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Access points provide access to wireless internet facilities. Usually access points are a more dedicated system than a simple router set-up, with access points used to extend wireless coverage across a large area from a wireless router or to provide wifi facilities from a wired router. In this sense, access points are used to amplify and extend a wireless signal, rather than create a new network.


Flash memory is a memory technology that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed, making it perfect for quick data storage and transfer. Rather than bytes being written or read, flash memory groups these together into larger blocks of data, making the process much quicker. Flash memory is most often used for portable storage USB drives and memory cards, as well as in digital cameras, mobile phones and other small, portable devices.

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A website is a collection of related web pages that all have the same domain name. Websites are written in scripting languages that are translated into graphical interfaces by a web browser. Websites can consist of a variety of media, including text, images, video and interactive content, and usually consist of a home page with at least one other linked web page.

DRM stands for 'Digital Rights Management', and is a series of access control technologies used to limit the use of electronic media after sale. An example of this would be Apple's iTunes store, which limits the number of computers that songs can be played on. Each audio file downloaded from iTunes contains information about the file's owner and how many times it has been transferred; any attempt to play these files on an unauthorised computer results in an audio file that won't play. DRM is a controversial subject, with proponents arguing that it helps to prevent piracy, but opponents argue that it goes beyond current copyright laws and is unnecessarily restrictive.


McChord Field, McChord Air Force Base, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord: Part

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Much like the Greek legend, a trojan is a type of malware that masquerades as a genuine, legitimate program but steals information or causes large amounts of damage once installed. Trojans give hackers remote access to an infected system, allowing them to control it without having to be physically at the machine's location. Most trojan infections are due to downloading from a non-reputable or verified source, when the trojan either masquerades as the intended file or is installed alongside it. Keeping antivirus installed and up-to-date is important to prevent this kind of infection, particularly for users that are regularly downloading.


Uploading means sending data to the internet or a network. An example of this would be transferring a photo from a user's hard drive to a social networking site, thereby uploading the photo. Uploading tends to happen much less frequently than downloading, and most internet connections have a slower upload speed than download speed.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method of transferring files between computers over a network (LAN or Internet). It is commonly used to upload, change and delete files on a web host in order to edit a web site. FTP requires two software components to work; a FTP server needs to be installed on computer that has access to the files and folders that need to be accessed and a FTP client needs to be installed on any computer that wishes to access those files. Windows computers can access FTP servers using the normal folder browser (Windows Explorer) by entering the FTP server address. Some web browsers can also act as a FTP client, however, they tend to lack the more adnvanced features that come with stand-a-lone FTP client, like FileZilla, that allow connection details to be saved, larger file transfers and synchronisation. FTPS and SFTP provide a similar service to FTP, but using encryption and secure connections.


Flash drives are small portable storage devices that utilise flash memory technology. Usually no more than a few centimetres long and a centimetre wide, flash drives can be bought in various storage capacities and can be constantly written to and erased. Flash drives are also known as USB sticks due to their USB connection that allows them to be plugged into PCs, laptops and other devices in order to read, modify and delete their contents.

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Streaming data, such as music or video, refers to the method of receiving the data. Streaming data is different to simply downloading data as the content can be played without being downloaded in full. However, the service can be interrupted if the stream is being played quicker than it is being downloaded, resulting in the user having to wait while the data stream catches up (often called buffering). With increases in internet speeds buffering has become less of a problem and streaming has become more popular. Internet radio, iPlayer, Netflix and Spotify are all examples of popular ways to use streaming services.

A terabyte is the equivalent of 1 trillion bytes, or 1,000 gigabytes, and is used to measure memory capacity. It is bigger than a gigabyte, but smaller than a petabyte. Currently hard drives are usually measured in gigabytes (or 'gigs'), but larger capacity machines are already being measured in terabytes. The terabyte is not be confused with a terabit, which is used to measure network speeds and is 8 times smaller.


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For every 100 females there are 168/3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 212/5 males. All these statistics are typical for military bases.


Freeware is software that is available to download and use for free. Freeware is usually supported through advertising or by promoting a 'premium' product or service - for example, a free antivirus may promote a 'premium' paid version that offers more extensive services such as additional spyware removal. Popular freeware includes Skype and Adobe Reader.

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The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer, and is used as a connector and controller for the key hardware of the system such as the CPU and the RAM. The motherboard acts as the 'go-between', making your hardware components work together. How upgradable a system is often depends on the motherboard - how much space it has to fit extra components as well as how old it is, as newer components can sometimes not be compatible with older motherboards.

Today, the successor organization to the 25th AD, the Western Air Defense Sector (WADS), is a major tenant organization at McChord, being one of two air defense sectors responsible for the security and integrity of continental United States air space. WADS is staffed by members of the Washington Air National Guard (WANG) and the Canadian Forces Air Command (AIRCOM). Operationally, WADS reports to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.


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GNU is a free, Unix-like operating system that is available in several distributions, including gNewSense, Trisquel and Venenux. Many distributions have adapted parts of the Linux operating system and used them with GNU coding to create a new operating system that is entirely free. The GNU General Public Licence, under which all GNU software is licensed, states that the software may be freely used and distributed, and that the same rights must be passed on to other users - meaning that no software based on or created with GNU technology can be sold for profit. This licence is now used by many other freeware programs too.

Hertz are used to measure the performance of a CPU, effectively measuring the speed at which actions can be performed. As CPUs work to a clock system, the faster the clock signal is, the more actions it can perform - and the speed of the clock is measured in hertz.


File extensions are traditionally three letters long, although some can be longer or shorter, and sometimes operating systems are set to automatically hide the file extension from the name when viewing file icons and names. Every file does, however, have a file extension, regardless of whether or not your system is set to view it.

Android is Google's operating system for mobile devices, which has been adopted by many smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy, the HTC 1 and the Sony Xperia. Android is an open-source product, meaning that it can be adopted and altered by any third-party for free and without restrictions. Android is now the world's leading smartphone platform, having 59% of the market share during the first quarter of 2021. Much like Apple, Android offers the ability to download apps for your mobile device through the Google Play store, with both free and paid-for apps available for download.


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Web 2/0 is term for the evolution of website technology into a 'second generation' or 'second version' of the internet. Coined in the early 2000s, it refers to the evolution of the web from a collection of passive information to an internet that provides user interaction, connectivity and community. This has been created through a movement towards blogs and social networking, higher interactivity, the rise of web-based applications (such as games and calendars), cloud computing and user generated content (such as Wikipedia). Web 2/0 does not refer to any specific update or technological upgrade, but to the gradual evolution in the way that the internet has developed and is used.


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Cloud computing refers to various online services, particularly the ability to store, edit and retrieve your files online by using online data storage. The 'cloud' refers to the internet, representing the network of online services, and anyone with an internet connection can join the cloud and share their data. An example of cloud computing would be the Xbox 360's capacity to store all game saves on online servers, meaning that they can be accessed from any online Xbox in the world.


Here you can check if a Minecraft username is taken. If the username is taken, you can look up its UUID here as well. Minecraft usernames are case-insensitive.

The desktop is the main screen that users see when their computers have loaded the operating system and the computer is not running any other software. The desktop is analogous to an office desktop, with objects such as icons or files being able to be placed on it, and files or documents being opened to be viewed in a 'work area' style window, much like working at a desk. This desktop environment has been embraced by all operating systems, and is the central part of the user interface. Most users choose to personalise their desktop by adding and arranging frequently used files and icons and customising the desktop background with patterns or a large image.


A byte is a unit of measurement of file size and memory, and is comprised of 8 bits. The mispelling of 'bite' is deliberate to avoid byte being accidentally shortened or abbreviated to bit. Whilst bits measure data transfer speed, bytes are used for measuring memory, file size and hard disk space.

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NEW: The Unicode-Compatibility was overall improved. Text with Unicode characters from languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Russian will be displayed properly.


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Free software that is financially supported through advertisement is described as adware. Most commonly these are toolbars or games that display adverts whilst they run, which cannot be bypassed without shutting the programme down altogether. These are rising in popularity with the advent of the smartphone, as most free apps are adware programmes that can be upgraded to get rid of the adverts with a small fee. Microsoft Office has also recently joined the adware brigade by offering a reduced-feature version that is entirely free, but displays small adverts in a sidebar whilst you work.

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On June 1, 2006, the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division cased its colors and became the 2d Cavalry Regiment - Stryker Brigade Combat Team with its home station in Germany. A brand-new unit ready to make history then uncased the colors of its new designation on June 1, 2006 - the 4th Brigade, 2d Infantry Division.

The command prompt is a text-based interface that can be used to list, move, delete, and copy files, run programs, or perform other operations such as a timed shutdown. In Windows, this is a DOS shell, and in Unix (operating systems such as Mac or Ubuntu) this is the Unix terminal. Command prompts need accurate and specific commands in order to function, however, so it is not recommended that novice users access the command prompt without some prior knowledge or instructions or it can be a very frustrating experience. It is rare that the command prompt will ever need to be accessed, although occasionally it pops up for a short amount of time whilst installing software.


Malware, or malicious software, is a generic name for programs that are designed to do damage, steal personal details or otherwise perform hostile or unwanted actions on a user's system. This includes viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware and other malicious programs. It is recommended that users install up-to-date antivirus and firewall software from a reputable source on their systems in order to minimise the threat from malware.

Add-ons are extensions that can be added to programmes to provide extra features. The most common add-ons are found in internet browsers, with extensions such as toolbars, personalised themes, professional tools or ad-blockers. These can usually be downloaded via the browser's website or the site of the add-on's developer. Plug-ins can also be referred to as add-ons.


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The Cut function performs two actions at the same time: it copies the highlighted or selected data and deletes it at the same time. The data can then be pasted elsewhere.

When two or more computers are connected together, they form a network. A network is simply a collection of computers and other devices that communicate with each other. These connections can be wired, wireless or a combination of both. The purpose of a network is to share resource. This includes sharing files, printers and an internet connection. Almost all business and the vast majority of homes have a network.


The main purpose of a surge protector is to protect electrical equipment from unexpected high voltages from the mains power supply. Surge protectors vary in the level of protection, response time and cost. Some surge protectors also provide connections for phone lines to protect for surges along the phone line that may connect to your computer for telecommunications. UPS (uninterruptable power supply) devices usually also include surge protection.

To delete something is to remove or erase it. You can delete an item within a document or file using the Delete or Backspace keys, or you can delete whole files or folders entirely. You can, for example, delete text within a document by pressing the delete or backspace key when the cursor is next to the item you wish to remove. Pressing the Delete key removes the characters to the right of the cursor, and pressing Backspace removes items to the left of the cursor. Alternatively you can highlight the items you wish to delete and press either key to remove more than one character at a time. To delete a file or folder you can drag it to the Recycle Bin or Trash, or select/highlight it and press Delete or Backspace. Either of these actions will result in the file or folder being put into the Recycle Bin or Trash. To delete the file or folder permanently, you will need to empty the Recycle Bin or Trash, which can be done by right-clicking on the Recycle Bin and selecting 'Empty' (in Windows) or by choosing 'Empty Trash' in the Finder menu of the Trash (for Mac users).


A cross-browser site is simply a website that is compatible with multiple web browsers. Different browsers tend to each display websites in a slightly different manner, so for a website to be cross-browser compatible then the web designer will usually have to write code for each browser to make sure that the website displays correctly. This is particularly an issue for old versions of browsers that have not been updated.

Safe mode is a boot option in most major operating systems (sometimes called safe boot) that disables all non-essential hardware and software components. A computer may boot up in safe mode automatically if it has been failing to boot normally or safe mode can accessed manually by pressing specific keys when turning on (F8 for Windows and Shift for Mac). Safe mode is primarily used as a way to diagnose problems with the computer and is not designed for general use as functionality is very limited. Software programs can also have a safe mode, for example Mozilla Firefox's safe mode allows the user to remove extensions that may be preventing the browser from opening normally.


Bandicam Torrent can be a lightweight recording tool designed to capture the activity of your screen in a video file. It offers a mode specifically designed to serve users who record their game sessions. Although the program is easy and makes you believe that it can be a tool with restricted options, this is not the case, no doubt. Bandicam combines simplicity and useful functions to provide the simplest result once it involves recording operations.

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An email address is a unique identifier and account that email can be sent to, much like a postal address or a phone number, and takes the form of [email protected] Many people choose to have their email accounts with a free provider, meaning that they can only personalise the first part of their address, with the last part being the standardised domain name of the provider. Popular free providers include Hotmail (soon to be Outlook), Gmail and Yahoo, with many ISPs also handing out free email accounts. Business emails tend to shun these, however, preferring to use a personalised domain for a more professional look to their email addresses. These usually have the firm's domain name, with the first part of the address being a standardised format for every employee.


Pronounced 'gooey', a GUI is a type of interface that allows users to interact with their PC or device using images rather than text commands. Most operating systems now have graphical user interfaces, but older systems (such as DOS) may still use a text-based interface.

Broadband is the high-speed internet connection that superseded the old dial-up connections that required the complete use of a phone line to connect to the internet. Whereas dial-up internet had a maximum speed of 56 kbit/s, broadband speeds start at 256kbit/s and usually are much, much faster. Unlike dial-up, which uses the entire phone line for an internet connection, broadband technology allows an internet connection and a phone call to take place simultaneously on the same line, which is far more convenient. The most common broadband connections are through cable modems and through DSL modems - but be aware if you're shopping for a new modem or router that you must check that the router or modem you're buying is compatible with your type of connection.


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Windows is the operating system produced by Microsoft that is available for computers, laptops, servers, smartphones and mobile devices. Originally launched in 1985, the newest version of Windows is Windows 8, which is available across PCs, smartphones and mobile devices, as well as Windows Server 2008 for business servers. Previous notable versions include Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Versions usually come in several different bundles designed for different users: Home (catering to the average home user), Enterprise (catering to the business sector) and Pro or Ultimate (a mixture of both business and home bundles). Windows is the world's most popular operating system, with over 90% of PCs running a version of Windows as their operating system.

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Formatting a disk is the process of preparing a hard drive or portable storage for storing data by putting it into the correct format for your computer or device's operating system. When this occurs, any data already stored is wiped. All disks must be formatted before they can be used by a computer or device, but many come pre-formatted and ready for use. Common formats are FAT and NTFS, with the FAT format used for older versions of Windows and portable storage drives and NTFS used for newer versions of Windows.


Domain names are unique and must be registered in order to be used. Sometimes domain names are used simply for personalised email addresses and not for hosting web sites, but usually the two occur together.

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A bug in computer terms is any problem or error that occurs, whether caused by software or hardware. The term bug dates back to before the digital era, with Edison referring to bugs in electrical circuitry in the 1870s. However, it is thought that the use of the term 'bug' in computers refers to first generation computers, which used vacuum tubes. These tubes attracted insects, which would fry in place due to the high voltage used in the machine. The insects would then form a new circuit, sending signals on a new route, which created an error in the system caused by a literal bug.


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A Web Host (or Web Server) most commonly refers to a location where websites are held, but can also be used to host online games, data storage or software applications. A Web Host allows access to its content over the internet and is accessed by its IP address or a domain name. Web Hosts are usually rented and accessed via a web browser or by FTP.


Syncing a device means to synchronise it with another device or computer, and is most common with MP3 players, iPods, smartphones and mobile devices. This usually copies, updates and merges data on both the device being synced and the computer or device that it is syncing with. This is most common on portable music players, where music is stored in a software program on a computer. When the device is synced, any music already on the device is copied into the program on the PC, and any music in the program that isn't already on the device is copied over. At the end, both the device and the program contain the same music files. Syncing can also happen between computers on a network to make sure that both PCs contain the same information.

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Troubleshooting is the process of systematically identifying and fixing issues when a error or failure of a computer system occurs. Usually the process is a logical process of elimination, starting with the most common causes of the problem and gradually checking for more specific issues based on the symptoms displayed. For example, if a computer won't turn on, technicians usually begin checking if the machine is plugged in before moving on to more specific hardware issues that could cause the problem.


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It may sound rude, but a dongle is a very innocuous piece of computing equipment. In general terms, 'dongle' refers to a USB stick, although technically a dongle refers to two different specific types of USB stick. The first is a USB stick that contains a software key that corresponds to a specific program. When the program loads, it checks that the software key is present in order to continue to run. If the dongle is not present, the program will shut. This is usually used for high-end technical business software where license keys are needed per user. The second use for 'dongle' is a wireless dongle, which allows laptops and PCs that do not have a wireless card to connect to the internet wirelessly. These are starting to become less used as most PCs and laptops are now sold with wireless adapters already within installed.


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In 1975, TAC divested itself of its C-130 Hercules tactical airlift fleet, transferring all tactical airlift wings, groups and squadrons to MAC. For the 62 AW, this resulted in a significant increase in the wing's total mission capabilities beyond strictly strategic airlift with the arrival of the 36th Tactical Airlift Squadron (36 TAS) and their C-130E aircraft and personnel from Langley AFB, VA.

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On 1 August 1946, McChord was assigned to the new Air Defense Command, with a mission of air defense of the United States. During the Cold War, numerous fighter-interceptor squadrons were stationed at the base, as well as Radar and Command and Control organizations, the 25th Air Division being headquartered at McChord from 1951 until 1990.


An Internet Service Provider is the company that users sign up to in order to access the internet. ISPs usually provide not only the phone line or cable connection to the internet, but also the means to access the internet - usually a modem and router.

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Booting up is the process that computers and mobile devices go through when they're turned on. Once powered, the computer runs through the 'boot process', which checks over the hardware of the system and loads the operating system. Once the operating system has fully loaded, the boot process is complete and the computer or device can be used. The term boot comes from 'bootstrap', derived from the phrase 'to pull oneself up by one's bootstraps' - to get up and running.

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Emoticons, also called smileys, are facial expressions made up of keyboard characters that are usually used to convey moods and add subtext in sentences. Emoticons usually should be viewed sideways from left to right, although there are exceptions. Common emoticons are -) or :) for a smiling face -( or :( for a frowning or sad face and -P or :p for a silly face with its tongue sticking out. Emoticons are mostly used in text messages, emails, instant messages, online games and message boards.


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Also used by Air Technical Service Command as an aircraft maintenance and supply depot; primarily to service aircraft being sent to Alaska. The Army Air Force closed its facilities in 1947.


A codec, or coder-decoder, is a programme used to encode or decode audio and video files. By doing this, a codec can compress the file to make the file size smaller. Common codecs are MPEGs and AVIs for video and WAVs and AIFFs for audio. If you're having issues playing back an audio or video file, it may be that it has been coded with a codec that you don't have installed on your machine - downloading the appropriate codec from a reputable source should sort out most audio/video playback issues.

A bit, or a Binary Digit, is the smallest unit of computer data and represents a 1 or 0 in the binary code system. A bit shouldn't be confused with a byte - it takes eight bits to make a byte. Bits are usually used to measure network connections and bandwidth - a 2MB connection is not a 2 megabyte connection, but a 2 megabit connection.


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A worm is a type of malware that replicates itself to spread to other computers via a network. Unlike viruses, however, worms tend to attack the network rather than the computer itself, increasing network traffic and overloading the network entirely. Sometimes worms are used by other types of malware to help spread and infect systems, almost as a type of transport. The most common symptom of worm infection is a slow, unresponsive PC, and efforts should be made to keep antivirus cover up-to-date in order to prevent worm infection.

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A heat sink is used to cool a hardware component (usually the CPU and/or the GPU) by dissipating heat away from the component and into the surrounding air, which is cooled by a fan. Heat sinks are necessary to protect computers from overheating, which slows performance and could potentially damage the system.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord I Corps history

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Dial-up is a form of internet access that relies on telephone lines and modems to connect to the internet. Unlike broadband, dial-up is a slow and limited connection that ties up the whole phone line, meaning that users must connect and disconnect to the internet every time they use it, otherwise the phone line will be permanently engaged and unable to be used for phone calls. Dial-up tends to incur fees based on time connected, so connecting for any length of time can be a costly affair. Dial-up is rarely used now, except by rural or remote areas where the telephone lines are not of a quality to be able to carry broadband signals.

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Operating systems are found on virtually every device that contains a computer - PCs, servers, smartphones and games consoles to name a few. The operating system manages the computer's hardware and all programs use the hardware by communicating with the operating system. The operating system is a vital part of the computers software. Examples of operating systems include Android, BSD, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and IBM z/OS.


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The term 'wireless' refers to several technologies that allow PCs and other devices to either transfer data and access the internet without cables or to use external hardware (such as keyboards or headphones) without needing to be plugged into the device. The first main technology is Wi-Fi, which gives computers and mobile devices access to a network or to the internet without needing a cable connecting the machine or device to the router. The second main technology is Bluetooth, which allows secure connections for data transfer or for connecting hardware such as keyboards, mice or headphones to a device. There are also infrared and other wireless technologies, although these tend to be far less popular.

Also known as the BSoD or Blue Screen of Death, this refers to the bright blue error screen that is display on Windows machines when the system has an unrecoverable crash. The technical name for this is a stop error, and occurs when the computer stops responding in order to prevent damage occurring to the hardware or to any stored data. Within the text that appears on the blue screen, there is a specific code that conveys the reason that the stop error occurred, usually in this format: STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000000, 0xC00E0FF0, 0xFFFFEFD4, 0xC0000000) BAD_POOL_HEADER. Stop errors can occur for a number of reasons, including hardware failure and virus infection, and if stop errors begin to occur on a regular basis then technical advice should be sought.


The United States Army I Corps commands most Army units at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and conducts planning and liaison with other assigned active and Reserve component units located in the continental United States. It is one of four corps headquarters in the active Army, and one of three based in the continental United States. I Corps has been designated as one of the active Army's contingency corps. I Corps stays prepared to deploy on short notice worldwide to command up to five divisions or a joint task force.

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When you use the copy function, data is temporarily stored in the clipboard. The clipboard can hold images and text, and is retrieved once the paste function is used. However, when you use the copy function, whatever has been previously copied is replaced by the new data, and the clipboard is completely wiped when the computer is shut down or restarted.


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A server gets its name because it serves information to computers and devices that connect to it, which are called clients. Servers tend to be built using hardware that is more suited to being in constant use, but any standard computer can become a server. It is the role the computer performs that makes it a server, which is often down to the software it is running. Common server types are mail servers, web servers, database servers, file servers and network servers, although a single server can perform the role of multiple servers, Windows Small Business Server is a good example of this.


Bitmap files are images files that are comprised of dots, or bits, and are most associated with Microsoft's Paint programme. Because the images are made up of bits, zooming in too far makes them look blocky and distorted, and so they are not usually the preferred file type for creating graphics.

Webmail refers to a web-based email system where emails are accessed are viewed through a web browser. Usually free email providers such as Gmail or Hotmail are web-based, and accessing emails involved visiting their website and logging in with your user name and password. The advantage of this is that emails are accessible from any PC, smartphone or mobile device in the world with an internet connection although, since messages are not downloaded to your machine, they can't be viewed if your device is not connected to the web. The alternative to webmail is to install an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, which handles emails for you.


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JavaScript is a scripting language that can be integrated into standard HTML web pages to add extra functionality and interactivity. Amongst other functions, JavaScript can be used to add animation (such as fading images in and out), validate forms, load new page content without having to reload the page (such as feeding in new statuses on a social media site) or adding interactive content such as games or videos. JavaScript should not be confused with Java - although they sound similar, the two languages are totally separate.

HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface, is a technology for transferring high definition audio and video data through a single cable. Previous to HDMI technology, three cables for video and two for audio were required. HDMI can be used with any HDMI-compliant devices (such as DVD or Blu-Ray players, games consoles, PCs and set-top boxes) to transfer audio and video signals to any HDMI-complaint receivers (such as monitors and TVs). HDMI is now a very prevalent technology as it produces the best quality sound and images compared to other types of connections.


IMAP does not require emails to be downloaded to users' hard drives, unlike POP3, which means that users can check their emails from multiple sources as IMAP synchronises the mail server with the user's email viewing tool. IMAP is particularly useful for accessing emails on portable devices and smartphones, and is used for many webmail systems.

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UPD: File Manager: Now you can create more than 1024 hard links when using the option 'Create hard links'. Please read the new description at the help file.

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In 1968, McChord AFB was relieved of its assignment to the subsequently renamed Aerospace Defense Command and was reassigned to Military Airlift Command (MAC) as one of three MAC bases in the western United States operating the C-141 Starlifter. ADC, and later Tactical Air Command (TAC) continued to maintain a fighter alert detachment at McChord with F-106 Delta Dart and later F-15 Eagle aircraft.


A site map is an overview of a website that users can see, clearly outlining the organisation of the website and showing the major features of the site. Some site maps include all of the pages in a site whereas others, usually large sites, only include the major pages of interest. The site map can help users that are having a hard time locating a certain page, or can be used as a guide to the main contents of a site. An XML site map is often submitted to search engines to provide a list of a websites pages so that the search engine includes them in its search results.

Folders can also contain folders, and can be used to organise and structure the computer system in much the same way as office folders can be used within a filing cabinet. The top folder that contains everything else is known as the root folder or root directory.


Firmware is the control program installed on hardware devices, such as digital cameras, printers, scanners, remote controls and mp3 players, and makes the device function correctly. Firmware programs on devices are installed on small memory pockets in the device and are rarely upgraded, although manufacturers sometimes offer upgrades to fix bugs in the original software. Checking on manufacturers websites for firmware upgrades can be useful if you're having issues with a device or it communicating with other devices.

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A 404 error message is the most common browser error message on the internet, and occurs when users click on a broken or dead link. The site cannot find a page to go to, and so returns an error message. This error is caused by a coding error on the website, and does not indicate a fault with the user's machine. Because 404 errors are so common, some sites have specially designed 404 error pages that appear when a 404 error is detected.


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External hard drives work as large portable storage devices, working in much the same way as an internal hard drive or a USB memory stick. External hard drives offer larger amounts of storage than USB sticks, although there are larger in size and not quite as portable. This makes them best suited for backing up systems and files, as well as storing large amounts of audio or video files.

The temperatures during summer vary from the mid 40s at night to the mid 70s during the day, occasionally peaking over 90 °F (32 °C). Although July and August are the driest months.


As the C-141 was phased out at McChord during the 1990s, it was replaced with the C-17 Globemaster III. McChord AFB and its 62 AW was the second AMC base to receive this aircraft for active duty, the first having been the 437th Airlift Wing (437 AW) at Charleston AFB, South Carolina.

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Search results can be made more relevant by altering the terms, so searching for 'apple computer' rather than 'apple' will help to put more context to the search and return better results. Even better, using terms such as AND, OR and NOT and using speech marks to indicate a phrase (such as "this is a phrase") will help to make searching even more accurate.

Beta software is software that is complete but still in a testing phase, meaning that it often has far more errors and bugs than the final version. The beta version is then released to beta testers, who use the software and check for any errors that will impede the performance of the software. Once all the bugs are ironed out, the final product is released.


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A laptop is a portable PC that differs from tablet computers by having a physical keyboard and trackball/touchpad mouse attached permanently to a screen. Laptops are typically of a higher specification and performance than tablets, but often are of a lower specification and performance than a desktop PC - although expensive, high-end laptops can outperform low and mid-range desktops. Laptops are usually used both for their portable nature and for their small size compared to desktops.


The copy function on a PC is an incredibly useful one, allowing you to copy text or images in order to transfer it between programmes. To do this, you need to select or highlight the data you wish to copy and then select 'Copy' from the Edit menu within the programme. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts by pressing Control and C in Windows or Command and C in the Mac OS to copy.

C ++ is a programming language that is pronounced 'See plus plus'. As one of the most popular languages worldwide, it is flexible and powerful and can be used to create system software, applications, drivers, server software and games, amongst others.

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Brigadier General David L. Stone, who had supervised the original construction of Fort Lewis as a captain, returned as its commanding general in 1936, serving until 1937. The project of constructing an army airfield, which later became McChord Air Force Base, directly north of the Fort Lewis installation, received approval as a WPA project in January 1938, and $61,730 was allocated for construction. The allocation provided for clearing, grading, and leveling a runway 6,000 feet (1,800 m) long by 600 feet (180 m) wide.


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Lockdown has left people with a lot of time on their hands and outdoor activities have been swapped for more TV time. It is no surprise that movie piracy sites have seen a huge surge in traffic and malware distributors are taking advantage and are bundling malware with pirated video files and using fake movie torrents to deliver malware.

Cable modems are used to connect to a cable TV line rather than a phone line, usually giving a quicker and more stable connection through fibre optic lines rather than copper cables. If you use cable internet, a cable modem must be used rather than a DSL modem.


A smartphone is a mobile phone that runs on a mobile computing operating system (such as Windows 8, Android or iOS) and has more advanced features and functions than a traditional mobile. Current smartphones typically have a touchscreen interface with camera, video recorder, GPS, portable media player, web browser, games and application marketplace functions. The introduction of the ability to download and install third-party software has led to smartphones becoming extremely popular, with 18% of the total world population owning a smartphone in 2021. Popular smartphones include the iPhone (incorrectly thought of as the first smartphone), the Samsung Galaxy, the HTC One and the Nokia Lumia.

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Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows devices to wirelessly connect to networks, including the internet. Wi-Fi is a trademarked term that technically only refers to a specific wireless connection; however, the term has become popularly used for any type of wireless internet connection. Most devices can use Wi-Fi, including smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, gaming consoles and desktop PCs, but older machines tend to lack this capacity and need a wireless connector installing. If you're having issues with connectivity on an older machine, it is worth checking to see if your device has the right equipment installed to connect wirelessly.

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Once you are done installing the new firmware on the WDTV media player, you can start using it as usual. But if you want more features, such as additional internet video and radio channels, file and torrent downloading options, services and such, you need to configure the WDLXTV to do so. This involves downloading add-ons and plug-ins and configuring them accordingly. This process is fairly simple and needs an active Internet connection.


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Emulation in computing terms occurs when one system imitates or reproduces another. Usually this is emulation software, which reproduces or imitates other computing hardware or software, such as disc drive emulators that allow copies of CDs or DVDs to be played without having to put any physical media into a physical drive, or console emulators that allow games for consoles to be run on PCs (such as Game Boy or Nintendo DS games).

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WPA, or 'Wi-Fi Protected Access', is a security protocol used to create secure wireless networks through encryption and security keys. When a data transfer occurs, the data is encrypted and the sending and receiving machines must use security keys to encrypt or decrypt the data and access it. WPA also uses secure technology to identify and verify machines trying to access the wireless network, making it difficult for unauthorised machines to gain access.


The term drag is usually used as part of the phrase 'drag and drop', and refers to an action performed with the mouse. You can drag objects and icons around on your desktop to move them, both in location on the screen or to put them into another folder structure. To drag, you need to hover the cursor over the item you want to move, then click and hold to 'grab'. Whilst still holding, move the mouse to where you want the item to go to, then let go to release the item.

Fibre optic cables are cables that use filaments of glass to transfer data using light. This makes data transfer extremely fast - as fast as the speed of light - but the cables are expensive and can be easily broken, meaning that they usually have to be placed underground. Fibre optic cables are most commonly used in place of telephone cables to provide superfast broadband internet, but installation is expensive, meaning that many rural or remote areas are denied fibre optic services unless willing to pay for it themselves.


Originating from a Monty Python sketch, the term spam refers to unsolicited adverts sent to users by email, instant message, text message and other media. Because there is little to no cost incurred for the sender, and no real way to trace the sender and hold them accountable, spam is very prevalent across all areas of the internet. Spam most often involves advertising for weight loss, dating sites and pharmaceuticals as well as fraudulent emails that look to gain the receiver's personal and financial details. Novice users should be particularly aware of these emails, as they can appear genuine. As a basic rule, genuine organisations will not ask for passwords or financial details through emails, and users should not give these out.

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Just like a bookmark in a book, you can use bookmarks to mark a place on the internet. Used by all internet browsers, a bookmark saves a link to a web page so that you can return to the page later. This is usually done through the Bookmarks menu in most browsers.


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A CD-R is a Compact Disc Recordable, a blank disc on which data can be stored using a CD burner. CD-Rs, unlike CD-RWs, do not allow data to be erased or altered once burned onto the disc, so any data burned to CD-R is permanent.


An IP address is a numerical label that is assigned to each device in a network that uses the internet. This includes computers, laptops, printers and servers, amongst many others. IP addresses consist of four sets of numbers ranging between 0 and 255 that are separated by a full stop - for example, 192/168/0.1'. IP addresses can be dynamic (changing every time a machine logs on to the internet) or static (always the same). In 2021 some internet registries ran out of IP address, but IPv6 is already being made available on newer devices as it allows for far more addresses.

Whilst most people refer to 'IP' as meaning their 'IP address', it actually means the standard set of rules for sending and receiving data through the internet and is the primary protocol that establishes the internet. It is also the most common network protocol for local area networks and is also used for some telephone systems.


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Blu-ray is an optical disc format that is considered the upgrade to CDs and DVDs. It is used to store high definition video and large amounts of data - up to 25GB of data, as compared to 4/7GB on DVDs and only 700MB on CDs. It is called Blu-ray due to the blue-violet lasers that are used to burn information onto the disc.

During 1952 and 1953, the 62nd airlifted troops, blood plasma, aircraft parts, ammunition, medical supplies, and much more, to the Far East, in support of the war in Korea. In April 1954, the 62nd transported a replacement French garrison to Dien Bien Phu, French Indochina. Operation Bali Hai saw the Globemasters fly around the world in a period of 8 to 10 days. By 1955 the Cold War was well under way, and the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) set out to build a chain of radar stations on the northernmost reaches of the continent.


Desktop computers are computer that are designed to stay in one place for use, unlike portable laptops or mobile devices. They usually are comprised of a monitor, tower, keyboard and mouse, all as separate items, although some desktops integrate monitors and towers into one unit. Desktops can usually be upgraded fairly easily, and so tend to last longer in technological terms than laptops and other portable devices.

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A CD-RW is a Compact Disc Re-Writable, and is a blank disc that can store data using a CD burner. CD-RWs, unlike CD-Rs, can be written to multiple times, although any previous data on the disc must be completely erased rather than being altered or added to.


In 1947, approximately 60,000 acres (240 km2) were cleared of unexploded ammunition and returned to the original owners. During 1949 and 1950, the state of Washington used the center for summer training of its National Guard units and regular Army troops were permanently assigned to the center. At the start of the Korean War, the Army decided to expand Yakima Training Center. In 1951, the Installation was enlarged to 261,451 acres (1,058/05 km2) and construction of the current cantonment area began.

A database is an organised collection of data, stored in one or more tables that contain multiple fields, allowing for easy cataloguing and searching. Databases need database management software to sort the data and utilise it into a useful format, and popular database management systems include Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Databases are very commonly used in business, commerce, administration, computing and web technologies and virtually any type of data can be added to, compiled and sorted in a database.


Email clients are software programs that connect to a mail server to send and receive emails - for example: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird. Email clients are not constantly connected to mail servers, but connect periodically to check for activity. This is because email client software tends to date back to the era of dial-up internet, meaning that it was more practical and economical to connect on a scheduled basis rather than maintain a permanent connection. Email client software was once mostly reserved for business use, but the advent of email on mobile phones can be seen as a modern use for the email client, allowing phones to connect to mail servers and keeping check on one or more email accounts, usually on a scheduled basis rather than a permanent connection.

Web pages are the individual pages that make up a full website, much like a page in a book. The pages are written in a scripting code that is translated into a graphical interface by users' web browsers, and may contain a variety of content including text, images, audio, video or interactive content.


NEW: Search method: The new comparison criteria 'Similar Music' enables you find the audio files that sound similar. Audio files with the following file extensions are supported: MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, AAC, MKA, M4A, M4R and MP2.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and is used to connect computers to a private network through a non-private network, usually the internet. This removes the cost of having to have a private line between the two locations, but introduces a security risk. As a result VPN connections also provide security mechanisms including encryption and tunnelling to keep the connection private.


Computers use binary, a two-digit numerical system, to store data and compute functions. The 1s and 0s used in binary represent 'on' and 'off', almost like a switch. By creating long strings of binary code, any data can be represented.

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WWW stands for the World Wide Web, and is part of (but not all of) the internet. Whereas the internet refers to the whole system of interconnected networks, the web is one of the services that runs on the networks and consists of all of the web pages and websites in existence. Email (not webmail), FTP and online gaming (such as World of Warcraft) are all part of the internet, but do not feature on the web.