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Destroy the gold pedestals on the left to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a rotary handle, then turn it to lower the barrier behind you. Head down, then destroy the glowing statue to reveal a rune panel. Use it to knock the blocks out of the wall, then use magic to place them in the correct order, revealing a portal.

Since awakening materials come in limited supplies, you will want to transcend your team in an efficient manner. The general idea is to transcend all members to a baseline of T2 to be able to reach level 90 and then prioritize your main dealer to T5 before anyone else. You should also consider if a hero needs a particular milestone to optimally function. For example, Miruru wants to be T3 to become a CC machine.


Start doing T6 dragons to 5 star awaken the sets you made with the T6 tickets. The raid should be very easy but if you are having difficulties, then it may be an indicator that you need to grind for levels.

Runes of Magic spots available

This is the second most important section of this guide so as a warning, it will be quite long. Gear is what makes up like 90% of a hero’s potential. By acquiring a solid gear set for your main dealer, their DPS can jump upwards of 10 times of what they are doing without gear.


At the inn, you may also find heroes that you already own. By completing their friendship level, you unlock special conversations with them but more importantly, they will give you free items next time they show up at the inn with a completed meter.

The pits are easy at first but getting harder with every level. The level of the rewards are increased as you progress through the dungeons. You need to complete a level to go to the next one. YOu can fight through the completed levels again 3 times a day. Item box guarantees socked item.


Below I am listing all the 4 sub-servers and then go one by one for clash of magic apk download

The design is not tilted toward doing one or the other, though it may be depending on character chosen. Most modern designs I see tend to choose PvP or PvE and only have a token version of the other in it. This is a game with robust and devious options for both.

Runes of Magic Character

There are huge difficulty walls upon reaching chapter 7 and then again on chapter 8. While you are advancing through the early chapters, try to keep the level of your team at the same level as the enemies you are facing. Also make sure to awaken your heroes accordingly since the level cap of your hero raises with each awakening. If you are using heroes that are not part of the main team you planned out, do not hesitate to get them to 5 star awakened, which brings the level cap to 70. The amount of resources used to do so is relatively small compared to fully transcending a hero.


The simple answer to this is anything goes, especially for a waifu/husbando simulator such as this game. The only content in the game where synergy is especially important is boss content, since your goal is to do as much damage as possible. For the most part, general PvE is easy enough to do where you do not need the damage amplification to clear them. Just make sure you are aware of the disadvantages if you plan to go hybrid.

This might because of your Internet connection. Try to switch to a different network. Eg. Switching from wifi to mobile data or vise versa. Also, you can try to switch to a different host.


When starting out, you can simply use Clause, Mirianne, Cleo and Frey to go through all of chapters 1 to 6. As you complete each chapter, you will receive hero selector tickets which allow you to receive additional heroes and create your “endgame” team of 4. Replace heroes that coincide with their roles as you see fit. For reference, Clause is your tank, Cleo is your sub-dealer (not really one), Mirianne is your main dealer and Frey is your support.

Runes of Magic Account

As a final warning, if you are concerned about meta picks, go and ask around about who to use. It is not common for players to regret not picking X hero since they feel entitled to being able to do everything in the game. Every hero in this game is usable and you can do 90% of content with them; just don’t expect to do the most challenging content or topping rankings. If you aren’t so concerned about meta picks and want to play casually, then simply choose whoever you like but be aware of what their flaws are.


Gods Unchained Guide: Investing In The First Blockchain TCG

Tip, android gameplay secrets: equip higher level runes to increase your combat attributes. Healing scrolls can be used to immediately recover HP. Collect enough gold to get goblin rewards! If you don’t have enough gold, try killing some monsters to make some. Pay attention to the magic barrier on the map. This is the white circle on your map. When the timer reaches zero, the magic barrier will begin to shrink. Make sure to stay inside the magic barriers at all times. If you step outside it, you’ll take continuous damage from the valley’s poisonous gases.

Wizards can be found throughout Runespan. Players can gain Runecrafting experience as a reward from finding the wizard wearing yellow robes. It is possible to teleport directly to a yellow wizard using a yellow wizard teleport tablet, which may be purchased for 1,000 Runespan points, or an infinity ethereal body. Alternatively, speak to any of the wizards wearing blue robes or Wizard Finix to be told what direction the yellow wizard is currently located and to display an arrow which will indicate the yellow wizard's location. After locating the yellow wizard players can use a maximum of 10 runes on him to receive an experience reward. With at least level 77 Runecrafting players should give the wizard the type of rune that he request that the player gives to him. Players with level 76 or less Runecrafting should give the yellow wizard the highest level rune that they are able to craft. Players can be awarded up to 7,524 experience, with level 99 Runecrafting. This Distraction and Diversion can be completed every 10 minutes and first occurs 10 minutes after the player enters Runespan. A message in the player's chatbox will notify them when they become able to give the yellow wizard runes again, unless the player chooses not to help the wizard.


This dragon doable for both damage types. All you need to do is bring AoE heroes like Artemia, Nyx or Miruru to clear slimes. Other than that, the fight itself is pretty much the same as normal poison dragon though he is much tankier because of his crit resistance. You may want to use heroes such as Lavril to lower its crit resist but honestly it does not matter since it just means it takes longer to kill it.

Kings Raid Guild War Guide

Alternatively, you can also convert the bonus stats on a rune using gold and magic powder. Both these options can be accessed under the equip tab of the hero’s window. Artifacts are much harder to obtain than all other types of gears and are also more difficult to upgrade as it requires sacrificing other artifacts to do so.


Starting with the direct server app file download and then launcher. You can select from both accordingly. Below I am listing all the 4 sub-servers and then go one by one for clash of magic apk download.

Another PvP mode but this requires you to have 12 heroes since it works in a captain’s draft mode. The fights are exactly like in League of Victory but this takes much longer to do since you have to pick your team every time. Other than climbing the ranks and getting rewards, the most important reason you want to do league of honor is to get 1000 medals of honor and purchase 200 unique treasure fragments every week. Conveniently, 1000 medal of honors is given as a weekly reward for participating in LoH three times making this a very easy way to farm unique treasures.


This is the worst dragon to do since there are two gimmicks to it. One is that it takes almost no damage from ranged units and the other is that you want to be dispelling the dragon to prevent his Armata’s Storm skill from activating. As a minimum requirement, only do this dragon if your main dealer is a melee hero. Afterwards, you want to raise someone who can dispel. Some heroes who have the capacity to do so are Ophelia (probably the best), Juno, Viska and Shea. This fight is quite annoying because you want to be constantly dispelling the dragon which usually involves manually controlling your heroes.

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The latest content in guild activity, guild war is essentially PvP but with a team of 3 heroes instead of 4. You set up defence teams and twice a week, you will be pitted against another guild which you will be attacking. For every team you fight (up to 4), you will receive points for your guild. Defeating a team will provide extra points and once the war is finished, the winner is decided by which guild has more points. You will receive medals which can be used to purchase various items (UW/UT tickets in particular) at the guild shop.


Until you get your shit together and really get the rules down, when you will realize what monsters are deadly for you and the ways to try to avoid them, you're going to die. On top of this, since characters are so varied, different characters have to worry about different threats and monsters. The difference between two characters may be a single asterisk on a chit, but that asterisk can make all the difference between how you play those two characters. Games like this would simply never be released today, for better or worse. Do not expect a reprint not only because Hamblen is apparently a recluse now but because this game would not be acceptable for modern audiences because of its subtlety and especially because it requires many, many plays to survive consistently. Once you get there, however, the game is almost incalculably rewarding with its variety of strategies and outcomes. Sure, maybe Z-man would like to reprint this, but he’d have to completely overhaul the game to make it easier and to make it more obvious to play for new players.

Tolkien and Middle Earth, referencing it in songs like Ramble On and Misty Mountain Hop. The Battle of Evermore tells the story of one of the final battles for Middle Earth: It talks of Sauron, “the Dark Lord rides in force tonight” and “the Ringwraiths ride in black tonight”. And of course, Frodo and the One Ring get special attention: “The magic runes are writ in gold to bring the balance back.


Amp(lification): Generally speaking, it refers to one hero’s ability to improve another’s DPS. It can also specifically refer to the total amount of “% increased damage taken” debuff the hero can apply. If used in this sense, there are other forms of buffing/debuffing that will lead to improving your team’s damage output.

At level 1 Runecrafting players can enter the lower level of Runespan using the low-level Runespan portal located within the Wizards' Tower. With levels 1-9 Runecrafting players can gain experience rates equivalent to around 16,500 experience an hour siphoning from nodes on island 1 (see map). Players can gain between 26,000 experience an hour, with level 9 Runecrafting, and 28,500 experience an hour with level 33 Runecrafting siphoning from nodes on island 16.


While clearing chapter 1, you will receive a few that will help you along the way to make clearing easier. You are given 4 heroes to start out with: Kasel, Frey, Cleo and Roi. Unlike most other gacha games, the starting heroes you get are very competitive to use in the endgame meaning it is not a bad idea to continue using them throughout the whole game. However there is a huge selection of heroes available so feel free to use whoever you want. There will be more on team building later. Upon clearing ch 1-5, you will unlock the beginner login gifts. By logging in for 15 days, you will receive a set of items that will help you with progression. On the first day, you will receive Mirianne, a 3 star assassin. Since at this point all your heroes are 1 star, swapping out Roi to use Mirianne is recommended due to having superior base stats. This will help you clear chapter 1 just a little bit faster.

Runecrafting - It is one of the most profitable skill to train for any Old School Runescape player, so if you're looking to make some OSRS gold (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8975) it is the skill for you! Runecrafting is also very beneficial to ironmen who plan on training magic (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=6370) because it allows players in the game to craft their own runes for magic (home page) spells.


Futhark Runes: Symbols and Meanings

There are three types of builds for tanks: general, full p defensive, full m defensive. General is mainly used because it becomes a pain to check what damage the enemy has and then swap gear sets constantly. Of course, this is not as strong as building defensively towards one damage type but it is good enough to use for all of chapter 9. On the other hand, most bosses do one type of damage and it is possible for them to kill your tank if using a general tank set. It is recommended to work towards a damage type focused tank set while farming T8 dragons but they are not absolutely necessary. If you do plan to do multiplayer boss content like guild conquest or challenge raid however, please do use a damage type focused set so your tank won’t suddenly die and ruin the run for your whole party.

Def, P def, M def: Increases your defence value. Lines found on gear will increase by a percentage amount of your hero’s base (own defence + defence from gear + defence from accessory). Although the exact amount of mitigation from defence is not known, this line is generally not worth investing in because it works non linearly. For example, 20% health equates to being 20% tankier but 20% p def does not necessarily mean 20% tankier. This stat also heavily relies on the base defence of the hero which varies with class. For example, priests have very low base p def so each line of p def will not give as much compared to knights who have very high base p def. Usually it is better to just stack HP for priests in this case but you do have the option of giving them a bracelet/necklace to increase their base. Even for knights, it is still not worth using this line unless you use a bracelet/necklace instead of a ring to further increase your base. Only use this stat for specific damage tank sets wearing the appropriate defence accessory. The line name “def” provides both p def and m def but at half the value of a p/m def line found on gear.


By the same token it can just as profitably be played as a pure cooperative dungeon crawler. Characters complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and have many mechanisms to help and trade with one another. Some characters are made specifically for this sort of thing (like the Wizard who has knowledge of all passages or the Dwarf who is incredibly slow and needs to follow another character to get anywhere).

Andrea Shelley Designs Futhark Runes: Symbols and Meanings Comments Feed

As for the sub-dealer, Lorraine is the most popular option but other options are Viska, Maria and Pavel. Remember that this slot is very flexible so you can do something like 2 supports (Rephy + Annette) or 2 tanks (Jane + Neraxis).


Please refer to the system requirements. If you do comply with the minimum system requirements and still the game doesn’t run then clear your game cache and then re-install it.

This game has a full system of NPCs and a market for trading. Paladins hang out at the Chapel while roving bands of Woodsfolk can appear in the woods near campfires. All can be hired by PCs, traded with or fought with. They also each sell their own particular trade items.


At a minimum, the two sections cover most of what a beginner should know but there are other things that need to be addressed if you want a complete understanding of this game. These topics are optional to read but are useful to know if you want to spend the time to read them. They will all be put in here to simplify organizing and allow for more to be added on later down the road.

Runes of Magic T1 Bot

This almost has the same ruling as supports since most of the time you are getting their UW for their ability to amp. The difference is you are more inclined to give them their weapon since they have the potential to do damage.


League of Legends: Wild Rift - Secondary Runes

Gladi: A decent dealer given how strong he is at low investment (with a 0 star UW) but he falls off in later levels of investment which is even worse since his UW is hard to get. For high level dragon raids (tier 8 stage 4+), he is one of the best dealers to use due to his innate tankiness. The main reason you want to recruit him eventually is for his NPC bonus. His bonus is a discount at the league of honor shop which sells UW. This is arguably the best bonus in the game.

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Runes of Magic top private servers list

Smaller waves are also going out between patches as the engineering team sees fit. An Open Beta period of around three months will come next, followed by full launch.

Comparatively, MTG’s deck construction aspect is amazing, but its interactions are clunky. And Hearthstone’s decks feel on rails or gimmicky, but interactions are good. GU aims for Lego-like design, but to still retain the Hearthstone levels of interaction (and make those interactions more meaningful).


Vorkath is a fairly simple boss to slay after you learn the mechanics and attacks of the boss. A map of the boat you take to get to the boss will be provided below. Although you should already know how to get there as you learn how to do so in the actual quest. It is good to note that the quest version of Vorkath is much easier compared to the post quest vorkath. Also, if you die here, you will have to pay 100k at the man near the boat to get your items back. However if you die before collecting your items then you will lose everything.

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As jarring as it may sound, getting the desired enchants is not as hard as everything leading up to this. Firstly, the list of available enchants is much smaller than the stat list for gear options. Also, you should not expect to get max value enchants but neither is it often to get values lower than the max value roll of the scroll in its preceding rarity. For example, a crit damage roll from an ancient (red) scroll can provide up to 14% crit damage while a legendary (yellow) scroll can provide up to 22% crit damage but can go as low as 12%. This means it is satisfactory to get at least 15% crit damage from the legendary scroll since it exceeds the max value for ancient scrolls. In relative sense, the chance for getting a satisfactory roll is much larger than finding a piece of gear with 4 good lines.

Hello, this is /u/SuzakuRupturePrince. Not going to go on too much about who I am but I am including my Reddit username here just so you know who to contact for questions, complaints and criticisms. To put it simply as to why this document exists, the old guide was outdated so I got permission to edit it but instead I just wrote a whole new guide because there was too much not covered in the first guide. Some parts have been taken from the old guide however because I was initially trying to just edit it.


Killing brutal black dragons is a very profitable combat task in Old school Runescape. They do require a high slayer level of 77 however once this is achieved, this money maker will surely make you a wealthy player.

Due to the fact that heals can crit (there are exceptions but do not worry about it), supports can also use the “perfect” DPS gear set under the old system. That said, gearing supports is very lenient because it does not take much attack/crit damage lines to fully heal your party. Their damage is almost non-existent so there is no need to optimize. The only must have stat for supports to have is crit chance. You can replace lines for more survivability like HP but it is really up to you. The most common build for supports is Attack, Crit, Crit Damage, HP.


The rest of the page is pretty basic. Take Perfect Timing and Magical Footwear for gold (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=8448), and Cosmic Insight for cool down reduction. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here; it’s just the most bang for your buck. For the second page, take Precision, Triumph, and Coup de Grace; they are very solid offensive runes (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=1986) for most roles. Plus, Triumph gives you a bit more gold, too!

The ULTIMATE League of Legends Beginners Guide

Emerson Gaming - RoM Discover the world of Emerson Gaming | RoM. Be one of the first and register your account now to join our Chapter 1 open beta server.


Masterwork weapons favor any character that is seeking to deals lots of Physical damage, particularly those that also deal Strength backed damage. Because the rune gives an increase to the base damage, it is more helpful on powerful two-handed weapons. This also applies to the armor slot: since heavy armor starts with more Physical armor a percentage increase is exponentially more valuable than on light armor or robes. For Mystical Frames, Wits is handy for everyone since it increases Initiative and Critical Chance. Constitution is mainly used to meet requirements for equipping shields. And the Memory boost is nice if you have a lot of skills you want to make use of at the same time.

Try to look for gear to make a general tank set. Once again, you are looking for a lot of block and HP. You could not previously do this in T6 dragons because the old gear system could only roll p block lines. Block and m block are unlocked with the new gear system. You can also look for more DPS sets (anything with 3 lines of crit, attack or crit damage) and T7 dragon scales which are used to “tier up” your T6 sets to T7. You will also want to 5 star awaken the DPS set you obtained using the T7 gear tickets.


After you have acquired the gear lines you want on gear, the next step to improve them is to put enchants on them. For each attempt, you expend an enchant scroll to get an additional random stat of random value on your gear. Enchant scrolls come in different rarities (up to legendary) and give higher stat values, the better the rarity. There are also different types of scrolls (one for each type of dragon) each having a different set of stat lines that they can give. You can see what stats are available by selecting them at the forge.

From 90 Runecrafting, players can obtain around 93k xp/hour using platforms 32, 30, 29, 27 and 25 to look for the best available nodes - these islands have less of the lower nodes common to mid-level Runespan, in favour of the high-level exclusive normal/bloody skulls, blood pools, and living/undead souls. More approximate rates once undead souls (95 Runecrafting) are available without boosting are below, with gear listed.


Many RS gold hunters will buy RS gold just to get Mud Runes. These are used in various spells and even grounded. As such, an easy way to get cheap RS gold is craft them. This guide will show you how as well as point out how to make the process more efficient. Items Runescape gold hunters need to make RS gold Crafting Mud Runes can be done as early as Runecrafting level 13, but for this guide, rsgold hunters are recommended to be at level 75. Magic (view website) should be at least 82 while Firemaking should at least be 40.

Veronica: She is one of few non-priest heroes that are used solely for their ability to amp. Though once a top tier choice in amping, she has lost her place due to having low amp uptime compared to others. Still though, she is the best amper in some cases if you can to manually use her. Her bonus is a discount at the guild shop which is not very essential but nice to have.


Although NPC heroes were not mentioned in the team building guide due to not being instantly obtainable, it is in your best interest to recruit them. Not only are they usually powerful heroes, they also give bonuses to their respective location.

Age of Wulin gold

Players with level 66 Runecrafting can access the upper level of Runespan. With 1,000 Runespan points it is possible to purchase a one time upgrade to change the mid-level Runespan portal into a portal to high level Runespan by speaking to Wizard Rinsit. If the player has at least one level 99 skill or has completed all quests then they may instead build a high-level Runespan portal in the garden of the Max guild in Prifddinas to teleport to the upper level of Runespan. With neither of these portals available players have to enter the upper level by climbing up the bone ladder found on the middle floor.


As Gods Unchained labels itself an E-sports game, the competitive scene will be heavily supported. Sometime in Q1 2021, the first Gods Unchained World Championship will take place. The prize pool is set to be $100,000 + 10% of all card pack sales, capping at $1/6 Million if the project hard-cap is reached. Entry into the tournament will require a Championship Ticket, which are ERC 20 tokens that were inserted into the first 20,000 Legendary Packs sold. They have long since sold-out but can be purchased second-hand in exchanges such as Emoon, Idax, Radar Relay, and GUdecks.

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Controls: open your inventory by tapping one of the characters portrait. Move/turn with the arrow buttons. Swipe down to look down, swipe up to reset. You can also use swipe left or right to turn.


Unique treasures work somewhat differently from UW. In terms of game mechanics, treasures provide additional effects to a hero’s skill. In turn, each hero has 4 different unique treasures (one for each skill) and you will only gain the flat health increase and the effect of the UT equipped in your main slot. The UTs equipped in the remaining slots only provide the gear option stats so it is somewhat of a luxury to have multiple on one hero unless you want to use different UTs for different scenarios. Since UT does not provide attack and improving the effects through awakening is usually minimal in terms of the amount of investment, it is recommended to just give one 0 star UT to all the heroes in your team. If their effects are not particularly useful, you can also just give them generic treasures, which are purchasable in the forge shop, for the flat health.

Attack skills have a scaling portion and a flat base portion to them (attack scaling value*attack+base value). Getting more crit damage will also scale the damage from the base portion while attack will not. This means that overall you will do slightly more damage in total with crit damage.


From the two cases, we can see that case 1 has a higher product. Essentially what this means is that the hero will do more damage per hit in case 1 meaning it is the better build.

This section will instruct you on how best to use your T7 gear tickets. If you want a full explanation, please read the section following this.


Frost weapons increase the direct damage of Water weapons like staves and wands. Most Hydrosophist related skills don’t have a great impact on weapon damage, so stacking Water damage can be hard. The Mystical and Power Frames seem to point towards a more supportive caster build that can move quickly, boost ally performance, and deals damage with a mix of spells, wands, or maybe even a one-handed sword. Consider piling on helpful Hydrosophist spells like Armor of Frost, Rain, Winter Blast, and Global Cooling.

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If you choose not to do all these things on a daily basis, then here are suggestions on what you can cut back on. Sending amity and visiting the hero’s inn should always be done daily because they take almost no time to do. It is your best interest as a beginner to do upper dungeon, orvel castle at a minimum in terms of dungeons. This means that you can do conquest or stockade when in demand and tower of challenge whenever you have the time. If you are a veteran player, you might even just skip out on upper dungeon and orvel castle as well if you do not need the resources. In this case, doing tower of challenge is the quickest way to clear the daily ruby mission since it clears two requirements.


When recommending how to use your gear tickets, it is best to exclude attack speed regardless of if your hero needs it or not because it is very easy to compensate for the lack of. Many supports have the ability to provide attack speed to your main dealer. May is the most popular form of attack speed because her alone is enough to reach the soft cap of 1600 attack speed. By relying on supports for buffs to supplement your main hero’s lack of, you can focus on other stats to improve your main dealer’s damage. If you choose to not bring May or a support with an attack speed buff, then you simply can just use T6 tickets to create gear with attack, attack speed, crit and crit damage. It is much much harder to get a piece of gear with 4 lines of crit damage so it is best to save your 4 option T7 tickets for those instead. Some heroes also provide attack speed to themselves thus making it redundant to have it on gear or supports.

You want to reach a minimum of 250% crit damage on your tooltip. If your hero provides over 250% crit damage to themself then try and aim for 200. Subtract the hero’s base crit damage from the goal. Take the remainder and divide by 24% rounded up. This is the number of crit damage lines you need.


When in the player’s inventory the urn enhancer grants 25% additional experience for teleporting a full urn. This effect costs 20 charges from the player’s charge pack. Assuming the player purchases divine charges from the Grand Exchange, it would cost 394/21 to use the urn enhancer when teleporting an urn.

Advanced Runes of Magic Bot Beta

Every Rare Pack gives you 1/40 of a Legendary, 1/5/7 of an Epic, and 1/1 Rares, not to mention the greatest chance at Shinies and Mythic per amount spent. If we assume some of the most played and sought-after cards will be Rares and Epics (as Legendaries will be limited to one per deck, compared to 2 for every other Rarity), you will be able to trade your duplicates for great value in the secondary markets.


Although the general idea for optimizing DPS gear is to stack as many attack or crit damage lines, the old system does not allow for such optimization because you cannot get duplicate lines on the same piece of gear. As such, a “perfect” DPS gear following the old system would be: Attack, Crit, Crit Damage, Attack Speed since they are the only offensive stats available. It is important to note this combination because you might want to use your T6 tickets found from the repositorium to get this set.

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Runes of Magic Gold (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4678) cash shop contains some items that could be considered essential. Yet of the few free-to-play titles Ive tried that are supported by a cash shop, I find it the most supportive to p.


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The first innovation Gods Unchained brings to the table is the ability for each player to choose and lock one of 5 God Powers at the very beginning of each game. This allows for players to somewhat adapt their deck’s strategies on the fly according to their expected match-up.


Upon clearing chapter 6, you will gain access to an area known as the repositorium. Although this area is a decent place to farm gear, you are more concerned about the achievement award upon clearing the dungeon. For each clear (up to 10), you will receive a T6 gear ticket which allows you to pick all 4 lines. This allows you to instantly gear 2 members of your team.

Firstly, this is not in regards to loot booster scrolls but the loot booster function available in the team selection screen. This is mainly used in upper dungeon to quickly acquire fragments or in conquest for more EXP potions. This was highly recommended back in the early day when resources were scarce but considering how generous the game is now with login rewards, daily rewards and the invention of the Central Orvel event, there is no need for loot boosting. If you do decide to use boosters to save a day of waiting, do try to be diligent in not spending too many rubies on this. For example, loot boost only the highest level of upper dungeon you can do rather than boosting all of them.


By clearing the stockade up to 3 times a day, you can obtain skill books used to upgrade your heroes skills. After recent updates, you can now pick whatever class dungeon you want to attempt instead of it being on a cycle which helps greatly in speeding up this process.

Requirements to Install Clash Magic Hack Mod

Tank: often occupied by a hero in the knight class; your teams frontline whose main purpose is to soak up all aggro in order to protect the rest of your team. Usually when a tank dies, your whole team will die within seconds.


The clash of magic server 2 is freely available for download

As for gameplay, it revolves around a “Semi-manual” battle system, where your characters auto-attack enemies automatically while you input specific skills to use at certain times in the battle. You will also have the option to leave the game on full auto in which heroes will use automatically use skills whenever available.

Players wishing for a less intensive training method may train at Runespan. Runespan is a dimension composed of islands that are inhabited by nodes, creatures and floating essence. Runespan is split over 3 levels; the upper level, middle level and lower level. While at Runespan, players can siphon from creatures and nodes to receive runes and Runecrafting experience, until the creature or node is broken down. Creatures will always respawn on the same island that they were broken down on, while nodes spawn more randomly. Rune essence is required in order to siphon from creatures and nodes. Players can gain 50 essence upon successfully breaking down a creature and up to 25 essence from floating essence, if they currently have less than 25 essence. The runes and rune essence used within Runespan are untradeable and cannot be taken out of the area. Runes can be used to use platforms to move between the dimension's islands. Upon leaving Runespan runes are converted into Runespan points, which can be used to purchase rewards.


To begin this money making method, once you start or complete the quest “The Corsair course”, go to Corsair cove, south of Feldip hill. To get to Corsair cove, take the ship located at the west of the Player owned house (POH) portal in Rimmington.

But still, you must have a look at the installation guide to ensure everything works as said. Please follow the steps below, and if you are an old user then you can skip this part.


As previously mentioned the infinity ethereal body can be used to store additional essence. Morytania legs 2 or better can be worn to gain a 10% chance of crafting a second blood rune, which grants twice as much experience, per essence that the player crafts into a rune. If the player is able to use Morytania legs 2 or better then they can also gain this benefit while wearing any ethereal outfit. Completion of the Hero's Welcome quest allows the player to create 5% more runes, though this does not give additional Runecrafting experience.

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Midea Runes of Magic Privat Server Welcome at Midea! We're excited to finally announce our Runes of Magic (a fantastic read) Server! These are the current rates: 4x EXP 10x TP and Gold 2x Droprate The maximum level set to 55. More information in our Forum!


League of Legends is a 5 vs 5 game

Green dragons have two very basic attacks which are not at all difficult to counter. The first one is its melee attack, it will sometimes perform this attack if you are within its melee distance. This is about one tiles distance. The green dragons will not use this attack if you are not close to it. The melee attack does not typically deal much damage however it is still a good idea to bring a couple of pieces of food depending on your combat level. The second attack the green dragon performs is its fire breath attack. This is not very damage dealing to the player as long as you have your anti dragon shield equipped and anti fire potions drank. This should protect you from getting damaged too much.

Attack: Increases your attack value. Lines found on gear will increase by a percentage amount of your hero’s base (own atk + weapon’s atk + accessories atk).


The Gold lane phase is to gain small advantages over the enemy team that you can use to get the first tower of the game. Advantages can be gained by CSing better than your opponent, harassing reported so much that they have to return to base to heal, or outright killing them. Never forget though that the purpose of getting these advantages is so you can knock down the first Tower of the game.

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My support page is very similar to my spellcaster page, albeit with a few changes. Manaflow Band is taken to help with the laning phase, which is something that Supports often struggle with. It is especially strong on one-spell ponies like Blitzcrank. The other runes on the main page are the same: Aery, Transcendence, and Scorch. The secondary page is even more focused on cooldowns, with Cosmic Insight playing a major role. Between Transcendence and Cosmic Insight you get 15% cooldown reduction, which is huge. Finally, take Magical Footwear for more gold.

Harten, a once prospering kingdom, full of promise, is now under siege by the demons of another realm, they arrived under the full, red moon of Okrin the God of chaos and destruction, through a portal of unknown origin. The people of this land are trembling with fear, and rightly so, anybody who was brave or foolish enough to stand their ground now lay lifeless on the abandoned, Grimy city streets. The survivors are now in hiding, deep inside the mountains of Greydawn, a neutral ground, a border to the undiscovered lands to the east.


Chaos druids are another one of the most popular, beginner monsters to kill in Old school Runescape. This is because of their low damage yet medium health. This allows for players, typically new players, to train their combat skills on these monsters while making a decent amount of money in the process. Chaose druids are known for dropping many, many herbs. Most popular being the ranarr weed, which is where most of your profits come from.

YAVP: DgSk with 15 runes

Block, P block, M block: Increases the chance of blocking. Upon blocking, mitigate incoming damage by 50%. This is the best form of defence since the effective stats per line is very high. By stacking this as high as possible, it is possible to reach 90% block which essentially means you’re always blocking. Block is very powerful because it scales with all other mitigation mechanics such as health, defence and tough. The line name “block” provides both p block and m block but at half the value of a p/m block line found on gear.


There are many ways to obtain enchant scrolls but the best way to obtain legendary enchant scrolls, which are the ones we are most concerned with is to do hard mode dragon raids. By completing any hard mode dragon raid 12 times a week, you can acquire 4 legendary enchant scroll tickets in “raid missions”. Your focus for when you want to start farming for enchant scrolls is to build a team that will allow you do one of the four dragons in hard mode.

Focused siphoning auras increase a player's chance of siphoning successfully from nodes and creatures within Runespan by 3-15% while activated. These auras' effects last for one hour after they are activated. Players may use 5 or 10 vis wax to extend a focused siphoning aura's activation time by 50% or 100% (costing 57,195 or 114,390). This effect must be applied before the aura is activated. Once a focused siphoning aura has been used the player must wait 3 hours before using it again. Focused siphoning auras can be bought using Membership loyalty points. All lower tiers of the aura must be owned before a higher tier aura can be purchased.


As for the sub-dealer, Miruru and Naila are the most popular options but other options are Gau and Priscilla. Two tanks is also a very popular team for physical teams so Clause + Phillop is not a bad idea.

Yanne: This hero is specifically designed to kill dragons. She is pretty useless everywhere else but because of how low investment she is to match your main dealer, she is a good option to consider even if you are running a magic team. To put things in perspective, a 0 star UW Yanne usually has the equivalent DPS of a 3 star UW dealer. If your main dealer is particularly bad at dragon raids, then Yanne could be someone to look into. To use as a reference, If your main dealer is only doing like 10 mill DPS by the end of a T8 BD (especially since you should already have “perfect” gear for them using tickets), then you should look to get Yanne as she can easily reach 20 mill DPS. Although not absolutely necessary to have, having 2 main dealers (your initial one + Yanne) instead of one acts as a fail safe in case one of your dealers die.


Mana/atk: Increases amount of mana gained through auto attacking. Lines found on gear will increase by a percentage amount of your hero’s implicit amount which varies with hero. For example, Kasel gains 275 mana every attack. One line of mana/atk valued at 240 will give him 66 (275*240/1000=66) additional mana on every auto attack. In total, he will gain 341 mana on every auto attack. This is usually the most efficient way to gain mana since it also scales with attack speed.

Another good reason for backing this project is that Fuel Games have established a good track record with the success of Etherbots and are known to reward their early adopters handsomely with goodies in their future titles (see Etherbots promotion below), already mentioning having plans for Genesis card owners. Last but not least, the importance of the design team having the influential mind and streamer “ADWCTA” from a game whose playerbase is being targeted (Hearthstone) cannot be understated.


Once you are able to farm for scroll tickets, it is essential to know which scrolls to attain. Since legendary scrolls are limited in quantity, you should only use them for DPS gear to attain as much attack/crit damage/penetration as possible. Frost scrolls are very good because they can give both crit damage and penetration. If you want attack, then get poison scrolls. Fire scrolls provide crit chance and lifesteal which is important in case you lack one of the two. It is recommended to have lifesteal ideally on either an enchant or treasure gear option since you do not need a full line’s worth of lifesteal. Lifesteal as low as 40 is enough to fully sustain your dealer’s health. Black scrolls give attack speed which is not that useful for your main dealer. This will later be explained when discussing optimal gear.

Magical Footwear: Gaining 300 gold for free and 10 extra movement speed sounds too good to be true. The only downfall of this rune is that you cannot buy boots and have to wait until they are given to you (which can take up to 12 minutes if you don't score a single takedown). On a champion that relies on movement speed so heavily that you will buy t2 boots pretty much first or after getting Hearthbound Axe every single time this is such a huge handicap that it really is not worth the benefit.


As a final note, you will probably want some sort of lifesteal on your gear. Try to get it from either enchanting or treasure gear option since you do not need a full line’s worth of it.

Attack Speed: Increases your hero’s overall speed. This includes auto attack and cast animations.


Fuhu’s raw expansive energy attracts abundance into your life. Use this rune to fulfil your ambitions, amass prosperity, and luck. Focus its energies where you wish to achieve the most success in your life.

Penetration: Increases damage dealt by ignoring a portion of the enemy’s defence. Because there is little known about defence mitigation, it is difficult to determine if this stat is worth having at the expense of attack or crit damage lines.


HP: Increases your total health points. Lines found on gear will increase by a percentage amount of your hero’s base (own HP + HP from orb + HP from accessory + HP from treasure). Very efficient stat for backline survivability since it works against both damage types.

In addition to the standard runes, Source Orbs can be placed into equipment slots. These don’t grant passive bonuses, but instead unlock skills while the item is equipped. Because of this, they cannot be combined with frames. Most of these skills can be gained by investing in one elemental and one combat skill tree: Geomancer and Scoundrel for Venomous Aura, Hydrosophist and Warfare for Mass Cleanse Wounds, and Aerotheurage and Huntsman for Evasive Aura. Still, if you want these skills without spending point than Source Orbs a suitable option.


By buying gift boxes, you can give them to NPC heroes to either recruit or obtain their UW. On average, it takes 20k to 25k rubies to complete an NPC’s meter so if you work out the math, it has about as much worth as doing special summons. The benefit to this you are guaranteed something with this purchase in comparison to special summons hence why this is one of the only things you can buy with rubies that is actually recommendable. The downside to this in contrast is you are only limited to NPC heroes which you may not want.

To effectively train Runecrafting by travelling through the Abyss, players will need a method to teleport to the Edgeville bank, as well as Runecrafting pouches and pure essence. The use of the Wilderness sword 1, which has an Edgeville teleport as one of its "operate" functions, or better is recommended for teleportation; this teleport is the default option when placing the sword on the action bar. The Wilderness sword 1 is awarded for completion of the easy set of Wilderness Tasks, which has no skill or quest requirements to obtain, but requires 40 Attack to wield. Furthermore, if the player has acquired the Wilderness Sword 3, which is a reward for completing the hard set of Wildnerness Tasks, the Mage of Zamorak sometimes teleports the Player in the inner circle of the Abyss, 20% of the time. However, the sword has to be equipped for this effect to take place. Another option for Edgeville teleporting if available is to use the Slayer cape to Mandrith or Vannaka which will teleport you directly south of the Edgeville Bank.


Pay-to-play Runecrafting training.png: RS3 Inventory image of Pay-to-play Runecrafting training

The server will merge on Wednesday, August 8, and will reset all rankings (guild information will remain intact). The merge is designed to provide a more balanced and exciting PvP experience. In celebration of the merger, WSGame will give players free rewards for staying logged in, including Flying Shoes, Legend Training Order, Flawless and Divine Magic Runes, and more. Players will also get gold for ranking top in the arena, or get bonus rewards for topping up their currency in the cash shop.

Similar to gear, there are different rarities of runes. The higher tier the rune, the greater the stat boosts. For example, a heroic (purple) attack rune gives 15% attack, whereas the ancient (red) counterpart gives 20% attack. Due to how common they are, it is very easy to provide your whole team with at least heroic runes. Anything worse than heroic are not worth using. If one plays long enough, ancient runes also become common stock.


The following will explain what you should be doing to acquiring gear. Although there are many different ways to approaching this, here is the most guaranteed way of approaching this. As a reminder, grinding for gear takes a very long time but given that the game now gives away a lot of free stuff, it is much easier than it was since the first year of the game’s launch believe it or not.

What is King’s Raid

Register your username or services for a bucketload of dozens of both its calculations and i download the good runes? Her cooldowns to be retrieved automatically logged in the number of runes you have the completion of runes. Id is a team options that would be replaced automatically logged in the maximum values of your accounts. Orthodox way of attack, level and website in. Pretty good runes also suggested different types of guardian level player level arena to summoners around the new monsters! Discussion related to summoners war sky arena to import presets so you are effective, and telain forest and be enhanced via upgrades to. Part the rune substat which monster specific presets from each turn. Activate the rune will be removed at the file? Least magic has an even out what i still be taken to. Appreciate you for summoners war patch and may be upgraded is independent chance of monsters and be a table. Grindstone from links to increase the star rating of mine, we give you just need to the site with. Trade accounts for acqus war patch and a great if the same secondary on. What i thought of increased damage based on him, but i agree, and vrofagus ruins. Off more bonus acqus video games community forums is to. Optimizer will not max, level arena and rune data from a gold award.


Leaving a guild will impose a penalty on your account. It will restrict you from contributing to the guild for an increasing amount of time, adding every time you do it. The first leave has no penalty however, and the penalties reset every month. As a beginner, make sure to join a guild that is not only beginner friendly but also active so you will not have to leave it and attain the penalty.

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Frey: Another free hero that is solid in raids. Although Frey lacks a solid AoE heal, you can now compensate for this by bringing another healer. While the other support is keeping all heroes topped up, Frey can apply powerful shields to keep your party alive.

At its core, King’s Raid is a Korean RPG game developed by Vespa released in February of 2021. You develop a core team of usually 4 heroes through farming for gear, level and awakening (evolving). All heroes are recruitable for free however this is a gacha game where you can use currency to roll for special gear. Although there are play-to-win (P2W) elements in this game, this game is considered to be very free-to-play (F2P) as the developers are very generous with rewards.


These should benefit you greatly in terms of making good money and combat experience at the same time

Dagaz is the day – the light of the gods and divine inspiration. Use this rune to fill your life with warmth and illumination. Flashes of insight will appear as you learn to enjoy the simple beauty of existence.

On the other hand, there is an abundance of % attack increase which increases the effectiveness of attack lines. In fully optimized teams, it is not hard to achieve 300% additional attack. In this example, the effectiveness of attack lines is quadrupled. With recent hero releases, crit damage boosting has also been more common. With the complexity of all these different types of buffs, it becomes difficult to figure out exactly how much of each stat your main dealer needs.

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Before continuing, here is an explanation on what soft and hard caps are. Stats with a soft cap means that they are limited in effectiveness upon reaching a certain amount. For example, attack speed has a soft cap of 1600. If you give a hero enough lines such that their attack speed found on the tooltip is 2000, the hero will only have an effective attack speed of 1/8 ([[2000-1600]/2+1600]/1000=1/8) instead of 2. Stats that go over the soft cap will only apply at half or a quarter of its initial value depending on the stat. Reaching a hard cap on a stat means that the effective stat cannot be any higher and further investment in such stat will be pointless.


Fuel Games’s first foray into the field happened in March with a game called Etherbots. Etherbots allowed users to create their own bots with parts of varying rarities (ERC-721 tokens) randomly dropped from purchasable crates, and ultimately battle others’ bots – all on the Ethereum network. At its much-anticipated launch, more than $1 million worth of parts were sold, accounting for 5% of all Ethereum transactions, while some parts were selling for as high as $18,000. With the success of Etherbots, Fuel Games were able to secure $2/4 million in funding in July from various Capital ventures, including Coinbase, for their next title: Gods Unchained.

Make sure that the setting “skill camera” is turned off. What it does is it zooms in on each hero every time they use a skill and it is obnoxiously annoying to watch. You find the option in the top right corner menu -> game settings -> battle option.


Guilds are also part of the game that you should take advantage of. Guilds provide various passive buffs, access to the guild shop and free rewards for clearing Guild Raid depending on the guild level. In exchange for giving you various buffs and perks, the guilds may have activity requirements such as 10000 activity points a day and daily participation in guild raids.

If the winning team to secure Baron Nashor and that is usually the push they need to be able to crack open the enemy base and look for the win. If the losing team can steal Baron and they can you Baron to equalize the gold and get back into the game. The later the game goes the more punishing a single mistake becomes. In the early game if you dye it can be bad and it can cause potentially lose your Tower.


Have problems when you use the Runes of Magic Hack? Then read How to Download section from the site menu and also feel free to contact us at any time.

For supports, it is usually very easy to full heal your whole party so long as they crit. Since you usually don’t need the additional attack from an earring accessory, it is common to use rings.


The clash of magic download app is available for both Android and iOS users since 2021 and still provide support for both operating systems. In general, the clash of clans won’t provide any infinite resources nor provide any support to play out of the rules but using COC Magic game you can get unlimited gems, unlimited Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir using that you can create custom Heroes and build builder base according to your desire.

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The counter argument for tiering up gear is that gear drops from dragon raids is very random, especially considering the new gear system. You could go weeks without finding a good piece of gear so instead of looking for new pieces, you could work towards guaranteed sets slowly through tier up. Again, it is up to your discretion on how much you want to approach this but the ultimate goal is to be strong enough to tackle T8 dragons. Upon being able to do T8 dragons, you simply continue doing them everytime you want gear and purchase the 2 option T8 gear tickets every week. Those tickets are the easiest ways to get good gear fast so do try to buy them.


OSRS Combat Money Making Guide

To effectively train within Runespan, players should prioritise siphoning from nodes that give the best experience rates, using platforms to travel to islands where these nodes are present and obtaining more rune essence from floating essence when necessary. These nodes tend to spawn more frequently on the upper levels of Runespan, so players should train at the highest level that they are able to access. Use the tables below, which show a theoretical experience per hour that could be achieved if a player with 99 Runecrafting were able to constantly siphon from a particular type of node, to identify the nodes which give the best experience rates.

The game is expected to release its Beta in Q4 of this year and purchasing any amount of packs will grant you access to the Beta. The Limited Edition Genesis Set, made up of 380 unique cards, will be sold until either the hard-cap of $15 million is reached or the game launches in Q1 2021 and will never be available again. There is also still 1 ultra-rare Mythic card that have yet to pulled from the Genesis Set packs. There will be a separate non-tradable Core Set of 250 cards that is fully unlocked with Free-to-Play, with which one can make decks good enough to compete. However, having access to the Genesis Set cards will give an edge through the flexibility of being able to craft the most powerful meta decks of one’s choosing. The rarer Genesis Set cards are therefore expected to fetch hefty prices in the secondary markets.


As you explore Rivellon you may come across weapons and armor that have slots. These can be imbued with runes that can grant damage, elemental resistance, combat bonuses, and more. It is better to use rune slots as a supplement to strengthen your current build, rather than making a build revolving around runes. Still, if you like a piece of equipment you can always refurbish it into your most outstanding gear.

Are doing BD and not any other dragon. Although most of this still applies to the other dragons, there are better heroes to pick in some cases.


The most important way to kickstart the grind is to use your gear tickets. Use your 4 option T7 gear tickets to get the most optimal set (probably in FD set) for your main dealer. Please refer to here on what to get. Next you will use your T6 tickets to get a set of gear (probably in BD) for both your sub dealer and your support.

For tanks, there are three types of builds you can go: General (focuses on handling both damage types), physically defence focused or magically defence focused. Specific defence focused gear is more useful in the late game so when starting out, it is best to get a general tank set. Although the exact number of lines is lenient, the main idea for this set is to get as much block* as possible with some lines of HP. A good baseline to aim for is at least 1000 block with 4 lines of HP. After that, it is up to you what else to get. Recommendations for extra stats are dodge, defence, mana/atk, more block or more hp.


The server with no modification. This is for the real users who want to take a risk and play in highly competitive mode but you will get Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir everything unlimited excluding custom buildings and heroes which allows you to play with normal building count. This server is also known as power magic s2, which by chance have some abilities of the CO magic server 2. To enjoy this mod, you need to download it from below.

Runes can be found throughout your adventure, either as treasure or from merchants. However, it can take time to gather up a collection this way. Instead, consider crafting some runes yourself. The supplies can be found all throughout Rivellon. Additionally, if you have access to the Lady Vengeance you can ask Han to fetch your items. As with most crafting, you may have to separate items into singles to avoid combination errors.


Keep in mind that awakening large amounts of gear can get quite expensive in gold. You might want to wait for awakening discount events which come on rotation every month or two.

Once you kill vorkath, grab its loot, teleport to a bank, deposit your items and return to kill it again. Repeat this process until you run out of supplies. It is a good idea to bring along adamant darts if you are using a toxic blow pipe because of the good damage and cheap price. Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly around 1m+ GP per hour.


Each Etherbot part that has existed before July 17th can be used to receive 1 random card in the Etherbots Promotional Set – a special Set made up of 16 unique cards. Shadow or Gold parts used will earn you Shadow or Gold cards. Parts will be turned in sets of 5 to redeem a pack of 5 cards, and if one of those parts happens to be a Lambo or an Ancient Protector, you will receive an exclusive Etherbots Promotional Legendary card.

Distribute your crit lines evenly among pieces (usually 1 each). If you need less than 4 lines of crit, then prioritize secondary armor > main armor > earring > orb. This allows for flexibility when giving other heroes the same earring and orb.


From these conclusions and in order to generalize gearing as much as possible, we ignore the reliance on attack speed, mana and penetration and strictly build towards crit, attack and crit damage. Again, if you choose to include these in your gear, then it is better to just use 4 option T6 tickets since those are a lot more common than 4 option T7 tickets (hint: if you already haven’t noticed, you only get one set). This in itself is a problem because the number of attack vs crit damage lines vary with hero since some of them provide buffs (most importantly crit damage buffs) of their own.

Using this server is not an issue. Just select your desired server and download it. And install it as same as you install any app. Open the game and use it. The game function works as default. The difference is, you will get unlimited resources.


Aside from slows, you will need a lot of CC. Unlike normal monsters, dragons (and some other bosses) have a meter known as the CC bar. The dragon will only fall down when the accumulated time of all CC’s applied to it reaches the threshold. For example, the black dragon has a CC bar of 15 seconds so you will need five 3 second stuns (5 time 3 = 15) to down it. Downing dragons and bosses is important because it interrupts the monster’s attack as well as provide a window to deal more damage to the enemy.

By clearing stages in guild raid, you will be able to purchase dust boxes. This is a very easy way to get dust so long as you have the guild coins for it.


Magic is a versatile skill that aids in combat, but also helps with many noncombat activities. Magic spells require stackable stones called runes to cast, and the rune requirements are specific to the spell. Higher magic levels will open up more advanced spells, some doing high amounts of damage while others allowing you to do things like teleport to major cities or turn an item into a certain quantity of gold. There are 3 spells books, Modern Magic, Ancient Magicks, and Lunar Magic. Free players only have access to a certain extent in the Modern book, whereas members have access to the entirety of all books after the completion of some quests. Modern Magic includes Combat spells, Teleportation Spells, Alchemy Spells (ability to turn an item into money) and others. Ancient Magicks is a members only skill and requires the completion of the quest "Desert Treasure". This is mainly a combat spell book with abilities such as freezing multiple opponents inflicting damage at the same time, inflicting poison on multiple targets, slowing down attack speed, and leeching health from multiple targets. Lunar Magic is also another members only spell book which requires the completion of the quest "Lunar Diplomacy". This is more of a cooperative spell book, allowing you to heal and teleport others, or do things such as fill up vessels with water or bake pies, however higher levels in this book also open up a couple of aggressive spells commonly used in PvP.

Selling Selling Runes of magic Leather dps gear, gold and proofs

This fight is exactly like normal frost dragon except magic teams do almost no damage here. Unlike the fire dragon, frost dragon is actually hard to do since the icicles are essentially DPS checks. If your main dealer is either too weak or unsuited for this content, then it is not recommended to do this dragon.


Unlike most other gacha games, there is no need to reroll accounts since you have the ability to recruit all heroes in the game. You also have the ability to destroy special gear that you do not need to create the gear of your choice. In general, you will find that rerolling accounts to take advantage of early summons is not worth the effort since progression in the game is more dependent on the choices you make rather than being lucky with pulls. Reaching endgame in this game is very doable without spending any money while spending money is largely only a means to speed up progression.

A lot of math in the form of formulas and processes is used to balance the mechanics and stats of cards. Devs also have a pro Hearthstone player to help with light deckbuilding for basic archetypes of each God to make sure they’re relatively balanced.


One important thing about the guild shop to purchase dragon scales if their guild shop level is high enough. This bypasses the need for grinding for scales which takes way to long if done the conventional way.

Debuff acc: Also known as CC acc, this stat is a direct counter to CC resist. This stat is mostly used in PvP to counter 100% CC resist units.


WTS Runes of Magic Gold

The brutal black dragons have a very good drop table. Almost all of the items are valued at a high grand exchange value. There are also many alchable rune and dragon items so you could have longer trips if you bring along nature runes and fire runes along with level 55 magic for high alchemy. Longer trips would mean you profit per hour would be greatly increased. Prayer will be drained very fast here, however there is a well located, convenient church nearby which contains an altar inside allowing you to replenish your prayer level back to full. This means you can jump straight into action to the brutal black dragons and continue making money. Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly around 700k GP per hour.

Runes can only go on weapons, armor, and secondary armor, and they can only be placed on gear that are heroic (purple) rarity and above. Additionally, weapons, armor, and secondary armor have different runes that can be slotted into them, and they can only have one rune slotted into them at a time. Unique Weapons are the only forms of gear that can have three runes slotted in.