Studio Grand with production in mind. We found that fitting a grand piano in a mix can be hard and often results in a compromise of the sound quality in order to make it fit with the other instruments and vocals. By offering the exact recording setup in Addictive Keys and the option of mixing and matching microphones, Studio Grand is sure to fit nicely into any production style.

This is an extremely powerful language that has been used by so many popular bands, including Rush. Rush was one of the first bands to really take advantage of MIDI. Rush only had 3 members in the band, yet, through MIDI, they were able to play and sound much bigger live.


Really, though, what it comes down to is how you want to use it. Because a piano that sounds good in a mix may not sound as good as a solo or be as fun to play and vice versa. I'd probably second the Embertone if you want a real experience of a Steinway D with all the pedal action. But for a mix, I would use the Addictive Keys Studio Grand, which I believe is also Steinway D and cuts through a mix without being overpowering.

Note: Half and quarter-pedaling are not supported by Keyscape. This is pretty common in VSTS as this is truly difficult to capture.


Walker 1955 Concert D Piano VST

More than 10 different Steinway Grand pianos were tested before choosing the winner to sample. The one chosen was crystal clear and it had a perfectly balanced resonance.

Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand

You don’t need a super-fast computer to run this plugin and that’s a huge plus. I’ve seen people talking about this plugin saying that they’re running it on computers from 10 years ago.


Note: Some of these VSTS have standalone software, in which you don’t need to use a DAW. However, if you wish to record, you will need a DAW. Some of these options are also Kontakt exclusive, meaning they can only run in Kontakt. The free version also can only run for 15 minutes before it turns off. Another thing to mention is VSTS often require the up to date version of Kontakt.

Why Use Piano VST Plugins

If you’re composing classical music or film scores, the Garritan piano plugin will shine. The organics of the Abbey Road Studios shine and they can make your recordings feel super authentic.


If you open up the Kontakt player in your DAW, a window will pop up that allows you to pick between different samples. If your keyboard is connected, you will notice that the sounds will be whatever instrument you have loaded up.

Best sounding budget piano VST

As I mentioned above, you can play around with the pedal noise and mechanical noises in order to dive deeper into the realm of organic. Keyscape also features overtones when you hold out a note just like a real piano would.


Best Piano VST Plugins or Sample Libraries for you

Addictive Keys (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8321) from Sweden-based XLN Audio is the latest plugin from the company with VST, AU, and RTAS. The VST features three multi-sampled classic keyboards namely the Yamaha U3 Upright Piano, Fender Rhodes Marl 1, and the Steinway Model D Concert Grand.

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The samples are all recorded clean with no stage noise in order to allow you to tweak them more to your liking. I personally prefer this as you can mess around with effects more.

Ezkeys grand piano keygen manager


I personally believe that piano VSTS sound much better than digital pianos or keyboards. If you run your keyboard through a DAW such as Ableton Live for when you gig, you can create a set that allows you to access your favorite sounds.

Pianoteq 6 requires a soundcard that supports ASIO drivers. This shouldn’t be a problem as most PC’s support this.


First off, I think most of the presets are pretty great and to my liking. You will have pedal noise, EQ, reverb, sustain, softness, different mic placements, and built-in convolution and algorithmic reverb. I really dig the reverb with this piano as I feel like it sounds like you’re playing in a church with super high ceilings.

It is important to note that with the advancement of piano VSTS, we are now able to access incredible sounds from our keyboards or digital pianos. For example, you can transform your keyboard into a Rhodes or an old-school organ by simply connecting with your computer or Macbook. Here’s a look at some incredible Rhodes VSTs.


Overall, if you have a fast PC or Macbook, this is a great option. It’s moderately expensive, but you will definitely use this for the end of your producing days as they sound beautiful.

The pianos are multi-dimensional, which means, this will help it so your instrument doesn’t get buried in the mix. This helps you keep a more clean mix and avoids muddying up your mixes.


Mid 20th Century Vintage Japanese Wooden Grand Piano Trinket Box With Painted Top For Sale - Image 5 of

Overall, I think the Garritan is easily one of the best options to go with. The one negative thing is that it requires a ton of space and RAM.

First off, I love the library presets. When I sit down to write music, I want to be inspired by presets. A lot of times, composers can be influenced by a particular sound and that sound ends up guiding the song. Garritan CFX completely delivers here with some amazing presets.


check out some piano forums

In my opinion, a lot of physically modeled pianos sound plastic and cheap. With that being said, one of the most popular options, and one that we will get into is Pianoteq. This is a physically modeled piano and it is one of the more popular piano VSTS available.

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I’ve had the pleasure of playing some of the best piano VST plugins that currently exist. Because of this, I decided to create this guide in order to give you a complete understanding of piano plugins.

Add the Studio Grand Free Version to your account now - the Addictive Keys engine is included. Use it for as long as you like and when you feel the need, simply upgrade to the full Studio Grand version.


The presets sound fantastic right off the bat. You won’t need to rely on editing or effects to make them sound nice.

For example, you can take a C7 piano and then pair it with a harpsichord in order to blend them together. I actually use this technique when I play live in order to create unique sounds.


Samples play far more real than models do in my opinion. When I’m playing quietly, the piano sounds gentle and delicate, whereas, when I’m playing forte, it sounds aggressive and grittier.

Keyboard patches are often times limiting to what you hear is what you get. VSTS offer the ability to adjust attack, decay, sustain, release, reverb, tone, mic positioning, and other parameters. If you’re someone who wants to really dive deep into the sound, beating a VST will be hard to do in my opinion.


Addictive Keys Studio is a collection of high quality key based instruments such as the Studio Grand (try these out) which features a classic Steinway Model D concert grand piano. Recorded from six microphone perspectives and three ExploreMaps with producer presets. The Modern Upright which features a Yamaha U3 that is regarded as a modern classic among pianists. It was recorded from seven microphone perspectives and includes three ExploreMaps with producer presets. The Mark One features a Fender Rhodes MK1 73 electric piano with a warm and intimate tone reminiscent of 70’s style music. It has seven selectable mic/line perspectives and includes three ExploreMaps with producer presets.

Addictive keys electric grand
1 Addictive keys studio grand 81%
2 Xln audio addictive keys electric grand 2%
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5 Ezkeys grand piano keygen accelerator 17%
6 Unthinkable alicia keys piano instrumental 47%
7 Alicia keys favorite piano software 36%

XLN Addictive Keys STUDIO GRAND Steinway Piano Plugin or Standalone PC & MAC

I would personally to use an i7 and 16GB of RAM for Keyscape. I know a lot of producers who use an external SSD as it makes heavy programs run faster.

Note: If you purchase a Focusrite interface, you will receive this for free. This is a nice win as you will get an upgrade in possibly your audio interface as well as your piano VSTS.


How to Choose your Piano VST Plugin

XLN Audio Addictive Keys is an impressive plug-in instrument which has got three multisampled classic keyboards which are Yamaha U3 Upright Piano, Fender Rhodes Mark I and Steinway Model D Concert Grand. The main objective of this plugin is to provide excellent source sounds with loads of customization like EQ, dynamics, effects and many more. You can also download XLN Audio Addictive Drums.

For example, if someone is trying to sample a piano, they are going to have the pianist press down the same note hundreds of times at different velocities and different lengths. This allows the sample to capture as much realism as it possibly can.


Antique White Vintage Japanese Wooden Grand Piano Trinket Box With Painted Top For Sale - Image 8 of

You can dive insanely deep into the sounds with this plugin. Steinway & Sons have actually approved the sounds of the Pianoteq 6 Steinway D and Steinway B.

For high-quality grand piano sounds, check out Addictive keys (click here to read). Though this plugin is somewhat simple, it gets the job done quickly and effectively without sounding cheesy.