SimSolar - Solar System Simulator for Windows. Planet labels and orbits can be activated for easier understanding. Includes simple display and controls, speed control, tilt and rotation options for easy.

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The vibration intensity level can be toggle among 3 options by pressing Space + Right Arrow for three seconds. Press and release Space + Right Arrow to check the currently selected level. The Orbit Writer responds with the haptic indication according to the current level of the intensity. The following table captures the available options. By default, level 2 (Medium intensity) is selected.

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Step Two: Open the location where you saved the file. Activate the context menu by right clicking, using the application key on your keyboard (if present), or using Shift + F10. Scroll down to “extract” and either click on it or press enter when it is in focus.

Use the combo box to select Orbit Reader or you may choose to select “No Display”

Once the Orbit (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=9220) Writer is turned on press and hold Select + Space keys together for three seconds to enter in built-in self-test (BIST). It responds with a long pulse. Under this test, all keys can be tested. To test the key, press that key, and the Orbit Writer responds with a single short pulse for each keypress event.


Step Five: At this point, you may choose to change various other braille settings such as braille translation table for input and output, cursor blind rate, and other options. Keep pressing Tab until you are focused on the OK button.

After being idle for as long as the automatic power off time limit has been set the Orbit Writer automatically turns off to conserve power. See the Automatic turn off section for more information.


Before connecting Orbit Writer with a PC, you must first decide how you wish to connect: Bluetooth or USB. This is a personal preference. USB charges the device as you use it, so it is a good choice when your battery is low. Bluetooth does not use wires, so it is a good choice when you are on the go.

Key mnemonics are written in capital letters for emphasis but are typed in braille lowercase (unless otherwise stated). When one key follows another, the two keys are shown with a comma between them. For example, the command Select, M means to press and release the Select key, then press and release M (Dots 1 3 4) simultaneously.


To power the device on, press and hold the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys together until you feel a short haptic pulse. To power the device off, press and hold the same key combination until you feel a long haptic pulse. This is how the Orbit Writer lets you know it is coming on or shutting down.


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When you use Orbit Writer as a keypad for other hosts, the screen reader on that host device provides the translation and other braille settings. Consult the documentation for your screen reader.


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If the Orbit (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3402) Writer is on, when you wake up or turn on the host device, it connects ]99automatically. When the host device enters sleep mode or is turned off, Orbit (find more info) Writer disconnects and waits for the host to wake and open the connection again.


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Look for the name of the unit in the list of possible braille devices. It shows up as Orbit Reader 20 plus the last four digits of the serial number.

NVDA turns ‘On’ braille output when it is configured for the display. To turn ‘Off’ braille support, select "No Braille" from the Braille Display options in the Braille Settings menu.


If no host is paired over the currently-activated channel, you can pair/connect a host over the channel

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To charge the device, use the provided Standard-A to Micro-B USB. Insert the small end of the cable into the Orbit Writer's USB port with the bumps facing up. It should slide in without resistance; do not force it. Then insert the large end of the cable into a computer USB connector or the AC adapter. Plug the adapter into an AC wall connector.

The SRP Bluetooth protocol must be active on the desired Bluetooth channel before activating Bluetooth pairing on the same channel. Fortunately, SRP is the default protocol active by default on all five Bluetooth channels. VoiceOver (iOS), VoiceOver (Macbook), Brailleback (Android), BRLTTY (Android), VoiceView (Amazon Fire tablet), NVDA (Windows (bonuses)), JAWS (Windows), and ChromeVox (Chromebook) are screen reading programs which support SRP. Braille devices connected to screen reading software using SRP send commands directly to the screen reader, and what the commands do depends on the screen reader's interpretation of the command. For example, both screen reading programs—BrailleBack (Android) and NVDA (Windows PC)— support the SRP protocol. When the Orbit Writer or any other Braille device connects to Brailleback using SRP, one needs to enter Space + Dot 7 to erase the previous character while editing a document.


The Orbit Writer turns itself off after being idle for the selected automatic power-off timeout. It generates a long pulse when turning itself off. The power-off timeout can be set to four different values by pressing Space + Left Arrow for three seconds. Press and release Space + Left Arrow to check the currently selected value of the power-off timeout. The Orbit Writer responds with the haptic indication which matches the current level of the timeout. The following table shows the various power-off timeout settings along with their vibration patterns.

Command to activate the channel

Step Three: Follow the steps in the Extraction Wizard by continuing to click OK until you are finished. The extracted file folder will be in the same location you’d downloaded the original zipped file.


Step Seven: You will be directed back to the previous dialogue box. Use Tab to navigate to the “OK” button to exit the dialogue box.

Take-8GB-USB-drive for bootable drive

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Note: The narrator assigns "libusb" as the driver to the Orbit Writer. For the present, for firmware upgrades and to work with screen reader applications other than HID, you must go to the Narrator settings and choose the "Change your braille display driver" setting to HID.

Following are the steps to set JAWS up to work with the Orbit Reader

To begin the exploration of the Orbit Writer, place the device on a flat surface in front of you with the wide key closest to you. This is the proper operational orientation.


Step Four: You will be placed in a list of checkboxes. Scroll down the list until you hear “Orbit Reader 20” and press the spacebar to check the box.

The Orbit Writer can be exited from a built-in self-test by pressing and holding Select + Space keys together for one seconds. It responds with a long pulse.


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As previously mentioned, we don’t need to download a driver to make NVDA work with the Orbit. In fact, NVDA should automatically recognize the Orbit as a braille display. In the event that it does not, here are the steps you will need to follow to manually configure it.

To ensure continued compliance follow the installation instructions and this device must be installed with a computer or peripheral device certified to comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules for the Class B limits. Use shielded interface cables only.


Physically Connecting the Orbit to your PC

We recommend to charge the device for atleast 2 hours always. Usually the Orbit Writer indicates battery full (Level 5) after 1/5 hours of continuous charging but we recommend to charge it for more 30 minutes.

By default, each Bluetooth channel is configured to connect over SRP protocol. If you wish to connect over the Keyboard-HID protocol, you can switch.


Linux has a huge support community. Linux is open-source software and many people have contributed to the final product and a huge community is working actively in the backend.

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When modifier keys are used, the documentation separates the modifiers from the rest of the keys with a plus (+) sign like this: Space + Dot 1. Recall that modifiers, like the Shift key on a regular QWERTY keyboard, are keys you hold down while pressing another key. This modifies the effect of the pressed key. On a braille keyboard, Space is often used as a modifier to alter the effect of the input keys.

Turning off the Orbit Writer

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