Rain drummed against a cracked window beside Anderssen’s head. Outside, the afternoon downpour was so fierce she could barely make out the shapes of other groundcars rushing past on what seemed to be an eight-lane, raised, highway. Inside the bus, she, Parker and Maggie were crammed into a long bench at the very rear of the vehicle. The leather upholstery under her thighs was cracked, discolored and burning hot to the touch. Some kind of multicylinder hydrocarbon engine rattled and wheezed beneath her feet.

  • Part 3: Boot Windows 8/8.1 from the Bootable USB Drive
  • By reading this article, you will know about windows 10 pro free download full version
  • Redmond Pie Windows 8 RTM Enterprise 90-Day Evaluation Trial Now Available Comments Feed
  • You can use a USB drive to boot or reinstall your Windows
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My initial reluctance robbed me of two days worth of playing I could have had. Yes, I was surprised that the Xbox had this as a launch game, but after experiencing its easy controls and beautiful graphics, my opinion was changed. If you still aren't convinced that this game is something you would like to play, then go and rent it. At the very least you'll be treated to yet another graphically impressive Xbox title.


Permalink to Review: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

I almost expected a few more bumps and grinds, but after a few seconds I managed to collect my thoughts. I couldn't see anything but blacks and grays and tried to reach my face to focus my glasses, but they were no longer on my face. I thought I might have lost them on the first or second somersault I encountered, but what did it matter if it was the first or last, they were gone. As I reached around to feel for them, I noticed it was not only extremely cramped where I was stuffed, it was now getting much hotter. The odors and creaking noises caught my attention. I could feel the heat and the smoke was starting to choke me. As would a blind man, I inched my way around in the opposite direction I felt that the heat was coming from. After crawling over what was left of the front seat, the broken glass, the twisted metal and broken wooden parts strewn beneath my body, I felt what I thought was that cutsie little stuffed tiger and I figured I had made it to the back window. I'm sure the flames were licking at my feet because the soles of my boots were getting pretty hot. I knew I should get out of there as fast as Tigger (the girls name for the cutsie little tiger) and I could, before the flames toward what was the front of my car, would reach the now cracked and spilling gas tank. I had no desire to go out in a ‘Blaze of Glory,’ and I do mean ‘Blaze’.

It's hard to believe that it's been less than a year and half since Windows 8's initial release in October 2021, and we've already gotten a third revision. But, as the lack of a new version number or even point number indicates, Windows 8/1 Update is hardly a completely revamped piece of software.


Windows 8 single language 64 bit iso download

This update enables support for additional upgrade scenarios from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and provides a smoother experience when you have to retry an operating system upgrade because of certain failure conditions. This update also improves the ability of Microsoft to monitor the quality of the upgrade experience.

People who are new to engine performance tuning can use it to load pre-built maps onto their cars and enjoy increased performance. They will also be able to use tunes/maps obtained from e-tuners or fellow enthusiasts with similar modifications.


By reading this content, you will know about windows 10 pro free download full version

If that all sounds like gibberish to you, then check out Kick That Computer's handy guide for getting your tablet working again. Or, worse case scenario, wait for Microsoft to provide its own how-to (and recovery file) whenever it's ready with a solution.

Next, you need to create a virtual hard disk. Using the defaults of “Start-up Disk” and “create new hard disk,” click Continue and select the format of the disk. I chose a VirtualBox disk, but there are several other formats including Parallels. Click Continue and select whether you want the space to be dynamically allocated or static. Click Continue again and give the disk a name and a maximum size. Click Continue to review your disk settings and click Create. Finally, click Create one more time to tie it all together.


Transworld Surf (TS) is an extreme sports game in the vein of Tony Hawk and SSX. Players begin by selecting whether or not they would like to start a Surfing Career, a single surfing session, or the Free Surf mode. From there, on all three modes, you can pick your pro-surfer and which board you would like to use. Pay attention to both the Pros and the boards as they all have varying strengths and weaknesses such as paddling ability, overall speed and handling. As I don't follow the sport of pro surfing, I cannot say with any real authority if the game makers designed the Pro surfers with their real talents and abilities. I can say, however, that there was a definite varying controllability when playing the various surfers.

As to new-style app windowing, more than two modern apps can share the screen. Two apps can each take up half the screen, or, depending on what the app's developer has allowed, any portion you choose. The number of apps depends on how large the screen is and its pixel density.


You are shown the license terms. Read them if you want and have the time. After that, check the box for “I accept the license terms” and press Next.

For some users, this default booting to the desktop for non-touch PC users could be the biggest change. Windows 8/1 users could already change a preference setting to boot to the desktop, but when Update detects the PC type, it automatically makes desktop view the default. Most of what's new follows the same strategy: the way the operating system works changes to match the machine's profile—touch or mouse/keyboard.


Unfortunately, due to the different file structure, you can’t just copy an ISO file to USB drive and hope it to boot. You need to create a bootable drive.

A PC or laptop is only used while flashing a tune or logging live data. Once you have a tune that you are satisfied with, it is saved to the car and replaces the factory program. It stays on the car even after you disconnect your battery and until you replace it with another tune or return the vehicle to stock.


Windows 10 English International version means it is in British English, also known and delivered as Windows 10 EN-GB. Windows 10 English is then the US English version, also known and delivered as EN-US.

Pokemon Go 1.39.1 IPA And 0.69.1 Hack Available To Download Now

One of the best features that the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 has over a "roll your own" solution is the Integrated Lights Out (iLO) management feature. This replaces the Remote Access Card (RAC) option in the previous generation of the MicroServer and is a welcome addition for anyone who is used to managing servers in the datacenter. The tool gives administrators the ability to power cycle servers, view the console through a browser, mount ISO files in order to install or update software, and much more.


Speaking of the Developer Preview, the build, which was released back in September of last year during the BUILD conference, surpassed the 500,000 downloads mark within 24 hours of its release. It then went on to pass the 3 million downloads mark by December. With this much traction – and for something largely focused towards developers and enthusiasts – we can only anticipate an even larger download count for the Consumer Preview. Microsoft will likely reveal download statistics shortly in a Windows Team Blog post, so that will be interesting to see.

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The flames were beginning to lick the heels of Ryan’s shoes. He leapt to his feet (click over here) and dove out of the window, rolling as he hit the ground so Bast’s next attack, a bolt of lightning, would arc over his head instead of striking him. That’s it, come on. Ryan reached out and gestured with a tiny twist, just enough to quintuple the weight of her guns. Bast let them fall to the ground, where they cracked the concrete beneath her feet. She shrugged at the dropped weapons, and Ryan fought the urge to sigh with relief. The plan relied on her burning through as much power as they could get her to.

When you invoke the Search charm and enter a query, you'll see suggestions not only for apps, but also for popular web searches and more. Even before your query, you can change the scope of your search from Everywhere to Settings, Files, Web Images, and Web Videos. But the result page offers more than most computer search features. If you search on any popular musician, you can play their top songs, watch their videos, and scroll through pages of website info. If you search on "Chicago," you'll see a Bing Map, the current weather for that city, and attractions.


The MicroServer Gen8 has several configurable options that can be brought up during the boot process. The BIOS configuration is accessible by pressing F9 and allows you to set boot password, configure the SATA ports, and the normal things you'd find in the BIOS.

As we mentioned earlier, keep in mind that Neowin will be giving away the MicroServer and the P1810-8G managed switch. We'll post details of the giveaway later this week, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then, you can continue with the discussion over at our Hardware Hangout forum where we started a thread to discuss the technical details of the MicroServer.


Fanuc- 0i-M/0i-T RS232 communication

New on Mar 20, 2021: For Windows 7 users: Beware of the new KB4493132! Do hide it, it's just the 7EoS Nag!

What should you know before installing Windows 10 Pro Full Version

Once the installation is done, the Win 10 setup automatically reboots, at least once, to run the first-time configuration scripts. Wait for the activity to finish. If you see the prompt under, you can skip the waiting by pressing Restart now.


RS232 Communications Parameters settings

Since the USB is already configured with Windows 8/8/1, the booting process will use the Windows 8/8/1 inside the USB to continue. All that you need to do is to follow the onscreen process.

We can do this very quickly by following a few steps. Now I will describe these steps. If you follow, you will also be able to upgrade easily—Windows 10 Pro as your new operating system. So, at first, you don’t need to download it.


About Your Fungus Nail Infection

Install WinCDEmu and give it permission to install the hardware driver it requires. After you do, just double-click a disc image file to mount it. You can also right-click a disc image file and click “Select drive letter & mount” in the context menu.

VersaTuner full version includes all features of VersaTuner Free and Lite and additionally includes a full-fledged tune editor that allows access to all relevant tables and constants that govern the ECU operation. You can only flash tunes to a single vehicle with the VIN code specified when purchasing.


The included Reading List app lets you use the Share charm to send any web page or other document to the app for later perusal. This app is well suited to the small sidebar placement in a multi-app view, and it's synced among any devices signed in to your Microsoft account.

For example, when increasing the airflow sensor readings, "piggy backs" hope that the ECU will increase fuel flow. However, modern ECUs have sophisticated control algorithms and "fooling" them is challenging and often leads to suboptimal results.


VersaTuner Free allows data logging and reading/clearing of DTCs. It works with all supported models and is not locked to a VIN.

Overall, there's a lot to like about the latest generation of HP's MicroServer platform. It can support a lot of RAM, can handle four hard drives, has the ability to use a microSD slot, as well as installing an SSD for additional space. It also lets you remotely manage the box, doesn't use much power, and is quiet.


Offline usage is tough and not to be relied upon. It requires using your browser cache and some effort to load information ahead of time and leave it in a browser tab so it can work without service.

Step 1: Press the Start button, then go to the setting option. You will find the Upgrade and Security option, then click it. You may check here to see if it is possible to upgrade.


The other option is to remove the factory OBD-II (J1962F) connector from it's mounting location. There are two tabs, one on each side of the connector, which when pressed in allow the connector to be backed out of the mounting bracket. Once removed it can be connected to the J2534 pass-thru device and safely tucked behind the center console. Be sure to secure and support the cable so it does not hang from the wires or come loose while driving.

The MicroServer starts showing some of its true powers with its more enterprise-related features, one of which is Intelligent Provisioning, accessible by pressing F10 during the boot sequence. HP describes this function as an enhancement to the legacy SmartStart. It gives users the ability to update firmware by directly connecting to HP, provision servers remotely, and configure the system to get it ready for standard OS types like Windows and VMware ESX. Although this may not be a big selling point for the home technical user, it'll be a welcome addition for the SMB market.


VersaTuner uses the easily accessible datalink connector (also known as OBD-II port) located on or under your dashboard near the steering wheel to connect to the ECU. There are no wires to cut or splice, and you do not have to take your ECU out. The whole process can be carried out in your garage.

After confirming the changes, your computer would restart once more, and it will boot from the USB. Make sure that you’ve already inserted the bootable USB that you created above before the restart.


It's a perfect box for a home lab where you could install a hypervisor and play around with virtualization since the memory footprint would let you install a lot of virtual machines. It'd also be a great file server in a home or office, providing over 90,000 IOPS and 12TB of storage. The machine obviously isn't built with number-crunching in mind, since it only has a dual-core processor, but as a general all-round machine, it's great.

Being lazy just got a lot of simple things. Windows 10 brings Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana to computers to make it easier for you to connect with your device.


Office 2021 Pro Plus ISO

Of the four options I explored, I found that Parallels is far and away the most painless to configure, even if it does require you to shell out more of your hard-earned cash. VMware Fusion is a bit less and slightly less slick, but still a solid option. VirtualBox is slower and much less elegant than the other virtualization options, but it is free. Boot Camp will be the fastest of the options listed here since it’s not running Windows in a virtual environment, but it requires you have a Mac with an optical drive.

VersaTuner Lite/Full Windows application can be installed and activated on up to 5 computers. A VersaLink, OBDLink or different J2534 PassThru cable can be used on any number of vehicles.


What this means is that you can't install Hyper-V on the microSD card like you can with VMware ESXi. This probably isn't a big deal to most, but it is a little disappointing and limits the use of the microSD slot. We hope that Microsoft updates their software to allow installation on the card itself, but this isn't a limitation of the HP MicroServer Gen8.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Transworld Surf. An extreme sport game that's part SSX Tricky and part Point Break (The Movie). Compete as one of 13 surf pros in some of the world's most beautiful and harrowing surfing locales. Learning backbreaking tricks and riding notoriously dangerous waves is only half the challenge, if you're not careful, sharks'll eat you.


By reading this article, you will know about windows 10 pro free download full version. Boot your computer using the installation USB flash drive, DVD, or the ISO file with the Win 10 setup files. In a few seconds, you see a quick message on the screen stating that you need to press any key to continue. Do what the letter says, and the Windows 10 logo is shown while the installation wizard is loaded.

Normally, your computer is set to boot from the main hard drive. But you could change this configuration.


You can login from anywhere you like. It is tested and will function on mobile devices. Firefox, Chrome and Safari will run it faster than IE/Edge.

Mounting an ISO Image in Windows 8, 8.1 or

Set to arrive on October 26th for general public, Windows 8 will drop for desktop, tablet and smartphone simultaneously, it appears to be the most significant update to the OS to date. Much like the Release Preview we’ve all already had the chance to play around with, the RTM (final shipping version) build comes with a few additional changes and tweaks.


If you sell a car that has a VersaTuner license, you can transfer the license to the new owner free of charge. You should contact us and we will provide a special link that can be sent to the new owner of your car. At this point it is not possible to transfer a VersaTuner license to a car with a different VIN apart from certain exceptions (when your car gets stolen or totaled in an accident).

DSDT Patch to Enable Audio Drivers in EFI Installed Version of Windows 10, Blue Screen Of Death Fix, and more

A pretty cool addition to the MicroServer is an embedded microSD slot built onto the motherboard. This can be used to install the operating system on, a common practice when installing VMware ESXi. Note that the microSD slot is not hot swappable, so don't try and remove it while the server is online or you could risk damage to the device or the server itself.


How to avoid being upgraded to Win 10 against your will

Who knows who might stop by. I sit on the couch next to the gaping window that’s lets in wide drafts of pale winter, and the hum of the freeway meets my heartbeat like opposite sides of a magnet- both powerful, both enemies. Now I go up the creaky stairs to the attic, where all the warmth of the day has pooled, warm clouds huddling together. I see the mountain out the back window, where I walk and write my name into soft moss that grows on the rocks with a stick. The mountain is something I can hold onto, something green, something I can trust. I turn my back on it, climb up the cold metal filing cabinets, step over dad’s homemade windowsill cuz he says it’ll break if I put my weight on it, carefully over the black vinyl of the window and then bare feet on asphalt shingles. I keep my center of gravity low, nodding to the pile of purple clouds in the north. I know the ropes that the wind uses to pull people from great heights and I won’t be fooled. The sun is setting but not glamorously, more like steel fighting wine. I settle into the nook between two rooflines and close my eyes on this stupid neighborhood, the leaves crinkling and cracking (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=9658) under my jeans and puffy jacket. I feel like an alien, listening to a minivan pull up, my neighbor’s children pour out, spraying chatter and uneven sounds.

Running Windows 8 on your Mac

For more, check out PCMag's review of Windows 8/1 and the slideshow above. Also see PCMag Live from Monday in the video below, which discusses the Windows 8/1 rollout issues.


VersaTuner is a Windows™ application, so it runs on regular computers and requires no fancy hardware apart from VersaLink USB Vehicle Interface (or another J2534 Pass-Thru device), used to talk to the car. It uses the same (SAE/ISO Standard) firmware upgrade method as official dealerships and the same hardware approved for use by third party service facilities to access the ECU (engine control unit). This method has been used by dealerships to update hundreds of thousands of ECU’s firmwares. It also has safeguard mechanisms to allow for a second reflash attempt in case of a failure.

Microsoft Makes Windows 10 S Available To Download For Everyone

As the owner of AllStays, I have my own email right on the main page after logging in. I am here to help. Pro was built after years of my own frustrations on the road with other products. We are also here by general email below. I reply promptly nearly every day of the year unless I am in some real remote place without internet for a day or two.


The Windows Store, where you get modern apps, shows a large featured app "ad" that alternates among several curated app choices. Next, you'll see Picks for you, based on your previous choices. Swiping or scrolling right reveals large thumbnails for Popular Now and New release apps, then the standard Top paid and Top free sections. No longer are there over a dozen categories to scroll through, but instead, you can invoke the list of categories by swiping in from the top or bottom (or right-clicking the mouse) to display the app bar. This bar also shows a tile for Your Apps, including those you've installed on other PCs, and Your account, where you edit billing info.

Help+Tips' simple six panel interface offers help options titled Start and apps, Get around, Basic actions, Your account and files, Settings, and What's new. Going through the whole batch is not a major undertaking either, with its simple animated images showing frequently needed gestures. The app does a lot to allay Window 8 fears and uncertainties of new users. Even if they don't visit this help app, pointers right in the interface show how to use it.


One is that you can download full free, and another is the paid version

In September, we told you about the latest version of the HP ProLiant MicroServer and asked what you would do with one. Then last month we gave you a sneak peak of the device (and optional 8-port managed switch) and provided many pictures of the new box. Last week we followed up with a review of the optional PS1810-8G managed switch.

How to upgrade old windows 10 pro free download full version

One downside is that the cold-swappable drive bays do not have tool-less installation. In order to put a drive into the sled, you have to use four included screws. While not a big deal, we're getting spoiled by machines that don't make us keep a screwdriver nearby. The Gen8 also removes the eSATA port that the previous version has, but it's replaced with two USB 3/0 ports instead.


Valor Script: A Frankin-Mac Project

As you surf and slice and dice the waves, an important little gauge to keep your eye on is the Karma meter. As you surf, the karma meter goes up and down depending on what kind of a surfer you are. If you take other surfer's waves (computer players) it will go down, so will harming any of the sea life or running into fishermen in their boats. Freeing dolphins from the nets and being a responsible surfer helps the meter swing towards the positive (good) side. If you are a schmuck and surf on the dark side, eventually the wave runs out and you'll find yourself out of boundaries where the sharks are. And yes, you will be attacked and subsequently eaten. It's a bit extreme if you buy into the whole karma thing, I mean, does someone really need to be eaten alive if they take another surfers wave? Well, in this game if you do that, consider yourself sushi.

Following this release, Microsoft also released betas of Windows Server 8 and Visual Studio 11 for download

The manufacturer’s minimum reflash count specification for Mazdaspeed ECUs is 100. However, in practice some users with similar hardware have had more than 1000 flashes without any side effects.


Transworld Surf features a free surf mode where players can practice their surfing tricks and abilities. Here, one can practice shooting the barrel and pulling trick combinations for the big point scores. It was here that I felt I mastered the speedy kick-flip, a not-so-difficult trick that I found to be a good link trick. Doing tricks, and the basic controls for that matter, is easy to pick up and, with pop-up hints that show you even more tricks, I found this game to be very user friendly. The early complaints of the Xbox controller being too big and bulky were WRONG. This controller and this game are pure butter.

Well, one thing is sure, the Xbox has had an impressive run of graphically sound games. Transworld Surf is another fine example of this. If anything, you will be floored with how well the game looks. Whether you're surfing at sunrise or the middle of the day, light sourcing is practically flawless. The water itself must have taken programmers many a night to get right, but it was worth it. One small surprise though, I hit some lag more than once while pulling a kick-flip. I wonder if the massive moving wave is too much for the processor to handle?


It helps with performance when doing things like running apps and browser tabs. More RAM means you can do more things at the same time.

Desecrated Chapel (CR 8) The va ulted cei l i n g of this massive sanctuary reaches nearly thirty feet (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/windows-8-pro-iso-cracked-feet.zip) overhead. Smashed sta i ned-g lass windows stretch i n na rrow bands a bove the doors. Four angelic statues occupy each co rner of the roo m, though their faces and wings a re cracked and broken a l m ost beyo nd recognition.


To get the discounted price, all cars need to be registered to the same owner/family. If you wish to purchase additional VINs, please contact us.

If you uncheck the 64-bit Windows version box at the bottom, Parallels will download the 32-bit version instead. The only reason to do so might be if you have a Mac with less than 4GB of RAM. The 32-bit version of Windows 8 only requires 1GB of RAM versus the 2GB required for the 64-bit version.


You’re almost kinda sorta there! Now you have the environment, you just need to install Windows 8. Click Start and VirtualBox will initiate the First Run Wizard which, and I hate to disappoint you, isn’t that magical. Click the folder icon next to the popup menu and select the ISO disk image of Windows 8 you want to use. Click Continue to review again and then Start.

In contrast, VersaTuner works on a different level. It directly modifies the logic that is contained in the ECU. The result is the same as if done by the manufacturer. The possibilities are only limited by mechanical constraints.


A humanoid form composed of ash that radiated the same violet energy, seeming to drink in the plentiful supply that was now whipping through the air as if it were sucking it in. Dozens of the ethereal spiked chains skewered the form from head to toe, funneling yet more energy into the slumbering pigmy. As its feet (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=9224) cleared the earth, the portal below slammed shut, the great scar closed as the earth healed itself with a rattling groan, and the violet light in the sky died. The ethereal chains suddenly solidified into a shining, platinum amalgamation of metal and purple energy, their end cut off as the light in the sky died and they fell, coiling back to the ground. The humanoid form also fell, but crumpled immediately into a pile of ash, a violet ethereal ghost of a featureless man revealed beneath it as he lay unconscious. The chains persisted in skewering his ethereal body, now sending violent bursts of wicked lightning into the limp form. He convulsed violently from the pain and attempted to disperse, to perhaps find peace, but the ashes rose up and consumed him. The ends of the chain, cut off from the sky, now sought purchase wherever they could find it. They reached out and felt around like great metal tentacles as they grasped at the walls, the ceiling, the floors, and beyond, breeding the harsh sound of metal grating against stone. They dragged the shambling form to its feet like a puppet on strings, causing groans of pain and anger to escape from its head, muffled beneath the ashes as if it were trapped within a coffin. It roared in outrage, sending a blast of pure malice in all directions as fingers of the dark magic escaped from cracks within the ashen sarcophagus, blasting open doors and windows as it forced the weary to brace or be blown away.

If you want to use Windows 10 in a virtual machine, the best virtualization applications we tested and capable of running Windows 10 are VirtualBox, VMware (Player, Player Pro, and Workstation) Hyper-V. Hyper-V, VMware Player, and VirtualBox are the free products on this list. If you want to install Win 10 on a virtual machine, you need to mount the Win 10 ISO file before starting the virtual machine.


An optional slimline DVD drive can be installed on the top of the server. Alternatively, you can install an SSD drive to use as a boot disk for your OS of choice, but we didn't attempt this.

To adjust things like brightness, contrast, shadows, and highlights, you twirl a circular dial control. One cool option is to select a color with a dropper and intensify that color throughout the image—nice for green lawns and blue skies. You also get vignette and selective focus effects. And you can save a copy so that the original stays pristine. It's not as full a photo solution as Mac OS X's iPhoto, but it's come long way from the Windows 8 Photo app.


Win 10 will provide a new method to look at all your notifications on one site. The Action Center appears to restore the Charms menu that slides in from the right on Win8 devices. It collects alerts from your devices from all your apps, similar to the iOS and Android notification drawers. Depending on the app, you can also react from this panel itself, with each notification expanding to show more actions. The Action Center also gives a quick way to toggle connectivity options and other settings such as display brightness and contrast.

Slowly whittling away at the bindings. Once her hands were free she picked up the knife and unbound her feet before removing the gag. Once freed she walked over to the window (click for more info) only to realize she was three stories up. There was no going out that way without breaking several bones. She wrapped herself in her cloak, clasping the knife underneath it out of sight. Slowly and quietly Lilthis cracked open the door. The tavern was still bustling with people even early in the morning. There were card games, gold being exchanged, and a lot of drinking.


There are two options available. A right angle adapter cable is available from numerous sources, typically for under $20. This will substantially reduce the distance that the cable protrudes from the factory OBD-II connector. Search for a J1962M - J1962F right angle adapter.

Here I write about Window 10 pro free download full version ISO 32/64 bit for your PC

The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 looks like it would make a great server in a small or medium business (SMB) market. It would also make a great machine for a lab setup in your home or as the central hub for your media. The server can be configured in many ways directly from HP's website, with the base model consisting of a Celeron 1610T and 2G of RAM for $449. As configured, our model comes in at around $950, with a majority of that cost coming from the two 8G DIMMs. We suspect that home users could cut the cost by purchasing and installing their own memory and drives into the MicroServer, but we're not sure what that would do for HP support.


The location of the OBD-II connector in the Mazdaspeed is a mixed blessing. It is easy to access for the type of diagnostics intended by the manufacturer. But, if you intend to drive the vehicle with VersaLink or another J2534 pass-thru adapter connected, you need to move the cable for safety's sake.

VirtualBox will start the environment using the Windows install disk image. From there, you’ll need to run through the standard Windows setup providing the activation key.


First, the Win 10 Setup asks what language, time and currency format, and keyboard input settings you want to use. Make the selections you choose and press Next.

Apps can even sprout a second new-style window when it makes sense, such as for Mail or for the Reading List app, which keeps the list in a narrow left-side panel while the content you want to read takes up most of the screen. With multiple monitors, you can further augment the number of app windows. Speaking of external monitors, Windows 8/1 supports Miracast, which lets you send video over Wi-Fi to large HDTVs and the like.


The OS's included Bing Apps mostly target home users. These include Travel, Maps, Weather, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Sports, News, and Finance. Bing Finance now lets you add and track your own portfolio holdings. Most people I know tend to favor another Web search provider, but I have to say that the Travel app in particular does an amazing job of helping you choose flights and hotels. For the latter, it lets you sort by the indispensable TripAdvisor ratings, pops out a map, shows photos, and links to purchase options at the best price from sites like Expedia, Booking.com, Priceline, and many others.

Transworld Surf Playstation 2 Screenshot

The new iLO Essentials license is tailor-made for the SMB market that requires a little more than the standard features provide. For $150, you get a three year license that gives administrators unlimited access to the remote console in addition to the ability to mount virtual media such as ISOs. It also provides email alerting.