By the time I had done this it was time for a drink and to put my fishcakes in the oven, while the fishcakes cooked I did a bit more shredding. The fishcakes were ready so I had them and my pot of tea and then thought I ought to have another painkiller as I was in a bit of pain. When I had finished my pot of tea I went and had a shower and then gradually turned up the heat and directed the shower to the base of my back. Once washed and dried I went and did the last few bits of shredding and then weeded the fruit bed before making a pot of tea and logging on here. I suppose I have done a lot so it is no wonder I am in pain and my patches are due to be changed tonight.

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Hi John and congratulations on the 35th anniversary of your meeting! Lovely story about you and Karen, sending love and hugs to you both!


In this version, both Jack and Randall resent Rebecca for lying about William, especially when he rejects him, this drives Randall away from the family, he becomes a college professor who sleeps with every TA, and Kevin marries Sophie and works for his father his whole life. Kate seems to have a happy family but we don't learn a lot more about her here.

Long may our friendship continue mate and the friends I have made because of LT and you, I would not be without them, the ups and downs Karen and I have had over the last few years with health and family issues have been made easier to bear with all the lovely comments from our LT friends who we hope in years to come to be able to see. I have all of them on here and the ones on Facebook are friends with Karen as well as me and so we are part of a large friendly family with books at the heart of things.


Shooter NTSC-U/C Video Games

I see you've been buying up a lot of James Patterson. He is a good, quick read for sure. And I love your pot of tea stats. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The University is in its interim period right now and so there are few students on campus. Even without them I have been very busy at work trying to get paperwork done and out of the way so that when the students do come back, and I take my summer vacation, I will be able to do so without playing catch-up when I come back. Because it is interim, I have been making the rounds of the dentist, optometrist, and hair dresser because it is easy to get on and off campus. Even though I have been busy I like the fact that there is little traffic around campus. It makes it easy to get in and out for my appointments.


Pesedit 2020 patch 1.0 firefox

After the first two songs to open the show we observed a minutes silence for the Manchester Arena victims and Paul made a short speech. The setlist finished and then they came back on for a three song encore before the show ended just before 11pm. We had had a fabulous time and then made our way back to the Arena carpark and then slowly made our way out to get back onto the right road for home. We stopped off at the first services to have a bite to eat and then continued our way home. The weather deteriorated as we neared Yorkshire with rain beginning as drizzle and then it began to rain hard. We pulled into my drive at 2am and made ourselves a drink and went up to bed, I tried not to disturb Karen.

It will Meg, I just need to rest and make sure I don't spoil Karen's birthday and then we are going out for a meal on Friday night to the new eating area at our local Pub. It has had a complete refurbishment and been extended and early reports are that it is really good and the food excellent.


It didn't take me too long to do the shopping as we didn't need much and once done I made my way home and unpacked and put the shopping away. Once this was done I made a pot of tea and read my paper before doing the living room and dining room, Karen rang before I had finished to say she might be finishing at 5pm instead of 6pm but wouldn't know until 4/30pm and then she would ring. I heard nothing so made a pot of tea once the housework was done and was only a quarter of the way through it when Karen rang to say she could finish early, as it would be impossible to get to her for 5 she suggested I got there for 5/15pm.

Painkiller resurrection uncut patch

Billy shouted out Maisie's name to try and find out if she was hurt, Maisie had ringing in her ears and a bump on the back of her head. Another victim of the Great War, thirteen years after it had ended, Maisie realised.


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I have now finished writing my list of books that I have read since 1at July 1995, you can now scroll down to see what I have read and hopefully this will help you to recommend a special book for my 1,000th. Do not be afraid to recommend a chunkster as I do love them but I do not do re-reads, I have enough books to read as it is without going back to one. Hopefully what is picked for me I already have on my TBR pile which is quite large but once I have decided on the one to read I will purchase if necessary.

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I hope that your back is feeling better for tomorrow, John. Sorry that you have been having trouble with it.


We have had a really lovely day today. Once we were up we stripped our bed and I put a load of washing on and then we had breakfast. We sorted a few things out and luckily the washer finished and I was able to put it all on the line as it was a lovely warm sunny day. Once this was done we got all our things together and quickly went to the supermarket so Karen could return the parcel I picked up yesterday and also pick up Rob and Karen's shoes that had been soled and heeled. Unfortunately Karen's shoes had only been heeled even though she paid for sole and heeling, the chap said that lad must have miss heard her and he would do them and I will pick them up on Friday.

Hi John, I hope that you and Karen are doing well and that your back is leaving you alone. Oops posted before I saw your latest. I hope both the weather and your back are ok for Karen's birthday.


Shooter NTSC-U/C Rating M-Mature PC Video Games

Like you I buy them discounted wherever and whenever I can. I have 2 thrift shops and one Used Bookstore in my little town, the two semi-annual book sales for the Friends of the Library (April 6-8 is the first one this year), and, of course, Amazon. I can get many books on Amazon used, which is my go-to-option there. I only buy new if I must have the book or the used offerings don't have good quality or are within $1 or $2 of the new price.

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Once home I noticed that my neighbour behind me had completed putting the new fence up between us, his brother was helping him. The fence looks great with all new panels, gravel boards and concrete fence posts, just need to get the old tree roots out now and paint my side of the fence and then get some nice shrubs to make it all nice and tidy.


Book Twenty-Six finished a short time ago, The Warriors by John Jakes. This is the sixth in the Kent Family Chronicles series and find that the Kent family have survived the American Civil War - only to face equally turbulent and dangerous years of peace.

We got up, washed and dressed and then had a pot of tea and put a load of washing on before we set off to Harrogate. Once we had parked up we headed to Betty's for brunch, we thought we deserved this treat after the last few weeks. We had some nice food and Karen had a latte while I had some Earl Grey tea. Once we had eaten we headed into the centre of Harrogate and had a mooch around. We popped into Boots the Chemist and Karen downloaded the photos we have taken recently onto a CD and then she went into Lush while I went and got my rail magazine and then we came across some charity shops.


For most of the US this is a three day National Holiday weekend. However, it is not for state employees in Alabama.

After a while I needed to get out so Karen and I went for a drive. I told Karen that I didn't want to appear selfish but needed to get out of the four walls and have some time together and she agreed, I just felt that things were getting on top of me and to be strong for them I needed time with Karen. We headed to Elsecar Heritage Centre and the Antiques and collectibles barn, we had a good look around and then made our way back home.


I am excited because that means I don't have to water the yard. My grass is in horid shape and I am weeding and watering in hopes that I an save it. I am guessing I will have to reseed this fall and only hope I can make it through the summer only having to water.

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Karen made some lunch and then I read and Karen did some knitting before I went to get Hannah from school. Once back with Hannah, Karen made her some tea and then she played with her dolls house and watched Peppa Pig. Amy arrived just after 5/30pm and had to sort out her food order which had gone to the wrong store. I had a quick pot of tea and went to pick up Amy's food order as she was having her hair done in a vintage style with Kirsty who used to work at Asda with Karen. I got back with Amy's food order and then Karen made me something to eat. Rob came to pick Hannah up at 7/30pm and by 9/30pm Amy's hair was finished and looked gorgeous.


I forgot how great this game was. I never got a chance to check out the expansions. Now that the price is come down I was game, pun intended. The expansions are true to the original and a "hell" of a lot of fun. Ok enough puns, Original is a 9 out of 10 in my book. The Battle out of hell is a 6 out of 10, and overdose is a 9/5 out of 10. Well worth the money.

We have had a nice steady day, after breakfast and a pot of tea we went down to Meadowhall Shopping centre as Karen wanted to look at something in the bigger stores. We had a good mooch around and then stopped for a quick coffee before we made our way home. Once home we had a pot of tea and watched Escape to the Country before Karen cooked some fishcakes for us. After we had eaten I made a drink and then Karen did some knitting while I read. We had another pot of tea and had some cake before Karen went to her first Clubacise class and I just pottered about for half an hour before I resumed reading. We are now just relaxing with a bit of television and I am on here obviously, ha ha.


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Amy and me are going to the Genting Arena in Birmingham to see Kiss on Sunday and I will make sure she is safe and we will have to text Karen periodically but the terrorists cannot win so with extra security we will go and enjoy. The Kiss concert that should have been held in Manchester on the 30th May has been cancelled as the Arena is still a crime scene.

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A very mixed day weatherwise today. After a lie-in with a pot of tea courtesy of yours truly we got up and had breakfast and a pot of tea. By the time we had finished breakfast the washer had stopped and I put the washing on the airer outside. After doing this Karen set another load off and then we set off to visit Amy in Selby, the sun was shining and we thought it would be a nice day. We arrived about 40 minutes after setting off and pottered about with Amy as she was sorting some things out before we set off to walk into the town centre.


The following Day the Home Secretary received a letter threatening a massive loss of life if certain demands were not met. The explosion on Christmas Eve and now the letter gets Maisie invited into Scotland Yard's elite Special Branch as an advisor on the case and it becomes a race against time to find the letter writer who soon proves he has the knowledge and the will to murder thousands of innocent people.

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Once Karen was back in the car we headed home and I made us a pot of tea while she unpacked the bit of shopping and put the flowers in a vase. I read while listening to the Daily Politics show in the background and Karen started some baking. Karen ended up making two cakes, a Carrot cake and a Coffee cake, one for me and one for her birthday next week. After the cakes were made she then made some fish cakes for our tea and they came out well. After this Karen made us some lunch and we watched a programme we had recorded before I went to pick Hannah up from school.


John's 2021 thread - A year of Tea & Books Part Five

From Asda we popped across to the Aldi and I stayed in the car. Once Karen was done we made our way home and unpacked the shopping and then I made a pot of tea, later Karen made some lunch and we caught up with a bit of what I recorded yesterday before Escape to the Country came on. As the afternoon progressed my back eased and I just made sure I was comfortable so we can go out tomorrow.

Now that the family own Paradise House and it is a guesthouse and Gen has come home to help out but then her mother decides things are not as rosy as she likes and takes time out to "find herself" and Genevieve ends up running the B&B. This is not an easy task given that her father has become a magnet for the opposite sex and then there's little help from her sisters; Nattie is too busy offending a long-time admirer, and Polly spends most of her time with her head in the clouds or a book.


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I had an average day for Easter Sunday. However, my sister had a great time. She and her husband had Easter dinner with friends. The children of both couples are all in their early twenties, so instead of hiding easter eggs they hid bottles of hard cider and craft beer.

We have been very busy bees today. Once we were up and dressed we had breakfast and then started moving the pictures in the dining room into the living room and then moved some of the furniture towards the centre of the room so we could start decorating. I got the paint out of the garage and the cloths to cover the furniture and then I did the small ceiling near the patio doors. I edged the walls so Karen could start painting those and I did the bigger part of the ceiling towards the living room. We had tea stops along the way and then I did parts that Karen couldn't reach before getting the feature wall paint out and then I did the two parts of the feature wall.


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Once Karen and Amy came out of the post office we had a mooch around Selby before heading back to Amy's. Once back we had a pot of tea and chatted and then Karen and Amy made us all some lunch and we continued chatting, while doing this the sky darkened and the rain came down. For the next two hours it rained on and off quite heavily and was raining when we decided to make our way home.

We continued wandering around the centre of Otley and popped into a couple of shops, Karen went off to a clothes shop and I popped into The St Gemma's Hospice shop and came out with two books. After a bit more wandering we made our way back to the car and then headed to the Garden centre to pick up some plants. We got some bedding plants and some for the hanging baskets and a lovely Patio Rose, we also looked at some Acer's as this is what I want to put at the top of the back garden when I have cleared the old stumps from the trees that used to be there. Karen wants Acer Bloodgood and I saw a lovely Acer Osakazuki, both are a decent size and so cost a reasonable amount, we are looking at £65 for both of them so we might make them our Christmas presents to each other. Once we had got what we wanted we made our way to the till and paid for our plants and then made our way home.


We had just missed one bus and so had 20 minutes to wait so thought we would have a quick drink of coffee from the thermos flask but it turned out that the flask had broken so we had to throw the coffee away. Once in Lancaster we called into a coffee shop near to the drop off point, the coffee shop had some bad reviews but we thought we would ignore them and trust our own judgement, sadly the reviews were correct.

Once home I made us a pot of tea as we were ready for a drink and then while I brought the washing in Karen put fresh bedding on our bed. Once we had done these jobs we made ourselves something to eat and then I finished my book while Karen watched a couple of programmes we had recorded.


I'm gonna have to get shortcuts all in one place and post a screenshot like DRDNA did. I test games personally so I know exactly what is needed when I build a system for a gaming customer.

But who is it that runs the show, the man behind the curtain. You know him as DarkUFO and he works tirelessly to bring everyone who loves television the chance to get involved, communicate and further enhance the TV experience.


SpoilerTV was born from your love of LOST and the creation of the DarkUFO Blog. What were your first experiences of LOST and how did that lead to creating DarkUFO?

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Sorry to hear your back is flaring up again. I am glad you know your limits and are not comparing yourself to anyone else. Good thing you and Karen have each other!


We have had a lovely day today, the alarm went off and I went and made us a pot of tea and put a dark load of washing on and then took the tea upstairs so we could have it in bed and once this was finished we got up, washed and dressed and then made our way downstairs. Once downstairs we made breakfast and a pot of tea and once we were fed and watered Karen put the washing on the airers and then we got in the car and headed for Hebden Bridge.

I made a pot of tea and read for a bit before making myself something to eat, I grilled six slices of bacon and cooked a tin of baked beans and had a nice feast. I had time for a pot of tea and a bit more reading before going to pick Rob up from the station. He quickly got changed and left to go see Louise and is staying overnight so that he can take Hannah to school in the morning. I am picking Hannah up from school tomorrow afternoon and we will have her for a few hours before taking her to pick Rob up from the station tomorrow night and taking them back to Louise's where his car will be.


Ria is a nice lady and what she has done to the pub over the last few years has galvanized the village and she has supported many events and now we have a few things happening. All this is linked to the library which was to be closed but volunteers took over and they have enhanced the library with lots of groups springing up from within the library and village events are taking place and are very well supported by the village and outsiders.

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I checked Rob's size and I told Amy I would pay for the t-shirts for us all and we have all got a different one. Hopefully they will continue to their 50th anniversary and we will go by hook or by crook.


I think some people will be a bit afraid and I did ask Amy what she wanted to do and if Rob had been able to come I would have asked him the same thing, it is up to the individual to decide and whichever way they decide is up to them. I didn't think an attack would take place so close but with the increased security and we made sure we felt safe we said the terrorists were not going to win.

We got up and dressed and then stripped our bed for fresh clean bedding and then we went downstairs and set a white load off to wash. Karen made porridge for both of us and I made a pot of tea. When the washing finished I put it on the line which proved a bit much for my back. We were finishing a pot of tea before we went out when a neighbour came across for a quick chat, she was going into hospital later in the day for surgery. Karen made coffee all round and we chatted for about 40 minutes which helped me to recover a bit.


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I must have been editing my post when you were answering me, John. I hope things improve for you soon.

I got to the field and they had started, it must be a 1pm start this season I thought it was 1/30pm, I went into the new pavilion for the first time and I must say it is a really good building. It has taken the club a long time to get the funding but it has been worth the wait, I got a pot of tea and then settled down in a nice comfy chair to watch the game. After a while I decided to have a alcoholic drink and had a nice bottle of Corona lager and then later had another pot of tea. I left when the South Kirkby innings had finished and had time to have a pot of tea and a read before going to pick Karen up from work.


When I went to bed last night I was in quite a bit of pain and after reading while I finished my pot of tea I had to move into the spare bed so I could lay on my back and not cause Karen to have a bad nights sleep. Luckily Rob was over with Louise so I had a spare bed to go into. I was so tired that I dropped off to sleep and did not move until Karen came in this morning. I felt reasonably ok and went and made us a pot of tea which we had in bed before we got up, washed and dressed.

I read for a while and then did a bit of pottering in the garden and then read some more. Karen got the ironing done and we had some cake and a pot of tea and then she did a bit of knitting. Later Karen made me a late Sunday lunch and she had a small snack as she was meeting a couple of work colleagues for a meal at the local carvery and a chat. While she was out I read some more before firing the laptop up.


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I'm glad your back is better, although constant back pain is awful. I've had back pain off and on since a car wreck when I was 21, 43 years ago. Now it seems to be reasonable, but sometimes it flares up something fierce.

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Karen decided to try the top on rather than taking it home and then finding out it didn't fit and then me having to take it back, as it happened the top didn't fit and they didn't have it in the next size. We then made our way home and once home I put the second load of washing on the line and then made us a pot of tea. We had a relaxing afternoon, I read and Karen did some knitting and put the buttons on the cardigan she finished yesterday. We had something to eat and another pot of tea and I read while Karen pottered about before she went to get ready as she was going to a retirement do for a colleague on the George department at work.


My dad loved Harry Bosch and Michael Connelly among other authors, but he has failed to appeal to me or my husband. We've been having some pretty rainy weather here too, John.

Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the concert, John. Do you think there were less people than there would have been after Manchester?


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At AmeriCab Taxi our goal is excellent taxi service to the Magnonia Park community. We hire only professional drivers who are courteous, safe and pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of Palm Beach County and the surrounding South Florida area.

I made my self something to eat and continued reading until Rob arrived home. He wanted to use the printer so I assisted with this and he made us both a pot of tea and we had a natter before he left for a junior cricket meeting. I put a pizza in the oven and read until it was ready, I had my pizza and read for a while before coming on here. I am just going to leave to pick Karen up from work and then will come back on here for an hour or so.


Amy has not heard from the interview she had last Thursday but has been told not to worry as they have had a few candidates to interview as there are two jobs going. She has applied for a job in Hull which has a very good salary with it so fingers crossed she gets an interview.

Painkiller resurrection patch 44 lagu

It has continued to rain here in Alabama. This is the third day of rain and now it has cooled off. It seems to me that we are getting our spring weather when we should be starting on our summer weather. I think our climate is mixed up, no matter what a certain man in Washington says.


After dropping Karen off I made my way home and did a couple of bits and took the vacuum and duster upstairs ready to do the housework when I got back from meeting Paul. Once this was done I set off into Wakefield and got parked up and then got some cash from the cash machine for me and Karen before heading to Costa Coffee to meet Paul. I had just got in and was nearly served when I spotted Paul approaching the coffee shop so I waited for him then placed and paid for our order. We had to sit outside at first but then it started to rain so we headed back inside hoping to get a table and luckily one was available.

After trying on the clothes we made our way back home and I made us a pot of tea and then Karen made some buns and a tea loaf. Once the buns and cake were in the oven Karen made us both something to eat and I made us a pot of tea. After we had eaten I read for a while and Karen got the baking out of the oven and put it to one side to cool down before she decorated the buns. Before long it was time for me to go and pick Hannah up from school, while I was out Karen decorated the buns.


Oh, John I feel your pain, literally. I'm sure you're as sick of it as I am. I refuse to sit on my arse, but this is becoming tiresome in the extreme. I hope yours clears up enough to enjoy your trip,on Thursday. My love to you both; happy birthday to Karen a a little hug for yourself.

I dropped Karen off at work and then went to the recycle centre to get rid of the building rubble and then went into town to do some banking. Once I had done in town I made my way home and had a pot of tea whilst watching the news and getting more information about last nights events. I set the DVD up again for the Chelsea Flower show programmes and then got on with some more brick cleaning. Again I had a break with a pot of tea and read a chapter before resuming outside. After another tea and read break I went and did the upstairs cleaning, the bedrooms and bathroom got done before a tea break and a biscuit, a piece of cake and some flapjack and then decided to fill the boot with all my old art magazines that I got out of the loft a few weeks ago. Once this was done I resumed brick cleaning with a tea and read break and then did one last brick cleaning before going to the Asda recycle area to get rid of the magazines and juice cartons and some old clothes I found in the garage. Unfortunately I could only dispose of the cartons and clothes as the paper was rammed full. I got back and had a Thai meal before going into the shower to get cleaned and to get some heat to the base of my back.


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It has been a pretty good day, we had a lie in with a pot of tea in bed before getting up and having porridge and a pot of tea. I put a dark load of washing on and then read for a while. Once the washing was done I put it on the line and then continued reading. Once it got to 11/30am it was time to take Karen to work, after I dropped her off I set off into Wakefield. I stopped off at the retail park to go to Pets at Home to pick up some food and arthritis tablets for Leo and then went into the city centre and parked up. First stop after parking up was to the bank to do some banking and then I needed to call and get some Zippo lighter fuel and then head to Debenhams to pick up the perfume Karen had ordered. Last stop was the chemist to get some surgical spirit and then I made my way home.

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Once I had done the bill etc I got home and had a pot of tea and read for a bit before getting on with the oiling of the Oak furniture and then did a bit of pottering about outside. I had to oil the top of the TV unit later as I needed to put a stool in front of it so I could move the TV. I had a sandwich after I had oiled the furniture so Karen wouldn't nag me for not eating.


Katy Perry Fans International

TV is seeing a loss in viewers nowadays as more and more people move online. Can TV survive and where do you see the future in the type of programming covered on SpoilerTV?

Well it appears I have been stupid and now paying for it. We had a steady morning and then I took Karen to work. After dropping Karen off I headed into town to take Karen' watch to the jewellers for a battery, as it is her best watch which we got from the money left to her from her dad it needs to go to a licensed jeweller that deals with LONGINES watches. I had to leave it with them for a while so I went for a wander, I went to Dave' books and picked up a couple of books then went to the bank to deposit a cheque and £20 before going to Boots to get their magazine.


Channel 4 in the UK aired about 4-5 episodes back to back and the Wife and I both fell in love with it and could not get enough. After this I managed to download all the episodes from the US as we could not wait a week for the next episode. We managed to watch them all in a matter of days I believe.

Painkiller - Recurring Evil

I try to keep myself active as much as possible, I have to be careful with what I do as I am soon in pain so I do little and often although some jobs that have to be done can't be done in small chunks. After a nice warm spell this latest bit of weather is a bit of a shock to the system just to let us know that winter hasn't quite finished. We always go by an old maxim of never casting a clout until May is out so while some have been wandering about in shorts and summer wear it has not been that warm and it has to be cracking the flags before I get my shorts out, lol.


Hellgate london patch 0.6 firefox

Once finished eating I got back on with the gravel and some brick cleaning before it was time to go and pick Rob up from the station. Once back with Rob, he quickly got changed and went to see the junior cricket match and I had a microwave curry. Once I had eaten I carried on with the last bucketful of gravel to be washed and then place around the magnolia. I must say it looks so much better but I was in a bit of pain when I had finished and had little energy left.

I was so excited to see this episode, and though it was a smart way to do it without making it pointless, I'm a little bummed it's all about Randall because I would've loved to see the impact on Kate and Kevin's lives in this alternative universe. It had some heartbreaking moments, the same way seeing Jack at Kate's wedding last time hit me hard, but this was not really that.


Love and hugs to you and yours, John. My heart goes out to all of you at this awful time.

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While Hannah was watching the DVD Karen made us something to eat and then I made us a pot of tea. Time seemed to pass quickly and then it was time to take Hannah to pick Rob up from the station and then I took them home. I dropped Rob and Hannah off and made my way home and I finished a chapter before coming on here.


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First stop was the post office, I waited outside as there was a queue, while waiting I was stood in a world of my own when a lady in her early thirties approached me and asked if I was ok, I replied that I was and that I was in a world of my own while waiting for my wife and daughter. It was nice of the lady to show concern as I could have been in a bit of trouble and needed help and I thanked her for this. Not many people would do this and I have not seen something like this or maybe she thought I was older than I am with my walking stick.

We have had a relaxing Sunday, after breakfast Karen decided to do some baking and made chocolate flapjack and a lemon drizzle cake. I had to pop out to get some more eggs and baking butter but that has not been used as the cake she was going to make needed a bit of time and with quite a bit of ironing to do she decided to leave that cake until Wednesday.


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As most of you probably know, we now have a YouTube Channel. Despite only running for just over 2 years we've already run up some impressive stats.

Embassy staffer Lisa Rhodes takes the call and passes it on to Col. Sam Hollis and this sets off a search for the young man and ultimately to the Charm School, but what is the Charm School and what does it mean to the security of the USA or lack of security.


I also track the number of pages read and my target is 1 million and I should reach the halfway mark sometime next year. The figure that I am wary of is the number of pages to be read based on the books on the TBR pile which is perilously close to the 1 million mark and I am determined to keep it below for as long as I can.

Search only Virus Problem

Rob washed mine when he did his on Tuesday but when looking at it he had missed lots of places and although he vacuumed his he did not do mine. I meant to vacuum it during the morning but got way laid and then thought they will think I am a bit of a mucky devil, wonder if they took pity on me when they saw it, lol.


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Sorry to hear about your back playing up, John. I hope it is back to normal now.

Worldshift patch 1.0.9 firefox

Hmm, sounds like you were doing a lot of work outside when you said you were taking it easy. No wonder your back was acting up in the end. Take it easy and enjoy the Kiss concert.


Il2 1946 patch 4 09m firefox

It has been another lovely warm and sunny day here, I got up and made us a pot of tea in bed before getting up and sorting myself out with breakfast so I could dash off and do the weekly shop to get back for when the hairdresser arrived. I set off to the supermarket and then got a call from Rob, I had passed him and he was wondering where I was going so I turned around when I could and headed home. We had a miss communication problem and I had forgotten he was coming here and I would be taking him to the station, apparently when he arrived and told his mum she was laughing at the thought of Rob thinking, where's me dad going.

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Dear John, Holding you in the light. I'm so sorry that your back pain is nagging. Those who do not live with chronic pain, are not only fortunate, but also don't really have a clue about the every day challenges to put one foot in front of the other.

Congratulations for Amy's job offer. Looks like things are starting to look up for your family, John.


We have had a pretty good day, we had a lie-in with a pot of tea before getting up, washed and dressed. Once downstairs we put a load of washing on after I had taken out a load from last night, I put the washing on the line while Karen made porridge for breakfast. We had our breakfast and a pot of tea before popping into town so Karen could pick up a top she had ordered from Debenhams. While Karen went for her top I picked up the Sunday Times as it was publishing the annual Rich List and I wanted to find out if I was on it, ha ha if only and I picked up a rail magazine and a picture book for Hannah that Rob had given me a token for.

I'm sorry that your back gives you pain for most of the year. Warmer climes and bookshop opportunities are wonderful goals.


This is a traumatic case for Maisie and brings back the horrors of the War to end all Wars, which it didn't, the reader finds out how we treated our returning soldiers after they had done their duty for King and Country. Sadly nothing seems to change a hundred years later.

Finished book Thirty-Four a couple of hours ago, Paradise House by Erica James. This tells the tale of the Baxter Family who are from Shropshire and holiday at Angel Sands in Wales every year. Mr Baxter is a farmer so only spends one week with the family then goes back to the farm and his wife and the girls stay on for two more weeks. Eventually Serena Baxter persuades her husband to sell the family farm when Paradise House comes up for sale and he will do anything for his lovely wife but this is a big decision as the farm has been in the family for generations.


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Book Twenty-Eight finished an hour ago, Trunk Music by Michael Connelly, this is the fifth in the Harry Bosch Series. In this it sees Harry Bosch back in Homicide after disciplinary leave, the Homicide teams have been re-assigned into teams of three with a team leader. Harry has been made a team leader and with his team has been called to the wooded hills overlooking the Hollywood Bowl where a white Rolls-Royce sits. Inside the trunk of the Rolls is a corpse, in what looks like a simple case of Trunk Music - a Mafia hit where the victim is shot in his own vehicle. As Harry and his team begin investigations the name of the victim is found out and it appears that the Mafia weren't the only ones after movie producer Tony Aliso. Harry informs the Organised crime dept as he should but they pass on this and so it is down to Harry and the team to find out who killed Mr Aliso.

After our hair was done and Bridget had left we tidied up and had a pot of tea before we popped out so Karen could pick up a couple of bits that Asda didn't have. Once we got back we had a pot of tea and caught up on a few programmes that I had recorded before Karen made a late lunch. Once we had eaten we continued watching some more recorded programmes before the news came on, while I watched our local news Amy rang and had a chat with Karen and then I had to go and pick Rob up from the station.


Tomorrow we are going to see an old school friend of Karen's, Janet and her husband Andrew live just outside Settle in North Yorkshire. We will pop into Skipton first before going into Settle and then onto Janet's for about 2/30pm. We will be going for a bite to eat in their local pub which is very nice we have been informed so that will be nice We are both looking forward to tomorrow and I will let you all know how the day went.

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I'm not sure it will ever match the sheer size of DarkUFO. The Lost finale had 1/7 Million hits in the 24hrs following the episode. SpoilerTV currently gets around 200,000 hits per day.


We are a team my dear and as long as I've got Karen everything is ok and we just get on with things. It was good to look back at what I've read while typing my lists up but it took longer than I thought, just want to make sure that the 1,000th is a good read dear friend, sending love and hugs.

Not at the moment, I'm enjoying running the site too much to think about anything else. The site gives me time to play poker and make an income. I’m probably going to setup a “tech” blog to help others who run blogs and similar sites which has useful info and insights although this won’t detract at all from my main focus of SpoilerTV.


We have had a nice relaxing day culminating in a lovely meal at the new refurbished restaurant in our village Pub. The restaurant is names Lock Eleven as it is near the site of the locks on the old Barnsley canal that ran through Walton many years ago. Karen had the Lamb rump and it was divine and I had pan fried Sea Bass fillets in a Spinach, Leek and Clam sauce with Cavolo Nero. It is the best Sea Bass I have had for a vey long time and this new eaterie has raised the bar for the ones already up and running nearby. We wished Ria and her team all the best and will be going back soon as the food and atmosphere is great. We have known Ria since she was born, living across from us when we moved to Walton and it is nice to see a local girl doing well with her business. This is one for Paul and Hani to pay a visit to when they come back to the UK. Karen has had a wonderful birthday with nice presents and cards from family and friends and lots of good wishes on here and Facebook.

Having lots of fun with this game. Nonstop action with this series of third person shooters. I am in the first episode and am anticipation the next two chapters. The graphics are phenomenal and the storyline does not get boring.


Karen is working over the Easter holidays, all staff have to work two of the Bank Holidays so although she works Fridays and Mondays tomorrow and Monday are bank holidays so she is doing them and that's her two done for the year and the remaining Bank Holidays are Mondays so she will not work them but still get paid. So she does 10am to 6pm tomorrow, 12 noon to 5pm on Saturday, we are having Amy and Andy over for Easter Sunday lunch and then she works 12 noon until at least 8pm on Monday. I will be busy tomorrow but hope to get some quality reading done on Saturday and then I will see if there are any Antique fairs to go to on Monday otherwise I will potter about and do some reading. Sending love and hugs to you my dear friend.

I do hope your back is feeling better. I am off to take lunch to my daughter, Kelly and to meet her new puppy, Savannah.


When I got back with the shelves I put a pie in the oven and did more book sorting and storing while my pie cooked. I stopped after 25 minutes and warmed up my plate of vegetables in the microwave and then warmed up my gravy and by the time this was done my pie was ready. I had my meal and then made a pot of tea and continued my job of book sorting. I got the books sorted and stored on the bookcases by 8pm and then put the other books in the loft and then put back the dolls houses, the old stereo and other bits into the bedroom. I put the vinyl storage in the loft and had time to make a pot of tea in the travelling mug for Karen before I set off to pick her up. By this time I was in a lot of pain with my back, luckily it was my patch change night but I knew that as soon as I was back with Karen I would have to go straight to bed, this did not happen. When I got back with Karen we had a pot of tea and chatted about our respective days and then I made us a pot of tea to take to bed and we headed upstairs at 10pm. Karen changed my patches (read here) and I had my painkiller (official website) but knew I would have a difficult time dropping off to sleep. It took me until 1/30am to drop off as I was in a lot of pain.

We had a really lovely day yesterday, after we had breakfast we put our things in the car and headed off, we had to stop off before we got to the motorway to check a couple of things out and then made our way to Skipton. We got parked up and then had a good mooch around calling in one or two shops before having a coffee stop. Once we had had our drink we continued on our way and Karen picked up a nice summer top. We made our way up the high street and called into the Oxfam bookshop and we picked up a couple of books. We continued our mooch and once done made our way back to the car and had a small snack and a cold drink as it was very warm and sunny.


Gideon, ends the war maimed whilst held by the Republican forces. He is disillusioned with the war but eventually joins another battle for the plight and rights of railway workers. His crusade brings him into conflict with his cousin Louis and soon learns to use Louis's own tactics.

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We have had a lovely day, once we had had our breakfast we set off to Filey, the sun was shining so everything looked good. We had little trouble with traffic and managed to get parked up in Filey. We began to have a look around and then realised we needed some cash, the first cash machine was temporarily not working, the second one had no cash so I left Karen to look in a couple of shops while I popped to the supermarket to use their machine.


Once home I made a pot of tea and then read the Yorkshire Post before settling down with my book interspersed with a couple of pots of tea. I made a pot of tea in the travel mug for Karen and then set off to pick her up, she welcomed the drink as she needed some fluid and then she could have a small bite to eat before she got ready to go out to her school reunion. It is 40 years since they left high school and this is the first reunion of the class of 77. I dropped Karen off at the hotel and made my way back home, once home I made a pot of tea and finished my book and selected another one.