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I am entering a physique contest in mid November and my coach was insistent that I meal planned. Easier said than done with a busy work schedule and an even busier work-out schedule! I tried to shop and cook and just couldn’t keep up. Fortunately, MMG worked with me to customize my meals. Erica preps my meals every two days, exactly how I want; basically a combination of chicken or tilapia with brown rice and/or green leafy vegetables. I never realized how big of a difference eating right can make but now it’s obvious. With virtually the same work-out routine as usual this is difference eating right made in only two weeks.


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Take in the gorgeous view and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you escape from everyday life at Edgewood Tahoe. Not only that, every room features its own private gas fireplace to cozy up to. While skiing, golfing, spa and lake activities abound, you and your partner can also opt for the Sipnics package ($325), which provides everything you need for a romantic lakeside picnic. That includes a plush blanket, a bottle of Prosecco, gourmet light bites, and all the necessary serving essentials in a cute backpack.

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Filling your stomach will only leave a larger space for emotional emptiness to be fed, When your basic needs are cared for, filling has no purpose and instead we are fueled with passion for living a full life. The best practice of fill-ing anything should be in PHILANTHROPY.

Afternoon news spent detailing how the government people moved Brian into town library. One of the TV networks tries to interview Brian’s parents, but backs off when greeted at the front door by Brian’s dad pointing a shotgun. Jenny riveted to set at this point.


An N-gram frequency database reference to handle MWE extraction in NLP applications

A lot of times they will make a nest off in the woods. If you find it, it is a good idea to move the nest back to the coop.

All you need to do is walk down Main Street and see the hundreds of kids all dressed in custom and excitedly waiting for the first float to come by. It's a magical night that brings the community together and has grown to attract 30,000 spectators and participants. With marching bands and cheerleaders, princesses and fireman the Medford-Vincentown Rotary Halloween parade is a family friendly site to see.


He knew because he could see their lips moving, but their voices came as if from a great distance, barely audible. The last veil to his memory fell away. He was the third-grader locked in the tower. He was the frightened schoolboy picked on and beaten by classmates. He had possessed the special abilities of which John had spoken. He had blocked out everything, had turned his back on his own identity. Survival makes the mind do strange things.

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The first fishtailing of the bus caught Ed square in his stomach. He felt the sickening lightness one must feel in a falling elevator.


Remembering that we are human, remembering our instincts. Prioritizing our basic needs before we get the blinking light or the URGENT CARE slapped in front of our face.

The bus lunged forward, came almost to a stop, and lunged again before accelerating smoothly. For two seconds, the bus gained steady motion. Then the bus and the mountain were gripped in a macabre convulsion. Sections of road and fluted walls of rock churned as if all part of a diseased stomach straining to void itself. As quickly as it began, the convulsions stopped, and the bus was released to continue its now strained acceleration.


For one, why do we wait until New Year’s to make these life altering decisions? Was someone or something stopping us before?

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The problem is that once the eggs hatch, the moms are off and running again. They take their babies through wet areas which can cause them to chill and ultimately die.


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Only problem was I was injured and not able to workout and second I had no idea how to eat healthy and enjoy my food. A few days passed and I was out running errands and wanted to stop somewhere to eat I wanted to make a healthy choice so I googled healthy restaurants on my phone. First one that showed up one the list was Muscle Maker Grill, I never heard of it but decided to give it a try. The menu was different and I decided to order the Rocky Balboa wrap. It was awesome, who knew eating healthy would be so good. I saw flyers that they had a meal plan and decided to give it a try and also started to drink a gallon of water daily. First week I lost 3 pounds, I was happy and excited with that and continued getting the meal plan. After 3 months I lost a total of 30 pounds. I no longer got the meal plan it became a little more difficult financially but still ate there 3 to 4 times a week. I continued to keep with healthy habits and learned that just because food is healthy it doesn’t mean it has to be disgusting.

Mark is hollering again down on the river. He's into another fish and wants me to come down and take pictures. This dorado is another 20-plus-pounder and has recently eaten another extremely large fish which protrudes from its belly like an obtuse ulcer. The whole package is perfect for an afternoon Chimane feast. Luckily for the Chimane, this fish is badly gill hooked and must be killed. They are all beside themselves and chatter excitedly in expectation of the ensuing feast. It looks like Barry will live to see another sunrise after all.

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From infancy, this is probably the one forgotten basic need we require in adulthood as much as when we were infants. Love comes and goes with blind dates and a strong tequila. Nurture on the other hand, is nature’s fuel. Our first conscious feeling and the feeling that keeps on giving.


His surroundings—the toolshed, the rail fence beyond, the scrub trees and bushes continuing up the mountain—suddenly seemed small and distant, as if he were looking at them through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. He kept repeating one thought: No one else must know about this. Then he remembered the reporter and all the phone calls.

Jenny very quiet throughout the rest of the day. Whatever Ed whispered, I don’t think she believed him.


The last he saw was himself somehow breaking down the door to the room, then turning and running away. Ed never learned what happened to his friend. Ed’s parents moved a week later, and riding north in the back of a dusty old Ford, he left behind his forlorn friend with the strange power.

Portion control and muscle maker grill food and meal planning literally saved my life. Thanks to my wonderful support system, Mary Thompson Diane Starkey and Syd full of love and encouragement. I didn’t forget everyone that helped me along the way, I just can list you all.


Mark is already packed up and well upriver. Paul, Barry and I take our time, stopping along the way to fish the more tantalizing pools. With Mark ahead of us, we know the dorado have taken a beating and probably won't be receptive to our flies after he has thoroughly vacuumed the holes with his Mepp's Cyclops. When we are still together, I manage to entice a 6-pound dorado out of a shallow run that Mark apparently overlooked. After releasing the fish, I head upriver to look for Mark while Paul and Barry stop to fish a deep run. Triny and Abel are as tireless as ever and pole the canoe through repeated rapids without incident. We come to a particularly shallow run and Triny gets out of the boat with his bow in tow in hopes of spearing a wary sabalo. He sneaks up the bank hopping from boulder to boulder as nimbly as a cat and then suddenly freezes after a great leap onto a particularly suitable boulder. In one fluid motion, he raises his six foot long bow and lets fly with an equally long barbed wood tipped arrow. The arrow flies out into the river about 20 yards and ends up stoning a 6-pound sabalo right through the eyes!

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He could feel each young soul behind him twist in agonized, grotesque body English. Thousands of egg-sized rocks, the advance guard, pelted the roof as he fought the wheel to the left.


Although the main avalanche was now behind the bus, more than enough rocks and boulders were falling beyond Ryan’s Chute to pound the bus back into space. The rocks and boulders, however, never touched the bus. As if hitting an invisible slanting roof, the smaller avalanche bounced and slid out and away from the bus. The sudden change in direction was awesome. A newspaper the next day would describe it as the hand of God protecting the innocent.

The timing of what happened next was quick: one, two, three. One, the rear of the bus swung out over the edge. Two, the bus tipped, then fell over and down. Three, Jenny moaned, and the screen was swept into the air, held motionless for a second, then sent crashing into the side wall, narrowly missing a window. The image of the stricken bus leaped ten feet to the back wall where, blurred and drained of color, the bus was flung upward, back onto the road, and against the rock wall just beyond Ryan’s Chute.


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All of us. The only question was how far. I was allowed to watch television, and it was obvious we’d be hounded to the ends of the earth.


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My advice to managers is to learn how caring can vastly improve teamwork and business outcomes. If you can do this, it will slow down our company churn rate.

Early the next morning Daniel and his assistant and fishing guide, Julio Perez, pick me up at the hotel. A high-quality 16-foot raft is strapped to the back of the truck. We drive perhaps a half an hour to the Juramento. Julio is an extremely enthusiastic and downright rabid fisherman. We immediately hit it off and get into an intense conversation about the local dorado fisheries. He tells me the Juramento is really just a standby in case the Dorado River gets blown out. In many ways, the Juramento reminds me of the San Juan tailwater in my native New Mexico, with a similar gradient, vegetation and geology. After my spectacular adventure on the Sécure though, it's hard to get excited about such an accessible fishery. Two locals are throwing hand lines at the boat launch and someone has shamelessly dumped a load of trash at the water's edge.


The third-grader’s face looked down at him. Ed blinked and the face changed. It was the man he’d seen hanging the circus poster, the one with the white beard and the haunted eyes. His two helpers were by his side.

Four years ago, after experiencing a heart-related medical emergency, I had to make some major lifestyle changes. Joining a gym and becoming more active was a great start, but that wasn’t enough. If I wanted to get healthy and stay that way, the other thing I had to do was to overhaul my poor eating habits.


In an instant, Julio and Daniel are off their horses and gearing up for the day's fishing. Julio puts on a pair of neoprene waders, while Daniel and I opt to wet wade. They are both eager for me to catch a few fish, but I insist that they fish first, arguing that I need to get good pictures of jumping dorado and bent rods before picking up a rod myself. I need not argue for long to convince the two to get to work and catch me a few fish. Simultaneously the two thread floating lines through the guides of matching six-weight rods. They both tie on similar small Deceiver-style streamers and race right up to the bank of a deep, tantalizing pool without the least bit of fear of spooking the fish. To make matters worse, Daniel is wearing a bright turquoise jacket.

The question really is, are you a part of the majority of losers out there and how long do you want to stay there? Have you done the research and the planning to give yourself a chance against such a cyclical and steady trend.


At the last minute yet another exploratory opportunity comes up in conjunction with the Bolivia trip. O'Farrell Safaris, out of Northern Argentina, contacts me with promising news of an obscure dorado river (appropriately named "Rio Dorado") outside of the town of Salta. They say the river is brimming with dorado and, because its only access was via a two hour horseback ride into the base of the Argentine Andes, remains completely wild and untamed. The news seems too good to be true. It will be quite simple to extend my trip onto Salta Argentina from Santa Cruz. Two fantastic dorado fisheries in one trip!

We pole up the river for about five minutes, casting as we go. Paul is fishing a purple and pink Yo Zuri Surface Squirt. The oddball lure looks like it belongs on the Strip in Vegas, but for some reason the dorado and tambaqui find it irresistible. The lure lands in some fast deep water adjacent to a slide of huge rocks and is inhaled by a 20-plus-pound dorado that makes a short run before it bursts from the river. The dorado rakes Paul's braided line on a submerged rock shelf and breaks off with Paul's prized lure in tow.


My blood began to boil at the mere mention of a trip to such an incredible fishery and I begged Chi Che to arrange an exploratory as soon as humanly possible - I simply had to see the place with my own eyes. Unfortunately, the rainy season was too close at hand and the trip had to be postponed until the river subsided enough to allow safe passage. And so began the painful wait which lasted nearly six months. In the meantime I recounted all Chi Che's tales to my partner, Paul, and soon I had him as wildly crazed as I - we are both ready to travel with the least bit of prior notice.

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Most people, at some point in their lives, encounter periods of difficulty, change & transition; when personal issues affect their work & relationships. Issues such as family, marital, relationship, abuse of alcohol/drugs, or a variety of mental health concerns. I believe therapy provides options for change, in a safe nonjudgemental environment, and change is the catalyst for personal growth. Through empathy, supportive listening, and a partnership of learning, I can help you to understand and overcome your emotional struggles, helping you to develop positive coping skills, achieve greater emotional stability, self-esteem and self-respect.


Storm clouds are brewing and Jorge is getting quite anxious, so I hurriedly gather up my bags while Jorge does the same and then we make the last half hour leg of the journey to the Chimane village. While Jorge inspects the plane, I manage to procure two magnificent Chimane bows made from dense black palm wood. At least a dozen arrows adorned with macaw and harpy eagle feathers are added to the collection. Jorge spots a hole in the clouds and so without further ado, we jump in the plane and take off over the river with a trail of Chimane children running alongside the runway's edge, all with their arms held out level pretending they too are flying off to a land far away that they only know through confusing stories.

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The room again filled with the murmur of conversations. Their tone ranged from excited and electric to concerned and sullen.


ABC tries to interview bus driver, Bill Chambers. Parents report their son has refused to leave his room since day of the earthquake.

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Brian Kilmer brought onto front steps of gym for press conference. Says nothing of value except that he is being given a lot of tests and is receiving excellent treatment. When he is asked what kind of tests are being administered, the two tallest suits with badges whisk Brian inside after only five minutes.

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As soon as the cat pounced, the guinea flew over his head and attacked him. We no longer have a stray cat problem either.


Join us on a candlelight walking tour in Strasburg, in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Stroll the streets of the town they call "Hell's Hole" and listen to the stories of haunted mansions, eerie cemeteries and lost souls.

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We raise meat rabbits and unfortunately, these stray dogs had figured out we had them. It got to a point where we were going outside every morning to either find a hutch destroyed or a rabbit missing.


I decide at that point that Jenny should no longer watch TV and shoo her off Ed’s lap. He says nothing, just keeps looking at the news, transfixed.

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He scooped her up in his arms, and they gave each other a big hug. He sat on the flat top of a boulder.


Short item on Jud Palmer’s collie found bitten on neck and mutilated. Newsworthy only because Palmer’s son, Ralphie, on bus.

We tried everything to catch them in the act but never had any luck. Then the dogs started getting more brazen and showing up in the middle of the day.


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I let Jenny watch TV again, hoping she’ll be glad that Brian and Ralphie are free. She says nothing, just sits and watches, no longer in Ed’s lap.

The information here is the most current we have on file. If the information you find on our website is inaccurate, please notify us, or your area or region so that the information for the meeting or group can be corrected.


Maggie was waiting for Ed and Jenny. Although the sunlight turned the porch screens almost opaque, Ed could make out another form standing next to her.

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I’m not quite sure if counting steps is the appropriate match for the type of stress that has you holding your breath in, red faced and tense during high stress days. Let’s not even get into the amount of hip stiffness and forward head posture build up the hours of sitting has on restricting your overall movement. And on top of that, the toll post- work snack “decompression binge” and post work couch potato habits take on your body. Does the excess fat that restricts your heart’s pathways for pumping oxygen to the rest of your body really go away with meeting your step goals everyday? Step out of your own way and embrace the bigger picture of health.


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Family, friends, strangers, people. Human power and kryptonite is the ability or inability to build a connection.

But in all actuality, guineas are super low maintenance. There are no nesting boxes to clean, no large coop to maintain.


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Our farm boasts corn mazes spanning from 7 to 11 acres of farm land. With several miles of twists and turns, our mazes are guaranteed to challenge you and your kids at every corner.

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For most of us, we are at work for the majority of our lives and most of the time we have an untapped potential for a great buddy-system and support system from people who share the same kind of days. But as long as we have our desk drawer snack friend to avoid the fear of changing the popular “work sucks” perspective, we are filled with complacency, work pressure and the illusion of being alone.


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I heard the guineas going nuts the first few days they were released on the property. I went outside to check out what was going on, and sure enough, there stood one of those stray dogs.

It is nothing for our guinea fowl to fly on top of our house. They sit on our fence posts with ease.


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Not really conscious of the tune he was quietly whistling, Bill trailed his gaze along each twist in the road, across each quirk in the grade—his instincts, experience, and reactions blending subconsciously. Only once did he let his attention wander, and then for little more than a second as a helicopter from the State Road Department rose up into view about two hundred yards ahead. The Sonora Weekly had had a front-page article trumpeting the beginning of a three-week filming run prior to the start of land surveying for the County Road Reconstruction Project. The mountain road being their toughest challenge, they were giving it a thorough going over, capturing gradients, road widths, and future tunnel sites, all in glorious, living color.

Our middle son came in one day with a giant tick on him. He had the ring around the bite so off to the doctor we went for antibiotics.


Paul, Barry and I walk up to the campsite for a quick inspection while Mark continues to fish at his standard relentless pace. No sooner are we out of the boats when Mark jumps another 20-pound dorado that throws his spoon in a spectacular head shaking leap. Mr. Zebco is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

When the fish is finally cooked, Trini offers me a choice rack of ribs and the rest of the gang heartily digs in. They dismember the pacú in short order and then break open the banana leaf to ration out the smaller fish. I savor my rack of fish ribs and then settle in under the shade tree for a little siesta, knowing full well that the Chimane will take a good long while to rest up before pushing on upriver. I fall into a deep slumber and awake to Mark's ravings. He is standing over his lounging guides repeating his not-so-extensive command of Spanish.


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I have in my fly box, several 'flower flies' which I tied for my previous Bolivia trips. I instruct Abel and Triny to quietly position the boat about 60 feet away and parallel to the feeding fish. Using my 8-weight, I tie on one of the bright spun deer hair flies with a short piece of 25-pound braided steel leader. Pacú can crush even the most stout saltwater hooks if they get it in their jaws right, so steel is absolutely essential. By the time I rig up, a gust of wind blows a wave of cascading flowers into the river and the pacú go nuts. They wallow about among the blossoms in an utter feeding frenzy with fish up to perhaps 35-pounds dimpling the surface as dainty as a finicky trout. I make a few false casts and let fly with my fake flower. Most of the pacú are piled up against a rocky shoreline with a fairly swift current. The fly goes about 10 feet before it drifts among the feeding pacú. Several large fish come up to inspect the fraud, but refuse it because it is smaller and off color.

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From Bolivia, I continue south along the Andean Cordillera to the northern edge of Argentina. My flight is a brutal endurance test that flies directly over the intended destination then further south some 1500 miles to Buenos Aires before heading back north to Salta, Argentina. The journey takes all day and late into the evening before I finally touch down in Salta.


Ed craned his neck to follow them as the limousine pulled away. The three returned his gaze until he could no longer see them.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Ed walked out the door and across the street. As he pulled out of the supermarket lot and waited for the traffic light, he caught a glimpse of Maggie looking out at him from behind the sheriff’s plate-glass window. For an instant he fully expected her to come running out, waving her arms at him to stop. Instead, she just stood there, a strange, almost pleading look in her eyes.


Sonora proper was a town of just over seven thousand. The Lutheran church sat at the end of Main Street. As they were stopped two blocks from the church at a traffic light, one of seven in Sonora, Ed’s gaze wandered out the window to a group of three people putting up a large multicolored circus poster on the side of John Foster’s General Store. The oldest of the three, a man with a full white beard and wearing a ringmaster’s uniform without the top hat, glanced toward the limousine, catching Ed’s attention.

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He looked at Brian and at the other children seated around him. The light from the fire revealed their every expression. The look in their eyes, even Jenny’s, was one of feeling lost, but as Brian said, not alone. Not feeling alone, however, was not enough. They must be stronger than they’d ever been if they were to survive all that the press and TV would throw at them. What kind of monsters would they be made out to be when the world found there were ten children who could move buses? How long would the kids survive? How long before they were all locked up?


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My goal is to help you uncover your true potential that leads to a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the challenges in your life. By applying evidenced-based therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavioral patterns, thought processes and negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. If you're looking for support and guidance through a challenging situations or ready to move in a new direction, I can help.

A movie screen had been set up in the church just beyond the first pew. Ed took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He had no doubt as to the feature presentation. In the center aisle, about thirty feet back from the screen, was a projector loaded with what looked like a reel of sixteen-millimeter film. He guessed that some people just didn’t believe in video cameras. Ed counted roughly 150 people in the church. As best he could tell, every child who’d been on the bus was present. About a third of the parents appeared curious, the rest anxious, very nervous, and avoiding eye contact with anyone but their own family. Ed guessed the second group knew something he didn’t. He, Jennifer, and Maggie were sitting one, two, three just to the left of the projector.


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Wagner Farm Arboretum’s fundraiser event with over 1000 intricately carved and lighted pumpkins. The pumpkins line the dark paths in the Arboretum gardens.

After the leader strip, the first shot picked up the bus just as it was approaching the first vertical lip of rock beginning the three-hundred-foot inward arc directly below Juniper Ridge that was known as Ryan’s Chute. It was a “long shot” showing the bus the size of a postage stamp on the screen.


The following morning, Julio and Daniel arrive at daylight. We drive through thick fog and a light drizzle into the lush Andean foothills. The road quickly goes from bad to worse, to nearly impassable. Whole sections are completely washed out and several bridges are patched together with a lewd assortment of planks and logs. The little Toyota struggles and lurches, often teetering on two wheels or struggling through mud bogs nearly axle deep. The treacherous journey lasts nearly an hour until we come to the end of the road where an ancient broken down Land Rover stands testament to the torturous perils of the journey's end.

Choose one topic to view or watch a bunch to use them as the basis of a parent education and support group. Each video comes with discussion questions that will generate lively conversations.


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Triny retrieves his arrow and the quivering sabalo, and retreats to the river's edge. He cuts down several wild banana leaves, wraps the fish up in them and then we are again on our way as if nothing ever happened. We pole along through several more rapids and come to a series of deep pools.

Off site parking lot with shuttle bus available Fridays and Saturdays in October at 199 Scoles Ave (Todays Learning Center) in The Clifton, NJ 07012. Park there and ride the shuttle bus 4 minutes to Brighton Asylum. Service to and from the Asylum are provided free of charge. This service is available 1 hour before we open until 1 hour after we close.


They came to a clearing just after eight. A group of people huddled around a small campfire. Ed counted the ten schoolbus children plus a dozen adults, all strangers to Ed. Were they part of that circus John brought to town?

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There’s more talk of ‘capturing’ Brian and Ralphie than of finding them. A few want Brian and Ralphie put in prison. Most want all the children on the bus checked for mind power. There’s even a small group who want to force the children and their families to leave Sonora.


A water bottle blinking tracker? Have you ever seen a plant that didn’t get enough water? Think about those leaves as your organs, fascial tissues, and brain. Try feeding that plant a Diet Coke, or try reacting with food to a misread thirst signal of hunger, because when you’ve deprived your body of hydration, our brain can’t think enough to ask you for a proper glass of water instead of a unfulfilling snack. If you don’t care enough about your needs and you wait till the URGENT light blinks, you’re not aware enough to care and you’re leaving your self-care up to chance.

Unless you clip their wings extremely short, they are going to get out of the coop. That is actually a good thing if you have them for any reason beyond meat and eggs.


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Mark's dorado is an incredible spectacularly-colored specimen with an immense head, thick shoulders and an extremely muscular body and tail. We shoot up several rolls of film and fight back the Chimane in order to let the exhausted fish return to the river unharmed. We fish for perhaps another 45-minutes. I manage to roll a good fish on my fly rod, but can't keep the dorado hooked. It seems as though the dorado in this river are most active during the brightest daylight hours, which is contrary to all the other dorado rivers I've fished in the past.

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Therapy as a collaborative process in which we work together to understand the problems that have brought you in, and work towards mutually established goals. Psychotherapy involves verbalizing your thoughts and feelings, exploring relational and behavioral patterns, and learning how past experiences may impact you now. Through this process we strive to gain greater awareness of how both conscious and unconscious processes play out in your emotional and relational life. Ultimately, therapy can help individuals come to better understand themselves and enjoy greater choice in their lives.


Jenny spends almost the whole afternoon in Ed’s lap. He strokes her hair every two or three minutes, it seems. Each time he whispers something to Jenny, his lips barely moving so I can’t make out one word.

The reporter is lifted six feet into the air, then slammed down onto the sidewalk. He falls almost to his knees as he is again lifted the same six feet and again slammed back to the pavement. This time the reporter’s knees make first contact. Two sharp cracking sounds are heard as the knees shatter. The camera watches the reporter moan for a few moments before falling, unconscious.


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Two full heartbeats passed after Jenny’s answer before Ed fully absorbed the words he had heard. Throughout those two heartbeats, he had been trying to tighten his suddenly slack jaw.

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Using a collaborative, systemic approach, I bring compassion, experience and insight to each session. I strive to create a safe place for clients to address issues using research based strategies. I treat clients with dignity and respect. I emphasize a positive nuts and bolts appproach in helping people set goals and achieve them as rapidly as possible.


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We're committed to making it possible. These are the insights to get you there.

He gave a quick shove at the boulder and stood. He picked up Jenny and gave her a one-armed hug. Little Ralphie moved to his side and held his other hand. Ed looked down at him and suddenly grinned. The boy would make a fine doctor someday, if the AMA could ever figure him out.


One show recounts mini-history on telekinesis and related powers: clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, healing. More animated vignettes, this time of Nostradamus, Salem witches, wizards on flying carpets. Actual footage of the Israeli (didn’t quite catch his name) who claims he can bend spoons.

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Bill’s foot was already to the floor. They were in Ryan’s Chute, a vertical bowl of granite with the lip—and escape—not more than a hundred feet away. What seemed like a thousand screams filled the air, none more shrill than the cry in his own mind.


Emotional Safety. at Work

My goal with clients: to use advanced training as a psychotherapist and relationship specialist to assist you in improving relationships with your intimate partner, children, parents, siblings, friends and co-workers. Through the therapy process you will learn how to use specific tools to heal and revitalize your relationships. By understanding the origins of sadness, anger and pain, healthy and respectful relating becomes possible. Insight and awareness combined with the practice of new skills will lead to safe and satisfying connections.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of experience working with adolescents and adults. I specialize in treating those with eating disorders. I began my career working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. I worked in an inpatient and partial hospitalization program before starting my private practice.


A quick reverse zoom reduced the bus to near its original size. The helicopter lagged behind to picture the bus reaching the halfway point in the chute. The screen seemed to lurch into the next scene: a bobbing view of the pilot’s back and the instrument panel, followed by a quick sweep back to the bus. The view now was from slightly below but still in front of the bus.

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Our Twisted Carnival is the creepy setting for the Scariest Place on Earth, THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE! Enter the Slaughterhouse and see if you survive the dark, arena of terror. Experience your worst nightmares at every twisted turn!


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Guinea fowl have really delicate legs. If you grab them by their leg, they’ll whip around on you and actually break it.

Everyone’s got it for now, but what are we going to do with the time that we have. What can we make of that time we are given.


The Parade starts at 7:00pm, Main Street closes to traffic at 6:00pm. The 1 mile long parade starts at the float staging ground located at St. Mary's of the Lakes School and continues East onto Fire House Lane then turns right onto Main Street and continues south to Maurice and Everett Haines School.

Traditionally, Flashlight Maze hours run from 6:30PM to 10:00PM with the last entrance into the Maze at 9:00PM. Admission is $12/00 (3 and up) Bonfire and wagon ride included in admission.


Limited onsite parking is available. If you cannot find us, it is because you are at the FRONT of 2 Brighton Ave, and need to drive around to the back of the building.

At noon they reached Ed’s house. John gave him a good-luck handshake and went ahead with his people. Ed called Maggie at the sheriff’s office and, swearing her to secrecy, gave her a list of things to pick up at Foster’s General Store. Waving the children outside, he squeezed them all into the station wagon and took off for town.


One show mentions that Ralphie is extremely shy, nervous of others, easily frightened, and under a doctor’s care. None mention that Ralphie himself wants to be a doctor.

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The main problem was that my financial resources were limited and I couldn’t keep traveling if I hoped to keep a job to pay our keep. Then, almost in unison, we hit upon the idea of a circus. Hell, with our powers we could do the best magic tricks, the best tumbling, the best high-wire walking in the world. It was also the best way to hide and a perfect excuse to travel and not stay in any one place. Most important, it was a supportive environment. In almost all cases, we’ve also brought in a gifted one’s family.


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Ducks are great at eating bugs, like chicken. However, their feet are so big that if the plants are not large enough, they’ll squoosh them in the process of eating the bugs off of them.

This is your chance to feel like you’re at summer camp again—but a luxurious one! Skytop Lodge sits perched on 5,500 acres overlooking Mountain Lake in the Poconos. Every day there’s a different schedule of activities to choose from, which takes the stress out of planning a fun getaway. There are history tours, butterfly garden visits, fitness classes, guided hikes, bike rides, archery, golf, spa treatments, and more. Plus, depending on the time of year you plan to visit, there are different packages to enhance your stay.


I know the truth about my relationship to all others, that we share the same human value and vulnerability. We share the capacity to love and the capacity to suffer.

I lounge about under a big overhanging shade tree and wait for the boys to return. After about fifteen minutes, Abel appears with a colorful assortment of 12-15-inch baitfish they have shot in a landlocked pool. He quickly cleans his booty and wraps the whole lot in a big banana leaf, which he then places in the coals to steam the fish. The rest of the hunting party returns without any other arrowed critters and they huddle about the pacú poking and prodding at the fire to hurry along the whole cooking process.


A Florida vacation doesn’t have to revolve around Mickey Mouse—couples can escape to Naples and feel like they’re on a Caribbean island. At LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort, “Beach Butlers” will bring your margarita or lunch right to your umbrella. When you’re not on the beach, take advantage of a poolside cabana, fitness center, or LaPlaya Golf Club. With the Honeymoon in Paradise package ($1,100 per night, including accommodations), you’ll receive sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries when you arrive. Take in the view from your beachfront room and relish in a couples massage at SpaTerre. Then, enjoy breakfast in bed every morning.

LinkedIn connects you with the people with whom you do business and helps expand your own network giving you access to the networks of your 1st-degree connections. Here are several ways to turn your LinkedIn presence into a lead generator, all the more important when “business as usual” is no longer the norm.


Publix is one of the supermarkets that will be open for the 4th of July - Michael Seale/Patch

Jenny asks Ed what happened to Salem witches, why they show a drawing of them being burned. Ed tries to answer but fails, changes the subject.

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Cut butternut squash into small cubes(or buy it pre- cut) toss 1 Tb of olive on the cubed squash. Then spread onto a baking sheet season with salt and pepper and place in oven for 20 minutes.


Ed gave his head a good shake, as if trying to whip seawater from his thick white hair. Satisfied the kite would not return, he decided it was just a symptom of getting old. He opened the closet door, pitched his towel into the hamper, and continued to the kitchen.

The intensity of the image caught Ed Pryor in mid stride. Emerging from the bathroom, he touched the opposite wall for balance.


Taking the steps to find a therapist can be overwhelming, but making the decision to take those steps is the hardest part. Recognizing that there is a need for support is a sign of strength & courage. I believe that building a therapeutic relationship & providing a safe environment are the two most important elements in therapy. My goal is to establish those elements in efforts to guide & empower clients towards personal growth & achievement. My work with clients is supportive, nonjudgmental, collaborative, builds upon client strengths & aims to foster a change process. I utilize cognitive behavioral, strengths, solution focused & mindfulness approaches.

By six, his hand, since wrapped in a handkerchief, was the least of his worries. He was feeling a definite tightness in his chest.


As soon as Ed stepped outside, Jennifer jumped up from where she was playing and dashed to his side. She grabbed his nearest hand and started pulling him toward the shed.

Some tried to deny we had changed, but failed. Their feelings were so sharp, so painful, so confused. I could feel everything, even from blocks away.


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A dozen or so Chimane are standing around the camp looking on in complete wonder at the spectacle of crazy gringos. They have never seen such things as showers, toilets, gas ovens or the multitude of other gizmos that we all take for granted in our modern lives. The Chimane pay special attention to the toilets. They howl with laughter when James and Jorge finally make them understand the actual purpose of the wondrous white porcelain bowl. The Chimane cannot grasp the concept of saving bodily wastes in a container. Why not just excuse yourself and find the nearest tree?

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Our first go-round with guineas we raised day old keets. We raised them all the way up until they were ready to start free-ranging, and we messed up big time.


The boy wraps his arms about himself and pulls his head down upon his shoulders as if trying to become invisible. He shies back from the microphone.

The kites came again at two-fifteen. Ed was pouring himself a coffee when a blue kite with a yellow lightning bolt swept his small part of the sheriff’s office into another dimension. The kite climbed in a tight spiral, then dived. The view backed away, and he was facing a cliff framed by four gnarled trees. It came to him at that instant: the kids were on Juniper Ridge.


Family relationships often affect psychological well-being and, regardless of the origin of an issue, or whether it may be the "individual" or "family" who is presenting it, involving the family in the solution can be of great benefit. Families participate directly in sessions during which the family therapist helps conversations in a way that draws upon and builds the strengths, wisdom and support of the wider family unit.

Noon found the search in full swing. Three hundred men and women plus two helicopters requested from the state police were combing out in all directions from the center of town. Ed stood near and watched the young officer busy at the whiteboard writing team names with headcounts and to which search location they were assigned. Another two hundred people, outfitted in their own climbing paraphernalia, were just then embarking for the mountain road where the Road Department chopper was already scanning grid after preordained grid. They all hoped the children were not up in the mountains. Rock slides were the first concern, with freezing nighttime temperatures the second. The parents were asked to help out: run messages, double-check maps, mark progress, and keep the coffee urn full. Ed stayed next to the whiteboard.


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I move my body, and I open my mind. I fail, I seek to be better, I cry, I hate myself, I love myself, I lost, I gained, I fall again and I get up to learn what I have to do to stand taller and walk stronger.

Below it was the tearful countenance of a third-grade boy watching his only friend turn his back. Ed felt a single tear run down his cheek. He knew it was only a dying man’s vision, but he could no longer desert the boy in the locked room. With all his remaining energy, he forced his younger self to turn back, then to reach out. The boy in the room smiled and stepped to his prodigal friend’s side.


If you're still finding it difficult to find a psychiatrist in Hillsborough, call or contact the professionals here and ask for a psychiatric referral. You can also call the psychiatric nurses in Hillsborough as they tend to be affiliated to a network of psychiatrists in their area ( Hillsborough). Or just chat to them to see if they can help.

Make sure to have duplicates or a hidden key so you can save money and not need to use a local locksmith

You want Trust based collaboration and innovation? Create an emotionally safe work environment that taps into the best that People have to offer, individually and collectively. It is the first step in the journey to high levels of human engagement and collaboration.


These are more accurate than a traditional key but aren’t available at all locations

Emotional safety, also known as psychological safety, is a precondition for highly productive relationships. In fact, it is the initial building block.

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He knew we should have continued falling. He knew the second blast of rocks should have buried us. He knew we all should have died. When everything was over and quiet, his mind fell numb, unable to resume control. I told Sharon and Lenny to ‘help’ Bill get the bus moving again. Every time they withdrew, he went limp. They had to prod his mind every inch of the way until we got down. He finally took over just a block from the school, where he immediately stopped the bus, opened the door, and ran to his home. His mind saw only demons, not children.


She says it was her fault Brian taken, that the men looked angry, and that they should take her instead. Ed and I stay with her through the night.

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MAZES also open at this time in August! Hayrides and Pumpkin-Picking begins the first weekend after Labor Day.


To open the possibility of connection, the other individual must also feel sincere respect and appreciation for them as an individual. If not, the possibility of connection is closed off, as they will sense rejection and insincerity instead. Caring leaders find out what is best about others and do not prejudge them by letting biases give off a negative vibe. In the end you evaluate work but you do not judge the person. So Acceptance is a precursor to warmth before a connection can occur.