Guided meditations are available online or in the vast catalog found on the Gaia website, but these aren’t always necessary – individual, silent meditation is usually the end goal. Guided meditations are great for beginners, but once one is able to quiet the mind, you can experience greater depths of consciousness through silent, or non-guided meditation. It certainly doesn’t hurt to listen to soft 528 Hz music while meditating for compounding activation modalities.

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  • Got Happiness? Learn How to Boost Dopamine and Create Your Own Joy
  • Incorporating Rituals for Boosting Bliss Into Everyday Life
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  • Genetic Modification of Human DNA
  • That’s a protein-centric view of the purpose of DNA

All the extra things just help relax and concentrate your senses on what you are about to do. It is often suggested that you close your eyes during a meditation. In fact, it really depends on how good your visualization and concentration skills are. There are certain advanced meditation/visualization techniques conducted with your eyes open.


DNA Music Repair & Healing Frequencies

Have you ever felt as if you’re not living up to your full potential? Or have you felt that brief flash of genius you know is lying dormant within, but don’t know how to access it regularly?

In The Telomere Effect, a New York Times bestseller from early 2021, psychologist Elissa Epel—who has researched how mindfulness and other self-regulation programs could affect cellular aging—teamed up with Nobel prize-winning physiologist Elizabeth Blackburn. Together they produced a review of the science surrounding how life habits may lengthen telomeres (the structure at the tip of a chromosome), which are thought to affect the aging process.


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Your way out of the system of the blind is not that difficult as it seems, nor it requires anything other than your clear intention and will. Everything always lines up for you when you are truly searching for God. Feel free to call him Universe, Truth, Sprit, Love, Nature; that really doesn’t make a difference if you are referring to The One.

The Whitewater scandal: Bill Clinton used the power of the Office of Governor of Arkansas to build public roads to the Clintons’ private land. They made money with real estate contracts for Whitewater property that included harsh clauses. This resulted in elderly buyers defaulting on land payments and repossessions.


Jason Westerfield was blacklisted from the church circles by many of his elders from Bethel Church. Bill Johnson and many others called out Jason from the pulpits across America saying that his teachings and ministry was heretical and downright dangerous. For me I find it quite weird when people on the fringe call out other fringe christians. Its like many in the charismatic circles are super far out but they have to distance themselves from the people who go out a little further so that it makes them seem “ok”. I have found that the spirit behind anyone “calling someone out” is found rooted in the person downing others only to try and draw people to what they are building themselves.

The Clinton ‘Body Count’

Many of my friends as well as clients often ask how to improve their meditation or visualization skills. There are also people who claim that it is very difficult for them to visualize something.


Beloved Inner Christ self, God self, Guardian team and family, we would like to hold unconditional love, compassion, empathy and true caring for all of humanity and life on this planet, for all that we are enduring in these times. May God's divine plan return to this earth and support all of our brothers and sisters to heal and open their hearts and truly experience the perfect love and peace that is God.

Focus on your belly button and breath into it. Visualize your DNA spiral through your belly button. Bring the attention to the blueprint of the structure of your DNA, and have the intention now.

Can Meditation Change Your Genes
1 Ascension Healing Arts Center Comments Feed 100%
2 Meditation Shifts Libido Into Overdrive 44%
3 Your Crystal Broke? Here’s What To Do 17%
4 DNA Mediation Gold Light 48%
5 Clear the ancestral pathways of your DNA so your soul essence can shine through!  6%
6 But they can also have a profound impact on your DNA 22%
7 This consciousness blueprint integrates with the DNA of the physical body they’re incarnating into 1%
8 Your DNA is a multi-functional, multi-dimensional component of your being 92%

First, purify, cleanse and detoxify your body. Learning how to ritualize detox is the key to your success. We often want the quick fix solution like buying a detox kit and hope it will sort all of our health issues. However, the key is in learning how to make a lifestyle change, and it doesn’t take that much to make it.


The 98% of DNA that is unused is called ‘shadow’ or ‘junk’ DNA by scientists

As a result, you now have two spheres lying in the imaginary space around you. You can draw a straight line to connect them in your mind. It will symbolize a scale of correctness for the current choice that you want to make. Let’s call this line – line of correct choice. You can use the line to see if the current choice you need to make leads to something positive.

I started the Return to Your Truth 4-Phase system one week ago

Since both calcium and magnesium promote normal dopamine levels, make sure you get enough of these essential minerals. It will help keep your mood more positive, promoting happiness and joy. They’re often sold together, and the best supplements include calcium: magnesium in a 1:1 ratio, like Global Healing’s IntraCal®.


The benefit is that everyday you’ll feel good and send a message to your subconscious mind that you love yourself, care about yourself and you to do something good for yourself. If we know how to actively cultivate a sense of wellness and love that is hardwired within our bodies, we’ll inevitably thrive. We make choices that are from a place of security and happiness, and safety, and we gravitate towards the things that make us feel more love, make us feel more beautiful, more healthy, more satisfied, more abundant — more bliss.

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You’re probably familiar with the image of the double helix. But this is only the surface layer of what makes up the active strands of your DNA. These are the two physical strands that are currently observable using traditional measuring equipment. What is yet to be taken into consideration are the additional strands on the etheric level. These dormant strands are gradually being activated and are responsible for our latent psychic abilities and our cellular memories of our full lineage of DNA ancestors.


DNA-Tree of the Flow Visualization

People tend to base their sense of well-being on the balance between positive and negative emotions. Since increased dopamine is connected to a positive mood, cultivating good feelings can help you create happiness — and it will grow over time.

Symptoms of DNA Activation that Might Catch You Off Guard

Follow these eight fool-proof tips to help you reach your weight loss goals! The Best part is. these tips are cheap - OR FREE - and you can do them right at home.


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Still thinking about voting for Hillary in 2021? Hopefully not, but many will, despite the availability of information out there which shows us that the Clintons are power-hungry psychopaths ready to eliminate anything in their way.

Too often are we consumed by the ego, an area of the brain scientists have recently pinpointed to be found in the default mode network. Though our consciousness may exist externally from our bodies, the ego exists internally and can consume our thought patterns, focusing our intentions and actions on the self. Recognizing this, acknowledging it, and allowing your mind to remove itself from the body and the ego can provide a third person perspective.


Sound has a strong impact on our overall life because it is vibration. The vibration can affect everything—from the energy fields to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

There is a next and perhaps even a more important step, after you start practicing meditation and visualization techniques. It is “walking the talk” and acquiring a worldview that will help you harmoniously fit into the current ever-changing environment. Visualization techniques can help on the way by helping you find solutions to the possible challenges. However, if you want long-lasting results, you need to establish a stable and clear connection with your higher-true self. It will be a guide on your journey of self-discovery and living a fulfilling life of purpose.


Adding further weight to Wilson’s claims, Dr. Sam Houston, a Little Rock physician, says that Bill Clinton was brought to a Little Rock hospital for emergency treatment for an apparent cocaine overdose following his 1980 loss for re-election as governor. According to Houston, Clinton arrived at the hospital with the aid of a state trooper and Hillary Clinton had been notified by phone.

Dr. Pjotr GARAJAJEV [ Peter

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) expands on the work of Dolores Cannon, the original pioneer of Quantum Healing Hypnosis with QHHT®. In just one session, you can find out why you’re here on Earth in this lifetime, heal old wounds and tap into the infinite wisdom of Your Higher Self.


So, banish negative thoughts and focus on the positive. Identify small and big happy moments to shift your focus and increase dopamine.

Together with her husband Bill, the Clintons have been associated with a staggering number of suspicious deaths, including the murder of political opponents and journalists who exposed their crimes. The list is quite a long one, full of suicides, car accidents, plane crashes or explosions, people dying of gun shot wounds and people dying from falling out of high apartment buildings. Since the overwhelming majority were officially ruled as suicide, the Clintons enjoy plausible denialability — which the elite regularly use as a legal shield behind which to hide their horrendous crimes.


Golden age of gaia website

All of our basic and higher senses are directly interwoven and connected into the structural anatomy of our lightbody, and they do not operate independently, as they may appear to on the external view. The primary energy receivers for the sensory abilities are stationed in the complete triad of the layers that form into the horizontal mental bodies, which create the foundation for the internal lightbody structure. The energy receivers became blocked at the time human DNA was unplugged during the Sumerian-Egypt invasion, which blocked the receivers from transferring and exchanging energetic impulses and data into the nadial structure and central nervous system.

She is off all the medication and is back to her old self

What happened was, once you have your first hit, you are hooked on this reality, because it builds on itself and from its origin point it spreads, duplicating itself like a virus it. Once you are inside you remain until you find the very thing that’s trapped you inside — the source of the sorcery! The Obsolete foundation of the matrix!


The sensation in my body was intense. The next day I could feel my face had changed.

It feels like there is already so much proof to the fact that meditation and visualization techniques can improve your life. These mind tools help you reach higher levels of consciousness and refine the way you interact with the energy-informational field (aka holographic Universe) among many other things. It seems that notions of “mind over matter”, “meditation (navigate to this site)” and “creative visualization” are becoming common knowledge. This article will explore what meditation (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4156) is about, offer a basic exercise as well as more advanced visualization techniques.


Activate Your DNA with Solar Frequencies

The fundamental word of the matrix has been found. The entire virtual reality now runs on consciousness only, not on an obsolete hypothesis from the word that was sourced in the time-track. Collective consciousness is now free to manifest any reality; all forms of authority created out of the word are gone.

There are many theories, books, and articles on what these number sequences mean. Our reference is a code or numerical energy from the higher realms that are in some way seeking to awaken us.


New bonds form in the DNA chains and crystal structure, subsequently increasing light absorption

This is a process that you want to teach to your kids! When you become proficient in it yourself, like within the next week, start to teach it to your kids. This is the best gift that you could ever give them. This is something that everyone can benefit from so share it with all your ZenWooWooFriends!

The reason why we can’t access the full spectrum of our DNA knowingness strands is because of the dense level of our consciousness. The 3rd-dimensional matrix is limiting our ability to perceive beyond the physical five senses.


Here is what the angels and the Light beings from the Higher Realms tell us this is about. We will need to break down and simplify their explanation in a way that our human mind can comprehend. For truthfully, the entire explanation is beyond our current human brain’s capabilities to fully understand at this time in our evolvement. But the good news is that this will change for us, and that is one of the explanations of the numbers.

The interesting thing about the oxytocin hormone is that it is released by the hypothalamus, which is the ‘master’ gland that in turn triggers the production of other hormones in the body. When we activate the hypothalamus, it then activates the pituitary gland, which then sends signals to other glands within the body – the adrenals, the thyroid, and the gonads – which in turn, are also connected via hormonal feedback loops. These hormones work with one another to make sure that your body is well regulated and functioning at its peak — and it all starts at the hypothalamus with the release of oxytocin, the love hormone.


Oxytocin, the bliss hormone, is also known as the love hormone or the bonding hormone. It plays an important role in our social bonding, our happiness and sense of wellbeing. It helps to create an holistic and sustainable sense of goodness and wholeness; the special kind of happiness that you feel when you are safe and you are loved, when you are surrounded by people that care for you, when you know that you are secure and well fed, and you know that everything in life is in it’s ‘right place’.

Now, you can visualize yet another sphere above your head. It is playing out possible events your current choice might trigger. Allow that sphere slowly glide into the line of the correct choice. Notice where it ends up on the line. If it is closer to your happy decision, then you can proceed with making your current choice. If it is closer to your bad decision, then you might want to reconsider your choice to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Happy days start with restful nights. Ask anyone who has felt low after a late night or dealt with a cranky kid who missed his nap: sleep quality has a significant impact on mood. A lack of sleep can also trigger junk food cravings, and poor food choices leave you feeling worse. It’s a cycle that you can flip the script on!

DNA Activation for the Golden Age

You can’t buy happiness, but you can pay for a professional massage. Better yet, have your partner do it for free! The healing power of touch will increase dopamine and serotonin while reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


This specific consciousness gateway is a feminine energetic principle, but its functions in the crystal heart network had been closed, damaged and blocked in the planetary body, therefore closing down the heart in the collective race consciousness during this last dark cycle. The original astral heart complex of earth is the fourth dimensional, green wave spectrum of light and connects directly into the higher brain of the planet, the planetary logos which is the ultraviolet spectrum of light. These areas of the earth brain were specifically targeted for implanting alien machinery, to install a false Christ consciousness network to block these specific crystal heart functions in the majority of humanity. In order to rebuild the crystal heart diamond network, the ley lines, dimensional bodies and their related structures have to be shifted to make way for the new heart-brain structure, and to run the spark of 144 harmonics throughout the energetic currents in order to activate the diamond grids. That is what is transpiring now, a demolition of blockages and artificial grid structures that hold distortions in the personality layers, clearing out damage and waste products generated by miasma that had blocked the 45-degree angle position of the diamond grids. The debris and contents are being broken down into smaller consciousness units that are re-assimilated or transmuted out from these damaged grid areas on the earth. The result is collapsing false timelines and dissolving chakra membranes which greatly deteriorate the functioning of the 3D personality matrix.

One must ponder the effects on the pineal gland if there was a magnetic pole reversal. Additionally, how would the hemispheres in our brains be affected by the change in magnetism?


The US election 2021 has been utilized to BEcome the greatest coup d’état in Universal history, Says Galactic Federation Of Light! January 9, 2021 This is the BEginning of the establishment of an Intergalactic Confederation as the Old System is Crumbling in front of the eyes of Earth’s population.

Despite the negative hype of this number it actually has an important message. When seen often it is a reminder to regain your balance. You may be having reoccurring negative thought patterns that are disrupting your sleep. This number asks you to seek the help you need to quiet your mind and be good to your body. It is also a reminder to keep an eye on your integrity and do the right thing even when no one is watching. Watch how you speak to others and about others, and be generous in your heart and mind. Remain open to those who love you and those you have challenges with. Guard against jealousy or resentment when someone is doing well in areas that are important to you. Be sure to make compassionate choices and remain true to your wise, loving soul by doing good works in the world and being kind and gentle with others and also with yourself.


The crystal heart acts as the energetic gateway of our higher spiritual bodies and opens up all of the higher frequency centers that exist within the head and crown and beyond, into the morphogenetic layers where the blueprints reside. When we begin to activate our crystal heart complex, we will start to recognize the intelligence characteristic of the heart-brain which functions as the thinking-feeling aspect of our consciousness, which begins to develop direct cellular knowing during our experiences. The developed heart-brain complex cultivates a range of higher senses, which allow for reading energy signatures and decoding intelligent information in the field by feeling it within the heart.

Once we tune into our body’s subtle responses, and let them guide our experiences, our body begins to returns to its healthy natural state. The organs and systems receive healing bliss vibrations, which takes organs from trying to “get by” to “healed” to “thriving”. As our body begins to function according to its innate intelligence, we find ourselves living in alignment with our ‘bliss instinct’ – and our body responds by producing oxytocin, the bliss hormone.

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  • We have learned a great deal about the functions of this DNA in the past 5 years
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  • The repetitive DNA largely originates infectious agents
  • Originally referred to as “Junk DNA” its function remained a mystery for researchers
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Interestingly, much of our DNA appears to be unused. Only 2% of our DNA has a known purpose.


Our DNA spiral through your belly button. Bring the attention to the

Visualization techniques help establish connection with your higher-self to resolve a certain issue. When the stress is eliminated on the level of higher consciousness, it improves the energy flow. Your physical body can also react to the positive changes in your energy flow. When a visualization technique is conducted correctly, you get a feeling of release, like a heavy weight has been dropped. You might feel a wave of warmth or a tingling effect in certain parts of your body (often your head).

The benefits of this activation (the purple text is verbatim from my spirit guides) are

Seeing 111 means, you're in a moment where you can create change in your life. Be sure your thoughts are very positive.


A visualization technique or a self-guided meditation (click for info) can be viewed as a more advanced form of meditation. It usually offers a visual scenario or algorithm for your mind to follow in order to reach a desired goal. Visualization is the ability of your brain to create a mental blueprint. Certain techniques employ this ability to give direction to your energy flow. They guide your willpower in building the reality you truly desire or help you deal with a certain issue.

You can know it was the word, because the mere creation of a word had an offspring which we call doubt. The words are all there to keep you in doubt, out of the knowing, outside of the zero point!


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There is the suggestion that psi ability is linked with the pineal gland (Roney Dougal, 1989) – and the pineal gland is affected by geomagnetic variations as shall be detailed in this article. There are suggestions that dowsing ability is related to the EMF (Williamson, 1987). There are suggestions that UFO phenomena are linked with areas of geomagnetic anomaly (Devereux, 1982), and UFO phenomena seem to have a psi component (Roney – Dougal, 1991).

I've tried your 4-Phases healing & clearing system: phases 1 and 2

What do you do to create your own happiness? Do you have any tips on how to increase dopamine naturally? We’d love to hear about what works for you.


Fifteen experiments that measured epigenetic changes after mind-body therapies such as tai chi and MBSR reported that genes involved in inflammation (particularly those in what’s called the nuclear factor kappa beta, or NF-kB, pathway) were turned down after the therapy, a 2021 review found. That should cause lower levels of chronic inflammation, whose health consequences range from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. Reduced gene expression is an epigenetic phenomenon (though it can result from non-epigenetic effects, too). A 2021 review of 18 such studies also found support for the idea that mind–body interventions turn down NF-kB.

The Alter Ego on planet Earth is a manifestation of doubt. This positive mind is programmed to be right, and upholds everything taken on in the matrix as the status quo. This is the ‘Agent Smith’ of the matrix. You only die because of doubt; doubt turns you mortal! Agent Smith is the materialization of death in the matrix.


Higher levels of dopamine in the brain result in a positive mood. This means there is a relationship between the amount of dopamine your body releases and how happy you feel. That means that by changing small things in your life, you can boost your body’s dopamine production and essentially create your own happiness!

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Dopamine is a “feel good” neurotransmitter involved in mood regulation. Like all neurotransmitters, dopamine transmits messages between nerve cells in the brain and body. It works with another feel-good neurotransmitter — serotonin.


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This reflective kind of process has its value, but the problem is that our minds do not distinguish between our thoughts and our actual experience. When we start paging through the chapters in our life trying to look for the things that veered us from the path of bliss, we dwell in those experiences and further embed the negative vibration in our bodies. It can also seem to take an equal amount of time to reassess the life that you have lived as it actually took you to live it! So if you are going back through 30 years of pain and programming at the age of thirty, you are going to be almost 60 years old before you have been able to examine every moment of programming and pain that brought you to that point.

Most had only a few dozen participants (the “higher states of consciousness” paper included merely two). And for every study that finds NF-kB silencing with meditation, another finds no such thing.


To help you tune into your bliss frequency, I’m going to ask you to do a very simple exercise because a lot of the things about our happiness and bliss start with absolute simplicity. Rate your bliss level now, from a scale 1 to 10.

Those chemicals, designated A, T, C, and G, code for the proteins that cells make: dopamine receptors, enzymes like telomerase, and everything else required for life. Unlike alterations that change an A to a C, for instance, or a G to a T, or eliminate letters entirely, an epigenetic change leaves the letters alone. Instead, it slaps on a molecular silencer or a molecular turbo-charger, affecting whether they are able to make the protein they spell out and in what quantities.


Allow the activation to take place, reminding you of your divine heritage

As we go through life, we accumulate epigenetic changes. Both random chance and experiences— with parents, friends, life itself—can reach into our very DNA, silencing some genes and amping up others. Remarkably, the longer identical twins have lived together (presumably sharing more experiences), the more similar they are epigenetically.

We are being pushed hard through intensive waves of higher frequencies. This process can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. We should be offline or at least on flight mode during intense upgrades, few of us have that luxury. Life goes on. Symptoms people are experiencing range from cold and flus, headaches, body aches, extreme tiredness, heaviness in limbs, fuzzy head, blurry vision, ear popping and buzzing and temperature fluctuations.


The deaths of Ron Brown and Nico Josic: Department of Commerce worker Ron Brown dies in a plane crash, after voicing displeasure at the fact that the Clinton administration perverted point of energy swaps. Nico Josic was the ground investigator, and was shot to death. It was ruled a suicide before he could be questioned.

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Create Priorities: Once we have taken inventory and listened to our heart for more clarity on what generates meaningful connections and increased loving feelings, we will want to apply our new found awareness to co-create a healthier lifestyle and more balanced relationships. If we are too serious and in work mode too much of the time, without playfulness and humor, this also generates imbalances which shut down our heart. We must re-evaluate our commitments in life to reduce stress and seek to remove any areas where obligations or negative interactions are no longer supporting a more natural flow in our life.


What I would say is activating your DNA is more about creating a shift in attitude

However, the State Department revealed in July that at least 15 work-related emails were missing from the records that Clinton turned over, including important correspondence with confidant and adviser Sidney Blumenthal relating to the 2021 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. This omission was only discovered after a House Committee subpoenaed Blumenthal in their proceedings.

Often called the sunshine vitamin, your body produces vitamin D naturally — but makes less in low-light conditions. This leads many people to become deficient in winter months.


Edward F. Group III (DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM) founded Global Healing Center in 1998 with the goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products. He is world-renowned for his research on the root cause of disease. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center earned recognition as one of the largest natural and organic health resources in the world. Dr. Group is a veteran of the United States Army and has attended both Harvard and MIT business schools. He is a best-selling author and a frequent guest on radio and television programs, documentary films, and in major publications.

Despite disagreements within the field of nutrition, most experts agree that eating a plant-based diet of whole foods is key for optimal health. Further, plant-based foods provide fiber and prebiotics that are beneficial for your gut microbiome, and closely linked to your mood and mental health.


How to Improve your Visualization Skills

When your body does not produce enough dopamine, or the dopamine you have can’t get recycled in the normal physiological processes, you sleep less. So mind your dopamine if you want to get sleep — which will make you happier!

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When the instrument is tuned to the “correct” frequency, amazing things happen. This is the state where we are most blissful, most beautiful, most thriving and most divine. It is a deeply felt, tactile sensation that is released in the physical body when we follow our own unique energetic path. Even simple changes can help us cultivate and live in the Bliss frequency, if we learn to feel not just our emotional responses but our body’s tactile responses as well. Tuning into your body’s feelings will guide the way and never steer you wrong.


The angels tell us that our universe vibrates to what in its simplest forms here on Earth are math and geometry. It is much more than that, but that is what our human minds see it as. This is also what music, astrology, numerology, and sacred geometry is about as well. The numbers you keep seeing are a code that signals your ancient DNA, your cellular memory, and your higher consciousness to awaken. To awaken to a phase, a more spiritual space in your heart, mind, and within your life.

How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now

Calcium and magnesium both play an important role in the pathways by which your brain produces dopamine. People who feel down are often deficient in magnesium and have low dopamine levels.


This number is a favorite of the angels. And if you see it, know that you are in the presences of angels. In the angelic realm, the number 444 indicates prosperity and abundance.

I’d like to quickly share with you the most common causes of a weak aura or weak energy field because when you have weakness, you are not in balance and when you are not balanced you are open to all sorts of negative infiltration that weaken your general health and well-being. You have to be proactive in generating a strong aura which increases your energetic balance and health in every layer of your multi-dimensional body.


How did the Alter Ego originate in the first place, out of the one, one might ask. Something caused you to capitulate to this system in the first place, that is why you are here. You accepted it as absolute and from there you have spiraled out and up, further away from the one and only source of what you really are. Somebody else that has already capitulated simply made you capitulate too, by the use of the word. You might have been innocent, you might have willingly sold your soul to it — it does not actually matter.

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I hope you have found the article to be insightful and can see the value in the given visualization technique. Here are some more techniques that you could find useful on your way of improving your lfiescript. For even more advanced knowledge or personal guidance see the services section of the website. As always, feel free to reach out with any related questions or inquiries.


Jason Westerfield // Telepathy And The Blue Beings

July 1994: Calvin Walraven dies of a gun wound to head. Walraven had testified the week prior in the trial of the son of Clinton-appointed Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was charged with multiple cocaine offenses. Walraven testified that he agreed to “help set (Elders) up” for Little Rock police because he saw needle marks on Elders’ arm from drug use.

Jason Westerfield Telepathy Blue Beings

However Terry Reed, a former CIA “asset” who helped the CIA set up its secret black operations refused to turn a blind eye to the Agency’s drug trafficking and blew the whistle. Forces within the Justice Department (under then-President George HW Bush) and the CIA tried to neutralize Reed by setting him up on false criminal charges, forcing him and his family into hiding; however Reed was ultimately acquitted.


Eclipse by Peter Sterling

Firstly, we must consider the effects of toxins on the body. Toxins include anything from heavy metals to synthetic pharmaceuticals to chemicals and plastics, that bind with your body’s fat deposits, creating cellulite and coagulated crud within the body.

The 9D Arcturian Council: July 2021 – New Energies & Upgrades — Golden Age of Gaia July 1, 2021; The Powerful Forces in This Universe ∞ The 9D Arcturian Council — Spiritual Blogs – Ashtar Command – Spiritual Community July 1, 2021; Beacons of Light! Your mastery transforms the World!


Once doubt is sparked in a new subject, the beginning of a matrix is born. The initiation of doubt is the seed of the matrix; it is the source of the great void of time and space. When you do not know, something else does — something else becomes absolute. But, if you take away the seed of the matrix called doubt, the whole digital hologram built on doubt crashes.

On the more etheric level consciousness, it’s the source of our light-body. It transcends our physical reality, allowing us to interface with spiritual beings on different levels of awareness. The energetic layer of DNA is what allows you to create soul family and gather soul codes. It enables you to traverse solar systems and incarnate on other worlds to engage in further consciousness exploration.


Your DNA is your connection to the spirit world, your dreaming world, your health, and your soul family. It holds everything there is to know about you, your abilities and the race(s) that you’ve been a part of throughout your soul’s journey.

Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Alter DNA

There are countless ways in which the body, the vessel that holds the consciousness of your bliss, becomes blocked. The feelings and emotions that you have picked up from past programming and experiences in your past are all stored within the DNA of your body. And this blocked energy within the physical body can start manifesting in all different areas in our lives.


Hillary’s magical trade: Hillary invested $1000 and turned it into $100,000 through insider trading, entering and exiting the markets at the exact right time. According to economists at Auburn and Nth Florida University, 1995, who concluded in their study in the Journal of Economics and Statistics, the probability of Hillary’s trade being genuine and not an insider trade was 1 in 250,000,000! The broker involved was given a 3 year suspension.

When we are in our physical form, we chose to seek for this connection or not. This is the highest form of manifestation of the so called “free will”, to either find out who we are or not. We chose to live lives full of purpose or simply follow the system: Go to school, learn what we are told, follow the rules of an organization imposed to us and accept that this is the world that we live in; with certain moments of joy, that are what keeps us going.


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One element that is often overlooked in our search for happiness is the physical experience of our feelings. The body is the vessel through which we experience life; it’s the lens, the conduit, the vehicle through which everything else is made possible. All of our experiences go through the tool of the body. In essence, our physical experience of our feelings is our experience of life.

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Arno Pienaar grew up in Durban, South Africa and is currently based in Cape Town. He started writing, blogging for various websites, mainly sharing ancient knowledge on energetic alchemy such as Qigong and tantra. He soon became occupied by deep studies in various fields of knowledge regarding the nature of reality. Later on, Arn0’s articles on the Matrix became an eye-opening anomaly in the social media community.


The natural state of our being is a balanced state of homeostasis. It’s the state where the body’s ecosystem is functioning at its fullest, all the glands and organs are working at their best potential, all processes are being triggered in perfect compliment.

One more for the record: In 1974 Hillary Rodham, then staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Investigation, which implicated President Richard Nixon’s administration in the 1972 break-in (and coverup) at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington DC, was fired by her superior Jerry Zeifman. When Zeifman was asked why Rodham was fired, he explained: “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality”.


He created it, and he thought it would be a good idea to introduce others too, into this particular wavelength, or dimension. He tricked, sold or fooled other souls into this creation through patrons, “those that already sold their souls to the creator” — and the virus built on, and a mere hypothesis was spread, by the use of words.

This is an introduction to our DNA Activation & Attunement Program

When you are reading a book, your mind creates a movie of what you are reading. It helps train your visualization skills, so you can better envision what you want to create in your life. It is also important to read a hard copy book. That way almost all your senses are involved in the process. When you are reading text from a digital screen, most of your senses are asleep. It is like you can only perceive the digital code without seeing a full live picture of the story. It makes it hard to remember and visualize what you were reading.


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If you think this sounds ridiculous, you should note that our knowledge of genetics is still in a relatively nascent phase as we’re constantly learning more about its sequencing and structure. Just recently, molecular biologists observed three and even four-stranded DNA known as G-quadruplex secondary structures that form in telomeric regions – the ends of our chromosomes that slowly unravel as we age. It has been suggested that studies of how this G-quadruplex DNA affect us could lead to new cancer treatments.

Activate your Pineal Gland Meditation

DNA activation (i loved this) proponents often speak of the need to connect with a higher entity through meditation (click here to read). Whether this entity is an archangel, an ascended master, or enlightened being depends on the individual, as experiences often vary and are typically based on one’s spiritual path.


Once you begin navigating your life and your body from from a blissful state, it becomes a lot simpler to notice when you are about to fall out of balance, and can take steps to correct it. It is certainly easier than to trying to correct an imbalance months or even years down the track. I am a true testimony to this this fact.

We are in the eye of the cosmic storm friends. The world is in inner and outer turmoil. Our role, our mission, our path is to turn inwards. It is to seek and find inner peace. As we upgrade we become creators, manifestors of our perceived experience. If we integrate these upgrades, we walk the path to inner calm, peace and self love, we will in turn manifest this. If enough of us do this we can and will change our world. No easy task when we are running on empty, relentlessly pressured by the matrix and those people in our lives, society, to confirm conform conform. A huge part of this cosmic evolutionary process is discovering who we truly are. To ignore pressure to conform, to listen to and then march to the beat of our own drum is anarchy.


Both the video embedded below (“The Clinton Murders”) and The Clinton Chronicles: Bill and Hillary Clinton Exposed offer a good recap of the Clinton’s criminal history. The fact that they are still around after being associated with so many deaths and scandals is a tribute to their power and ruthlessness, to the fact they have very rich backers, and to the fact that the American public is under a shocking spell of amnesia.

Fredrickson BL. The role of positive emotions in positive psychology. The broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions.


There isn’t a definitive way of activating your DNA. There are many different techniques, and each have their pros and cons. What I would say is activating your DNA is more about creating a shift in attitude. You can practise these methods all you want. But if you’re stuck a mindset of expectation just waiting for it happening, you’ll be waiting a long time.

In the Reprogramming class, we use all three methods. We start our connection with a prayer, answer the call by accepting and wanting to learn the method that God himself revealed to us for our use and benefit; and also pair our DNA to that of the teacher, who has already gone through the three levels of class and has more than 12 total strands of DNA active.


These extra strands of DNA, contain all the information that allows us to understand the connection with the Divine. Once they are activated, you can continue activating more strands and accessing more information and wisdom. Each strand of DNA is like reading a book, there are millions and millions to choose from and they all have different information.

I had cracked ribs, a fractured jaw and a bruised pelvis after a motorcycle accident. There was also major ligament damage in my wrists. They were just not healing properly. I came out of hospital and searched the internet for faster ways to heal and a meditation came up on You Tube. It was by a guy I had never heard of called Jerry Sargeant. He looked like one of the lads and felt some kind of connection.


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The Spirit of Betrayal is enforced as a seed fear by the crucifixion of Christ narrative, which is a tortuous human blood sacrifice that instills heart break and rejection of true spiritual principles sacred to human beings. The annual calendar cycle of religious worship for the Christ’s birth, crucifixion, death and resurrection, are all based in the Spirit of Betrayal that is further kept in place by the Spirits of Deception. Those that betray us are also deceivers, and the damaging effect of betrayal and lies is that it destroys our sense of reality, our trust in others so that innocence is immediately shattered. When we experience a life altering event catalyzed by deceptions and betrayal, we experience a broken heart and emotional damage, easily falling into the victim-victimizer role where we can be manipulated even further. The set up for this repeated cycle of betrayal generates severe emotional damage that shuts down the human heart, in which personal integrity and trust are eroded, and then moral character, virtues and ethics are destroyed.

This is a Guided Meditation to trigger DNA Activation plus Lightbody Protection using this phenomenal 12D Shield Building Technique! A super-powerful light protection technique that will help you clear, align, protect and strengthen your energy body which will then help you to repel negative, dense or disharmonic frequencies associated with all types of negative energy, psychic attack and all other means of personal field infiltration.


According to documents obtained by the non-profit group Freedom Watch, which is headed by Larry Klayman. Secretary Clinton and her closest staff members were the likely sources of the leaks to New York Times reporter David Sanger. Klayman also said Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents revealed that the Clinton leaks to the media were perpetrated with the knowledge of Obama White House’s national security team, including Susan “Benghazi” Rice and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.

DNA Activation Fibonacci Sequence Joshua Friedman

Self-love, self-acceptance, self-expression, along with practicing loving kindness in relation to others, spiritually heals the heart, mind, and body, and allows more love and joy to flow throughout the pericardium channel. To gather our spiritual strength, opening our heart and pericardium channels are the most important gateways that support us in finding inner peace and restoration, even when enduring a time of great change and spiritual crisis.


Starting from the late 20th century, scientists have been trying to define effects on brain activity from various meditative practices. There are a lot of interesting discoveries in the ongoing collaborative research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and neurobiology. Most of the studies on meditation’s effects can be broken down into two categories: state changes and trait changes. In other words, what is happening to a brain when a person is meditating and does it really improve lives.

DOX-triggered DNA damage in breast cancer cells was further accelerated by combination with Mag

In addition to the basic senses that are natural functions for human DNA in the lower frequency dimensions, when we move up the frequency scale into the soul, monadic, avatar and rishic planes, with each dimensional plane access, there are additional higher senses that are interconnected. Some of these higher senses will be experienced in dreamscape or consciousness experiences on other planes of reality, and some of them are potentially embodied as physical manifestations. As a result of the shift into the soul harmonic universe, the main higher sense that is coming online at this time is cellular telepathy, which allows for inner direct cognition, that allows a person to read and sense energy signatures.


Like our DNA, our consciousness plays an active role in determining when and how our glandular system works

In 1986 in Nicaragua, a cargo plane destined for the Nicaraguan Contras crashed — with weapons and CIA employees on board. This was the beginning of the Iran-Contra affair which resurfaced in 1994 when evidence arose that documented Clinton’s link to Iran-Contra. From there, people began coming forward and alleging under sworn statements that Clinton had profited from the weapons smuggling operation by laundering money through the newly created Arkansas Development Finance Authority. During 1995, mounting documented evidence continued to support these allegations, suggesting that Bill Clinton allowed the CIA to use factories in Mena, Arkansas to make untraceable weapons and to train Contra pilots for the war in Nicaragua on rural airstrips, effectively evading a Congressional ban on providing military aid to the Contras.

Firstly, Hillary is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), a wealthy Rockefeller-backed private group dedicated to ushering in a One World Government. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) grew out of Cecil Rhodes’ ambition for the British Empire to rule the entire world. Funded heavily by the Rockefellers who also later founded the United Nations, the CFR has gained such massive influence over US politicians that one can barely say the US Government is sovereign anymore.


The oil of Mediterranean oregano (Origanum vulgare) can lift mood because of the way it interacts with the body system that produces dopamine. Oregano’s active ingredient, called carvacrol, has many promising health benefits.

Using supplements to support normal dopamine levels is a powerful way to promote happiness. Vitamin D, magnesium, probiotics, ginseng, turmeric, and oregano are all great for this happiness boost.


Doubt is god, but, once made conscious, you alchemize the spell back to the five elements. No more doubt, and everything built out of doubt!