To view documents created with Visio, it's no longer necessary for you to have the full application installed on your computer. With the free Visio Viewer, you'll be capable of seeing the drawings and diagrams created with this application on your Internet Explorer browser.

  • In that you cannot distribute the interactive variety of Visio over the web
  • It would be good if there were more options for outputing in Visio
  • Unfortunately, I currently only have a copy of Visio 2002, SP2
  • Intelligent layout using Visio connectors

Themes affect your entire color scheme. While you can easily customize every element, a theme ensures you get a more professional flow throughout. You can choose from a variety of colors as well.


Multiple layers will be hidden or shown. If the minus character precedes a layer it will be hidden.

With backgrounds, you can create a custom background or add an image to ensure your diagram fits with your company or brand. This is also great if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer and want to keep your name visible.


Storyboards transfer well into the world of the user interface. With a storyboard we can present as frames each step in a sequence of user interactions. Viewing the interaction in a story format helps to refine the interaction and provide feedback for user testing.

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Zeplin has financed its growth by reinvesting profits back into the company and has avoided external interests

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It is important to remember that the layers in Visio—not the individual shapes—are what get hidden or shown

In the interest of getting you into storyboarding as early as possible in this article, I skipped some very important details on how to manage and manipulate layers directly in Visio. Let’s look at how to manage Visio layers.


Storyboards were originally conceived at Disney Studios about seventy years ago. They are a sequential series of illustrations or rough sketches, sometimes including captions of events. Storyboards provide a synopsis for a proposed story (or a complex scene) involving its action and characters (see “storyboard” at ).

The reason for this is Visio allows you to associate a macro with a double-click event

You might be tempted to think that if you have five interaction steps then you will always have five layers to manage. But that really depends on how fine-grained the interaction will be. Since an interaction step can turn on or off one or more layers, there is not always a one-to-one correspondence between the number of steps and the number of layers.


In our example, we need to show the text as selected in step 2b but remove the selection during step 3. This requires us to control the selection individually. To do this, we create a layer that only contains the selection—allowing us to control its visibility in turn.

In the world of RIAs, wireframes are still a very powerful tool. Information still must be structured and its relative importance must be presented. However, with the deepening of the interaction dimension, it becomes more challenging to illustrate to clients, developers, and users how the intended interface will behave. This is due in part to the wireframe's static nature. It also becomes more challenging to test early designs with users since wireframes do not naturally simulate the more complex interactions of an RIA.


Now that the Format:Layer tool is located on the toolbar, you will find that the drop-down list of layers provides a nice way for viewing on which layer a currently selected shape resides. In addition, by selecting a new layer from the drop-down list, it will change the selected shape’s associated layer.

Activate by phone or Internet

Colors, text, and icons to simplify complex information. Take advantage of one-step connectivity with Excel tables and swap data graphics to your preference with one click. Get started with Visio instantly using pre-designed professional diagrams.


The storyboard stencil library provides a way to associate a storyboard frame (or step) with a given set of layers that can be turned on or off. In this manner we can create a crude animation (much like a children's flip-book) that walks through the steps of an interaction.

Layers are managed using the View:Layer Properties menu command. The Layer Properties Window that pops up allows you to add, delete, rename and manage the visibility of layers. Note that without the Storyboard stencil library you would have to use this window to turn layers on and off for each step. Obviously this would make animating an interface very tedious as well as distracting because you would have to set each one yourself.

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Smart shapes: Use visual cues to represent metadata embedded in Visio (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=1191) shapes. Metadata such as dimension changes, the visualization updates automatically.


The great thing about Visio is that it is easy to try different layouts and alternatives

The five interaction steps described earlier are modeled with five storyboard steps. The storyboard name will reset the animation. Each storyboard step will hide and show layers to simulate the user interaction.

You’re probably used to hearing about Microsoft Word and Excel, but what about Microsoft Visio? While it’s geared more toward enterprise level users, anyone who needs to create flowcharts or detailed diagrams will find this to be one of the best tools to get the job done. Plus, it’s part of Microsoft Office, so getting around will feel familiar if you’re already used to Office.


Since it’s part of the Microsoft family, it also integrates well with other Microsoft apps. For instance, it can pull data directly from Excel or Access.

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To make it easier to get the exact look you want, Visio includes different types of views and guides

Different templates will have different shapes available. This is another benefit of starting with templates: you won’t be so overwhelmed by choices.

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