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There is an effective way to avoid running out of fuel along the way, that is, you put the fuel bunkers scattered in space. Calculate the journey to match the rocket’s fuel volume, connect to the fuel chambers and then continue your journey. Use landing pins, two-stage motors or solar batteries to safely land on the planets.


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Did you ever see a dream to fly in the sky with powerful combat helicopter (see this page) and super-fast air jet? If yes then prepare yourself now to takeoff for supremacy challenge. The world most immersive and action-packed combat helicopter game has arrived on google play store. It is time to make your dream true because the amazing combat chopper are at your fingertips. Helicopter gunship (blog link) fight is on action, take control of the powerful war helicopters (visit) and launch the attacks on the most dangerous terrorists now!

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Perform air strike in modern air combat fighter aircraft to save your city in modern warzone arena perform air force attack to become a fighter air force pilot. This aim and shoot jet combat game called Air Force Jet Attack provides thunder jet fighters from assault Rafale to MIG-29. Control air supremacy jet fighter plane in air combat arena by jet fighter air attack to make yourself universal star and bravo pilot and to save your city from bloody enemy. Take control of fighting aircraft endless dogfight chase in modern air attack deadly missions to shoot and fire rockets on bloody enemy. Eliminate them from your country and prove you are real sky gambler using your surviving and dodging skills with this jet fighter plane simulator.

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Air Force Jet Attack is real jet fighter air battle (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4900) that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experience. If you like extreme action games then this jet fighter mania is immensely action packed to feel intense combat warzone in the middle of enemy crossfire. Show the world how to restore peace with your heavily armed airplanes.


Take enemy’s tanks and machine guns under thunder fighter jet air attack becoming a jet pilot and perform air force surgical strike before it attacks and destroys your jet fighter. Shoot down enemy’s military gunship helicopter (browse this site), missile towers, watch towers and fighter warplanes with power of modern weapons of your ultra combat jet in modern warzone arena. Modern jet fighter air attack from air to air and air to ground tests aiming and shooting skills in thrilling aircraft combat game with modern ammunition. Aim and shoot on enemy, fire rockets on tanks and anti-aircraft guns before they get clear shot on you in air combat arena.

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Venus is the second closest planet to the sun. It is smaller than Earth but the atmosphere is bigger than 10 km. You can land more easily, but travelling on it is difficult. Aerodynamic engines are a great choice if you want to explore this planet.


Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Be careful, this planet has no atmosphere. Distance, gravity, and air are factors that make you difficult for landing.

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You don’t need to be a genius or someone who has a large knowledge about the universe to play this game. All you need to do is explore the vast universe with your spaceship. Although the game is realistic, it does not mean it limit creativity. The game gives you a message: this universe is vast and without limits, you can go anywhere without being blocked by an invisible wall.


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The control pad and button are all inperfect finger reach. The full keypad is very easy to select. Theopening screen is just like someone said. The Jaguar logo scales inand you hear the jaguar growl, the individual ATARI letters fall infrom different directions and the little ATARI theme song plays. Thethey split apart and the cube with the photographic image of thejaguar animals rotates around. The box and all the manuals have thesame cover with the logo and the cateyes. It also come with a posterthat looks like the box with some screen shots along the bottom. Theback of the poster and manual just show you how to hook the unit ofabout a million different ways. The carts are curved just a little sothat they are easy to get in and out.

Get ready for an intense navy combat with this epic sea battle (site link). In Navy Gunship 2: Elite Sniper, shoot down the enemies who are about to breach your sea territory from your gunship helicopter (https://kislovoadmin.ru/content/uploads/files/download/gunship-battle-helicopter-3d-hack-v10-adobe.zip). Be the best sniper shooter and destroy all the naval battleships in enemy fleet in your army helicopter.


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When I play this game, I like the construction of a spacecraft. This is the dream of many people after watching the Star Wars series. Even so, the cost of unlocking missile components is not cheap. Many functions and planets have not been unlocked. If necessary, you can download Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked All) via the link below the article.

Have you any experience in airplane games flying? Let’s play and enjoy the role of flight pilot in this airplane games simulator. Take control of your airplane games offline. Fly planes in the sky and complete the airplane game missions. Your task in this plane simulator game is to fly an airplane in the air and complete the circles. This pilot game has high-quality graphics and detailed airplanes. You will need excellent pilot skills to take off the flight. Landing is a tough job for a pilot, you will learn flight landing experience. Enjoy the experience of an airplane pilot. It is a new way to test your perfect plane driving skills in airplane games.

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The Sun is the center of the solar system, the planet has the largest temperature in the universe. In Spacelight Simulator, your ship is not destroyed when approaching the sun, but the sun’s gravity can attract you and cause your ship to freeze when you reach 200000 Mm.


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Perhaps I don’t need to introduce more about this planet. This is the only planet with life in the solar system. Some of the achievements you can achieve when landing on Earth like reaching 5 km, reaching 15 km, enter the sphere of influence, transcending the sphere of influence of Earth.